A new book, The Obamas, is set to be released on Tuesday and, not surprisingly, First Lady Moochelle Obama is not portrayed in a positive light. Something about those DemonRat First Ladies! Hitlery and Mooch…two of the most unsavory characters in American presidential history. Just as despicable as their corrupt husbands.

According to the book, Michelle Obama has battled with most of Hussein’s socialist staff. She also demanded, according to the book, that Obama cram through ObamaCare when Hussein’s staff wanted to go more slowly. Many that have suffered her wrath are no longer part of Team Hope and Destroy.

According to Reuters (which is highly dubious in terms of reporting facts):

Mrs. Obama fought against political tactics espoused by Rahm Emanuel, her husband’s former chief of staff, and Robert Gibbs, the former White House press secretary, the book said, pushing her husband to replace advisers who she felt were “too insular, not strategic enough,” according to excerpts from the book on the newspaper’s website.

“‘She feels as if our rudder isn’t set right,'” the book quotes Barack Obama as telling aides.

Reportedly, Obama aides have had to warn Moochelle about the amount of taxpayer money she was spending on vacations and decorating. Of course, it’s not HER money so what does she care? It’s a four year vacation for the most self-absorbed couple in America. We have the most vacationing First Lady and the most golfing POTUS in our history. All while over 2 million jobs have been lost on his watch and America has gone in the hole another $4.5 trillion with nothing to show for it. Yet, Moochelle told the First Lady of France (and a babe-a-lonian) that she “hated” being in the White House. Not as bad as we hate her being there!

The Obama’s are the end result of Affirmative Action reverse racism. Two untalented Affirmative Action babies who were pushed to the front of the line in front of those who were smarter and harder working because of their pigment. Political correctness has given us the most disgusting socialist narcissists in American history. In what universe does one get a $400,000 a year job at a non-profit hospital where one rarely has to show up for work? How does an admittedly “C student” get into Columbia and Harvard Law School? Then sprint from a unsuccessful state legislator to POTUS? There is so much not right with these two unsavory leeches that it turns the stomach of those who have worked and struggled for everything they have! Who among us would even dream of taking a $4 million vacation to Hawaii even if we could? Especially if it was the money of hardworking taxpayers! How many of these boondoggles has it been for the Obamas? Even as the country is coming apart at the seams?

Michelle Obama and her worthless husband are the embodiment of all that is wrong in America. Self-absorbed, greedy, racist, useless, corrupt moochers who have a burning hatred for the country who has given them a life of luxury. This is a “teachable moment” about the danger of giving something of value to those who have not earned it. It teaches them there is always more and they don’t have to sacrifice to attain it. Mix that with hatred of traditional American values, communist and radical black ideology and you’re looking at Barry and Moochelle! Not very pretty, is it?

I’m not surprised at anything negative reported about the Obamas. I would be surprised to hear something positive. I’ve had these two jokers figured out for some time. Just like gay people can spot other gay people using gay-dar? AWD has a keen sense of douche-dar. And I see two gigantic douches currently living in the White House. I just hate that we will have to suffer those two morons for another 40 years like we’ve had to do with the equally despicable douche Jimmah Carter.

So the truth about Moochelle is starting to get through the protective armor of the mainstream propaganda media. And now we find Moochelle Obama is the witch behind the communist wimp in the White House? Why am I not surprised?

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  1. Queen Animus says:

    Moochelle’s ugly soul shows on her fugly face. She is one hideous beeyotch.

    • Careful about making judgments about people’s souls showing up on their faces. How would you know the quality of her soul? very ugly statement you made, reflective of your own inner state?

  2. This is a case of…Will the real Aunt Esther please Stand Up?

    As if anyone should be surprised by any of this from the Witch from Hell and back.

  3. I can go see Mochelle and Barry anytime I want to. How you ask,,,, I just go to the Zoo,,,simple.

  4. she is a much better ugly in green

  5. So, Mooooshelle the first Wildebeast is gang banging inside the White House……You know what they say…You can take the Neeeeeegro out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the Neeeeeegro

    old habits are shining through the facade and the true nature of this foulest of wild boar is making the light of day so that we all can see her for what she really is….Down and outright NASTY!!!!!

    I only have one thing for this foulest of beasts….the back of my hand!!!!

    Can’t wait to kick her god damn ass the hell out of the White House…You hear me bitch!!!!

    As one of our fearless leaders says….

    Remember…Resist We Much!!!!

  6. Enoch Powell says:

    ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, etc.

  7. @ AWD: You said “The Obamas are the end-result of Affirmative Action reverse racism. Two untalented Affirmative Action babies who were pushed to the front of the line in front of those who were smarter and harder working because of their pigment. Political correctness has given us the most disgusting socialist narcissists in American history. In what universe does one get a $400,000 a year job at a non-profit hospital where one rarely has to show up for work? How does an admittedly “C student” get into Columbia and Harvard Law School?”


  8. Are they what used to be called “Ni- -er Rich”?

  9. When will someone publish the truth about Michelle’s record as a lawyer and why she was disbarred? She’s the radical behind Obama. There would be no Obama without her pushing and shoving him.

  10. The Wicked Witch of the West Wing!

    Just glad my parents, who lived through the Depression and WWII, didn’t live to see the debasement of the presidency by the Obamas.

    Anyone but Obama in 2012!

    • You are not alone in that thought. I’m from the 60’s generation and am appalled at what that culture has produced in the educational system and beyond.

  11. 79Firebirdman says:

    Why do you want to insult the Wicked Witch Of The West in such a crude fashion by comparing Moochhell Obamao to her?

  12. Questionman says:

    You pack of mindless racists really can’t get over the fact that the President and First Lady are black, can you? Your hatred and disrespect for them–and the ignorant responses here–are not surprising; today’s conservative “movement” is comprised of a gang of xenophobic racists and assorted rednecks with all the brainpower of a penlight.

    • misterbill says:

      I don’t play any musical instrument, let alone a xenophobe. I don’t give a hoot what a lady’s color is, but when someone is butt ugly they are butt ugly and pimps like you–that’s right, you pimp racism–will defend these public figures for the same reason you accuse the other side for insulting them.

      You are a racist. Accomplishment means nothing to you. You have assumed that you are the only good person in the world. “Oh why can’t everyone be like me- open and fair and kind?”

      Stop spending so much time in the bathroom-alone.

    • Questionman,

      You seem bitter.

      EBT with zero balance?

    • @ questionman,It’s not that they are black it is the fact that they are socialist Marxist and a bunch of elitist.They have spent more tax payer dollars on themselves than any other first family in the white house with all their vacations to Hawaii and him playing more golf than any president.It seems that are having a real good time while everybody else can’t even afford a trip to grandma’s house.And we are paying for all of it.

    • Chi Town AWD Fan says:

      Saw this on another blog, and thought it appropriately transfers over here…..

      n****r is a state of mind, not a condition of skin pigmentation.

    • you are a racist dude, the obamas have never wored for a dime…

  13. PenLight…I visualize these hicks navigating their lives with only this amount of visibility… Their southern “Mamas” must have beat them good. Proud, hurt and scared little cowards…..

    • LMAO, stereotyping a bit, are we? You might be surprised to know that there are plenty of northern and western readers here whose mama beat them good too. Just a side note, you left out the ubiquitous “inbred, racist, redneck teabaggers” insults out of your mindless comment. Your political masters will not be pleased.


    • LMAO
      We also had Fathers that beat the hell out of us also, y’all don’t have fathers in the ghetto do you? only sperm doners.

      • Steve, ha, douches like “LMAO” don’t have parents,…they were dribbled out on a rock and hatched out in the sun!

  14. I didn’t think it was possible to have someone worse than G W in the White House. I was wrong.
    This man is unqualified- with zero experience. Only a crybaby libtard would get wispy eyed and verclempt at “this first mulatto President” and give him a pass(“look I play basketball”).
    He has an obvious agenda and an unconscious hatred of “white” American society. He reads a teleprompter well- but all those early speeches during the campaign to get him elected were not his own words. He was packaged and sold to the typical liberal American moron. People like Questionman actually believed that horseshit and now lecture and look down on unbelievers like myself. Questionman, did you get teary eyed on election night? I didn’t buy the lie amigo and I saw through it immediately.

  15. All you racist Racecard waving liberals can act smug now, but come next November the Flim-Flammer in Chief will be gone. 2012 will be the year that all of the people who got conned by Obama will vote him out. Enjoy it while it lasts losers. Real Americans are going to take the their country back in 2012.

  16. GA Steve:

    Don’t hurt their woodle feelings with the truth!

    Too funny!

  17. REV Wright says:


    Watch the black “communities” break into riots the day after Obama loses.

    Watch the MSM enter endless excuses.

    Watch the black Obama voters enter the suburbs to “occupy”.

    Watch as taxpayers react with 12 guage Mossbergs.

    Watch as the police arrest white citizens for lack of “black sensitivity”.

    Coming NOV 2012 to a suburb near you!

    • Baconandeggs says:

      Hey Rev. Great prediction. How’d that whole Dopey Mormon thing work out for ya?

      • REV Wright says:


        Only half right.

        Obama won. Romney lost. It seemed that blacks turned out at 110% of registration to support their Democrat meal ticket. [No questions about voter fraud may be “axed”.]

        So, to be fair, I got that wrong.

        Still, blacks now shop “Obama style” by massing in large numbers, entering a private sector shop or store, and stealing large quantities of whatever they can steal.

        The MSM calls them “urban youths”, but we know that “they bees black Obama voters.” [NOTE: We DO NOT use the “N” word on AWD!]

        To be fair, I got that right.

        Glad to clarify.


  18. REV Wright says:


    How do you spell check on AWD?

    I lock my posts but find no spell check when I left click.

    Someone smart please educate me.



  19. Rev:

    Lock & Load!

    We’ll just helo drop a couple of hundred pairs of Air Jordan’s into each ghetto and sit back and watch them kill each other.

    • Everyone, the net web people are moving the AWD site to a new server so it may be a little spotty over the next day or so. We’re back up now but, if you come back and have problems getting to the page, it’s because they’re dialing the server in to handle all the traffic.


  20. Excellent comments from the AWD posters. We could/should see a 57 state wipeout (or is it 58?) of the “corpse-man.” Check VDare.com – the loser Mrs. O’s salary was doubled instantly at the Chicago hospital that employed her as soon as Hussein the Demoleft mystery man was elected to the Senate, They wanted political access.
    We still haven’t heard from anyone who went to school with this media created tax-feeding socialist phony from outer space. America’s political freak show rolls on. It now resembles the Twilight Zone. November should be interesting. This year will be a continuation of the 2010 election wipeout. Affirmative action = discrimination against whites.

  21. You nailed it on the head perfectly. Bravo.

  22. Fluffy Pink and Moist says:

    What a bunch of tards you all are. Nothing but empty racism an misogyny and homophobia. Yech! The post by AWD is nothing but unfounded opinions and irrational hatred. This blog is nothing but a circle jerk. Enjoy playing with yourselves, losers.

  23. Really, the most unappreciated being on the planet is the white male? Talk about a narcissistic rant….

    • Did black people invent the car, airplane, telephone, internet, penicillin, iphone, computers, blah blah blah.