McRINO and Romney were together yesterday trying to convince everyone that they’ve made amends from the past presidential election with McRINO’s and Huckabee’s Cut-Throat plans the duo had together to get rid of Romney…guess they think we all have short memories as they kiss and make-up on the campaign trail yesterday.

Here’s a summary via The Blaze:

Sen. John McCain on Wednesday endorsed Mitt Romney in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, nearly four years after beating him out in the Republican primary process in the 2008.

“It is with some nostalgia that I turn to this place I love so well,” McCain said, standing next to Romney at a New Hampshire town hall. “To make sure that we make Mitt Romney the next president of the United States of America.”

Fresh off his Tuesday win in the Iowa caucuses, Romney accepted McCain‘s endorsement and praised him as one of America’s heroes and a great friend.

The Arizona senator trumpeted Romney’s foreign policy stance, vowing, “No one will ever say that Mitt Romney will lead from behind,” a slam against President Barack Obama, of whom McCain has been deeply critical.

“He will lead from the front as Ronald Reagan did, not from behind as this president [Barack Obama] does,” McCain said.

McCain remains popular in New Hampshire, having won the state’s presidential primary in 2000 and 2008. New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte has also endorsed Romney.

And then we have this wonderful bunch of garbage from McAmnesty as well…check this out, it’s from Mediaite, here’s their summary:

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown, John McCain bluntly told Chuck Todd, that the Republican Party had to “fix our problems with the Hispanics.”

Todd had asked McCain if Arizona was in play. The Arizona Senator took a long breath, pausing for five seconds to regain his composure before telling Todd it could be soon an electoral battleground.

“I think that if not this election cycle, the demographics are that Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, even Texas will all be in play,” McCain opined.

“And if Republicans don’t fix the problem?” Todd followed up.

“Yes, yes. We have to fix our problems with the Hispanics,” McCain acknowledged.

“And it starts where?” Todd asked.

“It starts with a way to address the issue of immigration in a humane and caring fashion, at the same time emphasizing the need to secure our borders because of the drug cartels and the people who transport people across our border and treat them terribly,” McCain replied.

I don’t know about all of you…but through my ‘Viewfinder in Life’ I call what Romney’s doing with McCain by his side as ‘Stuck on Stupid!’… but that’s just me, some of you may see this as good strategy.

Add your opinions….Fire Away!

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  1. Romney Killer.

    Flip Flop on abortion, guns, and parties.
    Check who did the ad.

    • Hey there Jack…I saw that ad…it’s pretty good.

      Newtie is past PO’d since Iowa…I can’t but help but find it all amusing…and a help to us for now.

  2. Here’s some more from McRINO…he tells us we had better just ‘Wrap-it-Up’ now!

    No one knows how much I despise McCain!

    • Ghostrider says:

      Another worthless RINO telling us its over, when its really only just starting.

      Unfortunately McPain’s endorsement probably will help Romney in a state like New Hampshire, fiscally conservative, but socially liberal in that guns and religion aren’t that important.

      It would undoubtedly hurt Romney in flyover country and in the more evangelical south.

      Great add by Newt zinging both of them!

  3. Another six years for Juan McPain – they could’ve had J.D. Hayworth instead. The Repub establishment rallied around Juan. Does this tell you something? One Congress member, Dana Rohrabacher, backed J.D. The voters of Arizona must be out to lunch for sticking with this guy. Big media loved McCain and set him up for Hussein.

  4. This is the equivalent of having Jimmy Carter endorse. It’s over!

  5. McCain makes a good barometer for me, if he’s for it, I’m against it. Works about 90% of the time. How’s that dang fence coming along John?

    • Angus…

      What you said about McRINO and that ‘danged fence’ crossed my mind when I was posting this above about his McAmnesty BS he blathered on about.

      Btw…he couldn’t have been any phonier than he is when made that political ad…it drove me crazy every-time I saw it…plus really angered me on-top of it all.

      Romney’s a fool to have McCain by his side as far as I’m concerned…a bigger fool than I thought.

  6. Whooooo Cares? They have both hurt the Republican party. Hopefully though, this will cause the more “moderate” voters of the GOP to see it for what it is and turn to real Conservatives instead of just voting for self-interested Establishment RINOs! So I guess my answer is hurt.

  7. McCain won’t change anything. Your average Republican is a Muslim devil worshipping loving asshole.

  8. Poll Update for NH:

    Romney 38%, Paul 24%, Santorum 11%, Grinch 9%.


    • Jack…there’s still two more debates before Tues…so things may change by then…we’ll see before we know it.

      This month is going to fly by before we know it…politically speaking that is.

      …going to be interesting as heck.

  9. Art Vandelay says:

    I thinkg Captain Queeg’s endorsement hurts with conservatives, but on the national scene it is a non-factor.

    If Romney wins NH and SC, its over. He will be the nominee. He’s not what we wanted, but thats what we’ve got. He’s 10,000 times better than Muslim Marxist Obama, so lets get behind our nominee and focus our anger on Hussein Obama.

    • Simply not true. In Iowa, the Delegates won’t be awarded until March. Expect Ron Paul to win most of the delegates, which is what really counts, not the votes. Same with NH, and SC. These are beauty contests, nothing more.

      Now, Florida, and Super Tuesday primary states award immediate delegates. That’s different.

      I see a Romney ceiling of 25-30% – he’s the one with the ceiling not Paul. People wanting the message of Liberty have no ceiling.

      This will be a long battle, with Paul having a real chance and the odds improving as the race progresses.

      • Art Vandelay says:

        I guess we’ll see in a few weeks.

        If Ron Paul is our nominee, Obama gets 4 more years. America will be unrecognizable as a result.

        I want someone who can win.

  10. Rudder Hard Right says:

    What is that expression? “things, once seen, cannot be unseen”. I saw it and it keeps flashing back on me.

    Not that I perceive much difference between them but, yeah it is gonna hurt. Cost Mitt Windsock one potential vote right here.

    • RHR….

      Howdy there…love your ‘Mitt Windsock’ name…as they say ‘If the Shoe Fits!’…and in this case it sure as heck does through my Viewfinder in Life.

  11. Who’s out there to trust ? McCain’s nothing but a damn fool,who couldn’t debate his way out of a confessional . Their all flip flopping,self serving, lying bastards with no conscience or shame regardless how much they screw over us . They can go f** k themselves , all of them .

    • ratsofred…

      “Couldn’t debate his way out of a confessional”….that’s hilarious, true too.

      Needed a morning chuckle and you sure as heck provided that.

  12. Enoch Powell says:

    “Humane and caring” immigration = treasonous amnesty, shameless groveling and pandering to third-world savages, cowardly surrender to the lie of multicultural diversity. These hideous left-wing gargoyles won’t rest until the U.S. is a third-world anarcho-tyranny. Really it’s too late. We’ve already sunk to those depths. Our very own affirmative-action parasite in chief, Obonzo, is now officially a dictator. The GOP will grovel and whimper.

    • Enoch,

      Pretty much have to agree with you. Our politicians, both rep & dims sold us out long ago.

      Today… guess it was yesterday, Obummer decides to downsize the military while China is expanding on all levels of defense. If this country is ever brought to its knees due to the incompetence of our politicians, I hope my eyes will see politicians drug into the streets and beat like baby seals.

  13. What can anyone say about John “My friends” Mc”Shame”?

    He ran one of the most embarrassing presidential campaigns ever. And at this point, his endorsement wont have much of an effect on Romney, nor will it cause a major defect in any way shape or form.

    Point blank, RINO’s stick together!

  14. McCain is a traitorous swine. He was the Senator from Arizona who did nothing while the Mexican Cartels flooded the streets of America with meth and other hard drugs. He did nothing while the demographics flipped due to MASSIVE illegal immigration coming THROUGH HIS STATE! He is on board now- too little too late.He’s semi-senile and living on past glories.
    He sold us out a long time ago. It is a travesty he still represents the People of Arizona in any way shape or form. I do not forgive his omissions!

    • Edtudo,

      Couldn’t agree more. McCain is thought of as a hero, but look deep into his military record and you will see he was a f–k up as we said in the Army. McCain never stood for anything if it did not benefit him, no matter what effect it had on our country.

  15. santorum raises one million the day after Iowa!!!!

    McCain is a babbling idiot, who has stockholm syndrome, he was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he has absolutly no spine, POW or not, doesnt matter

  16. patthemick says:

    McCain simply adds more preaching to the choir for Mitt. It will not help or hurt him as they are both the same on any issue. Santorum is just about the same as Romney on the big issues and only his dislike of homosexuals really seperates the two.

  17. What happened to the “Tea Party”, has it been marginalized.

  18. Seeing McCain on stage with Romney just turned my stomach a little more. I hate McCain with the hate of a thousand suns. HATE! Romney is coming in a close second place now.

  19. I heard this morning that Santorum as raised 2 Million in two days….pretty danged good…proves his old-fashioned shoe-leather politicking pays off!

    Just read this…thought I’d throw it in here too.


  20. Speaking of McAmnesty….check this out from Dear Leader…

    Anyone surprised?

  21. Rasmussen’s latest polling numbers…seems Santorum is closing in on Romney in SC big time!

  22. LMAO…here’s another example of why Romney has to be ‘Stuck on Stupid!’

    Nothing like having a backstabber as a bestest friend on the campaign trail.

  23. At least Williard is slightly better on illegal immigration than any of the other turds running for King of the Rinos.