Honky Tonk Homicide

What Happens In Texas, Stays in Texas

The Dude took me out to see some authentic, old-school, Texas honky-tonk last night. Band called Eleven-hundred Springs. Damn fine troubadours. And writers of some addictive songs, such as one I’ve had circling my head non-stop since last night.

The Dude and his lovely little filly are incredibly gracious hosts, as you might well imagine. He even hooked me up with a “Raise Hell, Drink Beer” t-shirt and some authentic Texas cowboy boots. (Though I’m more inclined to think this re-wardrobing is done out of sheer embarrassment of having to cart me around in my NYC dandy attire!) And the filly is one hell of a cook! And the Dude’s dudes are a great crew. Even met a few AWD.com [ir]regulars.

(Speaking of which, Seeeeeegar—you out there, you batsh*t crazy Paulbot???)

Unfortunately, given the Dude got pulled into working the weekend a bit, I don’t think some hog hunting out on Angus’ turf is in the cards this weekend, which sucks. Angus—many thanks for the invite. Next time my brother.

Anyway, onto some grist for the mill…

So believe it or not, AWD and I talked a bit of politics last night. One thing that came up was secession. As this nation becomes a powder keg as volatile as anything unseen before save for the times immediately preceding our two wars for independence (aka the “Revolutionary War” and the “Civil War”), I’ve been hearing talk of secession more and more. Jared Taylor had penned a piece on this topic awhile back (it’s recommended reading, btw, as is usual for anything from Taylor’s pen). It was even a near-consensus from my little meeting the other night with fellow NYCers.

Seriously, when a gaggle of Manhattanite Yanks start talking secession, you know the Rubicon’s been crossed.

But I object!

I mean, secession feels so unnecessarily defeatist. First, they’re libtards—i.e., they’re stupid and craven. You telling me we can’t beat retarded cowards?

Secondly, they’re evil, unscrupulous a$$holes who will do with seceded states just as they’ve done with non-seceded states. That is, after they’ve thoroughly desiccated and destroyed their home states via the unstanched flooding of the great brown goo, the endless welfare and entitlement programs, the giant, ever-expansive, bottomlessly-corrupt government, etc., they’ll buzz on over like the locusts they are to the nearest boomtown “red state”…and rinse, lather, repeat.

So unless the seceded states plan on figuring out how to 1) prevent SWPLs from immigrating to their freshly-minted lands-of-the-free, and 2) harden the local constitutions to inoculate both the government and the people from the scourge of the intellectual and psychological disease more popularly known as “liberalism”, what, exactly, will be different between a “red state” and a “seceded state”, given sufficient time for the locusts to repopulate the “hearts and minds” of the respective populace?

Maybe I’m underestimating the power therein, but seems to me to be a pointlessly conflagrative and risky exercise. My contrary perspective on it? They’re paper tigers. Don’t split up the nation on their behalf. Take the fight to ’em, and take our country back.

I mean, why give “liberals” so much precious land that patriots before us fought so long and hard for, just because they (“liberals”, not patriots!) are a bunch of power-addled, by-any-means-necessary, whitey-hating moral reprobates?

In short, f*** secession. Beat the sons-of-bitches where they stand.



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  1. RedState,
    Glad your having a good time, don’t forget to shake your boots out before you slip them on in the morning, I don’t think we’ve crossed the Rubicon just yet but were wading knee deep now.

    • GA, I was careful to word “the Rubicon’s been crossed” as I did. I.e., I don’t think we’re crossing the Rubicon; rather, I think it’s already been crossed by TPTB. OWS was the signal of that fact–i.e., the demagogging of traditional America has now officially shifted from mere verbal hyperbole to the orchestration of the mindless brownshirts and labor unions–first riling them up to intimidate us, and, failing that, readying them to do violence on their (TPTB’s) behalf. They realize the jig’s up, they’ve lost control of their propaganda narrative, and so now they’ve crossed the Rubicon, so to speak, to do away with the uppity white middle class and claim their divine right to absolute authority.

      But I don’t think civil war or secession are a foregone conclusion at this point, which is perhaps what you’re referring to. So, all the above said, if I’m reading you right, I think we’re in agreement.

      But damn, my man, the time is nigh and stuff has to happen both quickly and effectively. As in: somehow we’ve got to gain the decisive initiative (whatever that means) in the next ten months.

      • RedState
        We are in agreement on who has crossed the Rubicon at this point, I also agree with why give them anything, secession is not the answer at this time. but at some time in the near future there will be violence that this country has never seen before and it will be started by the powers that be to hold on to their power,

        • Steve; I believe your absolutely correct and the TPTB will blame it on us. Using some patsy, planted evidence etc, etc. We’ll also have to deal with a number of individuals from a certain religious cult. In actuality a two front civil war.

        • I fear you’re correct, GA. Though I still hold out hope that’s not going to be case. But, as the wisdom goes, plan for the worst, hope for the best…

          Also rather ironic that Marxists came to power believing they had to seize power from the aristocracy by force since they (the aristocracy) wouldn’t give it up freely–and are now the ones who will almost certainly be using violence to protect their power from those who are peacefully seeking its dissipation/distribution to the people “proletariat”.

  2. Did someone say beer? {perk}

    Dangit, grandkids coming over! Maybe later. 😉

  3. That fiddler had a ten gallon hat on a twenty gallon head, but they do sound great. That is the sound of America, I love it!!