Boehner Nees to Grow a Backbone!

As many of you know here, I try to keep up with the latest news when it comes to Fast and Furious and bring it to all the Dudes and Dudettes here in case you missed any of it, along with getting your much needed in-put as well…so off we go!

Here’s the latest report regarding this issue from William La Jeunesee, he’s done nothing but yeoman’s work from Day One:

While criticism surrounding Operation Fast and Furious has so far focused on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, three other federal agencies knew about the operation and some of their agents tried to stop it, according to the former chief of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Tucson.

Tony Coulson, the DEA’s agent in charge of Southern Arizona during Fast and Furious, says many federal field agents knew the ATF was walking guns to Mexico, but supervisors told them to back off when they objected.

“Clearly, we went too far,” Coulson said. “The question we had among rank and file law enforcement was, ‘When is someone going to call ATF on this, when is someone going to tell them to stop?’”

Coulson’s remarks jibe with what is already known about the operation. The DEA, the FBI and ICE, also known as Immigration Customs and Enforcement, all played roles in the investigation.

Coulson said those agencies share the blame since top officials knew, but did little to stop, the gunrunning effort. Coulson is among the first senior public officials, current or former, who admit knowing about the botched operation.

Coulson claims he raised objections to then-DEA chief Elizabeth Kempshall, but was told it was taken care of. After attending a meeting with ATF agent in charge Bill Newell, Coulson said that’s when he and other agents “knew (Fast and Furious) was not some sort of benign, pie-in-the-sky publicity stunt. Guns were actually getting in the hands of criminals.”

According to Congressional testimony and documents obtained by Fox News, the other agencies involved include:


Immigration and Customs Enforcement assigned agent Layne France to work alongside ATF in the operation. Sources say France replaced ICE senior agent Ed Hamel, who objected to the ATF ‘gunwalking’ strategy.

As a member of the Fast and Furious task force, France received copies of all ATF investigative reports, and sources say France knew the operation in detail. Congressional investigators want to know who at ICE and the Department of Homeland Security saw France’s reports, and how much he reported up the chain of command about the operation.

“I don’t think ICE can get away from the fact they were there side by side with ATF. They were not willing participants. This was something they were told to do, but they were still there,” Coulson said.

You can hear the report in the video below.

But it seems there have been many rumblings and rumors going on behind the scenes when it comes to Issa’s investigation into Fast and Furious…I’ve read many of the same things as well in the past few weeks.

Here’s Tom Tancredo’s Opinion Piece about this..I read it at WND.

Rumors abound this week of secret negotiations, backdoor meetings and veiled threats aimed at halting Rep. Issa’s investigation of the Fast and Furious scandal. Regretfully, such rumors are all too credible given Speaker Boehner’s history of always seeking a compromise even when victory is in sight.

This is what passes for pragmatism in Republican leadership circles: They settle for crumbs from the table instead of the “half a loaf” of successful compromise.

The investigation by Rep. Darrel Issa’s House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has been uncovering lies and contradictions in the attorney general’s past testimony on the illegal Fast and Furious program that sent about 2,000 guns to Mexican drug cartels. Whether Holder masterminded and directed the illegal program is not clear, but what has become clear is that he knew about it practically from its inception and did nothing to curtail it. Then he lied about it to a committee of Congress.

This is not a question of some minor bureaucratic misjudgment that can now be corrected. People died as a result of this insane and wholly illegal project. Two of the dead are Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata. Zapata was ambushed by cartel assassins deep inside Mexico while working with Mexican authorities. Both were killed with guns brought into Mexico by the Fast and Furious program.

Maybe the White House needs to be reminded, but some us remember that President Nixon was not impeached and removed for instigating the Watergate break-in of June 1972. He was impeached for his part in the cover up that followed the break-in. In essence, he made the mistake of lying about it, which is what Holder has done.

The interesting question is why Speaker Boehner and other Republicans in leadership positions in the House are trying to hamper and curtail the Issa investigation. If Holder is innocent of the allegations, won’t that become evident when all the evidence is made public? If he is innocent, why does the White House fear the investigation?

What’s going on here? Every time Issa’s committee holds a public hearing, new evidence comes to light. Why should the investigation be aborted? Why would Republicans want the investigation halted? What possible “deal” could the White House offer to Boehner to persuade him to end the investigation? The only compromise Republicans in Congress should accept in the case of Attorney General Holder is his early resignation instead of impeachment and removal.

Over 100 members of Congress – I think it is 112 at the latest count – have called for Holder’s resignation. That’s more than a quarter of all congressmen. And while it’s not just his role in the Fast and Furious scandal that has led them to that conclusion, it’s hard to imagine any of them calling for an end to the investigation.

The reported “deal” Boehner and Holder are discussing would let higher ups in the Department of Justice off the hook if they prosecute one or two individual ATF supervisors. Holder would then claim he “cleaned up the mess” and be free from any moral or political culpability. How does that sound, folks?

Rep. Issa must persevere in his investigation and seek the truth no matter where it leads. As for Speaker Boehner, if he has a problem with this, he should go into the hospital for a backbone transplant.

Former congressman Tancredo has never minced any words and he sure as heck didn’t here…if what he’s saying is true, there had danged will better be some calls from ‘We the People‘ to our congress-critters letting them know how we feel about all of this…before it’s far too late. After-all, only Fox has been reporting on this the majority of the time, the rest of the mainstream media has been doing the opposite..protecting the Master-of-Disaster and his administration as usual…at all costs!

So friends…add your two-cents, do you think Tancredo’s scenario of what’s going on behind the scenes is correct, and will come to pass…or do you think Issa will carry on with the investigation? He made threats to hold Holder in ‘Contempt of Congresson the 9th of Feb. if Holder didn’t comply with their requests, Holder didn’t do so…is what Tancredo saying coming to pass right before our very eyes…while they assume the rest of the nation isn’t looking…will their assumptions prove to be correct?

Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. When you vote for the lesser of two evils you get evil. You wanted it, you got it!

    • tcp…

      I’m hoping against hope the guy running against Boehner can make headway in Ohio…but with the machine behind the scenes…it’s iffy.

      I had a link I posted here somewhere awhile back regarding the candidate…may look later for it ~

      • bigtimer..

        Are you possibly talking about David Lewis being the one running against Boehner? At this point, I am so sick of Boehner being a traitor that I hope anyone running against him -wins!

        • Hey Nimitz….that’s the one I was trying to think of, thanks so much.

          I hope if anyone who lives in Ohio or his district knows of any latest polling numbers, it there have been any yet type of thing.

          I sure would love to see him be defeated and replaced with someone with a spine for our side of the aisle…then he can go away and cry all he wants!

          Btw…speaking of Ohio, I also hope ‘Joe the Plumber’ wins in his district.

      • Too many people vote for the familiar name and knowing little, the LIVs (low information voters, as John McLaughlin named them) keep electing the same problems. The professional politicians get in their comfort zones and are hard to remove with a 95 percent incumbent return rate. Vice plagiarist Joe Biden is a good example. We need to reduce that number drastically. Yes, the machine behind the scenes is obscene. They even tried to stop Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.

  2. Damn, I hope Issa hangs in there and takes it to that “rat faced” dog Holder. Obongo’s lackey “Holder” is one of the most dangerous liars in this DemonRat led government.

    If it were up to me I would “body slam” Holder to the ground, wrench his arms behind his back, handcuff him, and immediately transport him to a maximum security facility for an extended stay of not less than 20 years.

    Eric “rat face” Holder must be imprisoned and made an example of to all the progressives commie liberals (in other words Democrats) that we are coming after them and we will make them pay for their traitorous ways.

    Unfortunately, Tom Tancredo may be right. Week sucks like Boehner just may sell out Issa and squash this investigation.

    In the words of that great lexicographer…Prosecute We Much!!!

  3. Here’s another pretty good read concerning all of this…if this is true (which I don’t know if it is or not) this is infuriating as well.


    Mentions in here that Boehner halted Issa from filing perjury charges against Holder. ~

  4. The republicans won’t pursue this because it leads right back to them! They did the same thing. Evil is as evil does.

    Report: Bush let guns ‘walk,’ too

    • Of course we all know that Politico is not in any way biased.

      You know, this administration is just like the little kid who gets into trouble, and tries to blame his wrong doings on his sibling.

      Oh, and BTW, Politico also has a sponsored link for Barack Obama’s official reelection website. Go figure.

      • Yeppers…

        Bush’s Fault!

        I’m so tired of that BS. There were a lot of things we were infuriated about when it came to Bush…but he was, nor would he ever try to undermine the 2nd Amendment…and that’s EXACTLY what this is and was all about it when it comes to the O-Machine.

        How many links do we have to put here for anyone to get that through their heads?

        Holder even had the audacity to do it again during the last hearing he testified at in front of Holder, I had link/vid here in one of the threads not that long ago.

        • “How many links do we have to put here for anyone to get that through their heads?” Bigtimer

          Big, I don’t think any amount of proof will deter the left from trying to cast blame off of themselves.

          You could tattoo the URL’s backwards onto their foreheads and have them look into the mirror, and they still wouldn’t get it.

      • Have you forgotten how Bush let those two border agents rot in federal prison for not reporting that they’d shot the drug smuggler in the arse? Where were you Bush lovers when those dedicated officers were left to be beaten and probably raped by the very Mexican killers they had been trying to protect you and I from?! Give me a break, of course his administration was running guns!

        Informant: ATF “gun walking” went on for years

        • tcp…

          Points well made, and yes, I did forget about that..until you mentioned it here.

          I’m still infuriated about that…including him not pardoning them too.

          I thank you for the reminder…it’s an important one…no doubt about it.

    • tcp…

      Read the link I have right above your post here at 7:19…it too mentions the 2nd Amendment and what the O-Team is and has really been up to when it comes to all of this. ~

      • I already know what the current resident of the White House wants to do to the 2nd amendment but it’s high time we hold so called Republicans to account as well.

        Border Patrol agents
        sentenced to prison
        11-12 years for shooting drug-smuggling

        Where was the presidential pardon? Why did these men do one day in prison?

        • tcp…

          I posted to you about this above somewhere just a few minutes ago…(in the middle of doing dinner)..but you are right.

          I posted here, there and everywhere about this subject in the past…so, I am glad you brought this up and point this out.

          Nevertheless…I’m sticking to wanting Holder gone, and ties to ‘O’ as well…and if ties go to Bush & pals, them as well.

          Yep…no wonder some backdoor deals may be made..and then some.

          Hell…I just about give up anymore at my age…frustration, no answers and nothing but lies/cover-ups is just too much at times…and this may be another one of them.

          • I agree completely. We need to impeach the current crop of criminals as they are an immediate threat to our liberties. I just hope we can get some hard and fast rules down as to what we expect from our next republican president.

  5. I don’t want to believe that Issa would back off since I understand he hates Holder’s guts. Holder and Hussein had full knowledge of this and may have initiated it.

    • Hi there Brock…

      I don’t want believe that Issa would or will stop either, but then again, if what I’ve been reading here and there lately, and no ‘perjury’ or ‘Contempt of Congress’ charges filed yet…I’m starting to wonder, a heckuva lot.

  6. Bloodless Coup says:

    They were all in on it together.

    It’s a culture of corruption.

    It’s time to clean house in Washington DC.

  7. “…allowing Eric Holder to stroll scot-free over the graves of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata would place John Boehner among the most disgraceful and despicable traitors to the American public in our nation’s history. But don’t expect him to shed any tears over such a trifle. Little Johnny isn’t THAT sensitive.”

    That about says it right there.

    These creatures have to go.

  8. John Boehner was there pushing NAFTA (SHAFTA), there pushing “free trade” with Red China, there repealing Glass Steagal. He is compromised by Prozac and a danger to this nation.
    There is more than enough evidence to get Holder. It even leads higher.

  9. Yeah, I’ll believe and trust Tancredo any day before I’ll trust “Boner”!

    I just hope Issa has the guts to tell Boner to go to hell.
    I don’t think Issa is the kind of man who can be threatened by the likes of pos Boner.

    I hope I’m right.

  10. NRA CEO and EVP Wayne LaPierre at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

    • Hey Edtudo….didn’t get a chance to hear him, have read a few blogs that has what he said in them, looking forward to watching this as soon as I get settled in here after doing a few things before buttoning up for the night.

      Thanks ~

  11. Off-topic…but for those of you who are political junkies like me over the years, this is a pretty good read about Media Matters (Soros $$$ and ties, even tho not mentioned much here, but damned well is from day one) and ties to the msm, msnbc…what in my opinion has helped to get rid of some of the shows I used to like to watch in the past, some not mentioned here etc etc.

    FBN is also now getting rid of 3 shows I really liked to tune into as well…you do have to wonder if some of this has to do with it….after-all, they have year by year, day by day turned more towards the left with their new reporters etc…this is disgusting all the way around.

    I give up on ever thinking I will ever see a real conservative network gaining popularity, making money and sticking to being conservative and proud of it. ~ Not gonna happen in my lifetime.

    Thank goodness for Al Gore’s Superhighway!

  12. Boehner has screwed us over so many times now that I know not to trust him. Here’s just some of his track record of late..

    Read Congressman Allen West’s remarks about how Boehner handled/caved on the stupid approval of Obama’s/Reid’s 2-month Payroll-tax extension deal:

    Now read how Boehner and the Establishment screwed over Allen West by remapping his district in Florida (see last paragraph).

    Given his track record, I have no doubt Boehner has cut a deal now with Obama/Holder on Fast & Furious.

    All 3 of ’em are A–holes!

  13. Tom Tancredo is a straight shooter. He speaks his mind and tells it like it is.
    This is why you see so little of him on the Fox New Channel.

    Eric Holder should have been fired years ago, but because he and Hussein are such close cronies he’s not going anywhere any time soon!

    • renee…

      That is right about Tancredo, I have seen him on msDNC’s Funny Farm here and there recently, he takes no BS from them either.

      When he ran for Prez last election it really made me sick how he was treated during the debates…I was hoping so much he would rise to the top. We sure as heck wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now…and illegal immigration would have all have been about stopped by now etc.

      Speaking of Holder…those on our side of the aisle that stood on the floor of the Senate and spoke glowingly of him made me madder than a wet hen…still does to this day. They all knew better, yet stood there and lied…and voted for his confirmation!

      • Big, Was it convenient how they seemed to all forget about the Mark Rich pardon? I don’t remember anyone on our side of the isle bringing that up during his confirmation hearing.

        • Guy…

          They didn’t! Plus, I watched the two hearings in the judiciary committee for Holder…he never ever answered the questions completely about how he really felt about the Second Amendment…yet they went ahead and voted him out of it to proceed to confirmation from the Senate…and we all know what happened from there on out. ~ Sickening!

  14. Through all of this I have wondered why impeachment proceedings haven’t been started against Holder and possibly Obama. Now we know. I remember how quickly it all went down in the Watergate case. No pussyfooting back then. There were Democrats and Republicans all over the country demanding Nixon’s impeachment. And it went fast, comparatively. So the fix is in? Well, Mr. Boehner, the election in 2010 will look mild compared to next November. The Tea Party is alive and growing and its members are really going to take out the trash in 2012.

    Tom Tancredo for President!

    • Mark
      Short answer, The Democrats hold the Senate, if obama get reelected and the rups take both houses we should start impeachment, any attempt now would be futile.

      • ga steve…

        That’s the only hope I’m holding out for at this time…is Issa and Grassley getting information lined up to do just that, when we take power of the Senate and presidency.

  15. Speaking of Holder & Team, check this out about Sheriff Joe. ~

    This puts a smile on my face this morning.

    • bigtimer..

      Since they are in the thick of it there in AZ, I’ve been payin close attention to what Sheriff Joe, Gov Jan Brewer and Sheriff Paul Babeu say about Obama’s regime. I get more updates about this whole ‘effin F&F frackus and the issue of immigration just by googling them or reading their Facebooks than from anywhere else. BTW, Sheriff Paul is running for Congress and there’s hope that he’ll win. He’s gotten more donations than Dems and even the Repubs in the new district he’s running in.

      • Howdy Nimitz…

        I’m with you…I’m hoping Sheriff Paul wins big time too.

        Plus, can’t wait to hear/read the results of the investigation Sheriff Joe and Team are doing regarding O and his qualifications to be prez..via Birth Certificate/legal eligibility etc.

        I try to keep up with this on WND etc too…they keep close tabs on this as well. ~

        Clue us in if ya hear anything first…inquiring minds want to know! 😉

  16. GaSteve:

    Thanks for clearing that up. I should have thought of it, but my brain has been getting foggy ever since the Flim Flam Man got into the White House. I wrote my congressman (Bilbray) this morning about this cover-up. Can’t wait to see his response. We should all let our representatives know that if they go along with Boehner’s scheme they will be primaried out the next time they come up for reelection.

    Tom Tancredo for President!

  17. Cruz says Holder should resign or be fired at CPAC. I don’t know much about this guy, seems he’s running for the Senate in Texas, anyone from the area, your in-put about this guy would be more than interesting to me…being the political-junkie that I am.

    • bigtimer..

      Ted Cruz appears to be a Conservative. I say “appears” because all I know of him is from watching youtubes and from what I can tell, he’s ultra-conservative (and so am I).

      He’s going against David Dewhurst, who I have come to believe is Establishment. So I’m going to probably vote for Cruz. He’s certainly getting a lot of attention and a lot of campaign money so I think people are feeling the same way I do.

      Thanks for the link to the Daily Caller video on Cruz. He says he’s former law enforcement and those guys don’t take too kindly AT ALL to Holder (or Obama for that matter).

      • Hey Nimitz…a big thanks to you for that information..from what you posted I was hoping as such, I’m ultra-conservative too…so let’s hope he makes it. ~

  18. boehner

    My, oh my, it’s gotten so creepy
    To see old Boehner getting weepy,
    It makes him look oh so sleepy
    And it makes me want to pee pee….

    So Mr Boehner here’ a clue
    That I want to share with you
    Look that devil in the eyes
    And tell him we won’t compromise!

    • Congress ought to invite Obama, Boehner and Holder to a meeting and tell them to be sure to wear brown trousers..

      • For the helluva it…throw in ‘Whispering Harry’ too from the Senate, ya know…the ‘Fearless Leader’ they’ve got there…what a MAN!

    • Hey Dirty Al…

      Thanks so much for this info, great write-up!

      …also got this one tweeted too. ‘Tweet We Much!’

      Very interesting news indeed. ~

      As to your link below regarding Az., it’s going to be interesting what happens on down the line with this situation too.

      • Hey Big your welcome.
        I tried doing some links and more research about “Op Wide Receiver” but had a difficult time with links etc. Got extremely agitated and frustrated. When googling, the only sources(majority of) that would come up were liberal media. They of course put thier spin on things with the usual Bush Did it first routine. Maybe so? You can tell? On the other side of coin over at “Sipsey Street Irregulars” and David Cordea’s “Gun Rights Examiner”. They have (what I consider)extensive info about both Fast and Furious and Wide Receiver. Check them out if you can.

  19. Fed Up Texan says:

    Boehner is a lousy human. He is weak, a liar, and probably a lousy bartender, as well. I will send money to anyone running against that lousy bastid.

  20. Check out what Sheriff Paul Babeu has to say about Holder today ~

    AMEN to that!

    …and whatever we do, don’t tell the msm!

  21. Cry-Baby Boehner and his Gutless-Wonder Side-Kicks CAVE AGAIN!

    These people have to GO!

  22. TwoCanPete, Dirty Al, Swamp et al….

    Since we were talking about this last night, I knew there was something amiss that I had forgot,(been busy today, so getting to it this evening) this is the ‘DIFFERENCE’ between Bush’s Wide-Receiver and O’s Fast and Furious ~

    …and one more ~

    Yep…the ‘Bush’s Fault’ meme is getting past old…dems ought to buy a clue!

  23. Hello fans! I see from multiple posts that you have been waiting for my sage advice on how to interpret the recent revelations that the GW admin. had also engaged in gun running. To say that GW ran guns in conjunction with the Mexican government while Holder (Obama) ran guns with Mexican crime syndicates is essentially to say the same thing. I really don’t know why anyone would be shocked to hear of GW doing such a thing as running guns after the way he treated those two border agents I mentioned before. While Obama’s / Holder’s gun running likely claimed more victims without overt complicity of what Mexico calls its government, the basic criminality remains the same.

  24. I’ve tried to follow Fast and Furious from the earliest hearings and cannot make heads or tails of the recent dead-end. Except I now have a sick and sinking thought that Republicans and Democrats are wings on the same evil bird and we the people are being played for suckers.
    This is only one example – another is Obamacare and the way it was rammed down our throats. It will never be repealed – the Republicans have the same need as Democrats to eliminate Social Security beneficiaries – there’s no money in the till! Obamacare will accomplish that, they think. Those of us who survive without doctors or poison like lipitor will be lectured on our obligation to die!
    The election? What a joke. As if we had a choice or a real American candidate. They are all socialists and Agenda 21 is probably real –the end of our delusion of individual rights and freedoms – we have none! I say, as Rev. Wright said: God Damn them all!