I don’t like what’s happening in America with Hussein and Moochelle at 1600 Pennsylvania. Every day, it seems I’m living out 1984 more! And I don’t mean 1984 with neon clothing, mullet hairdos, new wave music and parachute pants…I’m talking Orwell’s 1984. It’s getting pretty damn scary!

We hear that Obama’s band of merry communists wants to impose a minimum world tax (what the!!). Then we hear Obama wants to get rid of the Second Amendment (as if!) if re-elected. We see Obama trampling the Constitution with executive orders and recess appointments to circumvent Congress. And we have Obama’s broad-assed wife trying to control everything I shove down my pie-hole! Now why would anyone listen to that bufforilla when it comes to healthy eating? And why would I even care what she or anyone else thinks? Especially when it comes to what I want to eat! And especially when the one running her trap has an ass like a water buffalo?

Yeah, guess which one of these is worried about what YOU’RE eating?

In their Chicago thug, extortionist ways, Moochelle and Hussein have been extorting fast food companies and restaurants to play along with converting the food that people actually want into crap the Obamas want to force their customers to eat. Here’s what happened in North Carolina recently with a pre-kindergarten child:

The mother, who doesn’t wish to be identified at this time, says she made her daughter a lunch that contained a turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, apple juice and potato chips. A state inspector assessing the pre-K program at the school said the girl also needed a vegetable, so the inspector ordered a full school lunch tray for her. While the four-year-old was still allowed to eat her home lunch, the girl was forced to take a helping of chicken nuggets, milk, a fruit and a vegetable to supplement her sack lunch.

I don’t remember pre-kindergarten classes. Who are the students? Sperm? Anyway, this is the total non-sense we are now experiencing as the Food Nazis under Der Fooder Michelle Obama take over our lives! The young kid was so traumatized by the Food Nazi that she only ate the chicken nuggets….still didn’t eat a vegetable! The child’s grandmother was quoted as asking “this isn’t China, is it?” Well, not yet. That comes with a second Obama term.

I’m sick to death of government imposing on me the will of people I consider morons and enemies! I will work diligently to ensure they return to their corrupt home in Chicago and return to extorting money out of corporations and banks. They are at their thugs at their core and will do anything…even destroy America…to accomplish their goals. Of course, it’s pretty obvious by now that destroying America IS their mission!

They may take my life but they will NEVER take my fried chicken!

And, of course, who can forget Pizza Day in the school cafeteria? Well, the Aquabats can’t either! Here’s a schoolkid’s video to the song “Pizza Day” from the ska band Aquabats!

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  1. Fed Up Texan says:

    That cockroach wife of the nazi in the white house can go to hell. I will eat as I please, when I please. I don’t need a fat ass bitch telling me anything.

  2. Food Nazi’s!

    Heard about this on Rush, read about it earlier this morning too elsewhere…nothing new, we’re just supposed to move on, do as told. ~

    Nov. can’t get here soon enough!

  3. Left to right

    Size 6, size 6, size 14 [plump]

    What a moose!

  4. With the exception of “Pizza Fridays”, when kids (myself included)literally ran each other over to drool in line to get their pubescent hands on those hot square-shaped pieces of pizza (I still dream of them) with the special mystery meat and tomato paste (yum), my Mama made me PBJ’s for lunch.

    Well, those PBJ’s were no doubt responsible for my becoming a 3-time state track champion. The potato chips and bananas, too. And to this very day, gray hair and all (never mind what the “all” entails), I STILL enjoy PBJ’s!

    I swear, Mooch has become the uh, BIGGEST embarrassment to America!

  5. Bloodless Coup says:

    Off Topic But Worth Sharing

    Eric Allen Bell an independant film maker and former contributor to The Daily Kos awakens to the truth about Radical Islam and pays a high price for telling the inconvienant truth.

    Watch Video Here


  6. Damn, I just cant seem to see enough of that pic of the three first ladies of France, Spain and Kenya

    the two on the left have a way of turning me on like nothing else, then I scan over to Aunt Jemima, and I am back to reality….

  7. Look at the way it walks too. You’ve got pure class on the left and in the middle, and you’ve got a gorilla stomp on the right.


  8. Speaking of Chicago dictators, anyone see this?

  9. Being raised on a small farm that used mules to plow with I wonder if you were behind mooshel and hollered gee (right) Haw (left) if she would respond accordingly.

    • ga steve… I can identify with that. When I was about 6 walking in the furrow behind my dad when he turned up a piece of cast iron. He said “Son, that’s a part of a Dixie Plow.” That’s a part of history for another time.

  10. Why is anyone surprised by this story? If Americans are such cowards that they would welcome blue shirted goons to leer at naked pictures of their wives and children and have their own genital grabbed why would this bother them? I mean really, perhaps the tike was al’kida after all. The obvious solution to this dilemma is to post TSA goons at all pre-k schools. If we can prevent just one child from eating an unsafe lunch it will be worth it.

  11. Art Vandelay says:

    Chewbacca as our Food Nazi in Chief is the tip of the iceberg. Wait until you see what Hussein Obama has planned for his second term.

    For all of those not planning to vote if Romney/Gingrich/Santorum/Paul or whoever they dont like is the nominee, think about how bad the regime will be after getting re-elected. We need to get rid of this tyrant in November. Replace him with anyone, as far as I’m concerned.

  12. They can’t read. They can’t teach. They’re obese. But they can be “cafeteria monitors”. Who says there are no good jobs anymore?

  13. Here’s some more words of wisdom from Aunt Esther ~


    He’s got a ‘mark’ alright..but it sure as hell isn’t as a ‘leader’ in this country.

    I’ll be so glad when these two are gone.

  14. JB5

    “Gorilla Stomp”!

    I can’t f**king stop laughing!

  15. Just Another Random Thought says:

    So how much is too much? I’ve had it. Here I am FORCED to pay taxes that are used for agendas that I am wholeheartedly against. While almost half the nation pays no taxes, and demands services that I disagree with. So I am obligated to pay for some bum to receive an abortion, or to pay for their health from using dirty needles or whatever? The governemnt does ABSOLUTELY ZERO “for” me. Yet they do plenty “TO” me. Vice versa for almost half of the population? I believe this is wrong. I’ve written and called and cannot even find one person to say “Yes, we see how you are treated and disagree with it”.
    My property is not in Florida or the United States. It is mine. Bought and paid for. Now there may be some Florida and maybe even some USA if you consider the roads.
    As far as I am concerned almost every politician has broken their end of the contract to improve and fix My country, My state, or MY property. Taxation without representation! I am not represented! If someone were to represent me, then there would be a lot of difference. Almost none of our current politicians have the spine to stand up in front of the country for what they believe in.
    How long can this go on before there is some type of revolution? Political or physical.
    Sure, we may be more free than some (if not most) other countries, but that does not mean we have FREEDOM!
    What will be “The Second Shot Heard ‘Round The World?”

    • Just Another Random Thought says:

      And while I’m ranting…
      Yes I am selfish, greedy or whatever you want to call me.I place my life and that of my family/friends above anyone else. Period. Some people have some sad stories, some are true, most are not. But, that does not concern me! I don’t care if you lost you’re job and have 7 kids and can’t afford a place to stay or food to eat. I should not be FORCED to help you.
      Now, that being said, I am one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. I will allow myself some suffering to help another suffer less, if I possibly can. But with the threat that I HAVE to help or else, I only smile and say “Bring it on”. I should not and will not be punished for my beliefs. Nor for others failures!

  16. JART,I hate to say this but I don’t think this crap is going to stop until we start shooting them in the head.

    • Just Another Random Thought says:

      Well I was taught not to start a fight, but if it comes down to it, stand up for urself, and fight to win. When (not if) the time comes, I have no worries. When it happens, failure will not be an option. Either I (We) prevail or I will not be around to see the chaos!


    Time for Obamas entire presidency to be declared unconstitutional and illegal and have him banished from america forever

  18. Tim and JART:

    If Obamamao isn’t gone come next January, then the reason the Second Amendment exists will become very clear to a whole lot of folks.

  19. This is off topic but the most important thing all of us can do is work to ensure that the Republcans control both houses of Congress. That way, even if the Turd-in-Chief is reelected his “fundamental transformation” of America can be shut down.

    • Just Another Random Thought says:

      But that is assuming that the president would use the usual channels for his transformation. Nothing he has done has led me to believe that he wouldn’t issue an “Executive order” or use back room deals to complete his agenda.
      Also theoretically, with republicans in control of one house, it should be enough to block bad policy, even if it can’t promote good policy (no policy would be the best in my opinion). Yet they seem unable to even do that. Its not the R or the D by their name, its the fact that they are a politician at heart.

  20. What else can you expect from the Obamas’s?

    Mentally, both behave as though they were self appointed European monarchs from the 16th century!

    Moochelle is diligently going out of her way to plant undercover food police all over a number of public schools, where they are harassing a number of innocent children who have the luxury of having a healthy school lunch prepared for them by their dedicated mothers!

    Just this morning Fox & Friends commented on an outrageous story relating to a young girl who had her healthy lunch confiscated by one of Moochelle’s undercover communist food police!

    The poor little girl was abruptly directed towards the school lunch counter where her healthy turkey sandwich and side fruits were substituted in favor of chicken nuggets!

    Welcome to Obamaville!

  21. JART:

    If he tries that kind of backhanded B.S., millions of freedom loving Americans are going to come out of the woodwork. They’re out there, quietly watching, biding their time. In the meantime, every establishment RINO needs to be replaced with true conservatives who will follow the Constitution to the letter.

  22. I just asked one of my Buds who is currently serving in AFG what he was offered for lunch today. I wondered if his government supplied meal was USDA approved and if he received his daily requirement of veggies and fruit. Why aren’t the soup nazis deploying to the front lines to provide proper health and wellness like they did in that elementary school?

  23. I’d bet the squatch would love my vegetable. Habanero peppers with a side of Dragons, for a full burn to go with the fried chichen and a Coke.

    Back in the first few years of school, we would run like our lives depended on it, in order to be first in line for the “best” candy bars. Vegetables? Yea, right.

  24. honkymomf@@@@@ says:


    Michelle is really the pinnacle all first ladies should strive to be. Just because the only exercise your fat, honkey-ass can get is chicken bone to mouth doesn’t mean the rest of the country wants or even needs to be that way.

    F@@@ off, honkies. Give this lady some respect you pale shits.