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America is under attack like never before. Our enemy lives within us. The attacks against our second amendment are among the most dangerous we have ever seen and they are coming from those who have taken an oath to protect the Constitution. President Obama, Vice President Biden, Senator Feinstein, Senator Pelosi and others with stop at nothing to gain what they want. Control. Taking our guns and limiting our rights is not about the crime or the gun, it is only because they seek to control us. The Obama administration has announced that if Congress will not work him he will use Executive Order.

As a woman, I carry a gun because I know that I can be put in situations where I would be totally defenseless otherwise. A gun makes me equal to the strongest man. A gun gives me the ability to protect myself and my family from those who seek to harm. I take my responsibility very seriously and have done what I need to do to be proficient in handling my firearms. My firearms are not and never will be dangerous. They are an object that does nothing until they are picked up and used. As a law abiding citizen, who has taken the time to be properly trained and proficient in their use, they are a tool that makes me an equal.

I listen to uneducated morons who call themselves journalists spew propaganda presented as facts and statistics that are inaccurate or just plain out lies. They have shown they they do not understand anything about guns, yet they continue pushing the agenda set by our socialist leaders. Sitting back in silence while this attack occurs is not an option.

I appeal to all women (and men) to speak out now to stop the coming changes and restrictions against our second amendment right. These changes will do nothing to reduce crime in this country. In fact, I believe the exact opposite will occur. Chicago has already proven that strict gun control does not work. If it did they would not have the highest crime in the nation. Liberals can’t seem to grasp the concept that criminals do not follow the law.

I am the face of the American gun owner. I am a law abiding citizen who is responsible and desires the right to protect those near and dear to me. I will not allow a tyrannical government to strip me of this right. Guns and ammo are flying off the shelves at warp speed. Does the government really not understand that we will not give up our guns? What do they really think will happen if they tell us to turn them over? I will not be disarmed. I will not give up my guns. I have a God given right to self protection and the Constitution promises me that the government will not infringe upon this right.




  1. There are many people feeling the way you are these days. I hope it doesn’t come to a showdown, but it might. Our rulers surely underestimate the task they are about to undertake. Maybe it’s what they want. In the midst of social upheaval they think they will step in and take control of the country. My guess is they have no real world experience at this and will fail.

  2. Quartier LeBlanc

    Hell, preseason is over.

  3. It’s time to start thinking in minutes and hours, not months or years. Cherish what you love and KNOW your friends.


    I quit watching those talking heads over ten years ago i quit reading those liberal lying news rags these so called journalists are paid proeffional liars and leftists propegandist the NEW YORK TIMES has been a communists news rags since the infamous WALTER DURANTE and HERB MATHEEEWS were big time communists propegandists for the infamous NEW YORK SLIMES and gushed big time for Stalin and Castro both who were worst mass murderers then Hitler and Mao who commited some of the worst CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF CHINA and the fact that the UN has given sttanding ovations to terrorists leaders like YASIR(thats my baby)ARAFAT and tyrants like CASTRO and the facts that KOFFI ANNAN has rubbed eblows with SADAM,CASTRO, and other world tyrants ITS TIME TO DUMP THE UNITED NATIONS in the trash heap and become a sovergn narion again

  5. Dittos to everything said above. Sh*t’s about to get real. Real real.

  6. For some levity…here’s a picture of KGG (that’s AWD and yours truly behind her):

  7. Y’know what else I just love about libs? They say that we should give up our guns because other countries that have strict gun control have lower crime rates (which we all know isn’t true). But conveniently they forget to mention our own cities, which adopt said gun control model, have much higher crime rates. Talk about unable to see the forest through the trees.

  8. KCG,

    I think the Obama administration underestimates those of us who own guns and are law abiding citizens who believe in the Constitution and our right to defend ourselves. If we are told to turn in our guns, myself and the majority of my friends will reject the offer… only way the stinking government gets my weapons is over my dead body.

    Are you really as cute as the picture you use?????????

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