Well, my mellow has not really been harshed, it’s just that I’ve been in a funk after learning about Andrew. That’s “funk” and not my regular high level of funky. Andrew’s passing made me do some introspection today. I’m going to change a few things in the Big Sexy’s life. Because it can be taken so fast.

I was going to write on those little bug-humping Chinese bastids turning off the internet to the Pentagon and taking total control of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory….but I just can’t bring myself to get worked up over it. But I do feel bad that the Joint Chiefs of Staff couldn’t read Angry White Dude today. Believe me, those PC tools need this blog as part of their everyday diet! One thing that’s clear is those Chinese propeller-heads know our computer systems better than we do! I have an idea. Why not just take the internet out of highly secure buildings so those little yellow dog-eaters can’t hack in? I know, that would make too much sense! Well, if those communist yellow varmints are going to hack into all things internet over here, they might as well give AWD free Showtime or something!

I don’t know what I’m going to do to get cheered up. I’ve tried peeing on my neighbor’s car…the one with Obama 2012 stickers….and that didn’t work. Naah, you know that’s a lie because I live in North Dallas and there are no Obama 2012 bumper stickers here. I could go down to the county dump and shoot some cats…that always makes me feel better…but then I’d probably put PETA out of bidness now that it’s been reported they kill over 95% of all the animals they get. Lord knows we don’t need more on unemployment…I don’t care how great Nancy Pelosi says it is for the economy! Hell, I have a better idea for PETA! They ought to just ship those animals over to China in exchange for not hacking into our computers! Maybe if those Chinese bastids got their fill of sweet and sour cat they’d lose interest in our missile launch codes. Of course, if Hussein wins in November, we won’t have any missiles to have codes for!

Open post time. I know a lot of people have left their thoughts on Breitbart today on AWD but here’s another chance. Or you can post openly without fear of reprisal…unless you truly harsh my mellow. Then there will be more hell than a little bit when I hunt you, find you and kill you.

Music That Doesn’t Suck tonight is a mellow one. It was written by one of my favorite songwriters, one Guy Clark of Texas. It’s performed by the great Lyle Lovett, also of Texas. You can fast forward past the talking and to the singing. I was on the plane this afternoon and this popped up on my iPod. I had forgotten how much I like this song. Hope you will too.

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  1. Jack Daniels says:

    I remember when I use to have time to just sit back and listen to good music, lost in my thoughts.

    It’s 5:45 am, and found the time to listen to this….nice.

    Thanks AWD

  2. AWD–
    In agreement with Jack. Good tune for 6 a.m.
    I hope AB’s family will find strength in knowing how much he meant to so many Patriots. We sorely need many more like him.
    RIP Andrew..

  3. Amen brothers. Though I overslept this morning and I’m listening to it at 6:13 AM…but great music even at this late hour.

    Andrew Brietbart, we hardly knew ye. Rest in peace.

  4. AWD–
    Gotta dedicate this one to AB. A bit chaotic, but with purpose. A bit like the way I envisioned Breitbart. I remember asking you one time what he was like. This song reminded me of that conversation. I will toss a flower in the ocean for him today.


  5. I may be crazy but I believe TPTB whacked him.

  6. Bloodless Coup says:

    People Are Beggining To Wonder Was Breitbart Assassinated?

    See this article on the Gulag Bound Website

    IMMEDIATE QUESTIONS Arise on Breitbart Death, Chemically Induced Heart Attacks Possible

    This article includes a video tape that decribes a dart gun that was developed by the CIA which shoots poison darts which dissolve and can cause the target to have a heart attack without leaving any evidence behind.


  7. Now if we could only get this thru the Senate…


    We know we’ll have to wait until we retake power in ’13…and we will.

  8. Here is a fantastic ad concerning Dear Leader

    Go to Hell Barack


  9. Here’s a little something that should help anyone in a funk:


    I know nothing sparks me up like hearing about a guy popping a thug with a 9mm. I’m guessing the whole neighborhood will be thug-free for a while.

  10. Bwhahahahhahahahahahaha Here is a hearty farewell to the piece of sh!t.

    Another piece of sh!t bites the dust…the world just became a better place.

    As Al “the revrum” Sharpton would say….Celebrate We Much

  11. The libtards want to boycott Rush Limbaugh – they are going after his advertisers

    I say “fu@k them” any advertiser that pull their ads is a company that i personally will boycott


    wisdom from the great revrun al sharpton “resist we much”

  12. Snake Oiler says:



    Just remember — the Nanny State will give you “rights” only when it pleases them to do so. When it suspects you may have committed a random act of freedom, they’ll toss any government-granted rights out the window in order to Protect the Children®. God help you if you’re stockpiling Nerf guns and your daughter has a creative streak in class.

    Sounds like a family that may be choosing to home-school in the future, eh?

  13. Snake Oiler says:

    “…Before we start the mayhem….” Bloody hilarious. Why had I not heard of this guy before? And I have heard of everything! (Language alert)


    “…and as always, have nice day!…”

  14. Swamp Music says:

    ‘Hear us now, we ain’t wastin’ time no more…’


    I’ll bet AB dug the ABB.

  15. Snake Oiler says:

    …loud but no too loud just in case the police go to your home. Try to blame somebody else :)…


  16. Did The Obama Crime Machine Kill Breitbart?


  17. Had a major deja vu just now. Twenty bucks the first clip inspired the second.



    • Reminds me of a crazy landman I once worked with who used to say “I’m a sensitive man of the New Milennium, you M—– F—–s! He was a barrel of laughs,when asked to leave a situation said “When you’re being run out of town, act like you’re leading a parade” Long gone, like Breitbart, but not soon forgotten and often I wonder what he would make of these crazy times we’re living in.

  18. Hey There Angrywhitedude,
    Thanks, on a related note, One of the most outspoken and effective whistleblowers for conservatism is dead of heart attack at a much too young age. Autopsy might indicate foul play. I am suspicious. How about you?
    Nice One!


    Hell has a special place for liberals its called THE LAKE OF FIRE and it smells of brimestone

  20. I was not suspicious UNTIL discovering he’d dined in the lair of the SDS/Weatherman Bill Ayers et ux on SuperBowl night. Described as a $2,500 “Potemkin Dinner” in Chicago, a friend of Breitbarts invited him to come along. Breitbart describes the gourmet dinner, in a millionaires apartment with wonderful artworks, bookshelves stocked with literature of every kind, professors and teachers acting as waiters serving fine wines and foods – charming erudites – which is how they, similar to Ariana Huffington, charm the monied folks. Polite, well versed to a T while they serve arsenic in the crudites? O God, O Shenandoah, anything is possible in this crazy upside-down culture we are living in. Give me Lipitor, quick! Let my memory of these times be erased whether or not these radicals win next election!

  21. These Union thugs NEVER stop!


    Civil Rights Act…My Ass!

  22. Bloodless Coup says:

    Jerome Corsi: Breitbart’s Last Contact Was With Sheriff Joe Arpaio