Microsoft is developing an app that would show users high-crime areas to avoid. However, Microsoft ignores the culture one can enjoy in these neighborhoods before being killed. Predictably, black leaders are unhappy about the app. They have invented a new term to label the “avoid the ghetto” app. I believe the new novel term is…..”racist.”

Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace said about the app’s release:

“I’m going to be up in arms about it if it happens! Can you imagine me not being able to go to MLK Blvd. because my GPS says that’s a dangerous crime area? I can’t even imagine that. I will personally kill any racist, cracka mutha@#*&er who comes down MLK Blvd. with the “Avoid The Ghetto” application!”

Question. Isn’t every MLK or Malcom X Blvd. a high-crime area? You don’t need a smart phone to know you’re about to die if you happen to find yourself cruising down MLK Blvd! Simple police crime data records tell you that you’re about to become one!

And no, Juanita, I can’t imagine you going to MLK Blvd and having troubles. However, myself, would end up as dead as fried chicken (disclaimer: no racism intended…just heard it in a movie once) if I spent a few minutes chugging forties with LaShontae and any number of former Dallas Cowboy football players!

According to CBS DFW:

Microsoft says the app will use crime statistics to determine what parts of town are to be avoided. But it’s unclear where the data will come from and how it will be interpreted.

Microsoft has filed a patent for the app, but the actual product is unnamed and not available yet.

Opponents like Wallace fear it could hurt minority communities.

Wallace goes on to say:

“It’s almost like gerrymandering. “It’s stereotyping for sure and without a doubt; I can’t emphasize enough, it’s discriminatory.”

Is Ms. Wallace admitting that blacks create more crime than others? Well, isn’t that…hmmm…what’s the word? RACIST? And, no, Ms. Wallace, avoiding high-crime areas is not gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is carving out voting districts in the ‘hood to ensure the Congressional Black Caucus can perpetually stay in office to steal from their constituents and the American taxpayer. And was Revrum Jackson stereotyping when he admitted he was relieved to see white yoots walking behind him on the street and not young blacks?

The article continues:

Michael McNally, who was visiting Dallas Tuesday, said an app shouldn’t have enough power to label a community.

“It may have a high crime problem but have some great cultural, social things you can do there,” McNally said.

Yes, Michael. You can learn some great cultural practices like selling drugs, robbing, raping and murder before becoming a victim yourself! But, it’s better in America to be the victim of murder than be labeled racist. And , when drawing your last breath, you can go out knowing that you have truly embraced diversity and the country will be better off because of it!

Another idiot, Tommy Jones, actually said:

“From a business standpoint, it could be devastating. “Especially in the area of tourism.”

Yes, the local Nordstrom could end up closing on Martin Luther King Blvd down in Oak Lawn in Dallas! Or the German tourists may not be able to visit the location where Pookie gunned down his bitch-ass ho LaShatesha before the police hose the blood off the street. Tourism, Tommy? Is you ignorant?

And the article closes with this from that bastion of knowledge and common sense, NAACP President Juanita Wallace:

“What happens in North Dallas certainly ought to be no different than what happens in South Dallas, so we can’t keep on doing this. This type of technology is certainly going to pronounce and heighten it to some degree.”

You’re right, Ms. Wallace! What happens in North Dallas should be no different that what happens in South Dallas. But it is different! Why? Because black criminals create multitudes more violent crime in South Dallas! I agree! They should behave themselves like people who live law-abiding lives in North Dallas. I live in North Dallas and don’t even really have to worry about locking my doors!

Ms. Wallace is the true racist! She couches her racism behind the fact that people don’t want to be killed. Common sense tells us to avoid areas where we are more likely to be victims of violent crime! And blacks aren’t the only ones committing mucho crimes. Illegal aliens also contribute to the Most Wanted lists. Police records prove precisely that more violent crimes are committed in the very areas the Microsoft app would have people avoid! It’s not racism! It’s smart! You’re the racist. And you’re stupid! And we’re on to your stupid game!

Maybe Microsoft shouldn’t release the “Avoid The Ghetto” application. Maybe they should just list all the Martin Luther King Blvd’s in America!

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  1. Queen Animus says:

    LOLOLOLOL! OMG! LOLOLOLOL! so f******g true, as always!!!!!!

  2. Need one for the Android market.

  3. This app can also be used by the military to program and deploy tomahawk missiles to those areas on the app! Then they can be removed from the app and safe to visit : )

  4. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    I remember back in the late sixties when blacks threatened to leave America and go back to Africa… wish they all wanted to leave America again because I for one would be willing to pay first class fare to send a few back.

    • Paul
      reminds me of something I saw on tv yrs ago, seems a group went back to Africa with the intentions of staying, there was a ceremony one evening where they all praised the mother land and proceeded to toss their passports into the ocean, a couple weeks later they were observed walking the beach looking for their passport’s hoping the waves would wash them ashore.

    • Actually Paul, there was a black activist by the name of Marcus Garvey who initiated such an exodus.

      But I heard that such an experiment did take place in the sixties through the efforts of another black radical, whose name escapes me for the moment.

      Anyway, once they landed on the continent they were told to discard their credit cards and other American valuables into the sea.

      The following morning, nearly all of the American hating black ingrates, along with their radical leader, hurried back onto the shores in which they landed, and hurled themselves into the ocean to recover whatever discarded items which they could obtain from the previous day, and hurriedly dashed back to the comforts of the good ‘ole U.S.A.!

      • This great story should get a lot more exposure. Maybe (covers a lot more) should pick it up. It’s nice having the Internet, isn’t it – America’s back fence idea exchange. The motherland wasn’t so motherly to those losers, who wanted back in. Renee, you are a sharp thinker. So are the rest of you and it’s great hearing from Elvis Nixon again.

  5. REALLY? Having Common Sense is now racist. Shheesh! This crap is getting old, real quick.

  6. How about a “Flash Mob” app? Or a “Riot at McD’s app? These apps could be tied into recently deployed Iraq- War platoons equipped with military drones so that they can continue their mop-up operations here in the U.S. It would be a shame to
    let all of that war experience go to waste, while the streets of Detroit, Chicago and others are WAY more dangerous than Bahgdad ever was.

  7. How about a ‘most violent Waffle House’ app? I think we could use one here in Cinci.

    I am so sick of facts being called racist. Here in Cinci we’ve had four shootings in so many days… Guess which ‘hoods’ they took place in?

    Oh, wait. that’s RACIST.

  8. not2latenow says:

    In my long life in the work-a-day world I have worked for, worked with, and had working for me some fine members of the darker persuasion group. Sure there were some that tried to scam the system to get more than they had earned. I have also been exposed to the white trust account babies group (AKA Lucky Sperm Club). In each group I have seen a lack of pride in what they had. Human nature being what it is there is always a lack of pride in possessions not earned “By the sweat of your own brow.” However, even those scamming the system did not show the animosity toward the giver by the givee that I see today. How did a lack of pride translate into this animosity? There seems to be a detour in human nature here. I don’t know, but I am open to being educated in this area.

  9. Bloodless Coup says:

    Wow we finally have an app for that?

    For years now while driving, whenever I have seen a sign that reads MLK Blvd or Malcolm X Blvd I realize that I have mistakenly entered into a bad area.

    When this happens, I instinctively roll up my windows, lock my car doors, and try to quickly navigate to a safer area.

    You see, I grew up in DC and I once had the pleasure of attending DC Public Schools. This was an experience that was very much akin to being released into the general population of a correctional facility.

    Because of this experience, I know full well that “white flight” primarily occurs not because of racism,(my family of origin is ultra-liberal) but out of a perfectly valid instinct for self-preservation.

    Predictably, we (white folks) are now being made to feel guilty for taking some very sensible precautions against people who are often prone to violence and criminal behavior.

    Personally, I would rather be called racist than be called dead on arrival.

    Jus sayin

  10. I don’t need an app to tell me to stay away from MLK in Dallas. You take your life in your hands there. NAACP is getting to be a really inane organization. Sadly Dallas is beginning to look like all the other minority run cities.

  11. Repeat after me: It’s okay to be white, It’s okay to be white, It’s okay to be white.

  12. In the mid 80’s the Co I worked for built a strip mall on MLK in Atlanta, Every store had roll up steel doors and steel bars over the windows, all the block walls were filled with concrete, We had 10ft high chain link fence around our const trailer with razor wire on top, several of the subs foremans carried weapons and when we shut down in the p.m. we made sure that everyone was ready to go at the same time so our convoy would be together as we ran the gauntlet down MLK to the interstate.

    • Hey Steve, sounds like the only thing missing was a couple of UpArmored Humvees. One running point and the other Drag.

      • Dirty al
        When the crew arrived to set the steel on the project they set it in record time, seems they had done several jobs in the same type of areas and they had a high loss of tools from people entering the job site and snatching tools that were unattended, they also hired off duty cops to stay on the job while they were there, across the street were a line of pawn shops and liquor stores, behind that was a government housing project with a railroad between them, when the sun come out and it got warm the train track looked like a row of crows perched there ready to swoop down and feast on the pickings.

        • There are probably a heck of a lot more “MLK” type boulevards in a few U.S. states than in all of Iraq combined. And in the U.S., they’re probably a lot less safer, too. We could have won the war in Iraq within a year by deporting tens of thousands of armed and angry young blacks to Bahgdad where they would have happily engaged in killin’ an’ rapin’ an’ stealin’. After one year of this cockroach infestation, the Iraqis would have GIVEN us Saddam Hussein and begged us to leave. They probably would have even accepted JC as their savior, if pressed by the American authorities. The blacks would then have had to be disarmed and then shipped off to Vietnam or China as factory labor. Ya ain’t comin’ back here!

          This idea could probably still work in Afganistan and Iran, where the Taliban and the Moolahs would be turning tail and heading for the hills when hordes of armed UTES are unleashed against them. It would be win-win for the rest of us. Think about it!

        • Could you imagine doing that or working in one of those pawn shops or liquor stores in that hellhole area? Every day you would be rolling the dice, hoping to get home at night. I’ve been very fortunate not going through that though not getting rich. I actually remember when that area was somewhat safe and nearly all Caucasian. It’s horrible now – I sometimes drive through it – in the daytime.

  13. Another DUMB negro. So what is news here?
    As a youngster growing up in Dallas, Fair Park was the place to go, except for on “Juneteenth”.
    Today, the ONLY time I get close to this area is to go to Baylor Hospital.
    Driving thru this area of Second Street to Hwy 175, you can see just how this area has been affected by the negro beat-downs, murders, and see the cars these types of thugs drive around in, just looking for someone to give them an eye contact!
    Yes, this area should be surrounded by concertina wire, just like all the business’s still surviving here.

    Overall, a shithole with no redeeming value, an I would love to see “them” just burn it all down like the Watts Riot in 1965, where I once manned a “check-point” as a “new centurion”.

    • Check out a good video “twilight landing at LAX.” I worked at LAX for two weeks in ’83 for Eastern Airlines, among seven airports “80-’89 until it folded in ’89. The video has a police siren for a couple of seconds as it flies over Watts. It’s neat, about four minutes, taken from the cockpit.

  14. Does this so-called application allow an exception to those with a “Ghetto Pass”?

    See for example @

  15. Also nice to know that a person stealing a GPS won’t be able to use it to go home.

  16. Oscar2Marine says:

    You really can’t make this shit up folks!

    So, if the high crime areas were in white, or Latino neighborhoods – what would it be? Maybe if you spent your time cleaning up the neighborhood and educating the Urbanites you wouldn’t be considered a threat.

  17. Currently the ninth most popular song on the Top 40.

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    If you can here this trash blasting from a nearby stereo forget the ghetto app, you’re already there!

  18. I am offended by this APP as well.

    Have my brethren become so weak minded and detached from their instincts that they need this particular technology to avoid danger.

    Quit looking at your cell phones and get your eyes back on the event horizon.

  19. I have to agree with Waspish

    it can happen anywhere, anytime
    don`t go thru life with your back to the door. expect it, plan for it. Always read the situation. and be ready to strike. Like I tell my wife, Honey, I`m coming home, count on it. I carry a field pack and extra Ammo….Am I nuts, I believe nuts is not being ready.

  20. Crime Brutal Attack By Philly Teens on Wounded Vietnam Vet Caught on Video

    A wounded Vietnam veteran who lost his eye while serving his country was viciously attacked by a group of teens on a Philadelphia street earlier Tuesday evening, leaving the man with severe injuries.

    “These animals are specializing on our elderly people out here and a gentleman who served our country,” Lt. George McClay said.

    According to KWY-TV, Police say 64-year-old Edward Schaefer was walking to meet his wife at the bus stop when six males approached him from behind, when one of the suspects began the violent attack.

    Others then joined in on the brutal group beating. The teen thugs fled the scene before authorities could arrive.

    Schaefer was rushed to Albert Einstein Medical Center. He has a fractured skull and severe injuries to his face and hand.

  21. It is a constant source of amusement to me that any attempt to, (without any mention of race) label any instance of high crime area avoidance is automatically labeled “Racist”. Here in St Louis Domino’s Pizza was sued for refusing to deliver to a high crime area based on police stats for robberies. Any guess what the predominant racial makeup of the area was? I wonder, when will these high visibility blacks realize that they are the ones who do the most for reinforcing the idea that all blacks are violent criminal thugs?

  22. How can this be racist if it only goes by crime facts alone? A computer doesn’t know who lives there.

    • It’s kinda like someone calling, “Hey stupid!” and someone answering.

      I think just about everyone knows the truth…most are too indoctrinated/chicken to admit it.

  23. 79Firebirdman says:

    If you’re white and travelling in an unfamiliar town and suddenly find yourself on Martin Luther King Blvd, TURN AROUND. Don’t even think about it, just do it, do a U turn, get outta there ’cause you’re about to die. And it’s really easy to spot. When you cross an invisible boundary line and suddenly all the houses are falling down from neglect and Cadillacs are parked all over, you just found it.

    • Old cadillacs. With prostitutes plying their trade in the back seat. To the sound of the tom-toms on a hot summer night.

  24. I remember one time my family was driving through Detroit, when I was a teenager (back in the 80s)…my dad pointed out this well-dressed black dude and said, “That’s a pimp.” LOL

    He also said that while driving through the bad parts of Detroit (relatively speaking), do not stop at stop signs if kids are out playing–they’ll carjack you, break your windows, etc.

  25. This is why every one needs to carry some form of weapon. We have the right to bear arms and more of us need to.

  26. white devil says:

    the reporters in norfolk ,va could of used this and
    i’am not kidding! at least it was not like the knoxville horror! terrible!