Be prepared to hear endless boo-hooing over the video of the Marines urinating on the dead Taliban. Haven’t seen it? You will! A thousand times! Did the MSM ever consider the Marines might be simply putting the fires out after the savage Taliban were exterminated by mortars? Pretty damn humane, I’d say. Especially when one considers that the Taliban have never seen a head they haven’t wanted to chop off or a child they didn’t want to hang or a woman they didn’t want to rape or a goat they didn’t want to….you get the idea. But let a video get out of our Marines soiling the ex-Taliban and the dead savages are instantly on par with Mother Teresa with the PC press.

AWD was watching the local news clowns this morning when the story turned to the Marines. The local morning talking head said “this video might be shocking” before showing it. No, douche clown, decapitating Christians is shocking! Or pouring acid on the face of women. Or hanging the children of suspected collaborators with the Americans. Those things are shocking. Pissing on a few camel humpers who would in a minute butcher and mutilate the bodies of our soldiers if they were killed or captured might be unnecessary but who are the armchair Generals in the press to judge?

What’s sad is the rest of the world now clearly recognizes the PC madness that permeates America and uses it against us. The Russians are calling the pissing Marines Abu Ghraib II. The Russians! They’ve killed more of their own people than cancer and have the audacity to even mention the farcical Abu Ghraib “scandal?” Screw those commanist bastids! And even more ludicrous is the Taliban calling the video “inhumane.” I believe Taliban translates to “inhumane” in English. Uneducated, savage, backwards assed, religious vermin is what they are!

No one has the right to criticize those Marines unless they have worn our country’s uniform, picked up a rifle and been shot at during war. America cannot be taken seriously by fighting PC wars where we tie the hands (and units) of our soldiers while the enemy can do as they please. We train soldiers not modern dancers! And we train them to kill and blow sh*t up! War is ugly and battle is brutal.

America has gotten so soft that we can no longer even hate our enemies. We can only “bring them to justice.” I was shocked to hear that the military gave Osama bin Laden a Muslim burial at sea. He should have been buried with pigs heads after being covered in pig blood! Screw that madman murderer and his cult of murder “religion.” America should use every tactic available to destroy the morale of the enemy. Our feckless leaders now are so soft and stupid they actually believe they can spend our borrowed dollars and buy off the Taliban! Of course, Hussein is already on record saying if he had to choose he’d side with the Muslims. And he has and he does!

One of AWD’s favorite sayings is “if you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.” If you’re going to fight a war, then fight the sumbitch with all you got and then get out! This “winning hearts and minds” is a loser’s proposition. Which is why America has not won a war since WWII, when we could hate and destroy our enemy!

The PC media tortures our soldiers over every little insignificant thing they do while not a single word is ever spoken of the atrocities committed daily by the followers of Allah worldwide. It all proves AWD’s point that liberals hate America and are working tirelessly to destroy it. I look forward to the day when one leader stands up and says, “Nuts to PC and the propaganda media! We’re Americans and we’ll piss on any dead enemy we want! Then we’re going after the mainstream media!”

Andrew Breitbart’s goal is to destroy the mainstream media. AWD’s is to destroy political correctness. Pray for us!

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  1. You said it well, again.

    Thank you…

  2. Col. Sanders says:

    That hour was brought to you by the letter P…

  3. AWD…

    You summed it up in a nutshell for this family.


    Absolutely right on! Those corpses are too busy with their 72 Janet Napolitano lookalikes to notice anyway.

  5. AWD Job well done,Sir. I’ve been all over this story, this evening. I’ve read articles @This Ain’t Hell,Blackfive, Atlas Shrugged, and WZ. I don’t condone or condem either way. What I do, do is understand the Marines actions. I just wish they hadn’t filmed it and put it on the WWW. That was just plain stupid.On the other hand the terrs are gonna hate us regardless. What saddens me most of all is that a large portion of our fellow Americans(?) have turned into a pathetic bunch of handwringing wimps. We are in a war for our very survival and it must be TOTAL WAR. All the Liberals and Progressives are doiing is enabling our enemies.
    God Bless our Troops, our country and Isreal. “The wicked flee when no man pursueth. The rigtheous stand BOLD as a Lion.

  6. Some of my favorite quotes; “People sleep peacefully in thier beds at night. Only because ROUGH MEN stand ready to do VIOLENCE on thier behalf.” “You want me on that wall, you need me on that wall.” Lastly; “An armed society is a polite society.”

  7. Just think, if our soldiers hadn’t pissed off the enemy- all would be well with the Islamic terrorist and the Arab Street. Damn, if we’d only played by the Queensbury rules! Viva Panetta and his self righteous outrage, the perfect Demorat bureaucrat . Now for my “outrage” : no way in hell- should this clown be the Secretary of Defense!
    The next time they blow up a bus full of innocent women and children and the body parts have to be cleaned off the streets, I wanna see this same outrage from Panetta! I want to see it all over the media!
    Islam’s Latest Contributions to Peace
    “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless
    to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

    2012.01.12 (Panjwai, Afghanistan) – A Fedayeen suicide car bomber detonates amid a group of cars, killing at least three Afghans.
    2012.01.11 (Potiskum, Nigeria) – Four Christians, including a woman, are machine-gunned by Boko Haram while on a bus.
    2012.01.11 (Pattani, Thailand) – Muslim ‘separatists’ murder a Buddhist as he is walking home.
    2012.01.11 (Komsomolskoye, Dagestan) – A Muslim bomb leaves one Russian dead and eight injured.
    2012.01.11 (Wajir, Kenya) – Muhammad loyalists pour bombs and bullets into a refugee camp, killing at least five.
    2012.01.10 (Kismayu, Somalia) – A man is planted in the ground and stoned to death by al-Shabaab.


    I quit watching the news and reading the news ppaers years ago their nothing but lies and fabrications

  9. Enoch Powell says:

    Yes, the leftists love their nation-building wars, but when the soldiers act like hard soldiers instead of soft-headed, left-wing social workers, the libtards can’t take it. As with everything else the leftist spoiled brats want everything both ways.

  10. You guys are in my prayers!

  11. 79Firebirdman says:

    The whole company should have pissed on the dead camel humpers. But it shouldn’t have been filmed. This is war, they have no respect for us, so why have respect for them.

  12. I would have pissed all over them myself.

    But Nancy Pelosi can call Occupier and Poopers wonderful when they take dumps in the middle of the street

    The Occupiers can sh!t on a police car, sh!t in the middle of the street and Nancy Pelosi says “God Bless Them”

  13. We have many enemies the worst of which are right here in America .If you don’t know them by now you sure as hell will when it’s to late . This will be a tough year , know who has your back . Know who your real friends are . If you need motivation to save America , look at a picture of wasserman or pelosi and then clean your weapon .

    • ratsofred
      We got a lot of sweeping to do around our own back door, I for one am willing to bring my broom and get to work when the s..t hits the fan.

    • Blue Ridge Patriot says:

      Yo ratso, I’ve been preaching this gospel here on this site for quite sometime now without so much as a peep response from this bunch of ‘concerned’ bloggers.

      We damn well better know who the hell our “real” friends and enemies are and who “has our backs”.

      Personally, I think that it is high time that our military pissed all over Obama, his wretched administration, all of the dems and rinos in the government and the goddamned biased liberal media. And when they do,use bullets, not urine.

  14. I am a Marine Veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you for the article. Let it be known, if you mess with the Marine Corps, you will be delt with by motivated killers, who enjoy killing you, and then may have fun with your remains. If you dont like it, dont try to kill us!
    If you mess with the best… die like the rest…and get pissed on your chest (and mouth).
    I really liked the “If you are going to be a bear, be a Grizzly” comment.
    Thanks for the motivating support.
    Semper Fi

  15. What I kept hearing in the media yesterday was that the Tally Ban called it “Barbaric”! AYFKM? Barbaric? The same sumbitches that teach 9 yr old boys to behead homos with a dull butcher knife (after they’ve pulled their own peckers out of the little boys’ hiney)? And the US media, FOXNEWS Radio even, reported this without a hint of irony, sarcasm, or any kind of criticism! I’ve come to despise the media more than I do The Obama or the other muslims! I think Big Fur Hat summed it up pretty well yesterday…

    Marines Investigating Soldiers That Pee On Dead Taliban
    Home – by BigFurHat – January 12, 2012 – 01:08 America/New_York – 150 Comments

    Yes. I agree. Find out who these soldiers are and ask them why they didn’t shit in their mouths.

  16. Louisiana Steve says:

    Before immigrating (legally) to the USA from Sicily, my grandfather fought in Mussolini’s army in Libya in 1911. He recalled that Italian soldiers despised the Libya fighters so much they were known to crap on them. So there’s nothing new here. The only outrage I see is Panetta and Clinton throwing these brave Marines under the bus. Oh, did I mention? The soiled fighters my grandfather referred to were not dead.

  17. A great leader would kidnap Karzai, Ahmahnedijab, Putin, and Kim Jung Un. Cut off their heads in front of the white house and piss on ’em. But, we are going to lose what our ancestors passed down to us instead.

  18. Bloodless Coup says:

    Making our Marines walk on eggshells around their sworn enemies is just another form of politically correct Dhimmitude.

    I say f#*k em and feed em pig shit.

  19. AWD, i could not have said it better myself.I think anything we can do to desecrate their bodies to keep them out of muslim heaven is what should be the duty of all our military.

  20. These leftist bed wetters make me puke!! Do they think these Marines just “happened” upon some peace loving muslims picking daises, killed them and then decided to pee on them for fun? These Marines took out the scum of the earth. These are the same cowardly maggots that hide in mosques, hide behind women and children, send bomb rigged children into market places to blow themselves and anyone else around them to kingdom come, hijack planes slit the throat’s of the crew and fly them into buildings. These murdering, demoniacal, sons of pigs, would butcher everyone of us given the opportunity. ovomit and his ilk need to go have a good cry, take some Midol, and leave this country!!

    • Got an idea, maybe kill two birds with one stone: We’ve got a real problem here in Texas with feral hogs. Maybe we could export about 100,000 of them over there and every time we exterminate one of these taliban maggots we could dig a hole, toss the taliban maggot in, butcher one of the hogs over the taliban maggot. Then bury the hog on top of the peace loving taliban maggot. Wouldn’t want to offend anyone by peeing on the taliban maggot after all.

  21. I understand if fellow marines are pissed (pun intended) at their brothers for making them look bad. However, I’m not a marine, so I can go ahead and say, “good one guys!” I think pissing on those savages is the very least they should be doing.

    There was a viewer poll at cnbc that asked, to paraphrase: “is this horrible, is this really bad, or is this just bad”!! God I hate the media. Of course they will use the results to say the public is outraged!

    Incidentally, I was at cnbc because a link sent me there for a story – I don’t ever go there otherwise.

    I wouldn’t care if they flew over afganistan with water bombers full of piss!! Good morning peasants!

  22. They should have stuffed a chunk of ham in their ass’s first. Not much different than what we did to the VC and NVA way back when. Good on you guys.

  23. Thanks AWD, well said brother!!

  24. The country sends these young men over to fight,kill,whatever else is asked of them! They earned the right to piss on their kill,damnit!!

  25. Those Taliban on the ground are just trying to climb the bladder of success.

  26. Why is the United Sates still assisting this God-forsaken country?

    When will America wake up? You canoot democratize an Islamic nation, PERIOD!!!

    With or without the presence of the taliban, this country is rooted in the violent and non-tolerant teachings of Islam!

    Why isn’t Pres. Karzai and his naive liberal American enablers, publicly renouncing the numerous violent and provable Middle Eastern practices daily utilized in his country and other Mohammedan despots such as the ongoing brutality and invisible presence of women in public?

    The forced marriages of young girls to older middle aged men?

    The enslavement of mostly African Christians?

    The outlaw of Christianity?

    Don’t believe the liberal hype of the intolerance of homosexuality. Homosexuality is heavily practiced in the Middle East!

    Mostly orphaned and some non-orphaned boys, are routinely abducted or sold off by their poor and uneducated parents to wealthy businessmen and military warlords as sex slaves!

    These boys are forced to engage in the ancient practice known as “Bacha Bazi” (Boy Play), where they don women’s clothing and makeup and are trained to twirl around in a dervish state, amidst a sea of vile and despicable men salivating at their presence!

    Will Pres. Hussein-“hope change” along with Pres. Karzai and the ultra biased American media, CAIR, The ACLU, the witches of the View, and the Hollywood elite stand forth while publicly displaying their outrage at these well known atrocities?

    • Renee, well put, the purposeful Ignorance of the American Public facilitated by the media, and Obama, leaves us in a no-win-situation. I am for killing as many of those muslims as we can, but if we dont play to win, the longer we stay over there, the more American soldiers get dragged into the mud. Thank you, Renee

  27. joey bag o'doughnuts says:

    I am all for pissing on these bastids or even defecating on them but why take pictures and put it up? These terrorists deserve to be pissed on but I believe American piss is way more valuable than to be wasted on these scumbags.

  28. As a retired Marine and combat veteran I am extremely disappointed by both the act and the stupidity in posting the evidence.

    U.S. Marines are suppose to embody the highest standards of professionalism on the battlefield. Those standards include ruthlessly hunting down and killing the enemy by any means necessary. They do not include desecrating the dead in any way.

    Killing savages is a noble pursuit for a Marine. Acting like one is shameful and embarasses those of us who wore the uniform before them.

    This is not about being PC. This is about doing what’s right. These men were wrong and will be held accountable.

  29. “Ask not your country to p*ss on you, but ask your country who you can p*ss on.” – JFK

  30. Allen West on the Marines Incident: ‘Shut Your Mouth, War Is Hell’

    might check this out

  31. Looks like they’re gonna be charged with “war crimes.”


  32. @AWD…

    I’ve written my Congress critter and Senators regarding this event, and have let them know my opinion.

    War is hell and the grit from it should be left behind. Our troops are my heroes and they have all of my love, always. The persons responsible for posting the video and giving the media fuel to fabricate a national disgrace should be the ones punished. There could not have been any other reason to make the video and post it.

    Senator Carl Levin needs to hear it from all, so he can form a national opinion of it. This is a non-story!

  33. cranky.white.woman says:

    Here’s what Allen West had to say (love him!):

  34. Kenn M. aka Keeper says:

    Let me see if I got this correct, urinating on dead taliban who probably blew themselves up setting roadside bombs to kill American Service Personal gets major news coverage around the world……But nary a peep about the beheadings and other atrocities those towelheads do on a daily basis, Piss on the news coverage also…..

  35. KILL THE PEECEE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. How? Absolutely avoid it, as I do, by not watching television or reading lefty newspapers.

  36. Michael Savage PISSED OFF over Apologies about Marines Peeing on Dead Taliban

  37. Where is Jack Pershing, George Patton or Curtis LeMay when we need them. They would have congratulated those boys!
    Chesty Puller certainly would!

  38. The video ought to be shown on all news channels, along with images of Americans applauding these Marines for killing terrorists and holding their own impromptu celebration, as seen in the video. Show the world that our military is strong, filled with beasts who thirst for ridding the world of evil!

  39. Fed Up Texan says:

    Not a really bright thing to do, but it does not offend me, particularly. As a retired military guy, (USAF), I fail to understand why they took pictures..military guys are usually smarter that, in the world of pc.

  40. not2latenow says:

    I have been a reader of this blog for some time now and generally nod my head and smile at most posts. A few I am forced to beat my head against the wall because of the stupidity of some. Until now I have been satisfied with this position. However, this controversy about the Marines pissing on dead terrorists has got me past angry. I retired from the military in 1974 and political correctness had just started but had not reached the level it has today. My military career was in the Air Force which is not part of the shooting and being shot at business. Therefore, I can’t identify with the horror of a 24/7 rush of adrenaline that must last for an entire deployment. I have talked to and read the experiences of those that have. I cannot imagine the horror of putting a friends remains in a body bag whose head had been exploded from an AK round and trying to decide if you should include the pieces of brain and bits of scull lying around. The sounds when a tank or AMTRAC has been destroyed by a roadside bomb and the screams of the guys that can’t get out when the hydraulic fluid lights off and they are burned alive. Being on patrol and taking fire from a creep that is firing from a group of women and children and knowing the SOP on Rules of Engagement (ROE) will get you, at best, an Article 15 if you return fire and hit one of his cover. These things are foreign to me as they are to most. The day the doctor walked into the room and showed me a colored photo of my rectum and said “That’s cancer” was a walk in the park compared to what the combat guys go through daily. Col West was forced out of the service for an action he took to protect the men of his command. This, from the place that Fred Reed ( calls the 5 sided wind tunnel commonly called the Pentagon. May I paraphrase Col West’s comment and say “The wimps and weenies and whiney bitchettes of the chattering class need to shut the hell up, war isn’t what you think it is. “