I believe most Americans have had a gut full of Muslims and their Koran. Those people are just wound too tight for our liking. No sense of humor at all. And always wanting to kill or annihilate somebody or something! And then rioting every time somebody slights them or their goofy religion….which is always! No sense of style, not groovy, let’s face it…Muslims are a drag. It’s no wonder Islam has never done a damn thing for the world! They’re too busy destroying what everybody else has worked hard to build! All that hate they carry around makes them un-funky. And AWD has always said I would hate to be thinking on my death bed, “I wish I had been a little more funky!”

Since Angry White Dude is a dude of tolerance and fully embraces diversity, I thought I’d share with you a hidden scripture that has been uncovered by the AWD Archeological Society on our recent charity trip to Iran. It was supposed to be in the original Koran but those camel-humpers were too busy raping, stoning and beheading to get all the verses included! It was supposed to be in the Book of Duda-al Sexy:

“Verily I say unto you, a Muslim full of wrath will harsh Allah’s mellow;
and wrathful behavior will not be considered groovy. Anger will be judged
as being uptight, which is unhip, and that, Allah cannot dig.”

Now that Muslims have seen the missing verse to the Koran, they can settle the @#*& down so Hussein Hopenchange can pull his drawers up and let go of his ankles. Maybe those savage goat-humpers can go out honky-tonkin’, take in a show, do some flippy-floppy with the wife (or goat) of their choice. Hell, those fuzzy varmints over in Afghanistan can just eat a handful of opium they grow over there! Party like it’s the 8th century! At least that’s what AWD recommends for those backwards-assed savages!

So since we’ve all been preoccupied with Muslims, here’s a Caption This photo you might have some fun with:

The Big Sexy’s chart topper is:

“Hey, who’s the new babe in town?”

Ya see, they really can’t tell who the girl is because of the bur….uh, nevermind. Well then, see if YOU can do better, Mister Funny Guy!

Here’s another:

Here goes:

“Living in the same bat cave since the 7th century and using Muslim technology for the Bat Car!”

See what you come up with. And here’s one more from Afghanistan:

“All we are saying, is give peace a chance”
For tonight’s Music That Doesn’t Suck, I’m going to play an oldie but goodie that popped up on ye olde iPod Friday. I had forgotten how great this song is. And since it’s about getting laid…something the Muslims need is a bad way…it’s perfect for tonight’s MTDS! Here’s the great Meatloaf with one of the all-time great rock songs…and one AWD has performed karaoke more times than I care to remember with various fillies across the USA….it’s “Paradise By The Dashboard Light.” If you’ve never listened to this song about parking and all the rest with your best girl, I suggest you stay tuned until the end to see what happens! Warning to all you Muslim savages, the skinny one with breasts in the video is what is known as a woman. I know those burqas have you all confused!

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  1. Picture #1 Psst Fatima, did I get lipstick on my teeth?

    Picture #2 And now I shall attempt to base jump from a minaret during morning prayers

    Picture #3 Look everyone! I can fit a Koran in my mouth.

    • I was going to try and caption those but darn it all….I don’t think I can beat yours!!

      I had a good belly laugh!!! Thanks!

      AWD….love your site!

  2. Picture No. 1:

    I caught my husband fooling around with someone else, but he insists it isn’t serious because he plans on cooking that goat for dinner next week.

  3. Simply Hideous!

  4. Just found a good comment at another site. Post was about Jesse Jackson splainin how Obama should be proud to be known as the food stamp prez.

    “Isn’t It Ironic?
    The food stamp program, part of the Department of Agriculture, is pleased to be distributing the greatest amount of food stamps ever.

    Meanwhile, the Park Service, also part of the Department of Agriculture, asks us to “Please Do Not Feed the Animals” because the animals may grow dependent and not learn to take care of themselves.”

  5. Top pic:

    “See, her burka is glossy black. Pincus f&%#@d us.”

    Bottom pic:

    “Praise be to Allah, AWD site much improved! LiLiLiLiLiLi. Off with his head!”

  6. Here’s a continuation from the ‘Write an Apology’ blog post…it has to do with a link I put here yesterday on that thread.


  7. Shh…don’t tell the msm about this!


    After-all, if they knew…they would surely report this…wouldn’t they?

    Btw…this is from Gallup.

  8. Does this burqua make me look fat?

  9. wow, did you guys see that chick’s eyebrows!!!!

  10. Check this out…this is from one of Soros’ Number One Main Man!


    Anyone think msDNC is going to report on this…eh?

  11. Oh great…Bob Kerry has changed his mind and is going to run for Senate in Nebraska…I pray this guy loses, big time!


  12. Bloodless Coup says:

    Possible Caption…
    “This is a stick up my fellow Burkafied bitches. Just be sure to give the cops a real good description of me after I leave with all your money. Yes, my eyes are brown, but so are yours, what’s more that can easily be changed with these new contact lenses. Just remember when you give my description to the police that profiling is both evil and racist. Best of luck tent ladies.”

  13. “That Babe in the Batman Burqua is a real funky monkey”, said Ahmed to his goat. And now his poor goat is going to have to pay for it big time, ‘cuz massa wants some meat on the hoof RIGHT NOW after being turned on by that funky monkey!

  14. First picture; ‘Did you just touch my ass?’

    Second picture; ‘Thats it Boy Wonder, right there.’

    Third picture; I stare at that picture, and the only thing that comes to mind is, the intro music from the Twilight Zone. Or, ‘Dawn of the Dead’ was on last night, you know, the one with Ving Rhames and some other actors.

    Yeah, it’s a Government infomercial. ‘Zombie Preparedness.’

    What you should know in case Zombies attack.

    Music that doesn’t suck…


  15. That girl with the apology to Karzai should be dudette of the week- how about it ??