It’s always the same old tune with libtards when it comes to economic policy. Raise taxes on producers and drastically cut everything to the military! Oh, and shower money on corrupt labor unions! Based on the agreement made in the Super (stupid) Committee, if the anti-American DemonRats and the wussypants Republicans on the Committee couldn’t reach agreement, defense would be forced to make 50% of the budget reductions while making up only 20% of the budget. Can defense spending be trimmed back? Most certainly. But should defense bear 50% of the budget cut pain on the backs of the soldiers and their families? Huh! Only a DemonRat would come up with something so despicable!

Obama has insulted our soldiers by apologizing to our terrorist enemies as well as tying the hands of our soldiers to fight the war. He further sticks his knife into the backs of our fighting men and women with this healthcare reduction. Under Obama’s plan, healthcare would increase for US military personnel by 345% over 5 years! Oh, but Obama is pleased to announce that unionized defense workers would see no increase in premiums! The only thing that’s increased 345% over 5 years is travel expenses for the First Lady!

American soldiers are woefully underpaid as it is! Reasonable health care has been a major recruitment and retaining tool for servicemen over the years. Now Obama, in addition to cutting defense funding, seeks to screw over those who risk their lives in defense of our country.

If it has not been clear under DemonRat presidents like Carter and Clinton, it is obvious now! Libtards hate the military! Always have and always will. They seek to weaken America through their socialist economic schemes and by destroying our defenses. There are military families that depend on the current military health care plans. Increasing their costs is not the way America should exercise fiscal responsibility! AWD can think of a few million other government programs that should go away permanently before touching anything to do with the military cuts!

Obama has billions to give to his green-energy weenie buddies, hundreds of millions to give rebuilding @#&* mosques in the Middle East, and gazillions to spend on his wife’s next vacation….America can afford to not penalize our military any further. We’ve already sacrificed thousands by asking them to fight several worthless wars that we wouldn’t let them win!

Obama’s health care plan for the military makes me sick! Just as the not-half-a-man himself!

Here’s more on the story.

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    I’ll vote for a dead fish, road kill, a god damn stinking turd in order to get rid of this Marxist Bastard Obongo.

    I want to grab Obongo by the scruff of the neck and fling him over the white house fence so damn hard he will slam down and leave his imprint in the concrete pavement outside the the white house gate…with a message….”GET OUT AND DON’T DOME BACK”

  2. Read about this yesterday…all I can say is O’s disdain for the military etc speaks volumes.

    True Colors Come Shining thru!

  3. Obummer Hater says:

    Its time to drag this no good son of a bitch out of the white house…..I am sick of seeing him destroy this once great country…..My blood is boiling

  4. Ah the thanks of a grateful Govt,not so much. Keep effn us Zero, you may just get you a “Starship Troopers” moment.

  5. Nothing this P.O.S. does anymore surprises me. Something needs to be done this election cycle to make sure every ballot of every service member stationed overseas is counted.

  6. Hell, he can’t even pronounce “Navy Corpsman” !! Have you forgotten Navy “Corpse Man”.

  7. Gitmo Detainees Get $750,000 Soccer Field

    From Fox News:

    Guantanamo detainees get new $750G soccer field

    By Catherine Herridge
    February 28, 2012

    At a time of record deficits, a new soccer field for detainees at Camp 6 in Guantanamo Bay is just getting the finishing touches — at a cost of $750,000 to taxpayers…

    When we were kids we would have killed to have such a fancy field. Come to think of it, that’s what they did.

    The project began in April 2011 and is due to finish this spring. The detainees will now have three recreation facilities at Camp 6, which is home to “highly compliant” detainees who live in a communal setting.

    Just in time for ‘Arab Spring Training.’

    In addition to an indoor recreation field and the existing outdoor recreation field, the new soccer field — selected because it is such a popular sport with detainees — is half the size of an American football field.

    The new field has been specially constructed so that the detainees “have maximum access” — about 20 hours a day. Special passageways allow the detainees to pass into the new recreation yard without being escorted by the military…

    Have they tried ‘Midnight Basketball’?

  8. Now we have confirmation that OSlimeball has no regard for the military when it comes to his his desire to remain in the White House:

    He sold out our military and their dependents in return for receiving tens of millions of dollars from health insurers and lawyers to ram through Obamacare. He is the lowest form of scum that exists!

  9. This so-called man has to be the most blatant liar we’ve ever had as a prez…and that’s saying a lot when it comes to Clintoon!

    Infuriating insantity…repeat a lie often enough isn’t going to work here…at all.

  10. They should invite him oh heck, may as well invite the wifey and mother inlaw too, out for a little demonstration in the desert and show them what the latest model Drone can do!

  11. freespeechzone says:

    This is yet another reason that we cannot be complacent; we need to educate the ‘sheep’ who support this anti-American despot and insure his defeat in November..

    We cannot fail….