Rosie O’Donnell must have beat Moochelle to the local Wal-Mart and hauled off all the Bufforilla Butt drawers! Because Mooch just dropped $50k on lingerie! $50,000? Isn’t that a little extreme even for Moochelle? Maybe she was buying lingerie for Hussein Hopenchange, too. He’s been in a funk lately since his body-man Reggie Love left Barack to moisturize with another. To be fair, Newt Gingrich’s latest wife likes to run up million dollar tabs at Tiffany’s on trinkets and beads so $50,000 on drawers shouldn’t raise an eyebrow. Especially with Mooch!

The White House is denying the story but, the fact is, nobody finds this news even a little bit surprising! With her record, she probably took Air Force One to every country in Europe and beyond to make her purchases. But $50,000 for panties to cover her big ham ass? They must be charging by the yard for those granny panties these days!

Mooch apparently bought the gear at Agent Provocateur on Madison Avenue in New York. Their undies are styled on Hollywood glamour styles…like stockings and corsets and such. The fancy lingerie from Agent Provocateur comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, Extra Extra-Large and Damn! sizes. Guess where they pointed Mooch?

Hey, maybe her old drawers were getting worn out trying to contain all of that Twinkie-enhanced, ever-expanding flesh after she crams a few dozen Ho-Hos down her pie-hole every night. Or maybe her old lingerie was getting yellow in the front and brown in the back and it was time to donate them to the Goodwill for tax deductions? Or maybe she just wanted to feel sexy underneath it all. Michelle does have a history of looking sexy when representing the United States. Here she is showing up a few non-arugula eating Eurotrash first ladies at a Summit in France:

Great googly moogly! What a ham on that woman! You probably picked out Michelle in the above photo. She’s the one impersonating Sasquatch. Here’s what the Agent Provocateur undies look like (disclaimer: this is not Moochelle):

The only way that gear would be worth those big bucks is if the blonde came with them! And they still wouldn’t be worth it! Any womern who would spend thousands on lingerie certainly doesn’t understand the value of bass boats! Also, the Big Sexy’s experience is that all that over-priced lingerie just gets in the way when it’s bidness time in the bedroom/boudoir!

And here’s another piece of advice to all you womerns out there. If you look like a bufforilla, $50,000 worth of lingerie ain’t the cure! You’re just going to look like a bufforilla in stretched out fancy drawers! Getting your big Oprah-watching ass off the couch, putting down that Sara Lee frozen cheese cake and getting yourself down to the local Zumba class will do the trick…and cost thousands less! Hell, do y’all realize what $50k will buy in ammo? Answer: not nearly enough!

And if you want to look all sexical for your hombre, get on down to the Victoria’s Secret at the mall for heaven’s sake. You can pick up some sexy undies and also have money left over for a box of hollow points. We dudes do appreciate the effort to spice things up but remember, it’s not the wrapping…but the present that we’re after!

Throwing money away on stupid stuff is what the Obamas are known for! It’s what they do! Somehow, methinks the $50k didn’t come out of Moochelle’s account. Obama probably kept a few hundred thousand out of the Stimulus Bill to cover tarps and tents….and Michelle’s drawers will be categorized as such! And, just like her husband’s presidency, her squeezing into all that high priced lingerie will all be just a big-ass failure!

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  1. Oh my God, AWD. That is the most hysterical photo i’ve seen on your site. Too much!!! AAAHAHAHA. The article was great as well. πŸ˜‰

    On another note, I have to go vote in the primaries tomorrow and am still not sure who to vote for. Not real happy with any of them. UGH!!! Then again, I would vote for ear wax before I voted for the current pos, ummm I mean potus

  2. AWD…

    This goes with this subject.

    However, please put down any drinks before looking at all of the pictures.

  3. Last time I saw something that big going down the road,it had a pilot car in front. A chase car in back with yellow flashing lights and wide loads signs on it.

  4. 50 K on size 14 teddies and “undies” for Mooochelle.

    Watch the MSM look the other way.

    This is way too funny!

  5. Michelle, ma belle, may I borrow a pair of your panties?? I plan to go sailing this weekend and I do not have a sail for my boat.

    Years ago , women wore pantaloons. Michelle is a pantie loon!

  6. It’s dragnet time–bum, bum, bum, bum!!!

  7. The style of pantie shown in your pic is from the Jungle group collection. They have hip hugger underwear. The particular model shown is Hip-popotamus-hugger.

    $50k is a sale price. A whale of a sale.

    She bought a white bathing suit from the collection. Seals scramble when orca hits the waves.

  8. Angry White Dudette says:

    Funny, funny, funny! Moochelle has a very large bootie! But $50K for undies. Please Moochelle, we’re in a recession! Have mercy woman. After viewing her big-ass ham, I’m doing 50 leg lifts tonight! I need to find a big car antenna for a butt big as that! Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!

  9. Dang ,moochelle has one wide buttock. hose two ladies walking up the steps with her are mighty fine.

  10. AWD,

    one last one:

    You really caught my ear
    When writing re: Moshelle’s rear
    I could not let it pass
    In discussing that mass!!

    It’s probably not wise
    To discuss its huge size
    And it takes some smart tricks
    To support it on two sticks

    A disproportionate butt
    Will not make the cut
    And it’s so terribly hard
    To buy cloth by the yard

    So to cover that span
    It takes quite a plan
    And clothiers huddle in fear
    Because it cost so much
    to cover that rear.

    • Mr. Bill

      Just how much “Prune” juice have you had tonight?

      πŸ™‚ LMAO

    • Hee hee. πŸ™‚


    • Misterbill, nice work as usual! Think they’ll let us be cell mates at the FEMA camp? I get the top bunk!


      • AWD, the bottom bunk is the one people fight over. The top bunk is for the fish, unless you’re a bed wetter. Have fun you two. I’ll be fertlizer in you’re camp’s vegetable garden. Hope you will like the tastey turnips that I’ll be making for you.

  11. Queen Animus says:

    I bet Urkel is so freaking glad he doesn’t have to ever see Wook in those and is dancing with his Bacha Bazi boys right now….

    • I’m surprised Air Force One isn’t running daily junkets to Afghanistan so our hard working career politicians can get a little R&R.

  12. Damn the first ladies of Spain and France are Fine as frogs hair,, wheew

    you guys need to check out the link I put in my last post, and then go to the WPLX facebook site and let em have it. That poor Tea Party woman really got abused

  13. I won’t make fun of another woman’s ass. Mine needs its own zip code. However, this person has demonstrated over and over again that she has no class whatsoever. She is the most ill-bred person ever to fill the role of First Lady. These two are so tacky, I’m ashamed of them, especially when they visit other countries and embarass me by association. I’m no fan of George Bush, but his wife was the epitome of class and refinement. The contrast between the two women (Laura and Michelle) couldn’t be starker. Mrs Bush’s butt was not tiny either, but she knew how to cover it with style.

    • Idl…

      You said it all!

      What also bothers me with Aunt Esther when it comes to her own personal ‘Junk in the Trunk’ is her hypocrisy…when it comes to making everything she via msm and her husband can cram down our throats forcefully while they eat what they desire at our expense…and what she consumes…ain’t what she preaches to all of us!

  14. I seed her walk and it look lak two pigs under a blanket.

    Them two honky ladies look sliiiim and gooood as they walk up them steps. The other one should be out walking on the steppes.

    I go to bed now. I been a baaaad boy.

  15. No tellin how much it cost taxpayers when they had to widen all the doors at the WH. Unless Obama slipped it in with his stimuli package. Good thing we’re still not livin in the horse and buggy days..she’d never be able to leave the WH.


    The Obamas going camping? look at the tents

  17. If the First Sasquatch gets removed from the White House, she would have to give up the tarps and tents and go back to nature. She’ll be eating grass n’ critters, knocking trees, throwing rocks, and howling all night!! Oh the humanity! πŸ™‚

  18. Ok, now I understand everyone’s disgust at Mobama, I don’t like her either. I didn’t like her college thesis, don’t like her racist ways. But, she is really not all that fat. Seriously, she is not skinny, not thin. She can be described as a “sturdy” woman. I would venture to guess that her physical size is not what bothers most people, as she is not obese. If I am going to criticize any of her physical attributes it would be her sideways thug like smirks she is often seen casting at those around her. I would criticize the foul look on her face which has been captured over and over, even when she seems to be trying smile. I would criticize the way she uses her voice, words, the way she carries herself, and body language that makes her appear to be angry. Although her girth is not really what makes her what she is, its all the other things about her that makes her seem “bufforilla” or “wookie” like. There is no grace in that woman.

  19. Dude,

    You are a stitch with your “Moo-chelle” jokes and pics. Thanks for the deep-belly laughed you caused me to have. I needed it. You da man.

  20. politically correct says:

    Your website is a key example of what is wrong with america. You sicken me you hateful racist scum.

    • Politically Correct, it appears you have not embraced diversity. Also America is spelled with a capital “A.” Back to the Occupy and Poop protest you go!


    • Paul Bonnichsen says:

      No politically correct, what is wrong with America generally comes from the left side of the aisle… better known these days as the entitlement party. I’m always amazed how dims castigate those who have worked hard in life to succeed, and through their efforts and hard work have become wealthy… kudos to them.

      The OWS crowd is a prime example of entitlement mentality… my guess is that very few people within this mob ever applied themselves at anything. They have become parasites who believe they are entitled to the riches of others.

    • “PC”,

      You seem bitter.

      No credit left on your EBT card?

  21. Queen Animus says:

    Hey Politically Correct….you sicken me with your pussified ways and the fact you don’t see how disgusting this woman is, without even looking at her race. You are a sissified pansy that probably watches Glee and Portlandia and has lots of women friends that are truly just friends…I pity you…you sad sack….

  22. Whoever our new Pres and First Lady are, they’re gonna have a tough go of it. After the Obama’s, I shudder at thought of the condition of the White House must be in. Hell, if the Obama’s can screw up an entire nation, just think what they did to a single residence!

  23. Southern Boy says:

    I’m just glad there has’t been any pictures posted of Moocheele bending over. What a sight to behold, it could cover the sun!