Dear Leader setting foot in Cushing, Oklahoma today daring to act as if he gave the all clear signal for some of the Keystone Pipeline to be built was absolutely one huge horrendous lie…and we all know it! Who does he think he is…how dumb does he think the American people are? I could only take five minutes or less of listening to his non-stop lying. As congressman Joe Wilson stated way back when at one of the State of the Union Addresses….”YOU LIE!”

Rush Limbaugh tore him apart today when it came to each and every lie Dear Leader spewed…here’s the rest of the story via FN:

The Rush Limbaugh Show segment

So Obama could not have stopped this leg of the Keystone pipeline if he’d wanted to.

It was already in place.

He’s simply there… There’s no other way to say it. He’s just glomming onto it. It’s like trying to be present when the Ten Commandments are given at the burning bush and claiming you wrote ’em. I’m almost speechless here with the absolute brazenness of this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama says, “I’ve laid more pipe than any president except Bill Clinton.” That’s where we’re heading with this. The guy who steadfastly opposes drilling for oil and has not issued any permits to speak of, particularly since Gulf oil drilling moratorium — the guy who has made his name opposing the Keystone pipeline — is now out taking credit for it.

And he’s trying to make people believe in this country that the entire Keystone pipeline, today, has just been authorized, and oil is going to be flowing through it. Never has it been more obvious that without the media, Barack Obama would not have a chance. Without the media, Barack Obama would be a national joke. But he has the media. He has the largest propaganda arm that a president has ever had. He has people willing to lie. He has people willing to publish his lies. He has people willing to work with him against the best interests of the people of this country. I’ve been alive 61 years, and I have never seen anything like this. I’m telling you.

There’s always been media bias, and the media were sickeningly slavish to things like Camelot, to JFK and Clinton. But this is unprecedented. I know they carried the water for Clinton for a while with Monica Lewinsky and that whole event, but even they drew some lines there. This has no boundaries. Whatever it takes. The only thing that a president can stop, again, is an international pipeline. In fact, the Keystone XL Pipeline is the first international pipeline that has ever been denied by a president. Keystone is the first international pipeline ever denied!

And he was denying it as recently as Monday. And he was criticizing it as recently as Tuesday. And he was telling people that there was no silver bullet or magic bullet to any new oil in this country however we got it, via drilling or via pipeline. And in a space of less than 48 hours, we have had the equivalent of an atheist become the pope on oil and on energy. The Keystone XL Pipeline is the first time in history a presidential permit for a cross-border pipeline has ever been denied.

And that’s why I think it isn’t gonna be long before Obama starts bragging about how much pipe he’s laid. He’ll start comparing himself to other presidents. “I’ve laid more pipe than any president except Bill Clinton.” He’s gotta throw Clinton in there for credibility. Obama does not control this segment of the pipeline’s permitting process. It also says something about the guy’s character. He’s gonna go out there and take credit for this when people like him would not allow it if they had the chance? Hardworking, private sector Americans have done this to try to overcome the obstacle that he represents and now he’s out taking credit for their work?

Every bit of this is irritating.


RUSH: “In his speech this morning, Obama said, ‘Producing more oil and gas here at home will continue to be a critical part of our energy strategy.'” Will continue to be! This is the guy standing in the way of oil and gas production. This is the guy throwing money away on wind and solar and electric cars. I saw a story earlier this week: “Will the Volt be Obama’s Edsel?” And then I thought: How many people reading that story know what the Edsel is? It “will continue to be a critical part of our energy strategy”? Obama is “producing more oil and gas here at home”?

This is what the Democrats do, folks. This is what the left does. There is no moral core. There’s no concern for truth and there’s no concern for being caught lying, because Obama knows that his number one support group’s not gonna call him on it. The only people who are gonna call him on it are people like me, and they’re not worried about that. They’ve got the AP on their side. They’ve got the Washington Post, the New York Times. They don’t care. But what it indicates is the good news about this: They know how deep the trouble Obama is in. They know how deep it is. They know the problems he’s got.

We have this: 78% of the people following this want the Keystone pipeline, and Obama’s in the 22% opposing it. And his 22% counts for a hundred percent because he can stop it, and he has stopped it. So now he’s out trying to make this little connection between Oklahoma and Texas appear to be the whole thing having been authorized. They’re in deep trouble. They have the support, when you boil it all down, of no more than 30% of people in this country. When you boil it all down, Obama and the Democrats have no more than 30%. Why do they get more votes than that? Well, once again: How many people do you think are going to hear this stuff today and think it’s true?

He lies. The lie is carried forward. It’s amplified, and it’s codified. It has the stamp of journalistic approval on it. It’s “true.” So we’re left to hope that people figure this out on their own, and therein resides the fear that people have for the future of the country. It’s wrapped up right in that whole concept: Will a majority of the American people see through this and understand what we’re dealing with, not just on the oil-gas pipeline issue, but Obama and policy after policy after policy? Health care, you name it. Will the American people finally wake up? Are they waking up? Will they see through it? The 2010 election results say, “Yes, they do.”

Let’s go to the sound bites. Let’s listen to some of this. It’s unbelievable, folks. Incumbent in you listening to this is you must understand that for Obama to go out to Cushing, Oklahoma, and say what he said today — for the AP to write the headlines I shared with you — they must believe that you’re stupid. They are counting on your ignorance. They’re counting on it. They believe you’re stupid anyway. Obama, leftists, Democrats have contempt for self-reliant average Americans anyway. They go into this thinking you’re stupid. But you have to understand that for him to say the things you’re gonna hear him say, the foundation for this is that he believes you’re so stupid and so gullible and so ignorant that you will believe what he says about this.

OBAMA: Today I’m directing my administration to cut through the red tape, break through the bureaucrat hurdles, and make this project a priority, to go ahead and get it done. Now, you wouldn’t know all this from listenin’ to the television set.

RUSH: Stop the tape. I’m sorry, but I can’t let this thing go without stopping it. Cue it back up to the top. “I’m directing my administration to cut through the red tape…” There isn’t any. To the extent that there’s red tape in the Keystone pipeline, it’s his. “I’m directing my administration to cut through the red tape, break through the bureaucrat hurdles…” Who puts them up? Who are the bureaucrats? They’re not private sector people. Bureaucrats, by definition, work for the government. They’re his! “I’m directing my administration to cut through the red tape, break through the bureaucrat hurdles, and make this project a priority…” It already was. It’s almost already done.

Okay, here we go, from the top again.

OBAMA: Today I’m directing my administration to cut through the red tape, break through the bureaucrat hurdles and make this project a priority, to go ahead and get it done. Now, you wouldn’t know all it is from listenin’ to the television set. This whole issue of the Keystone pipeline has generated, obviously, a lot of controversy and a lot of politics. Our experts said that we needed a certain amount of time to review the project. Unfortunately, Congress decided they wanted their own timeline. Not the company, not the experts. But members of Congress who decided this might be a fun political issue, decided to try to intervene and make it impossible for us to make an informed decision.

RUSH: Now, that’s the northern half of the pipeline, again. Remember, what he’s out there taking credit for today was already in the pipeline. It was already in the works. He can’t stop this, and he didn’t have anything to do with approving it. There is no Keystone pipeline, folks. The leg from Canada to the United States is still in limbo. He has not authorized it, and he won’t until after he’s reelected. Now it’s “blame this on Congress.” They wanted it done within a certain amount of time! It’s just all… Every word of this… Whew! I have to find a different way of dealing with this. I have to find a different way of trying to persuade people. I have been doing this for 23 years and these people, they keep getting away with it. Here’s the next bite. Got three more to go. Here’s the next one.

OBAMA: Today we’re making this new pipeline from Cushing to the Gulf a priority. So the southern leg of it we’re makin’ a priority and we’re going to go ahead and get that done. The northern portion of it, we’re gonna have to review properly to make sure that the health and safety of the American people are protected. That’s common sense.

RUSH: Yeah, these pipelines rupture every day, you know. I mean, you heard about the pipeline ruptured yesterday, right? It killed a bunch of snail darters. It seeped onto Highway 70 in Missouri! You shoulda seen the traffic accident. All the cars that slipped off the highway. These pipelines, they rupture every day. You know that, don’t you? We gotta be protecting the people and their safety and health. ‘Cause what’s in that pipe? Oil! That dirty, rotten filthy stuff. Oil. We can’t have that. (muttering)

This is such a crock. Here’s the next bite.

OBAMA: If you guys are talkin’ to your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, your aunts or uncles and they’re wonderin’ what’s going on in terms of oil production, you just tell ’em: Anybody who suggests that somehow we’re suppressin’ domestic oil production isn’t paying attention. I want everybody to understand this: We use 20% of the world’s oil; we only produce 2% of the world’s oil. Even if we opened up every inch of the country, if I put a — an oil rig on the South Lawn; if we had one right next to the Washington Monument; even if we drilled every little bit of this great country of ours — we’d still have to buy the rest of our needs from someplace else if we keep on usin’ the same amount of energy, the same amount of oil.

RUSH: None of that is true, folks. We’ve had documented stories with the facts, this week and last and in previous days, on domestic oil production, and here they are again. Domestic oil production on privately owned land where Big Oil has its rigs and smaller oil companies have their rigs, that oil production is way up. Oil production on federally owned lands is near an all-time low because that’s what he has ordered. In addition there are no permits being granted for private sector firms to go drill for, find, explore, whatever, oil on federally owned lands. The third thing is, with shale oil and its discoveries in the Northern Plains of this country, we now have more oil.

This 2% has been blown out of the water, too. We now have, accessible to us, more oil than Saudi Arabia. We now have, accessible to us, more than the Saudis! I had the news from the Investor’s Business Daily; they got it from the Oil Institute. We have enough oil in the lower 48 — well, let’s count Alaska in this — to provide enough oil at current annual consumption rates to power this country for over 200 years. That’s how much oil we have. We wouldn’t have to buy any. We wouldn’t have to import any. He’s very sensitive to this charge about oil production being down, and he ought to be because it is down on land that he has control of.

(impression) “You guys talking to your friends and neighbors, coworkers, and you tell ’em anybody suggests somehow we’re suppressing domestic oil, they don’t pay attention!” See, Mr. President, your problem is we are paying attention, and we know how you’re making all this up. We know where the oil is being produced in this country and where it’s being stifled by you. Come on, folks. You know that just two days ago, and every day prior to that, this man has opposed oil with every fiber of his existence. He’s opposed getting more of it; he’s opposed finding more of it. He is opposed to using it.

Now with a Gallup poll showing 78% of the American people paying close attention to this want the Keystone pipeline, guess who’s making it happen? When he isn’t. That’s right. Our brave, courageous president — up against such mean people as Rush Limbaugh — is overcoming profound obstacles put in his way by mean people like Rush Limbaugh. Yep! That’s what he’s fighting. He’s doing it for you. I tell you, his logic here is just laughable. More oil won’t help? Or it will? Which is it? This is shifting now by the hour! On the one hand, he says, “We can get all the oil that we have, and we would still have to buy some.”

On the other hand, he’s out there trying to take credit for the Keystone pipeline ’cause we need more oil. If all the oil we have would not change the equation, why? What’s the whole point of this? More oil won’t help, but he’s gotta go out to Oklahoma to take credit for getting more oil. How is this possible? Now, according to the Heritage Foundation, “Oil and gas production on federal lands under Obama is down by more than 40% compared to ten years ago. And the year 2010 had the lowest number of onshore leases issued since 1984. And the Obama administration has held only one offshore lease sale in 2011.” None this year.

Dear Leader…the American people know they price we’re paying each and every day from our gas pumps to our grocery stores…and you’re going to pay our price come November!

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  1. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    People are waking up simply because of the cost at the pump and purchasing a grapefruit for a dollar at the grocery store. Never has America seen such a piece of shit lying president… fumigate the whole White House after this sorry ass president and first lady get booted out come election day.

    • Amen to that!

      • Paul Bonnichsen says:


        Guess I should show a little more respect and use a better choice of words… but this president apparently thinks Americans are just plain stupid… lie after lie, day after day, and every opportunity to trample on the Constitution is seized by this whole administration.

        Obama has done everything possible to cripple small businesses in this country, and small businesses hire approximately 70% of the work force.

        • Paul…

          Worry not…we’ve all had our fill! Spew away…you’re not alone whatsoever. ~ I do it too at times, I’ve had my fill, he’s killing us out here in the real world!

  2. We have less than 8 months to go – only a few months to go – we can hang in there- as hard as that may be, the 8 months will pass and we will have our turn to have at this bastard. Obongo is being exposed every which way he turns – he can’t get away with his fake moves to cover his ass – his going to Oklahoma to say see I love the pipeline – I’m here for you – Its not going to work – …we got him now!!!

    This lying sac-0-shit is now trying to distance himself from Solyndra…He’s claiming Solyndra wasn’t his fault – its the Chinese’s fault….No one is going to believe this lying bastard – we all know – the American people know

    We have less than 8 months and the party will begin – our national nightmare will be over – Obongo will get the boot along with Moochelle and that son-of-a-bitch Eric Holder and the rest of his 32 communist czars

    These past 3 years have bee some of the hardest years we have spent watching what the Left has been doing to our country but we are nearing an end to this nightmare and their end is near – the left has pushed it to far and now its coming to an end – soon it will be time to celebrate and celebrate I will the demise of the left………..Soon very Soon

    • I’m with ya Bluto…

      ‘Celebrate We Much!’…And ‘Much We Will!’

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:


      Now I don’t feel so bad about my language in my opening post at the top of the page. I despise this president and didn’t even feel that way about Clinton when he used the oval office for a whore house.

      • Paul…

        That’s how I feel to via Clintoon vs Dear Leader. I never thought there would be a president I despised more in my life than BJ Clintoon…I was wrong.

  3. You People dont realize how the American public is buying this crap. They are taking it hook line and sinker, they (the american public)dont stay informed like you and I. They dont want to hear the whining about Hussein, they think it is just political hate. I have a lot of relatives and friends who dont have a clue about any of this. The media and Hussein know this and they count on this. We NEED to find better ways of education the public, or this marxist ineligible lier will be in office again. I am scared.

    • If filling up their gas tanks, buying groceries, paying their insurance bills, paying their electric bills etc etc doesn’t wake them up and do it…NOTHING WILL!

      They shouldn’t be allowed to vote! – Unfortunately they are!

    • This cult of personality, regarding Barry Soetoro, has me thinking of how the King of kings had trouble getting through to most minds of His day, as well as up to taday.

      Unless checked by the Laws from our Creator, man’s spirit is evil to no end. Rest easy knowing we have a way out of this mess. If we could only find a way to follow His Law. Barry Soetoro (Obama) makes and follows his own man made laws that will only bring destruction to this world.

      Is it time for Paul Kersey’s Racial Separation? Maybe it’s time for separation from an evil king and his minions, and the things of his world.

      Race has become an issue that confounds everyone today. Most have forgotten the marriage off all races through the surviving family of Noah! We are all brothers and sisters today. Hard to accept? That is why we are having race issues today. Ignorance is no excuse.

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:


      Any other time I would agree with you… most people go about their lives with work, getting the kids off to school, sex one night a week after the kids are in bed… etc., and don’t have the slightest idea what is happening in DC. But in my humble opinion, things are changing fast because numerous individuals are now deciding if they fill the gas tank all the way full or put in half a tank and spend the rest for groceries.

      I don’t know your age or experience in life Dana, or for that fact whether you are female or male… or these days in between – but when people start getting pinched with finances, their habits change. People better take notice of what is happening and it is my belief they are, because if Obama gets re-elected it will take years to correct what he will throw at this country in his second term.

      All I want is for jobs to return to this country which in turn will get the economy back on track, and most importantly, I want our youth to be able to graduate from college and not have to spend months on end trying to find a job.

  4. “A Monster of his OWN Creation” indeed!…

  5. I know it’s late and I’m basically alone here…but speaking of Rush, are you one of the ‘Silent Majority?’ ~

    I know I’m doing all I can to NOT explode….Nov. cannot get here soon enough!

  6. Oh lord…just saw another one.

    Check it out. ~

    I’ve got to get off this subject for awhile and wait until tomorrow to see what ya’ll think. ( I know the time difference with many of us varies a lot.)

  7. Damn Popeyes done run outs of Chicken!!!

  8. YOU LIE, indeed. I can’t take much more of Obama! Any more, in fact! Everything that comes out of his wormy mouth is a bold-faced lie, and what’s worse is he giggles like a schoolgirl and expects us to swallow it!

  9. Check this out…you’re going to love it!


  10. Why does the general public have to give this imposter multiple opportunities to shed his true identity? From day one, this con man had nothing to offer the public except hollow statements written by none other than David Axelrod. Yet, the media and the liberal Democrats are still trying to hold him up as if he were a legitimate leader who will somehow direct our crumbling nation into better days!

  11. Did anyone else catch this last night?

    It’s well worth the time to check it out if you didn’t. ~

  12. Speaking of Rush…for once I agree with what BOR had to say about this ~

    …and this will crack you up…it’s funny as heck- true too.

    In the case of this tweet I’m only talking about the one that comes right up when you click the link- it’s about Rush. ~

  13. Paul Bonnichsen says:


    I know you will go to this… other countries now making fun of pres. Maybe you can work it in on a post down the line.

    • Hey Paul…just saw that on twitter somewhere as well, didn’t check it out yet…but did retweet it because it looked too delicious not to.

      Very glad you put this here, will be checking out your link and Vixen’s from the Santorum thread as soon as I get done making dinner for my main man.

      Much appreciated ~

      • Paul Bonnichsen says:

        When is that main man going to make dinner for you… truth known, he probably spoils you to death.

    • Paul…

      No wonder this is going viral already…we have to do what the msm won’t!

      This is a keeper….hope others check it out. Well worth it!

      Got ‘er tweeted too.

      Thanks…I enjoyed that after getting done in the kitchen.

      They just don’t come any phonier than this POS…Clinton can’t hold a candle to him, I never thought that would be possible when he was in office..boy was I wrong.

      One other thing…you just know the msm knows about usual, they protect their messiah at all costs….

      Now if this was a repub….

    • Paul and all, here’s another example of getting the news from other countries instead of our own…and this is a big one, been going on for days etc.

      Check it out…of course it’s all dems dontcha know. We all know that’s why we hear nary a word.