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  1. Dude,

    The new site is user-friendlier and “smarter” looking. However, its major “hot buttton” tab categories (Islam, Tea Party, et al.)are deficient without an “Affirmative Action” tab, OR SOME OTHER APTLY NAMED TAB which addresses anti-white bias.

    Just as “Islam” and “Tea Party” are vital issues, so is the present hostility towards WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)culture. Your site needs to address this issue in a big way. Coverage of this issue is vital, for without it, the AWD site will be lacking in scope and won’t be very dynamic.
    All the best, A Regular Reader

  2. RedStaterNYC says:

    I’m diggin’ the new look! …Except for the logo. It’s effing gay!

    • Red…I’m lovin’ the logo look…Job well done!!

      Now friend, I just posted my first blog post here, do we, or do we not need to bother with putting tags at the bottom of blog post or not?

      I notice mine aren’t there…I’m assuming they aren’t supposed to be anymore. ~

      Thanks for any info friend, as I know you’re computer savvy and up-to-date on all of this.

  3. Great new look. I’m looking forward to the Dudette fashion page. Yowza!!

    And it IS user friendly, if you’re not a retard or something.

  4. Queen Mooch on another vacation.


    She pisses me off more than her dolt of a husband. Skiing at ‘Buttermilk’ huh?

    “I will PT you until your asses are sucking buttermilk.”

    Gunnery Sargent ‘Hartman.’

  5. RedStaterNYC says:

    The Bad Guys: The Liberal Establishment
    Political Organs
    – Governnment & Courts
    – Holder’s DOJ
    – DHS

    Propaganda Organs
    – Public Schools & Academia (“Higher Indoctrination”)
    – Journalism & News Media
    – Entertainment & Ad Media

    Pawns / Brownshirts
    – ACORN & Systemic Voter Fraud
    – Big Labor & PEUs
    – Occupy and Poopers
    – Race hustlers

    Stratagem #1: Electing a New People
    – Illegal Immigration
    – BRA / Negrophilia
    – “Diversity”
    – White-/ASP-bashing
    – Islamophilia
    – Christian-bashing
    – Gay & Feminazi agenda
    – Male-bashing

    Stratagem #2: Libtardify the Military
    – Restrictive ROEs
    – DADT / Gay Agenda
    – Diversity Mandates (blacks, Muslims)
    – Demoralization (demonizing via trumped-up “scandals”, mission: impossible “nation building”, etc.)
    – “White, religious, middle-America vets as most likely terrorists…”

    Stratagem #3: NWO
    – “Global Warming”
    – United Nations
    – Global tax
    – Fed/IMF/WTO/World Bank

    The Good Guys: Patriots
    – The T.E.A. Party
    – Oath Keepers
    – Conservative Politicians & Judges
    – Private Sector
    – Working Stiffs
    – Military, First Responders
    – “Good” Religion
    – Blog Roll & Resources

    – Libtard of the Week
    – CINO of the Week
    – Dude of the Week
    – Male Bashing Commercials Hall of Shame
    – Music that Doesn’t Suck

  6. Meanwhile, in the land of absurdities;


    Stupid is, as stupid does.

  7. I say, bring it on. They have no idea, it’s all theater to them.


    2012 will be the year.

  8. AWD I want Rosie back! That picture of the hairy little monkey post water-boarding was my one guaranteed laugh of the day.

  9. Question of the Day category?

  10. So long as you keep it Angry, I’m cool with it.

  11. This goat roper likes it

  12. This Patriot likes the new design. Kudos to all who made it happen!

  13. Very nice! Not gay at all, forget those h8rs! They are angry that they don’t have such a way cool site.

  14. Nice upgrade, but will our Angry Imam be able to adapt to the 21st century changes.

  15. Fed Up Texan says:

    The new website is cool. I still get lost, looking for stuff, but I will figure it out. lots of room to write dumb stuff that I think up.

  16. @Swamp Music who said “She pisses me off more than her dolt of a husband…”
    Same sentiments here, brother. I get livid whenever I read or hear about the $1MM dollar vacations she continually takes in this tanked economy that her pet spider monkey has caused.

    • ‘Pet spider monkey,’ thats funny right there, I don’t care who you are. That photo of her on another thread, with her walking up the stairs with those two other lovelies, makes her look like the cleaning woman or something. Her backside needs it’s own zip code.

  17. Looks just like WorldNet Daily AWD…

  18. It will take me some time to get use to the new look, nevertheless AWD your opinions and columns are still riveting!

  19. Sorry, I do not like the small print. Hard for me to read, even when trying to squint.
    And no way I can enlarge it.
    Your old site and background color was much better for me.

  20. AWD, I’ll take some time getting used to it but I’m sure it will be better.
    I’m just not as computer literate as you dudes and dudettes are, ha.

    • tazz…

      I’m not computer savvy either…I have to learn more and more everyday..hopefully someday some of it will sink in!

      If I didn’t have help from others, I’d still be lost. ~

  21. Wow…I’m lovin’ the tweaking that’s still being done here just today. Job well done to whoever is doing this!

    Btw…Love the picture of the target and how ‘angry white dude’ is centered over it.

  22. KennakaKeeper says:

    I’m still roaming around getting my feet wet with the changes made…..I do miss some of the other format but with a little patience on my part the voices in my head say I’ll be liking what you are doing……

  23. …whoa…thought I entered an alternate dimension..

    looks a lot better though…kudos.

  24. Excellent! Congratulations to all involved. It is exactly what was needed, and it is extremely well done. You seem to have addressed all the things I had found frustrating about your site.

    Good job on the logo, Red. Having spent most of my life in and around advertising, I know a thing or two about design – and logos are way harder to design than people think they. They are like great ideas – obvious once someone else comes up with it!

    I have been on the road for a few days and this was the first time I’ve been here in a while. Quite the surprise.

    • Timbo, thanks. We’re still getting it all dialed in but it’s a start. We needed to upgrade for a while.


      • AWD….

        First thing I noticed this morning when I clicked to the site was the improvements added to the banner, the categories being defined much better improved at the top in my opinion…and this was before I had even scrolled down further and saw the Question of the Day thing…plus all the rest of how this is being laid out.

        Kudos to all the work you and your team are doing here, looking good in my opinion.

        Thanks for all you do ~ It will take time for us all to get used to it, and learn how to navigate here, but it’s been fun doing so.

        • Big, thank Redstater! He sat up all night making the changes because he knows how to do that sh*t. All AWD knows how to do is piss off liberals. Oh, and be a movie star.


          • AWD…

            No problem…I will do that when it comes to the great Redster!

            I’m wondering if he can go behind the curtain and plug me into FB since I don’t understand all that jazz. I see where it’s not connected to me since I have a deactivated account…but that’s about all I understand. ~

  25. I like the new site, but am still getting used to it.

    I definately think you need to have an on-going “open post” area,

    I always have some important stuff I would like to post, that is off topic