Methinks Maxine Waters needs to take a long hard look at her own reflection in the mirror, after hearing about this story this morning via Talk-Radio, many recollections came to mind when it comes to good ol’ Loony-Leftist Maxine…so we’ll start at the top of the story and progress on to a few bright moments from her past trials and tribulations.

This is what she had to say in San Diego, Ca. this week-end in the video above, she was attending the Democrat Ca. State Convention spewing her evil rhetoric:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), in video surfacing Wednesday, called Republican leaders House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor “demons” who are “destroying this country” last weekend in seeking to rally California Democrats to political action.

“We’ve got to take back the House,”

She pointed to the display behind her as she continued: “I saw pictures of Boehner and Cantor on our screens. Don’t ever let me see again, in life, those Republicans in our hall, on our screens, talking about anything. These are demons. These are legislators who are destroying this country rather than bringing us together, creating jobs, making sure we have a good tax policy, bringing our jobs from back off-shore, incentivizing those who keep the jobs here. They are bringing down this country, destroying this country, because they’d rather do whatever they can do destroy this president rather than for the good of this country.”

She slammed the Republican Party and the “wanna-be presidents” for “delivering their destructive rhetoric” and constantly “ranting and raving” about “bringing down” President Obama.

She also noted that if Democrats re-take the majority, she would become the chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, the committee that regulates Wall Street.

Banks are “shaking in their boots,” she said.

Now there’s a laugh…Maxine Waters is supposedly being investigated by the House Ethics committee from her taking money via TARP for her hubby’s bank OneUnited…guess that’s supposed to be a ‘nothing to see here, move along’ moment…eh?

Please read this great piece of information regarding all of the ins and outs of this issue and how it stinks to high heaven here.

Watch the report here from Fox at the top of the video. ~

‘Did Maxine Waters get personal gain from TARP money?’

Now friends…last but not least, how can we ever forget this cute little rant of hers, her screech is below. ~

“I’m not afraid of anybody,” Waters told the crowd. “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell.”

So why does the mainstream media continue to give passes to people on the left who say and do these things…they remain mum, as if we all won’t know if they do so. Protection of their own is first and foremost, no matter what, come hell or high water! This woman, along with her husband should have already been investigated by someone besides the useless House ‘Ethics Committee‘, if this had been anyone on the republican side of the aisle we all know what would have happened long ago..and on top of that, the republican party would have already ran her out of the House by now.

Waters and her ilk need to be replaced if possible, if that can’t be done because they’re in safe districts, we must reduce the power on the democrat side of the aisle… diminishing candidates one by one, election after election. After-all….they are the real demons!

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  1. Bloodless Coup says:

    Oh noooos. Da White devils ana demons be upon us!

  2. Bloodless Coup says:

    A must read article from The Post & E-Mail

    Just Who are the Domestic Terrorists?

  3. Let me begin by offering my moment of silence for Whitney.
    She’s damn sure right about one thing, the number one priority of the right is getting this President the hell out of office.
    But Barry’s been working hard, “helping to create entepreneurship for veterans.” Gonna have to defer to Red Stater to parse that and tell me in one and two syllable words exactly what that means.
    Don’t know about the pot calling the kettle anything, looked to me like a prime example of Maxine talking out her ass………..again.

    • Angus…

      …and here the leftist everywhere of all venues demanding that the right tone down their rhetoric not that long ago…and we get nothing but silence from the msm about this BS from Maxine the Hater…nope, no hypocrisy here!

      Oh yeah…and btw, when has the right-side ever needed to be ‘toned-downed?’….heck, all we have on our side for our so-called leaders are nothing nothing but yellow-bellied wimps with their tails between their legs, scared of their own shadows!

  4. Maxene Waters is a very frightening woman, but not for the reasons she thinks.

    The woman has the I.Q.of a paper towel, and seems to make a bad habit of exposing her arrogance every time she stands before a microphone!

    Sadly Hussein cannot publicly bestow a pre-scripted lecture in regards to the theme of “tone and civility” when it comes to his own reckless base!

  5. Maxine Waters is the dumbest most corrupt politician in D.C. And she represents some of the most parasitic people in America. I would be willing to bet that more than half of the people in her district either work for the gubmint or get most of their sustenance from us hardworking serfs. Nobody that matters listens to this ignoramus. She can hope all she wants that the demoncrats will take back the house but from where I sit that isn’t going to happen. And that’s because the working stiffs of all colors have figured it out: Voting for demoncrats means fewer jobs and higher taxes. The majority of the guys in my union blame Obama and the demoncrats for their substantially diminished standard of living. They’re not buying the propaganda from the union bosses or the DNC anymore. Old Maxine is safe because as long as the welfare checks keep rolling into her district, the ignorant tax parasites who live there will continue to vote for her.

    • Mark…that’s refreshing news to hear about the guys in your union seeing the writing on the wall…you’re dead on the money about Maxine and her district.

      Gawd…Ca. has gone to hell in a hand-basket, breaks my heart..that being my home state and all. It will never be the same….not as long as I’m alive. Too late for that now.

    • Mark and all…speaking of Unions, Goons, and Maxine’s bestest prez…check this out.

      And of course, this is on the tax-payers dime!

  6. I don’t know about Eric Cantor, but I’m pretty sure Boehner is possessed.

    It is creepy unnatural for a man to cry so much.

    If Maxine thinks she hates Boehner, wait till we replace him with a real conservative, then watch her head spin like Linda Blair in the Exorcist

    • Waspish….

      …”watch her head spin like Linda Blair in the Exorcist”

      LMAO…that’s a good one, talk about priceless!

      Thanks, I needed that towards the end of the evening. ~

  7. Okay folks, please don’t forget about Waters declaring her side of the aisles real intenetions when it came to oil companies…she let it slip they (the govt.) wants to NATIONALIZE the Oil Companies….I’ve never forgotten this…and give it time…Dear Leader isn’t done yet and wait and watch as our gas prices keep climbing and many of us will struggle some more to be able to afford this…remember what the leftist msm did when Bush was in and gas prices were rising every single day in front of some gas station?

    Look where we are NOW…and Maxine had the audacity to say what she day last week-end!

    Hope you take a quick read of this and you can catch the her saying this as well here at this link.

  8. Maxine Waters is a textbook example of fetid, putrid SHIT.

  9. What a perfect description, Thunk! You have a new follower.


    Oops, not the same Maxine?

    • Swamp…just catching up around here, as I’ve been ‘swamped’ around here in my neck of the woods myself.

      Haven’t had the chance to listen to ‘that’ Maxine…but I do know it’ll be music to my ears compared to the yapping witch from hell in Ca.

  11. Wanna bet this would be just peachy-keen with Maxine too…her being from Ca. and all, and of course lovin’ the protection she’s got from SanFranNan?

    Isn’t that lovely…our country has shot it’s wad in more ways than one.

    Color me disgusted!

  12. I call Maxine what Allen West called Obama:


    • Nimitz…as usual West says sit all in this segment, in more ways than one.

      Btw…speaking of Greta, she just showed Waters saying this BS too, I also have noticed in bits and pieces that at least Fox is showing what this witch from hell has said this past week-end. Evidently, it’s a tough job and only Fox will do it!

  13. BigTimer:

    As a 6th generation Californian, whose family came in covered wagons in 1843, I can tell you that the decline of this state is really personal. That’s because half of my ancestors died on the way here and the ones that made it built something from nothing without government help. My great-great-great grandmother arrived Hangtown (Placerville now) with three younger siblings and no parents, no relatives. She was 13 years old but got a job in a boarding house cleaning rooms to support her little family. Long story short, she went on to marry a man 20 years older than her and had 15 kids. They settled in Northern California near Ukiah and prospered. And over the years the family spread out over the state becoming businesspeople, bankers, judges and and doctors. All this was accomplished through self-sacrifice and hardwork. California was the Golden State for those who invested their sweat.

    However, the present populace here is almost equally divided between the employed taxpaying serfs and bloodsucking parasites. I’m sure that ratio is changing for the worse since something like one third of the state’s millionaires have moved elsewhere in the last 4 years.The educated, job producing citizens are moving out and the ignorant and unskilled are moving in. California has one third of all of the welfare recipients in the country. And people like me, who can’t leave are stuck with a ever increasing tax burden to support the leeches who have almost taken over the state. After I retire in a few years I’m going to move elsewhere and I won’t look back.

    • Mark…

      My dad moved to Placerville years before he died from the San Fernando area before that, my family on both sides have deep roots there too…it’s been a crying shame to watch what was once the Golden State turn to Burnt Rust because of the exact reasons you stated above so articulately.

      About half of my family still live there, I have a bit of property left that I’ve always held onto because of my great-grandmother and grandfather etc…long story too…nevertheless, I wanted to possibly be back there in my older age on that high desert…not gonna happen, no how, no way…and it breaks my heart to pieces.

      Our Golden State is gone…and many that have left, as you stated, have come to other states in the NW and helped turn them slowly purple to blue as well over time.

      I fear for this nation in that way…I’ve watched this happen for decades…I pray the Sleeping Giant stays awake and fights…or we are done.

      Btw Mark, my heart goes out to you as well, and the dilemma I know you’re going to have to tackle when you leave too. You don’t know how much I miss so much from the great memories, feeling, smells, sensations, moon being on the bottom of the desert a burnt orange, sunsets the same with all their glorious colors, Santa Ana’s- me being a wind lovin’ gal…four seasons, unlike where I live now, where it’s mostly winter, winter, somewhat warm, hot for a week or two, possibly three, short Indian Summer…and poof! Winter again.

      Ahh well, it is what it is. ~ You can’t have everything.

      Wishing you the very best for your future endeavors, wherever they take you. 😉

  14. This speech by Santorum will make Maxine Waters and her ilk go stark raving mad:

    It is exactly what makes this country great and is the reason it is imperative that the Dunce-in-Chief and the democrats are defeated in November.

    Thanks for the kind words BigTimer! One good thing about being a conservative in California is the unlimited targets of opportunity for my acerbic wit!

    • Mark…it that the one he made in Boise?

      If so…it was great, I really wanted to put it here today, but feel I can’t overdo Santorum.

      If you don’t know, I’ll check back later and look…in the middle of doing many things at home.

    • Mark..
      Thanks for the youtube! I liked Santorum’s speech, especially the part about calling the likes of Obama elite snobs! He needs to keep that up and hit harder all the way to the WH!

      I also watched one (I think attached to the same link you posted) of the 3 teen boys in Idaho who snuck in to hear Rick speak and get their pic taken with him. I think they were being genuine about it. Makes me feel good to see younguns getting involved. THEY even wore sweater vests!

  15. freespeechzone says:

    Look at Maxine Waters’ geographic district—it’s made up of the very same people (minorities) who always play the victim and she plays to that mindset.

    She is typical of the liberal, socialist mindset—to try to eliminate the First Amendment for anyone who challenges Obama, her and those who insist on, not equality, by punishment and retribution.

    Ultimately, she and her ilk support redistribution of wealth from those who earned it to those who choose not to become empowered, work and earn it..

    Unless this nonsense is stopped by defeating Obama in November, she and her mindset will press forward; unless Patriots do what is necessary to stop this, we will be doomed.

    Our Forefathers are watching….

  16. BigTimer:

    Yep. It was in Idaho. I’m going to watch it again.

  17. “Demons” is just another way of saying “White Devil”, a particularly hateful racial epitaph that some racist blacks like to hurl at whites. Time to call this Hate Speech what it is.

    • tcp…

      If we report this to DHS or DOJ, do ya think anyone will hear?…lol.

      • Yeah. They’ll applaud Maxine and Boehner will agree crying.

        • Nimitz…

          So right you are…and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about that! 😉

          Boehner’s got to go…Cantor as well, along a few others as far as I’m concerned. (I’m specifically talking about our side of the aisle for the moment.) We all know all on the other side can go anytime…if only we had the power to do so. ~

  18. Off-Topic…about to call it a night, just wanted to throw this in mix ~

    …and I say Amen to this young man, we need more like him…not less!

  19. Here is an article describing the the true meaning of patriotism:

    Rebel we Much!

    • Mark…

      Wow…and ‘Statism’ is exactly where we’re at now in my opinion…Dear Leader is proving that.

      That’s a must read, hope others do…tweeted as well.

      Thanks, really enjoyed that read, much appreciated. ~

  20. For some of you who may not know…good ol’ Maxine had this in her blathering BS too…

    “On Immigration policy and reform they are on the wrong side of the track… They would have you believe that if they get into office, they are going to make sure that they are going to get rid of everyone in our society who was not born in America”

    …and here’s DHS’s Janet Nap ~

    Which ought to make Maxine smile.

    Dontcha’ love the ‘progressives?’

    • Napolitano doesn’t ever mention the fact that an American citizen has to be victimized by an illegal alien for her so-called “compassionate” program to work. The illegal then has to be identified and arrested before being “catogorized” for deportation. That’s nice! I’m so glad she is “on the job” for us!

      • Good-Morning Edtudo…

        I’ll be glad when we fire her and all of the rest of the O-Team…especially the Head of the Snake!

  21. Busy little bees are working night and day behind the scenes to bring about the multiculturalist society and the elimination of the dreaded “white male”

    Interracial marriage in US hits new high: 1 in 12

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Interracial marriages in the U.S. have climbed to 4.8 million — a record 1 in 12 — as a steady flow of new Asian and Hispanic immigrants expands the pool of prospective spouses. Blacks are now substantially more likely than before to marry whites.

    A Pew Research Center study, released Thursday, details a diversifying America.
    “The rise in interracial marriage indicates that race relations have improved over the past quarter century,” said Daniel Lichter, a sociology professor at Cornell University. “Mixed-race children have blurred America’s color line.
    Obama’s open border policy and 90% of all legal immigrants being non-caucasian…Maxine Waters is the future. Most of these people will be voting Democrat!

  22. Jackasses like Waters in Congress only shows that any pinhead can get elected with enough BS,rhetoric, and like minded jackasses to vote for them/ Sad sad sad

  23. I don’t know if any of you listen to Chris Plante via talk-radio in the mornings…but he’s talking about good ol’ Maxine now…in only the way he can, I get a kick out of this man, he’s always spot-on!

  24. Found this this morning:

    Moochelle is fat-assed hypocritical P.O.S.!

    • Mark…good-morning. That link says it all tho doesn’t it? That’s exactly what her and those like her i.e. Maxine and ilk think, make demands of us about.

      I despise these enemies within.

    • I noticed she did not have a vegetable on that receipt…

      Where the hell was the lunchroom monitor?

      • Waspish…point well-made.

        I’ll be so glad when we get rid of this control-freak team of wizards of not-so-smarts.

        Statists, commies, marxists…whatever, nothing but pure evil…and they’ve spread their web wide and deep across this land. It will take years to undo the damage they have done.

  25. Check out Sarah Steelman, she’s running against Sen. Claire McCaskill!

    Ya gotta love it!

  26. ACORN and Voter Fraud….they never stop!

    Check this out ~

    We all know Maxine, the Community Organizer in the WH and all the rest them, hand in glove with the DOJ are all in bed together when it comes to this.

    Where are the repubs demanding something be done about this…this is ILLEGAL!

  27. BigTimer:

    Buenas dias from MexiCalifornia!

    Hopefully, the Repubs are just as skilled at fixing the books and are busily making sure that all deceased Repubs vote at least three times next November.

    And here’s an article that explains Odummy’s strategy to win reelection:

    I hope he’s wrong. I do take issue with his describing Ostupid as intelligent. After all, he’s never released his college transcripts and his actions as president so far can only be described a less than brilliant. No, I wouldn’t call Obummer intelligent. He is sharp, like a street hustler or a pimp, but intelligent he’s not. After all he and the Queen got ahead by working the system, not on intelligence or hard work. Any migrant from Guatemala can and will figure out the system and work it to his benefit. So, I would rate Odisaster’s intelligence on par with that of a feral Guatemalan peasant.

    Scary when you think about it!

  28. Then we have Maya Angelou using the race-card issue for O’s reelection!

    It’s never-ending when it comes to the left…WE’RE SICK of THIS!

    It will backfire…plain and simple.

  29. BigTimer:

    Here’s Angelulu the day after Oclueless was elected president:

    She perfectly exhibits the kind of mentality that exists in the White House. That is, we’re in charge now and it’s payback time. And France is a perfect place for her to live. I dare her to make that statement in a front of a crowd in any Red state in America.

    She needs to dry up and blow away.

    • Hey there Mark…thanks for the reminder! I can’t bear to suffer thru that vid again though…I remember it well.

      If others don’t, they should take a look!

  30. Hilarious…check out how Maxine responded when asked about the ‘Demons’ BS!

  31. Spurwing Plover says:

    Maxie Wackiewater needs to have her brain checked in she is showing signs of insanity

    • ‘Maxie Wackiewater’…that’s funny and fitting Spur…one things a fact…she’s been ‘insane’ from Day One as far as I’m concerned. Yet the voters keep voting her in…talk about the blind leading the blind!

  32. As Fred Sanford says: Every time I see her it makes me wish that birth control was retroactive.”

    And “gorilla faced ugly mopatamus”

    Check the Aunt Esther clips here:

    • Oh yeah…that’s another reason I’ve referred to Mooch as Aunt Esther from Day One of her presence on the scene from way back when…before I ever posted here or this site even existed at the time…if memory serves me right. 😉

  33. Maxipad Waters is the exact opposite of Congressman Jossiah T. Walls that Allen West refers to in this clip:

  34. Speaking of ugly:

    My eyes! My eyes!

  35. Here’s Maxine’s buddy Al Sharpton having baaad day:

    Do as I say, not as I do. Familiar theme with democraps.

    And what’s he doing with a 4 year old pimpmobile? I guess he doesn’t get paid much for hosting his wildly successful television show.

    • “When officers ask Sharpton for his insurance card and his registration he pulls the RACE CARD out of his wallet.

      It’s all he has”

      Mark….No better words written!

      Got a kick out of this story…plus the Pelosi picture above…ewwww!

      At least you’ve got me laughing first thing this morning since I just got on this machine. ~ Thanks!

  36. Mark and others…check out what the tax-payers have paid for this bungled investigation of Maxine via the ‘Ethics Committee’…talk about infuriating!


    As usual, I don’t think anything will happen to Waters at all at this stage of the game.

  37. Bigtimer:

    I finally got a chance to read the article about the Water’s investigation. The article leaves a lot of questions unanswered…like what exact reason are the five Republicans giving for recusing themselves? Sure, the assumption is presented in the article that they want to avoid being labeled racists. But I want to hear them say it to the American people. After all they did take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. That means it is their duty to proceed with the investigation no matter what criticism may be leveled at them.

    What a bunch of gutless poltroons we have in Congress. They are the antithesis of the colonists who risked everything to create this nation. When the founders declared their intentions to break free from England they did so knowing that they could lose not only their property, but their lives. Here we have representatives who fear being called names if they do their sworn duty. They are beneath contempt and not worthy of the peoples’ trust or support.

    These five Republicans and all others like them need to be replaced with conservatives who understand that taking an oath is much more than a mere formality.

    • Mark…believe me,I couldn’t agree with your every word more.

      I wished more people across this land would take the time to learn just a little about their candidates and what all they are and have been involved in. I know everyone has busy everyday lives, but when it comes to one of our most sacred honors such as voting…it’s taken with a grain of salt by at least two-thirds of this nation in my opinion…in one way or another type of fashion if ya know what I mean. It’s like being informed when you vote means zilch.