Is there anything Democrats won’t screw? JFK screwed interns and movie stars. Bubba Clintoon, interns and trailer trash. Obama? America and our allies. I would say that Democrats have shown for generations that they have the morals of a drunk Mezcan but I hate to insult drunk Mezcans! In the case of Bubba Clintoon and his skanks, I’m pretty sure there are some that not even a drunk Mezcan would do! Hillary is definitely included in that number!

This week, a 69 year old womern has released a book outlining her affair with John F. Kennedy when she was only 19 years old. She had been a White House intern for only 4 days before Kennedy educated her on his ideas of the penal system. She was a child and had a grown, powerful man force himself on her. Worse than that, Kennedy made her perform sex acts on others while he watched. Dayum, what a prevert! And there are also rumors that JFK had seen a big one up close a time or two!

It’s rumored JFK had six other mistresses as well as his wife Jackie. Just when did that sumbitch have time to be President?

Here’s an excerpt from the book she has written:

I am Mimi Alford, and I do not regret what I did. I was young and I was swept away, and I cannot change that fact. It’s been almost 10 years since my secret was revealed to the world, and I’ve spent a lot of time in the intervening years thinking about this tender episode of my life, and how to express my feelings about it, or even if I should. I don’t have such doubts anymore. Until that day in May, there had been an emptiness inside me that I didn’t know how to fill. But since then, the happiness and contentment I have come to know as Mimi Alford have freed me — and taught me the importance of taking control of my story.

Mickey Spillane, it ain’t! But yet another child caught up with a immoral leader with zero morals! She didn’t mention anything about cigars. But we know JFK stocked up on Cuban cigars before imposing a ban on them. Mimi doesn’t regret what she did…cheating on a married man with children. Yep, perfect DemonRat.

Here’s JFK sharing some of his “reel in the biscuit” techniques with a young protege:



I must say I’m not surprised at all with this story. We already knew JFK ran around chasing bootay like Hillary Clinton chasing wars with Middle East dictators. But sex with a 19 year old child? Marilyn Monroe is one thing….a child is another! I’m telling you…Democrat Presidents get more boo-tay than tv preachers! And they will screw anything they can screw! Unfortunately, JFK sounds a lot like Newt!

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  1. Bill Clintoons hero.

    Msm knew then, kills them it’s coming out now.

    Tingles on Suicide Watch.

  2. Art Vandelay says:

    A 19 year old isn’t a child, but no dispute that Kennedy was a horndog. The MSM covered it up back in the 1960’s. If only Obama were just screwing interns! He’s screwing all of us! He’s a dyed in the wool Marxist, but the MSM did nothing to unconver his radical leanings in 2008, and are still covering it up in 2012. It was one thing to cover up marital infidelity; its something else entirely to cover up Obama’s hate for everything that makes America great. (Well, we were great once. Now we’re in a decline that may be irreversible.)

    • Art, to a 35+ year old man, a 19 year old is a child.


      • AWD
        While working at Kennesaw collage a while back I stop at a gas station one evening and was approached by a 19-20 yr old young lady, very pretty too, she said sir could you help me with my car, while I was fixing the battery she told me she recognized me from the job site, and that most of the girls avoided the area where most of the guys ate lunch but they would walk around to where I sat in my truck cause they all figured I was safe cause I didn’t leer at them, kinda made me feel old.

        • OT;Steve you worked at Kenn State doing Const? Man I dropped many a yard of concrete on that site, I live in Acworth,seriously we need to link up and have an AWD BEER SUMMIT or sweet tea /Diet Coke something or other. Geez hope that didn’t sound ghey.

          • Dirty Al
            I was assistant super for Capital construction on the new student center back in 1998-99, did a lot of work at Lockeed and Dobbins, done a lot of school work for yrs, bridge construction and waste water plants in the Atlanta area, Bar b que and iced tea summit sounds good, Hope you haveing better luck with job situation than I am, I’m one of those that has given up.

          • Hey Steve, Bro I’m sure I dropped many a rock for you. I drove for Thomas. Had to give it up due to my CAD.It got to the point I couldn’t pass the DOT physical, plus my employeer was messing with me after my Bypass.
            I went to work for a security co. Security was always my fall-back job. Steve I’m sorry to hear that, I might could help you out. Your prior Military right? As far as the summit lets do it. Unfortunitely my days off are Tues and wed.
            AWD if your reading this you have my permission to pass along my e-mail address to Steve and Bigtimer. Anyway I gotta get to bed. Talk some more later.

      • AWD…

        What AV stated was the first thing that came to my mind too.

        As a gal, and a 19 year old woman once…she had the capacity to say not only NO, but Hell No.

        I wasn’t a child then…and I haven’t changed my mind since.

        As far as men at whatever age doing what they do and think what they think…that has nothing to do with thinking a 19 year old as a child…just my humble opinion.

        Don’t get me wrong about Kennedy…but heck, this is old news about him…just glad it’s rubbing the libs the wrong way now type of thing.

  3. Hippie Ripper says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t care a thing about JFK and his shenanigans anymore ?!? 🙂

    • No. 😉

      I’m just glad it’s rubbed Tingles the wrong way after his glowing book he just wrote and tries his best to promote about JFK came out.

      Talk about ‘priceless’…it’s been fun watching him squirm.

      • Ditto! I tend to enjoy anything that irritates libtards. And what better way to do that than to expose one of their highest demigods as the twisted little all-too-human pervert that he was?

  4. just adding to the GLORIOUS Kennedy family legacy,

    Massachusetts sure can raise some quality people, Kennedy’s, bawny fwank, Dodd, John “lurch” Kerry

  5. I don’t believe the story, it sounds like a teenage girl fantasy written out.

    Oh yes, and she comforted him when his infant son died. Yeah right. Fantasy.

    And why wait 50 years….until everyone who knows the truth is dead before you publish?

    Nope, never happened.

    • You evidently haven’t read many books about JFK have you? From both sides of the aisle.

      I suppose you think someone like Judith Exner was making stuff up too…or MM, or his real first wife…I could go on and on.


      At this late time of night, this all I’m going to look for regarding Dorie…but believe me…this isn’t knew news…it’s been out there. The msm has covered up for this man forever and a day. I’ve been reading about him since I before I reached my teens…so it’s been a long time.

      Get a grip…this guy was a pathetic whoring bastid.

    • RedStaterNYC says:

      From the far-right-wingnut-conservative publication (that’s sarcasm, in case it’s not evident) “The New Republic”:

      “The likelihood that Alford is making this story up is extremely remote. She didn’t come forward on her own. She was outed, partially in a 2003 Robert Dallek biography, and then by name by the Daily News, as “JFK’s Monica,” because when she began her affair she was a White House intern and a 19 year-old rising sophomore at Wheaton College. (In the book Alford reveals that Sally Bedell Smith was actually the first journalist to contact her–by phone, about a year before the Dallek book came out–and that she declined to speak to her then.)”


  6. With this story coming out, Biden must feel shortchanged. Everybody got some action and he spent on hair plugs.

  7. AWD is right-on about Newt! HA!

    • Brooke…

      Ditto that!

      Btw…there are and have been other people from the past murmuring about Newtie and his past with some interns himself…if he happens to gain again in the primary race, you can be sure some of this will rise to the surface too.

      Methinks many are holding their cards close to their vests for now.

      • Speaking of which….B1 Bob Dornan is on with Chris Plante via talk radio at CPAC saying exactly what I’ve just written above…he knows, he served with Newt…and B1 Bob has no reason to lie…he never has, and never will.

  8. This is what liberals do best as far as their political incumbents are concerned, they raise them to the altar of hero worship irrespective of whether or not they accomplished something monumental.

    JFK and the rest of the Kennedy clan have been held up as perennial “friends of blacks” to this very day, yet many of King’s private conversations were being wired tapped through the insistence of Bobby Kennedy.

    JFK forever represented what the liberals personified as the eternal, “dignified” politician of whom all future politicians of both parties should model themselves after.

    Never mind the fact that he engaged in adultery or was a serial flirt with his pretty young interns.

    Or the fact the he set the initial stage of producing future political CINO’s (Catholics In Name Only) in office such as Joseph Biden, Nancy pelosi, Charles Rangel, Andrew Cuomo, Kathleen Sebelius and many more who have helped to support the legalization of abortion, gay marriage and other Democrat oriented policies which go against the church!

    The liberal Democrats are still modeling their politicians after JFK and we’ve witnessed this through the presidencies of Billy “The Cool” Clintoon and the ascendancy of the “divine One”… Hussein-Hope-Change’!

    • Amen, Renee. I always like this little quote of Coulter’s, and though I’ve dumped it on this site numerous times, it seems apropos–so I’ll do it ag’in!

      “Teddy Kennedy crawls out of Boston Harbor with a quart of Scotch in one pocket and a pair of pantyhose in the other, and Democrats hail him as their party’s spiritual leader.”

  9. Kennesaw and Dobbins : I spent most of my “long” military career at Dobbins (six months active, Air Force Reserve). I also went to school at the U. of Georgia Marietta Extension. Most seem not to know about that place, which had classes on the Southern Tech campus, also at an elementary school nearby. Back then you could just sign up and start classes, unlike the main campus. Kennesaw has the ideal gun laws. Time zips by…The Kennedys (a bunch of empty suits) OVERRATED! got a nice coverup from the medialeft, didn’t they. I never liked any of them. What else are they holding back from us? Just think – stealing the election cost Kennedy his life. No one would shoot a losing candidate for president. Thompson Bros. Barbeque on Cobb Parkway is very good. They used to call it the 4-lane highway – no I-75 when I was there. Remember Dr. Larry McDonald, a great American… Renee is a sharp analyst, very savvy and could be a fine columnist. Great work, Renee! and the rest of you fine folks writing on AWD.

  10. Enoch Powell says:

    The Kennedy family is essentially demon spawn. The patriarch, Joseph P., had all the instincts of a street criminal. He was a liar, a thief, a rapist and a fascist. Of course he loved that reprobate FDR. There are stories all over that Joseph P. used to hit on his sons’ girlfriends when they would bring them over to meet the parents. The sons acted like the deadly enemies of their own country. Ted alone did more damage to the U.S. with his 1965 immigration bill than any number of enemies. With that one bill we have been inundated with a hostile invasion of third-world savages and there is no end in sight. The Kennedys are irresponsible, immoral, overgrown adolescents. So of course they are the gods of libtards everywhere.

  11. Classy, real classy. JFK obviously had a ton of respect for women.

  12. They always brag about how he backed down the Soviet Union during the Cuban missile crisis.It was Kennedy that caused it in the first place when he promised a bunch of Cuban exiles that we would help them with the overthrow of Castro and then abandoned them.This is another example of the mob and the unions getting the democrat party in office.

  13. Guy Hontz
    Isn’t the main reason the Russians put missiles in Cuba is because the U.S. had them in Turkey? and the agreement was for Russia to remove theirs and we removed ours.

  14. Yes, But the bay of pigs also gave them the excuse to put those missiles in Cuba.JFK.was a real war hero,he just wasn’t all that great of a president.

  15. From the first time I saw JFK when he debated Nixon on TV, I couldn’t stand him.

    I was only about 15 yo at the time but have not changed my mind since and I also despise all the rest of the Kennedy clan.

    When JFK and his ChicagoHo pals stole the election, the herd mentality mob of morons elevated him to divinity,….it was gut wrenchingly sickening to hear the MSM morons fawning and slobbering over him.
    Doesen’t it ring a bell that today we have the same garbage going on with their new messiah, the “anointed one”?

    Sickening how herd mentality carries on in this ideology of morons.

  16. Ya’ll think maybe some girls father shot Kennedy do you?

  17. JFK is not news. This is.


    Get that feeling someone is watching?

    Hey Bis Sis, shove it where the sun don’t shine. Oh wait, you would like that wouldn’t you? If it was a womens basketball coach doing the shoving.

  18. Kennedy and his cronies were an arrogant bunch.