While there has been a lot of predictable vitriol from both sides of the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, AWD has refused to take the bait. It seems many white people are eager to show Trayvon as a hoodie-wearing thug who attacked George Zimmerman, was shot and got what he deserved. And many black people have taken the other side, saying George Zimmerman is a cold-blooded killer who killed an innocent young, black man who happened to be walking through his neighborhood.

Trayvon may have been a thug. It appears new evidence may prove just that. Or he could have been an angel as the media and blacks believe. Zimmerman might be a guy sick of having homes in his neighborhood broken into and was attacked by a thug kid who didn’t like being followed in a gated community where he did not belong. Or Zimmerman could be a wannabe cop type who took it out on a young kid in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What happened that night? I don’t know and neither do you. Neither does Al Sharpton or the New Black Panthers. Or the Aryan Brotherhood. Or Obama. Or the man in the moon! Whether Martin was a thug or not shouldn’t have any bearing in whether he was lawfully or unlawfully shot. Just as Zimmerman’s having a gun and having a habit of calling 9/11 shouldn’t matter, either.

As a white guy, I too am tired of race baiting extortionists and the mainstream media creating media circuses out of certain events but not others. Those events always seem to be whites doing something bad to blacks while blacks doing bad things to whites never seem to be mentioned. Think Duke LaCrosse and the recent burning of the 13 year old white teen by black teens. Black people seem to think that they are victims of white people, constant racism and the police.

What I do know is a lot of people have taken the bait set for them by liberals eager to deflect attention from the atrocious job Obama is doing as President and $4+ gasoline. And you better believe the Trayvon Martin case is just that! Obama and Eric Holder are most certainly racist. Obama, going back to his community organizer days, takes the side of the black person every time. Holder’s record at DOJ sadly speaks for itself in the area of racial justice. And, just as he did in the Louis Henry Gates event, Obama may have to eat his initial words in the Trayvon Martin case.

In regards to the case, AWD has decided to reserve making an opinion until all the evidence comes to light. Just as it did in the Duke Lacrosse case. Being a thug in a hoodie isn’t a death penalty. Nor is defending yourself from being attacked and beaten by a trespasser in your neighborhood. What matters is whether Trayvon Martin attacked and beat George Zimmerman or not. If he did, then Zimmerman was protected by law to use deadly force. If Martin did not attack Zimmerman and Zimmerman faked his injuries, then Zimmerman will be found guilty. It’s as simple as that. And all the vitriol being spewed by both sides will not matter one bit. Guilty or not guilty is what matters. Thug or no thug doesn’t. The truth will come out.

I realize I will anger a lot of people on both sides with this post. But I refuse to be a pawn in the leftists political drama to stir up racial hatred and deflect the disaster zone Obama has created. Leftists know Obama is in deep crap and needs every black vote in the voting booth this year. Perhaps, by stirring up a race war, leftists believe independent and/or conservative blacks will feel closer to the black side if there is enough vitriol and pull the lever for Obama.

We know this entire brouhaha is a sham. The racist extortionists like Sharpton don’t care about this case. Blacks kill other blacks by the thousands each year across America and not a word is said. White on black crime is nearly non-existent. This is all about furthering the leftist agenda and creating havoc. Don’t take the bait. Let the police, evidence and court decide the case. We have much bigger fish to fry in November. And those fish are the leftists who have brought America and our Constitution to their knees.

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  1. Dont be the next Reginald Denny, just because the correct investigation and the correct sentence or lack there of may be reached, does not mean that the hoods wont use it as another excuse to riot

    Obamas civilian force

    • El Isleño says:

      How slanted is that to use a pic when Martin was 12 years old, and a terrible pic of Zimmerman! BIG DIFFERENCE! A lot can change a man in 5 years. Moreover, Martin’s parents say don’t judge him by his drug habits or his expulsion from school. But they’re happy to point out Zimmerman’s brushes with the law. The Libtards don’t want justice! They thrive on racism…against the whites. I’ve never seen the term “White Hispanic”. (Should we call Hussein a White Kenyan?) They Left is always trying to woo the Hispanics…but when necessary, UNDER THE BUS WITH US! I find it difficult to believe Hispanics, Catholics, and Jews, amongst BHO’s other enemies, can re-elect this Racist-in-Chief! Gracias Amigos (from an Angry White Hispanic Dude)

  2. We have much bigger fish to fry in Nov. indeed, unfortunately…the left have plans to use race as a huge issue come Nov. too…handwriting is on the wall.

    As I’ve said before, this will all backfire on them…we shall prevail!


    The leftists news media is going to push this incedent until their riots in the streets and Obama declares MARTIAL LAW cancils the election and proclaims himself DICTATOR for LIFE

  4. patthemick says:

    Ok IMO what we have here is classic lazy journalism. Some reporter got a phone call that some guy named Goerge Zimmerman had shot an urban youth. He/she immediately went into white guilt mode when he/she heard the name George Zimmerman knowing that you’re allowed to vilify whites defending themselves regardless of how justified.
    The embarassing surprise is that George Zimmerman is a member of a protected group called hispanics but they had already gone with the story so they simply refer to him as white and hope nobody looks at his picture. This of course brought out the race hustlers and their thinly veiled threats of unrest to extort donations from their supporters and if possible a lawsuit from Zimmerman.
    Zimmerman is lucky he has a witness and identifiable injuries that back his story. What really burns me up though is if this was unjustified we would be hearing about how evil racist white folks are just looking to kill minorities and we are about 5 minutes from donning robes and hanging minorities. Black on white crime occurs 100’s of times a day and the media never calls these actions a hate crime. We have a few white scumbags a year commit crimes and they accuse every white person of being the grand kleagle of the kkk.

  5. I want to see due process of law. If Zimmerman is guilty, fine. If not, fine. I’m done giving a damn about either at this point.
    A while ago, Fluke or whatever her name was, became the left’s martyr, now it’s Martin. Same shit, different day.

  6. Fair enough. I guess we all have different things that really push our buttons. There are some topics here that others get really worked up over while I don’t. In this situation, seeing how the media and liberals and pretty much all politicians are trying to crucify Zimmerman for political gain and other pathetic motives really is something that infuriates me. MProbably has to do with experiences each of us have had in life.

    I would like to comment on the interest in whether Martin was or wasn’t a thug. The significance of that fact isn’t to say that it impacts Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt. It was either self-defense or it wasn’t. The character of Martin is an issue because the media and Martin’s family made it one by portraying him as Urkle and Zimmerman as Charles Manson.

    The point of exposing Martin’s background isn’t to prove Zimmerman’s innocence or guilt. It’s to show the intentional bias of the media and expose the lies of the likes of Sharpton.

    • Also, I would say that I think it’s inaccurate to compare the two opposing camps as though they are behaving the same (i.e. the “vitriol” comment).

      I obviously can’t claim impartiality, but I think there’s a big difference. One side is protesting and demanding the summary sentencing (and even execution) of an individual who has not even been charged with a crime and threatening and encouraging violence if their demands are not met. Even the less zealous are demanding federal intervention and blaming all whites for the event. The other side is trying to refute and expose the lies and spin of the media and those who wish to encourage racial tensions.

      I’ve not personally seen any comments saying that Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence is irrelevant because of or dependent upon the type of person Martin was. What people appear to be doing is trying to bring some sanity and common sense back into the situation and dispel everyone’s media-inspired fantasy which is absolutely at odds with even the small portion of the facts we do know.

      We may not have enough facts to know for certain what happened that night, but we know more than enough facts to know that Sharpton, the liberals, the MSM, and the politicians are feeding the public a lie. Unless we completely disregard the information from local authorities, we know, for example, that Jesse Jackson is lying when he and his goons (as of today) tell their followers that Zimmerman executed Martin, shooting him in the back of the head.


      • And one last thought. I’ve seen a lot of comments about just letting the system work and letting justice take its course. Technically, though it already had. Unless the local authorities were in some way negligent or intentionally tampering or something, things already took their course. Zimmerman was taken into custody and interviewed (multiple times from the sound of it), witnesses were interviewed, and the event was investigated.

        The authorities’ opinion was that the evidence and witness testimony backed Zimmerman’s account and that the situation was a case of self-defense. What we are seeing now is that angry mobs and irresponsible politicians and selfish journalists have demanded and forced further investigation while the media tells everyone what happened and how it’s all about race. And what if the next level of justice agrees with the police? This whole thing doesn’t really seem ike justice just taking its course.

        I’ve even seen it frequently repeated that we just need to wait until after the federal investigation is complete, but should we be asking why there is even a federal investigation? All of these higher investigations and task forces and junk are all because this has been unanimously labeled a white-on-black hate crime.

  7. pics from this street thug’s myspace page….you need to see this one


    more proof Trayvon Martin was a gang banger and street thug….and President Obama says “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin”

    He should be so proud

    • Thats not even the right Trayvon..if you are going to use a photo, at least find a photo of Trayvon from FL…smh

    • Dernnis Lassiter says:

      I think people are so ignorant, read articles and understand it before you reply. Obama is not the reason why things are going bad, this stuff was done the eight years that Bush number 2 was in the office. Also, I can’t believe that some people are so ignorant they overlook the facts, especially Obama a racist, hey stupid his mom is white as well as his sister, and he have mad bad decision but this gas thing isn’t his fault go back to 92, Bush Sr. And for that silly statement about Obama and if he had a son he didn’t say he would look like Trayvon, but he said that if he would have worn a hoodie, get the facts. You can’t justify, the way blacks are treated and are killed just because the way they look or who they are. I will not get into that race thing but speak something that is relevant to the situation. How many times do you see a white person in the news getting killed by the Police, not many. It’s just seems to me that some white people think that all blacks are trouble and a criminal which is not the case. Attack Obama all you want he didn’t pull that trigger Zimmerman, and he called him a coon and he’s Hispanic????????
      Everyone thinks they are superior to black people but it’s time to wake up. And for the idiot that said witness showed up and it seem to back up Zimmerman, go on Anderson 360 and hear what the two that media is trying to keep off the TV. They said Zimmerman had Trayvon face first in the ground after he shot and it was not self-defense and guess what they were white and hispanic. Furthermore the 911 tape revealed Zimmerman saying that he look like he’s up to no good, he hadn’t did anything he just look like he was about to do something, come on stop making excuses he committed first degree murder and he will get his either way it goes because God is in control not none of us. GET FACTS BEFORE SPEAKING!!!!!

      • blue eyed devil says:

        LOL and YOU where there? YOU know what really happened? Give me a break… I guess eye witnesses are only credible when they say what you want to hear. Thats typical… IM NOT surprised. Have you ever asked yourself why the Media wanted to call Zimmermann white so badly? Huh? Be honest…does he really look white to you? LOL I dont think so…. and as far as you projecting that Zimmermann called him a coon… well, I lost count how many times I have heard blacks call each other the “N” word… so why the outrage? They have no respect for themselves….fact

        Deny the FACTS all you want… black on black crime is at epidemic proportions but no outrage from the poverty pimps and race hustlers who are self appointed leaders of the black community… WHY? Because they really DONT care about black folks. Race is nothing more than political capital for bigoted white liberals and thier darling pets like Jackson and Sharpton. I truly feel sorry for good black folks that have to remain silent about these things or be labled an “uncle tom”

        YOU complain about blacks being portrayed as criminals in one breath but fail to acknowledge that the way they treat each other is a symptom of why they are viewed this way. Sorry pal.. aggressive behaviour can give you a bad reputation. I live in an area that is about 70% black and nearly everynight you see shootings in “those areas” I dare not go unless I want trouble. Lets not forget recent events.. beat whitey night in Iowa, flash mobs in Philidelphia, “polar bear” hunting at Wisconsin state fair, etc.. and the list could go on just view this site. SO not only have blacks killed and attacked each other they have decided to attack whites just for being white… useless violent behavior for the sake of being violent… just like wild animals.

        I have no respect for ANYONE that does not have respect for themselves… so rant all you want. For the record.. I have not said wether Zimmermann is guilty of murder or not.. but I do have to laugh at the hypocrisy of blacks and thier white masters in DC ( democrats ) who have no empathy when blacks kill each other on a daily basis. If it wasnt so tragic it would be laughable. One thing is for sure, I WONT be a victim

  8. *sigh*…


  9. xstormbringerx says:

    One good thing has come out of this inadvertently.

    The Kony crap was still going strong even after the Jason Russell masturbation incident.

    As soon as this psy-op gained steam via the controlled MSM the Kony circus died down, or lost almost all momentum.

    Somehow, I believe that the military will be used in Africa yet but am unsure which current scandal this Trayvon incident is being used to cover-up, maybe numerous scandals

    I want to remind people of the Bernie Madoff scandal a few years ago, while the press and people’s attention was pinned on Madoff and his damage by the time the smoke cleared no one seemed to notice, or even care, that his crimes were nothing compared to the monumental bank heist going on at the very same time with the Fed handing out trillions to their criminal cohorts around the world. Which story made big news and which didn’t?

    This case smelled rotten from the beginning and the stink is barely hiding the odor of something much worse.

  10. AWD, stop it you are making too much sense. How can people
    get all riled up if you are asking them to wait for the facts
    to come out before rushing to judgment.

    • Eek: As the co-host of a christian internet radio show, we’ve
      been covering these Leftist douchebags for nearly four years
      now. We’ve come to the conclusion that calmer heads simply
      won’t prevail because the Left plans to keep fanning the flames
      of racism until you will see rioting on your city streets followed
      by a declaration of martial law. And I think you already how
      that’s going to work out.

      Sad thing is, these same Leftist douchebags don’t give a
      damn about this boy. All they want is a solid diversion to
      cover their hidden agenda. Do you recall all the hype
      that surrounded Michael Jackson’s death, (2009) the
      Tiger Woods scandal, (2010) the Casey Anthony trial,
      (2011) and now the Martin-Zimmermann case. these are
      all major diversions designed to steer you away from the

      We’ll be covering this and other topics on We’ve Got Your
      Answer, which airs Wednesday nights at 6:45 PM EDT.
      Give us a listen at:
      Or give us a call at our online studio at: 1-712-432-3900,
      access code: 929-728. Hope to see you there!

      • blue eyed devil says:

        AMEN Thats what I have been saying… race is nothing more than political capital. If they REALLY cared about black folks so much they would protest the way they treat each other on a nightly basis but since that doesnt fit the narrative of “victimology” not a peep from these race baitors… Im so disgusted with it all

  11. captainmike says:

    The Trayvon Martin story is just another sidesow to take our eye off of the ball. The real story that everyone should be looking at is Obama’s open mic comment to the Russian, indicating that he’s ready to sell out Eastern Europe and ultimately the U.S. The comment”after my election, I’ll have more flexibility” is doubly chilling. The implication here is that he seems awfully confident that he will be re-elected. Brings to mind Stalin’s quote…”those who cast the votes don’t decide elections, those who count the votes do.” We know that he is a lying, cheating, anti-American, traitorous renegade so why should we expect him to play by the rules.

    • blue eyed devil says:

      Well, what really bothers me aside from the arrogance to declare himself already elected is the obvious suggestion that if he tried to do what he wants NOW concerning “missle defense” in Europe that it would cause him political problems ( against the will of the American people thus costing him the election ) so he must wait till after the election to do as he wishes against our will and we cant do anything about it…. I am afraid to even speculate what other plans he has in store to weaken our country if he is re-elected. We will see his “true” marxist face if this happens and it WILL be the end of this country.

      • Yeah its kinda of funny that everything is gonna happen after he gets reelected. What was it Chris Rock said? He’s gonna get Gangsta. Hey Israel wait till after the election to attack Iran, Russia wait we’ll talk after…. Hey UN we’ll take care of those pesky privately owned guns a little later…. but wait there’s even more….

      • captainmike says:

        Excellent point. I don’t watch the MSM but I wonder if this comment has gotten any air time.

        A while back I heard something about him wanting to or actually implementing a plan to reduce our nuclear arsenal. Anyone heard anything about that?

  12. blue eyed devil says:

    Is it just me or have the trolls gone into hiding over this… must have ran out of arguments against FACTS and REASON. Normally they get on here and chime in with thier race baiting and pandering drivel but……. where are they? I kinda miss the laughable things they say. I speculate that they have no argument for the fact that blacks kill each other every day at epidemic rates yet no coverage from the media… which only exposes thier so called concern for black folks as insincere at best and illuminates the fact that race is nothing more than political capital for them.

    Im amazed how easily “bamboozled” blacks are by the bigoted liberals and who pretend to champion thier causes and the self serving pets of said liberals like Sharpton and Jackson who do nothing more than stir the pot at thier masters bidding to prevent themselves from having to look for a real job like thier “brothern” they pretend to care so much about….. hypocrites! ALL of them

  13. Death to Libtards says:

    America will be truly “post racial” when and only when we hold Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farakhan (nee Wolcott) in the same contempt as we do David Duke, Tom Metzger, and Robert Chambliss. Can anyone explain to me the difference between the Rainbow Coalition and the NAAWP? How about the National Action Network and White Aryan Resistance? The Nation of Islam and the KKK? If anyone dares mention “violence” I swear I’ll throw up on the keyboard. Taken as a whole, this coverage puts a glaring spotlight on the hypocrisy of the liberals, the lamestream media, and the professional race baiters of America (Gawd I’m being redundant here). Also consider that the decision to charge “hate” crimes is made by elected DA’s like Mike “Duke Lacross case” Nifong. He was pandering to the militant blacks and the white liberals who support them.

  14. Hispanic the new “White meat”.

  15. “Blacks kill other blacks by the thousands” but its just not enough to curb the thug mentality.

  16. The media is at fault because they politicize just about every issue and topic imaginable. It’s hard to believe that this was once a respectable industry whose initial aim was to alert the general public of the most current issues affecting our society.

    Today, in our emotionally driven culture, we have a bunch of diabolical liberals who hold key executive positions within various industries, influencing the public into placing way too much time and energy into getting in tune with our feelings, while being forced to adopt some form of personal guilt towards the ethnic sensitivities of blacks and other “special interest groups”!

  17. Off-Topic – Has anyone else had problems getting on here this morning…get posts to post and such?

  18. It will be a while before we know exactly what led up to Zimmerman gunning down ‘Lil Skittles. While we don’t know the facts surrounding the shooting, we are being inundated with the usual suspects, (NBPP, DOJ, Al, Jesse, Barry, etc.), fanning the flames. The most butt chapping to me is Revrum Al jetting down to Fla., likely on MSNBC’s dime, and switching from “news” reporter in front of their cameras, to civil rights activist in front of other cameras. Disgusting!

  19. You’re a wise man AWDude. Simular to this one…

    “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city” (Proverbs 16:32)

    There are too many emotional children in today’s world.

    My multiple posts on this story were made with knowledge taken from the rumor mills. Point taken.

  20. Hi$ mom recovered quickly enough to $eek trademark$ on Trayvon’$ name. Notice the Obama 2012 hoodie came surprisingly on the market today. Gotta make it while you can. These folks are enough to give cold & calculating a bad name.

  21. Registered Dem Killed Trayvon

    • Yeah…just heard that on Rush.

      But hey…don’t tell the msm!

      • Glad that Limbaugh mentioned it.

        Also I assumed Martin’s mother’s accusation that “they” killed her son and are now trying to destroy his reputation was in response to the reports of drugs and suspensions and theft.

        It sounds like she was objecting to the publication of the narrative of Martin confronting and attacking Zimmerman and the fact that the evidence and witnesses support it.

        • Right…she’s not a ‘Happy-Camper’ whatsoever.


          I’m not heartless…but I’ve had it with all of this bull from the left and the msm.

          • And it’s terribly sad because it really looks like she’s more concerned about the whole circus than her son.

            She and Sharpton and all the rest don’t really seem to have anything they can point to which supports their narrative. As I mentioned before, these over-the-top articles (on respected news sites) telling how Zimmerman went out hunting for the sole purpose of finding a black man to shoot and executed Martin while he was begging for his life never link to the police report or the 911 tapes or witness accounts or anything.

            Even if we say that Zimmerman is lying (reasonable assumption), and assume that the witnesses are lying, and assume that the police are lying; there still hasn’t been anything come to light which supports the widely-accepted version of events.

    • WHAT, WHAT? A registered Democrate gun owner, now thats a conundrum! There’s a tear in the universe developing.

  22. Thank you very much for this article. Finally, cooler and collective heads have prevailed to write this unbiased piece. I try to stay in the middle and wait for the case to be finalized (except on Casey Anthony), but its hard. Especially, when some of your close friends are spewing Trayvon Martin petitions, ‘tea party killing America (Stand Your Ground laws)’, and other propaganda around.

    I am tempted to present ‘facts’ to them, but this would only draw out the dilemma, not solve it. In the meantime, I will just do the best that I can to research and educate myself about the topics and stay in the know. This is how I came across this site and I’m glad I did.

    Thanks again and keep informing the public.

  23. I guess my feelings and the motive for my actions on ths situation can be summed up as follows:

    I’m not trying to prove Zimmerman innocent. I’m trying to prove Sharpton guilty, and CNN guilty, and MSNBC guilty, and Obama guilty, etc.

  24. Bloodless Coup says:

    AWD is the voice of reason on this one. It’s time for a judge and a jury to decide if deadly force was justified or not.

  25. dead thug,good thug, one less parasite
    this might be harsh but the truth some times is.

  26. AWD said: “Blacks kill other blacks by the thousands each year across America and not a word is said. White on black crime is nearly non-existent.”

    And THIS is what completely mystifies me. Why not even media ACKNOWLEDGEMENT about this????????????????????????????

  27. “Trayvon,” the movie. Directed by George “Red Tails” Lucas.

  28. Turns out Spike Lee was sending his hit squads to the wrong house…

    Fueling the Fire: Stewart Declares Zimmerman Guilty

    Obama, Left Poison Zimmerman Jury Pool

    • Spike(i don’t know if i’ve mentioned it, but i’m BLACK you know) Lee, will no doubt get an easy ride regarding this matter, whilst the poor people of this address may haveto deal with hate mobs or worse for maybe months to come,maybe i’m wrong but i get the feeling it’s because Spike Lee just so happens to be from a certain ethnic background.

      I have always detested this asshole, he hasto be the worlds worst purveyor when it comes to psychological projection, he’s unable to view any issue except in terms of race(always his own),i’m so glad Clint Eastwood told this guy where to go,’always do the right thing’ eh Spike, a bit of your own advice wouldn’t go a miss! What a spiteful little man he is.


    • Believe that it has been reported that the photo of the young man with the stocking cap is not Trayvon Martin.

      “We made a mistake,” the site said in a post that later ran beneath the photo. “The photo on the right is not of the Trayvon Martin who was shot by Zimmerman. We apologize to our readers and to the Martin family.”

  29. How Many Crimes Did the New Black Panthers Commit in Florida?

    Interesting side point from that article that might come into play in the actual shooting:

    “Florida has an oddball law which may play a role as the facts of the Trayvon Martin case become clearer. Florida Code 843.20 is a criminal provision titled “Harassment of participant of neighborhood crime watch program.” It makes it a misdemeanor to threaten or intimidate a member of a neighborhood crime watch program “while such member is engaged in. . . an organized neighborhood crime watch program activity.” The law says that a neighborhood patrol includes a “crime watch program activity.” Of course, Zimmerman was on his neighborhood crime watch patrol when the tragic incident occurred.”

  30. Hey AWD I just realized something. You deleted some comments of mine from early this morning. Was there a problem with them or did they get lost in the Etherverse when the site was down?
    In around about way I was trying to make a point about stereotyping, and I don’t rcall that I cursed or was racist. What I said about myself was also truthful. Just wondering. I really do like KFC extra crispy. In fact I had some for lunch,ssshhh don’t tell my cardiologist.

    • Al, wasn’t me.


    • Sure as heck wasn’t me either…heck, I could barely get in here and stay here for many hours…I was lucky to get something posted and answer a few others who replied since I went to bed and post a few new posts.

      That’s weird!

      • No its not weird, once I figured out that I brain farted. Do I owe you 50 too,Big? Could be a long night.

        • Huh? You’ve lost me here…but you’ve got me laughing! 😉

          • Hey Big I made a couple of comments over on the previous blog that AWD did yesterday, and got mixed up and thought that it was this one. Thus I was going to give AWD 50 push ups for screwing up. A usual punishment when a soldier screws up.

          • Snake Oiler says:

            The Trayvon Martin farce. Every news outlet in the country should be charged with criminal negligence in their attempts to incite violence with their appallingly biased and sickeningly PC slant. The scumbags doubtless would derive immense satisfaction by fomenting riots, murder, arson, looting of Korean-owned liquor stores (apparently rioting, killing, burning, and looting causes one to work up quite a thirst), etc., so long as they weren’t the ones being killed, burned, or robbed. The crystal clear picture universally presented was of a 12-year-old African American gunned down for jollies by a disheveled, scowling, putatively white guy who was also a Tea Partier, registered Republican, NRA and Ku Klux Klan member, and overweight.
            This thing looks like it’s starting to unravel like a cheap suit. Does anyone remember The Duke Rape Hoax? Jena 6? Tawana Brawley? Eh? Eh?

            “…The media does not report news, it creates it…” – Jerry Rubin

            I feel much better now.

          • “Does anyone remember The Duke Rape Hoax? Jena 6? Tawana Brawley? Eh? Eh?”

            I rememer the 2008 presidential election hoax on the American people, does that count?

  31. All I know is if the newspapers reported every black on white crime or harassment our newspapers would be a thick a phonebooks. Seems like they want to stir up white on black animosity even when its not there. MSM trying to stir up a race war?

    • blue eyed devil says:

      BINGO! yes they are! The MSM are puppets for those who want total government control and the destruction of our country… starting a race war is the easiest way to bring about “martial law” and UN involvement. Blacks are the easiest to incite to violence. Seems thier plan is working. Soon they will disarm all of us for “security” and “safety” reasons… it has been thier plan all the long.

      “Fear the Government that fears your gun”

  32. Swamp Music says:

    He doesn’t look that scary in the second pic either.

    Kind of middle of the road, huh Dude?

    I commented on this on a another thread. Fortunately, Trayvon is not able to tell his side of the story so speculation can run it’s course. I just hope that nobody here happens to run into a ‘George Zimmerman’ while out on a nice evening stroll.

    What would you do if some unidentified person started following you in the middle of the night?

  33. From a political perspective, Obama should have never have involved himself, yet again, in a polarizing racial issue. Every time he weighs in on these hot-button issues, he reminds Mom and Dad that he is a black community activist who can chase an ambulance as fast as the Two Reverends. He’s supposed to be post-racial and instead he’s right in there chanting. This is because of Michelle and Valerie, who are anything but post-racial, and the Two Davids who are both communists.

  34. The stage is set for riots. The media has driven home the narrative of a sweet innocent Black boy gunned down in cold blood by a White racist. Zimmerman will have to be tried, and he will be found “Not Guilty” because he acted in self defense, even without the “Stand your Ground” law. On top of that, Zimmerman’s father is a Jewish judge.
    What is going to happen when Zimmerman is found “Not Guilty?” Be prepared to defend yourselves, your families, and your neighbors.

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:


      Exactly what I’ve been saying… If Zimmerman is found innocent by overwhelming evidence, the blacks will still riot and my prediction… the riots will be huge. Better not be caught in any area which is more than fifty percent black when the verdict comes down.

  35. Good article about profiling with a brief mention of the Martin/Zimmerman situation:
    “Blacks and Muslims who face the insults of being profiled might direct their anger toward those who’ve made blacks and crime synonymous and terrorism and Muslims synonymous.”

    On a side-note, can anyone explain to me why the average white person seems to so desperately want to believe that whites are racist? It’s as though the majority of white people want so much to believe what Sharpton and Jackson are peddling. Reading a lot of comments about the Martin shooting, you get the impression that many people want the Sharpton narrative to be true.

  36. Lead Detective in Trayvon Case Wanted to Charge Zimmerman

    “But Corey hinted that Zimmerman could be charged, and she might even bypass the Seminole County grand jury that is scheduled to be convened on April 10. “It’s possible that we’ll just make a decision without the grand jury,” she said.

    Corey insisted that her decision will not be based on political or community pressure. “The only commitment I made to our governor is that I will determine the facts and give Trayvon Martin’s family the answers they deserve,” she told the Times. “But we want to give them complete answers.”

    Skipping the grand jury would sort of give the impression that she’s was bowing to pressure, IMO. Or maybe the evidence makes it unnecessary.

  37. “Elderly couple forced out of home after tweet claims killer of Trayvon Martin lives there”

  38. “MSNBC’s Convenient Ellipses Make Zimmerman Look Racist”

    Not only did Zimmerman not equate Martin’s skin color with his looking suspicious; he didn’t even initiate the comment. It was simply a response to the police dispatcher. What the full quote does seem to make certain is that at that period in time, Zimmerman wasn’t even positive as to what race Martin was. He was speculating based upon what he could determine at night in the rain to answer the police dispatcher.”

  39. “NBC News Bullies, Berates, Belittles Zimmerman Friend Joe Oliver”

  40. Does anyone recall these two worthless pieces of white trash………., for starters?????????

    Or this………………..

    Or this……………

    Or perhaps this…………

    I could go on and on and on and on………………….. Just tell me where to stop.

    ps: I see that Lil’ Skittles mama has chosen to trademark phrases that have become rioting, I mean rallying cries for her deceased son. Now that is classy and oh so loving. Who knew junior was worth more dead than alive…………..?

  41. AWD states – “Or he could have been an angel as the media and blacks believe”.

    Sorry pal, I’m not going there. This kid was a bad egg and screw these people who try to say otherwise. I grew up in the streets of Philly. This black SOB was no babe in the woods. He was just what he called himself, a nigga.

    Yes, 4$ gas, Obama destroying our military and our national defense along with our economy are there and they will not be forgotten, yet with all of that these attacks going on against us, this is still not some side diversion. This is a call for war against white people and their families. Spike Lee should be in prison along with the NAACP, and Black Panthers both new and old. This nation is at war. In fact we no longer are a nation. We have no demographic ties and we we no longer have a constitution to bind us together. America as we once knew it, is dead. Forever.

  42. Like you I will wait till all the evidence is shown to make a decision. But it is getting old how this is getting all the media attention and the white kid getting burned got zero. It is also convenient this is all brought up after a month of all this happen after they have what seems like removed and cleaned up all the recent pictures of this kid and all we see is the baby-face kid at 10. No kid deserves to die even if he was stealing but how the media and the black community is overhyping this single case while white kids and even black kids are getting murdered everyday by blacks which a lot of the black on white crime is definitely racial motivated but they are never charged for hate crimes. Has a black person ever been charged with a hate crime?

  43. Every time I lose hope in the ignorance and hopelessness of mankind a visit here always restores it. Thanks AWD, you and your followers are such blessings.

  44. Wow, I kinda’ agree with you Angry White Dude. We don’t really know what happened and we may never.

    Race aside, as a mother it saddens me to hear of any child being harmed or killed. I’ll be the first to admit, it’s hard for me to reserve judgment when it comes to kids. I still fantasize about meeting Casey Anthony in a dark alley.

    P.S. I’m still black so have at me.

  45. Do why is it in your mind a black kid visiting his family is a trespasser?

  46. Zinkzombee says:

    Don’t Believe the Corrupt Liberal Media(CLM) ! From the get-go the CLM has painted Martin aka “Lil Skittles” as an angelic 12 year old choirboy. Information on him is slowly leaking out to the contrary. Rampant Black on white crimes across this country are whitewashed by the CLM that often censors the race of the perp and/or the victims in crime stories, in order to hide the extent of black on white violent crime.
    Everyday blacks commit hate crimes against whites. While blacks make up 13% of the population they commit 85% of the crimes between blacks and whites. The standard black race baiters and black hate groups are trying to stir up racial tension and violence. White and Hispanic folks need to be prepared if black violence escalates.

  47. How many of the 31 9-11 calls by zimmerman were about suspicious white men? How many break in had there been in the neighborhood? Tra
    Trayvon was were he was supposed to be but Zimmerman was not. He had no business in the complex following anyone.
    HOw much time passed before he was diagnosed with a broken nose and cut on his head did not warrant even a bandage or gloves by police.
    How was Zimmerman able to excape charges of asualting a cop, resisting arrest and two domestic charges? Who had has back and why?
    Zimmerman own words will convict him. These “a**h**** always get away. F******C***. Whether he has head or nose injuries is irrelevant.

  48. Nothing’s changed here A thug assaulted a guy on the streets, who defended himself.One less thug in this world..thank you Zimmerman

  49. Jerry Kimbro says:

    Hi AWD,

    Been a while! You may not know it- but I live in Florida so I feel
    Personally connected to the Trayvon Martin case. Until it happened
    I had NO IDEA howhateful and racist blacks are down here!
    My folks are poor and country- but we were still raised to treat blacks
    With equality and respect. Like every good white boy I was taught
    We are all Americans and as a Christian, my pastor tells me that
    Jesus loves us all.
    The public schools down here began bussing little white kids to
    Ghetto black schools back in the early 1970s – and we were all
    Supposed to love each other! But what the hell? Since this whole
    mess started I have heard blacks talking and acting like Whitey was
    still segregating them-like it was still 1965 or some kinda shit.

    It’s a sad revelation to me to know that blacks will never be
    Happy and are still taught. It’s all the white mans fault! And that it’s okay
    For blacks to feel this way! Florida is a hotbed of black racism!
    And that makes me as a native Floridian feel very sad and angry!

    If they do riot down here- God knows how ugly it may get.