Well, we knew this was coming…and it’s finally here! Another attempt to halt conservative free speech this time via our military.

Here’s the story via Twitchy:

The U.S. Army Times ran a story on two petitions dealing with Rush Limbaugh:

With more than 21,000 electronic signatures so far on a petition calling for conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh to be banned from the Armed Forces Network radio station, Limbaugh supporters have launched a counter-petition to keep his three-hour show on AFN.

It had just two signatures as of Monday afternoon, but it has been posted for only two days on the White House’s public petition website, We The People.

Under that website’s guidelines, petitioners have one month to collect 25,000 electronic signatures. If they meet this threshold, the White House promises an official response

The anti-Limbaugh petition needs less than 3,900 more signatures by April 3 to meet the requirement.

The pro-Limbaugh petition needs to get 24,998 more signatures by April 10 to get an official White House response to the petition.

The Pro-Rush Limbaugh Petition.

Make sure and click on the highlighted link to Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy.com above…it has the link you can click to sign if you’re pro-Rush and free speech.

You can read a bit more here from Army Times…and here’s the separate petition to support El Rushbo.

Add your thoughts friends. I know for a fact Limbaugh has supported and raised money every year for our military one way or the other…this is more than infuriating…plus you know full-well the troops serving everywhere across this land and abroad will not be ‘Happy-Campers‘ if the leftist bastids win! Not by a long shot!

Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Plus friends…help make this go viral any way you can. We need all we can to sign the petition for Rush we can muster. We can’t let the enemy within win…again!

  2. One more thing and I got to run for a bit.


    Let’s see…this witch from hell won’t be silenced but these very same creatures from hell want us and those who speak for us and we like to listen to must be…they demand it be done!

    Color me furious.

    Also…you know every single bit of this from the get-go started via the WH and Anita Dunn crew for O/Soros…it was all pre-planned.

    Can you say backfire?!

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    That the way liberal leftists operate they run all conservaives off the airwaves

    • So far Spur…it’s been the opposite. Air Amerika anyone?…and they did it all by themselves, conservatives has nothing to do with it. They did it to themselves time and again just by opening their filthy yappers 24/7, but no one was trying to silence them intentionally.

      • Hi bigtimer! thanks for the story. We’ll run it on our next program, right along
        with the democraps that destroyed our flag by putting his lying commie face
        on it. You may disagree with Rush Limbaugh, but no one has the right to ban
        conservatives from the airwaves. Seems the Left forgot about your right to free
        speech since Obamass was elected(?) in 2008.

        So where’s this pettition? Give it to me and I’ll sign it! After all, if we want to be able
        to get clear, uncensored news, we must defend our friends in conservative talk radio.

        • ken…

          Right you are. ~ Have a great radio show, glad you’re putting the news people can use and need out there….after-all, Inquiring Minds Need to Know! 😉

          Btw…once again- link to show please.

          Thanks in advance ~

  4. This is also what’s been going on behind the scenes with a vengeance as well.


    And this…complaints to the FCC ~


    You can click the links inside above link. I saw a much better one early today, if I come across it again, I will post it here in the thread.

  5. The demorat scum is really out to get us. Signing this petition is an absolute must for all of us that value freedom and to deny the liberals to dictate their so called socialist/we know better than you values to the rest of us.

    • TY John…hope you’re also helping to make this message go viral too. ~ Much appreciated. 😉

      Really been lonely around here this afternoon my time…hoping others show up sometime soon.

  6. # 1002

  7. misterbill says:

    Interesting!!!! Obama’s plan from a college mate.


    Nothing I haven’t written or read her, but good info.

  8. Swamp Music says:

    Thats nice. The White House now has one of my email addresses. Easy for them to pick out which ones to harass now. If you’re a Rush supporter, you can be on the ‘list.’

    Was supposed to get get an email to confirm registration, but never got it.

    Like Obama is going to give credence to a petition from a member of the opposition.

    • Yeah I want to support Rush, but damned if I want to be linked to Obamas list, they will link it to my facebook account, google account, talk about big brother, This administration scares me, I will log on with an anonomous email address I set up

  9. Bloodless Coup says:

    Video: Trevor Loudon Explains Communist Infiltration In The United States


  10. buh-bye drugs limbaugh!
    buh bye sean insannity!

    buh-bye, buh-bye, buh-bye!

    98 large corporations pull ads from Rush Limbaugh, all right-wing shock jocks

    Premiere Radio Networks, distributor of Rush Limbaugh and other right-wing talk radio shows, sent a very interesting memo to its affiliates on Friday.
    The emailed memo lists 98 major corporations that have requested their ads appear only on “programs free of content that you know are deemed to be offensive or controversial (for example, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Leykis, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity).”

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of scumbags!

    • meesh…That’s been everywhere today. So has Rush and his radio show. ~

      Whatcha gonna do about that…eh?

      Everything’s replaceable meesh…including advertisers.

    • Meesh, major corporations? Life Lock? Major? Please.


    • The real scumbags are those that will not stand up for free speech, but instead will cheer for the un- American PUKES that will try to silence the opposition instead of honest debate. People like this are the number one problem in this country. Ever notice a “win” for these communist idiots is always a LOSS for freedom and the American way of thinking?

      • hey, toby… rush is FREE to say whatever he wants. and he should also be ready to accept the consequences that goes along with it. if he is seen ad hurting the corp bottom line, than the corps will act on that.

        • meesh…

          Are you really so stupid to believe that Rush’s voice will be silenced…are you really that dense?

          • we’re at a turning point, idiot. if you dont see THAT then you are denser than i thought. and i you are PRETTY dense.

          • Listen meesh…there are tons of radio stations that carry Rush. He can’t control, nor does he know all the advertisers for each radio station across this land. So all of this is major leftist BS for their agenda…figure it out!

          • rush stuck his foot in his big fat mouth one too many times. women feel attacked by the right wing and it came to a head because of rush’s comments.

          • No meesh…only miserable leftist women try to make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to Rush, it’s their worthless agenda that’s backfiring as we speak.

            Btw…here’s one just for you meesh-


          • That’s a laugh riot…those creatures are called RINOs meesh.

            You notice how Seward is ‘retiring?’…hmmm…any wonder why?

            Moderates are another name for RINOS meesh in case you didn’t my get my drift the first time…see if you can follow the red bouncing ball.

          • Btw meesh…you managed to deflect and spin my last link and comment to you above about El Rushbo by putting that silly link to RINOs on….do you have any comment about that at all…hmmm?

    • MEESH=

      MEE So Horney, love me some Hussein long time

  11. Speaking of demorat pigs, has anyone noticed the “woman” Sally Kohn that is on Fox news these days? Talk about the ultimate liberal!, constantly sneering, making faces and looking down her nose at anyone that disagrees with her. Talk about an offensive looking “woman” and offensive personality!

    I know that Fox news has to project the “Fair and Balanced” image so they have these loons on but that “woman” is really over the edge.

    • I wonder if she’s really a ‘woman’…or one of those transgendered guys type of thing. I can’t stand whatever ‘it’ is, never have…never will.

  12. I called my wife from the road on Monday (truck driver), and she told me Rush was going off the air. I said, “no way, that’s just MSM bull”. She said “no, really. It was on HLN”.

    I knew it was bull. Isn’t there some kind of penalty for being an outright liar in the media? How do they get away with it so consistently?

    What a pile…

  13. hey timer,
    the fact that moderates don’t check ‘psycho’ doesn’t make them any less republican. WE WELCOME 20% of the reasonable forward thinking Republican VOTES! and we also welcome your pitiful ignorant 19th century mentality downfall !

    • Hey meesh…

      You left the script/follow boxes above…and you still didn’t answer me…instead you do what all leftist-loons do…you avoid the matter all together. And I already replied to you regarding this screech from you above…they are known as RINOS!

      Adios..I have better things to do at the moment.

      Oh yeah…meesh, forgot to mention that question I asked you to answer in our back and forth above is hanging right over your head now in your post to me above…be careful, it might fall on ya and knock some sense in you after-all!

      • i’m sorry what was the question again?

        • meesh…


          Did that sink in…you useless twit?

          • Sorry about all that, I cant help myself. I have low self esteem, and dont know how to make friends or hold a conversation, I am 29 and still live in my moms basement. Please dont ignore me, I live off of the attention I get from my stupid views. i know that I sound like a spoiled, indoctrinated lesbian. But the truth is I need to be loved, my father wasnt there for me, or he was a ball less wonder and didnt act like a man, my mother on the other hand doesnt really maintain standards that a good parent should, she is my “best friend” who never really disciplined me like she should have. She is also had a bad childhood and never got the love from her mother or father.

          • misterbill says:

            “I am 29 and still live in my moms basement.”

            29? A very low IQ and I believe even your mother detests you. I’ll bet when she finds that you are living in the crawl space under the house with those like you, you will be ousted.

            There is hope–in the afterlife, for even you.

            PS I know that you are really Ed Schultz/

          • meesh…

            Take a look at this…after you do your reply would be what? How are you gonna spin this one meesh? NYSlimes…too funny!


          • Meesh,for once you are not lying.The truth will set you free i am glad you finally confessed.

          • Imposter! reveal yourself, AWD!!!

            big timer, was that a rhetorical question?

          • misterbill says:

            my apologies for letting my baser self show in my last post to you. I just get in a tizzy when I read unthinking statements. If you’ll excuse me, I will continue later–I have to take a meesh now..

          • misterb…

            You’ve got me laughing this morning…thanks- I needed that!

            Be back in a bit to catch up with all since last night. Got to tend to financial bidness (as AWD calls it) ~ catch ya in few.

          • ohh man I feel a MEESH comin on too

            Turtle pokin his head out

          • Here’s another one for meesh too…that she/he/it will ignore again.


          • fox news… great source! like santorum from the fat arse of roger ailes! and that defense is coming from the global conglomerate that is ‘window whiz’!!! seriously!??!! LMFAO! thats a reach-around if i ever did see one! good job biggie!

          • Thot you’d like it…and for once you had a hard time pretending like you didn’t see it and ignore as you usually do when hard facts are right in front of your face.

  14. Things are not as bad as they seem. First of all, Rush’s audience is likely FAR bigger than those who read Time (although I supppose a lot of libs buy it just for the pictures), which has for years been best used as a bird cage liner. As expected, RECENT circulation data is very hard to find. That is for a good reason. The libs don’t want to advertise how unpopular they are.

    I would bet that most of those electronic signatures came from uber left clones who wouldn’t relinquish control of the computer to their parents.

    The troops probably wouldn’t like to be deprived of their daily dose of reality and would be certain to make their voices heard if Rush were taken off the AFN. It would be a risky move. Meanwhile, back in the US, Rush is bigger than ever. Advertisers are flocking to take the few spots opened by the weak kneed advertisers who bailed out over the Fluck comments. Rush is here to stay.

  15. AFN sucks ass anyway, everybody listens to there own music or pod casts. AFN is politically correct propaganda and everyone knows it

  16. planned un-parenthood CEO from Lubbock TX was arrested for showing his winkie in public, but if you dont have a problem with killoing infants, why would you care if you you got busted showing your wrinkled up 56 yr old winkie at a public place. These people are sick

    • Couldn’t agree more Dano…it’s sick what this country has become as a whole in my years I’ve been on this planet.

      At times I’m speechless anymore…words, if I wanted to- depending in subject I couldn’t put here anyway.

      Lets put it this way…at times, I’m one furious conservative gal!

  17. Rush Limbaugh ‘Slut’ Fallout Grows: 100+ Advertisers Flee, Syndicator Suspends National Ads