Watch this:

Then watch this:

How’s that dream working out for you, Martin?

On a positive note, how could any film with Freaky Zeaky be bad? I believe for once AWD is speechless. Discuss amongst yourselves. Please use decorum.

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  1. Enoch Powell says:

    Don’t see much significant difference in the two videos if you look beyond the surface. MLK was a communist, plagiarist, adulterer, racist, left-wing traitor no better than our very own affirmative-action parasite Obonzo.

  2. Well said Enoch. I’ve had enough of “Uncle Marty”.

  3. I think black culture as delinquency is brought by a Catholic influence within this racial community.

  4. All the more reason to avoid places that can get you killed like……

    the inner city of any major America metropolis…..

    Even the geeks at Microsoft know this as evidenced by their new PATENTED GPS feature…..

    “Avoid Ghetto”……

    Molon labe ;->

  5. Hey, AWD, my nephew showed me how an appx. 1cu.ft.ft. rock went from solid to a pile of pebbles with a 300 WinMag hit, wonder what the old 300 Weatherby would do? Let’s find out. Brazos!!!

    • Angus, that Winnie Mag will put the hurt on a lot of things. The Weatherby puts even a little more punch on it. We need to clear out some coyotes big time. Maybe end of January?


  6. Shocking Upset!:Tebow’s Broncos 24 Steelers 14

    Bold Prediction!

    Tim Tebow and his miraculous Denver Bronco’s will shake off two losses and shock the football world with a resounding defeat of the Pittsburgh Steelers