Not only is Al Sharpton racist and ignorant, he’s dishonest too! Which makes him the perfect host for MSNBC…the network for morons, by morons. Al Sharpton has made a good living being an thuggish, race-baiting extortionist. Finding racism, other than his own, under every rock, Revrum Al has been able to go from wearing jogging suits to Armani suits. Of course, not paying taxes has probably helped along the way.

It’s not news to see proof of the intellectual deficits in Revrum Al. In fact, Al Sharpton is to intelligence what Whoopie Goldberg is to beauty. It’s not shocking to see his racism either. We’ve seen it all before. Actually, what would be shocking is to hear Sharpton utter a sentence using proper English.

Since the libs are hitting hard on Rush over calling a slut a “slut” and saying that the Republicans want to control the coochies of the women in America, the good folks over at Breitbart have taken it upon themselves to show Al Sharpton as the racist, gay-hating, Korean hating, Greek hating, idjit that he is. Here is MSNBC’s finest!

I haven’t heard that many N words since the latest White House Hip Hop Poetry Contest! Or Samuel Jackson describing the President! The AWD doesn’t allow the N word on this site (but I’m the racist!) so I have technically broken some of my rules by posting Revrum Al.

Like AWD said recently, liberals, and especially black liberals, are handled in the same way as Muslim terrorists. They don’t get criticism because no one expects more from them. Every day, Muslims are burned, stoned, hung, decapitated, exploded by other Muslims. But they only get up in arms when a Koran is burned by an infidel! The same goes with liberals. They get all hot and bothered over Rush calling Sandra Fluke a slut because it “insults women,” but laugh uncontrollably when Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin the C word. Al Sharpton makes a career out of hating whitey but the left gives him a prime-time TV show!

Conservatives waste their time pointing out the double standards used by the left because liberals HAVE NO STANDARDS! The rules of decency they apply to conservatives do not exist for them! They use our own decency against us while employing any tactic they wish to achieve their own purposes.

Why, why, why do conservatives give the left the weapon of political correctness with which liberals use to bash out our brains? I stopped allowing the left to define the rules of what I can say, think or do long ago. There are two things in this world I don’t care about…and both are what the left thinks of me! The rules of decency that I choose are of my own choosing, i.e., not using the N or F words on this page, and the PC leftists do not factor into the equation.

Al Sharpton is a perfect example of the brutality, ignorance and hatred of the left. They are moral savages. Perhaps that is why they have such problems criticizing the savage terrorists in the Muslim world. From Freddie’s Fashion Mart to Tawana Brawley, Sharpton is a dishonest thug. The fact that he has a MSNBC show illustrates the putrid state of media in America in 2012! MSNBC’s motto should not be “Leaning Forward,” it should be “Stupid We Much!”

You want to watch this. In the Phil Donahue show part, watch the reaction of the black people in the audience. Then go back and read my article “The Hard Truth: Black People Hate White People.”

Here’s where you can purchase a Stupid We Much t shirt to honor Revrum Al.

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  1. Al the Revrum Sharpton with the blueberry pie all over his face says his people were building pyramids, building civilizations, studying astronomy.

    He’s full of sh!t, the lying piece of crap.

    The revrum with the blueberry pie all over his face is a Congo black – He did not build pyramids -the only thing the revrum built was a mud hut.

    The Congo blacks haven’t built sh!t

    • “The Congo blacks haven’t built sh!t”

      Au countraire, perfesser, elephant dung is used in the construction of some of the finer domiciles in the Congo.

      Got my doubts, though, about the philosophy, astronomy, and math advances.

    • He and his type razed Detroit.

    • FuriousFatMan says:

      hey now Bluto, give the congo blacks, our ancestors, some credit.

      they did invent 3 important things;

      1. War
      2. Slavery
      3. Genocide.

      give credit where it’s due!

      dont try to diminish the accomplishments of blacks!

      be proud of all they’ve given the world!


      p.s. 😀

  2. Here’s some fun to add to the to game, ~

    • Hey Big I’ve been doing alot of reading and you know pretty much where I’m coming from. So I’m sure you’ll understand when I saw that for a certain “pastor?” to be anti-semtic and supportive of anti Israel views is just pushing for a righteous dose of Judgement.

  3. dirtydog1776 says:

    Liberals hate the truth and facts as much as a vampire hates sunlight.

  4. I blame just about a number of prominent weak willed conservatives for the elevation of this corpulent race hustler as well. O’Reilly wasn’t man enough to defend the strong minded conservative Michelle Malkin after Geraldo threatened her during an infamous, televised Factor shoot-out regarding the subject of illegal immigration.

    Instead, he routinely invited the shameless “Revrum'” on his show, even admitting that two dined together at “Sylvia’s” in Harlem!

    • Renee, that’s exactly the reason I can’t stand O’Reilly anymore!
      He’s nothing but a loudmouth progressive cowardly dog for supporting the likes of greaseball Geraldo and greaseball Sharptoon!

      O’Reilly has crapped in his messkit, imo.


    Sharpton is a rabble rouser looking for the next news event to show off his arrogance and his nastiness

  6. I call these race hustlers Jesse Jackass and Al Shakedown.

  7. Bloodless Coup says:

    If you really want to hear a racist diatribe you have to listen to Chris Rock.

    Remember this video?!

  8. Pat Buchanan hits the nail on the head here!

    …and we’re all sick to death of it!

  9. Sharpton’s name will always and forever be inextricably linked to the racial hoax that was Tawana Brawley. I LOATHE the current state of American society which rewards such a piece of dirt like Sharpton with media coverage and a legitimate news-anchor job. In a real world where honor and integrity count, such a stupid simian charlatan would be jailed or deported.

  10. @AWD: YOu said: “Actually, what would be shocking is to hear Sharpton utter a sentence using proper English.”

    HERE, HERE!!

  11. @Bluto: Totally agree with you. Charles Darwin has said it best:

    “Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the
    continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s
    fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare
    black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust
    until a white man showed to him its glittering
    light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile
    animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or
    sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe,
    spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the
    moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to
    graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he
    never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or
    built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With
    league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland
    seas, for four thousand years he watched their
    surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of
    the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over
    his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him
    to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed
    a sail.” — Charles Darwin

  12. Then Al ( racist bastard ) Sharpton needs to be sent there,,,Let him preach his liberal garbage to the blacks over there,, But they’ll probably tell him to go F%$& himself too!

  13. Bloodless Coup says:


    Donald Trump: Say it is so, Sheriff Joe

    Billionaire back into eligibility, encourages Arpaio probe

  14. Thank you Al Sharpton for verifying what we already know…stupid people come in every color.


    A-MESS-NBC how long can they still continue to be a bunch of leftists propegandist But never forget this the same NBC that tried to ruin GM with its faked GM truck exlosion which NBC had deliberatly rigged And SHARPTON is one reason to turn them all off

  16. St loius needs more attention, there are attacks on whites there everyday, where is Eric Holder? Where is Al Sharpton?

    this is bullshit, I would be in jail right now if this happened to my kid

  17. great ! I thought I was the only one who sees through all this racial BS
    Please see my page on Facebook Caucasian Adventure hit like thanks


    COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new study suggests that a million or more European Christians were enslaved by Muslims in North Africa between 1530 and 1780 – a far greater number than had ever been estimated before.

    In a new book, Robert Davis, professor of history at Ohio State University, developed a unique methodology to calculate the number of white Christians who were enslaved along Africa’s Barbary Coast, arriving at much higher slave population estimates than any previous studies had found.

    Most other accounts of slavery along the Barbary coast didn’t try to estimate the number of slaves, or only looked at the number of slaves in particular cities, Davis said. Most previously estimated slave counts have thus tended to be in the thousands, or at most in the tens of thousands. Davis, by contrast, has calculated that between 1 million and 1.25 million European Christians were captured and forced to work in North Africa from the 16th to 18th centuries.

    Davis’s new estimates appear in the book Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800 (Palgrave Macmillan).
    “Enslavement was a very real possibility for anyone who traveled in the Mediterranean, or who lived along the shores in places like Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, and even as far north as England and Iceland.”

    “Much of what has been written gives the impression that there were not many slaves and minimizes the impact that slavery had on Europe,” Davis said. “Most accounts only look at slavery in one place, or only for a short period of time. But when you take a broader, longer view, the massive scope of this slavery and its powerful impact become clear.”

    Davis said it is useful to compare this Mediterranean slavery to the Atlantic slave trade that brought black Africans to the Americas. Over the course of four centuries, the Atlantic slave trade was much larger – about 10 to 12 million black Africans were brought to the Americas. But from 1500 to 1650, when trans-Atlantic slaving was still in its infancy, more white Christian slaves were probably taken to Barbary than black African slaves to the Americas, according to Davis.

    “One of the things that both the public and many scholars have tended to take as given is that slavery was always racial in nature – that only blacks have been slaves. But that is not true,” Davis said. “We cannot think of slavery as something that only white people did to black people.”

    During the time period Davis studied, it was religion and ethnicity, as much as race, that determined who became slaves.

    “Enslavement was a very real possibility for anyone who traveled in the Mediterranean, or who lived along the shores in places like Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, and even as far north as England and Iceland,” he said.

    Pirates (called corsairs) from cities along the Barbary Coast in north Africa – cities such as Tunis and Algiers – would raid ships in the Mediterranean and Atlantic, as well as seaside villages to capture men, women and children. The impact of these attacks were devastating – France, England, and Spain each lost thousands of ships, and long stretches of the Spanish and Italian coasts were almost completely abandoned by their inhabitants. At its peak, the destruction and depopulation of some areas probably exceeded what European slavers would later inflict on the African interior.

    Although hundreds of thousands of Christian slaves were taken from Mediterranean countries, Davis noted, the effects of Muslim slave raids was felt much further away: it appears, for example, that through most of the 17th century the English lost at least 400 sailors a year to the slavers.

    Even Americans were not immune. For example, one American slave reported that 130 other American seamen had been enslaved by the Algerians in the Mediterranean and Atlantic just between 1785 and 1793.

    Davis said the vast scope of slavery in North Africa has been ignored and minimized, in large part because it is on no one’s agenda to discuss what happened.

    The enslavement of Europeans doesn’t fit the general theme of European world conquest and colonialism that is central to scholarship on the early modern era, he said. Many of the countries that were victims of slavery, such as France and Spain, would later conquer and colonize the areas of North Africa where their citizens were once held as slaves. Maybe because of this history, Western scholars have thought of the Europeans primarily as “evil colonialists” and not as the victims they sometimes were, Davis said.

    Davis said another reason that Mediterranean slavery has been ignored or minimized has been that there have not been good estimates of the total number of people enslaved. People of the time – both Europeans and the Barbary Coast slave owners – did not keep detailed, trustworthy records of the number of slaves. In contrast, there are extensive records that document the number of Africans brought to the Americas as slaves.

    So Davis developed a new methodology to come up with reasonable estimates of the number of slaves along the Barbary Coast. Davis found the best records available indicating how many slaves were at a particular location at a single time. He then estimated how many new slaves it would take to replace slaves as they died, escaped or were ransomed.

    “The only way I could come up with hard numbers is to turn the whole problem upside down – figure out how many slaves they would have to capture to maintain a certain level,” he said. “It is not the best way to make population estimates, but it is the only way with the limited records available.”

    Putting together such sources of attrition as deaths, escapes, ransomings, and conversions, Davis calculated that about one-fourth of slaves had to be replaced each year to keep the slave population stable, as it apparently was between 1580 and 1680. That meant about 8,500 new slaves had to be captured each year. Overall, this suggests nearly a million slaves would have been taken captive during this period. Using the same methodology, Davis has estimated as many as 475,000 additional slaves were taken in the previous and following centuries.

    The result is that between 1530 and 1780 there were almost certainly 1 million and quite possibly as many as 1.25 million white, European Christians enslaved by the Muslims of the Barbary Coast.

    Davis said his research into the treatment of these slaves suggests that, for most of them, their lives were every bit as difficult as that of slaves in America.

    “As far as daily living conditions, the Mediterranean slaves certainly didn’t have it better,” he said.

    While African slaves did grueling labor on sugar and cotton plantations in the Americas, European Christian slaves were often worked just as hard and as lethally – in quarries, in heavy construction, and above all rowing the corsair galleys themselves.

    Davis said his findings suggest that this invisible slavery of European Christians deserves more attention from scholars.

    “We have lost the sense of how large enslavement could loom for those who lived around the Mediterranean and the threat they were under,” he said. “Slaves were still slaves, whether they are black or white, and whether they suffered in America or North Africa.”

    # Contact Robert Davis, (614) 292-5324;
    Written by Jeff Grabmeier, (614) 292-8457;

  20. michael butts says:

    Mr AL SHARPTON is possibly one of the biggest racist in america.Everything is about race or profiling when a black man is killed by another race. Mr sharpton, how about when when a black person kills a white person,Do we demonstrate marches and rallies and get all over the news media and start screaming race card and corruption.Between you Mr Sharpton and jesse jackson, who would ever think that you both would ever be president of the UNITED STATES.Both of you are the biggest racist in this country and it would please alot of people if you both would develop some type of cancer that would get rid of you both very quickly because the racism would improve very much.Both Mr sharpton and jesse jackson is pathetic, concentrate on overall black population in prisons,unemployment,uneducated,crime and killing one another and on welfare and expecting hand outs.Stop making race bigger then what it already is in this country.

  21. michael butts says:

    Mr sharpton, today on CNN BREAKING NEWS, BLACK REGISTERED NURSE IN Texas shoots white mother 7 times in chest and takes 3 day old baby after leaving Doctors office.Mr sharpton where you at 0n this case when a black kills a white mother and steals the 3 day old baby. This is not only shocking but unthinkable and i ask , what do you say about this you racist. Thank god it happen in Texas and this black women is charged with capital murder. Dont give her lethal injection, put a god damn rope around her neck and hang the the slave in front of sharpton.

  22. “While the whites were in caves, we were building empires!” lol, no you weren’t, because the Egyptians weren’t black, they were originally from Mesopotamia, giving the original Ancient Egyptians MIDDLE-EASTERN DESCENT.

    Further more, Sumer wasn’t a black civilization either and came before Ancient Egypt. Al Shaprton is grabbing at straws, poorly and unsuccessfully.

  23. Dr Gerald Washington says:

    I’ve taught history for 30 years and as much as I would like to say African civilization was some sort of apex in ancient history (since I am black myself) it was not. Not even close. As for the Greeks, what they began: philosophy, democracy (“people voting!” that was nonexistent in the ancient times), medicine, outlines of logic, astronomy, basic atomic theory etc is unparalleled in the ancient world. It’s the Greeks that lit the fuse to make Europe so far ahead in knowledge and learning that by the time the Europeans penetrated to the mid and south african continent the Africans had no chance to compete. Im sorry but the Africans were still organized in small tribes killing each other and living as hunter gatherers. Even farming wasn’t established by then.

    As for the Greeks being ‘homos’ –not even close. It was ALLOWED in Athenian society (not other greek city states) as being legal. You know like how America allows gays to have the same rights as anybody else. That hardly makes Americans “American homos”. As a matter of fact it was the ancient Greeks large birthrate and families along with their societal organizations to quickly dominate their region and eventually take over all of asia minor (and colonize sicily and parts of spain and portugal) long before the rise of the romans. The Romans took the best from the Greeks and added their military wisdom and expanded culture and the pax romana until you could actually live a relatively safe life in the Empire.
    As for the Egyptians–they were a classically middle eastern race. And not black or african in their genetic structure AT ALL. The Egyptians have more in common with the Assyrians and the Arabic peoples (white people) then they ever did with africans. The Egyptian empire (before Greece and Rome) was also a wonder of the ancient world and had advanced in many areas of science.

    Now Europe grew after the Western empire fell because along with Christianity it powered the Eastern half of the Empire which lasted about 1000 years.

    The point is African peoples have never been anything more then tribal bands living off the land. No advancements in sciences or society was formed in that area. These are facts that are EASILY verifiable with access to a good history of the world.

    The only Africans that had an Empire that showed some promise was the Ethiopians but genetically they are a mix of middle eastern and african and were very much influenced by Greek and Jewish culture. That’s right Jewish–when the Queen of Sheba visited Israel and befriended King David he helped her people in various cultural trades and pursuits.

    Sharpton is not only a bigot but he does NOT speak for black people. As much as I would like to pretend Africa was some ancient advanced empire it was nothing of the sort. I keep telling other blacks: there is the future –build NOW –stop hating ‘the Koreans’ or ‘the jews’ and do what they did when they came to america build businesses and community centres. But what is the biggest problem with black america today?–crime, gangs, drug use, black ON BLACK crime, and liars like Sharpton who pretend its still 1956 Alabama out there. It’s nonsense. If you want to blame somebody look in the mirror. I left a gang when I was 16 and checked into a library instead of a prison–and never looked back. I eventually entered university and worked to get my PhD. It CAN be done. White people are NOT out to get us. WAKE UP.

    Dr Gerald Washington

    • Walter Scott says:

      Nice posting, Dr. Washington. Hatred against blacks is out there because of the likes of Al Sharpton. Otherwise, most people don’t give it a second thought. Those of us who strive to work for living can co-exist in a society with each other in a very positive manner regardless of race, nationality, or religious affiliation. But as long as we live in the past and act as if today is 1960 Birmingham, then problems like this will always be on the surface thanks to the Reverand Al.


    Al is a few minutes in this video in the background

  25. richard horst says:

    blacks constitute 12% of the population. yet, they make up 60% of the prison population. bigots like Sharpton would like you to think that it’s an unfair legal system. the fact is blacks commit the large proportion of the crimes in America. don’t believe it, just watch your local news. fact: black men rape 137 white women PER DAY. white men rape less than 10 black women PER YEAR!!!! talk about hate crimes!!!