Seems every single time Dear Leader opens his teleprompter mouth, every word coming out of it is nothing but a lie. He did so again today…big time. Can you count the number of lies he told today?

It’s past infuriating! Here we all are struggling with paying our power, heating, gas, grocery, insurance bills etc…and he has the audacity to gas-bag about all of this today with his never-ending hot-air. We all know what he seeks will make prices go higher at the pumps..therefore everywhere else that oil prices touch…which is wide and far reaching in our everyday lives from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed with each product we use, let alone the nest we reside in.

Here’s the story via Fox:

President Obama: “Instead of taxpayer giveaways to an industry that’s never been more profitable, we should be using that money to double-down on investments in clean energy technologies that have never been more promising — investments in wind power and solar power and biofuels; investments in fuel-efficient cars and trucks, and energy-efficient homes and buildings. That’s the future. That’s the only way we’re going to break this cycle of high gas prices that happen year after year after year. As the economy is growing, the only time you start seeing lower gas prices is when the economy is doing badly. That’s not the kind of pattern that we want to be in. We want the economy doing well, and people to be able to afford their energy costs.”

Blah blah blah…and blah. You can read the full transcript here. And Bloomberg’s report in the link above for Fox.

Here’s Fox reporter Ed Henry today, he got in a good one with Liar-in-Chief’s spokesman that spins the lies for him:

White House press secretary Jay Carney had no answer as to why Obama supported tax breaks for oil companies as a Senator in 2005, but now opposes them as President.

Henry: Why did the President vote for the energy bill in 2005 as a Senator that had over $2 billion in tax breaks for the oil industry. They were making a lot of money then too.

Carney: What I can tell you Ed is that the oil and gas companies in this country are making record profits, now, in 2012. The price at the pump is very high and that is plenty of incentive for these companies to continue drill, to continue to explore, to continue to develop energy sources here in the United States and abroad. There is no reason for the American taxpayer to subsidize that activity.

Henry: So why’d he vote for it?

Carney: I haven’t examined the vote, or what the prices were at the time, or the whole bill it was attached to. What I know and what the President knows is that this year, 2012, when we are seeing high prices at the pump, high prices in the international oil markets and high profits for the oil and gas companies, there is no reason to continue these kinds of subsidies. Take that argument to the people, I don’t think they’ll go along with it.

Plus folks, please be aware of what O’s EPA did Tuesday to power plants, along with other businesses. If you don’t know about this…you really need to read one heckuva great piece of work here from The Blaze.

Thing aren’t looking so rosy for Dear Leader when it comes to congress these days…I’d say everyone is running for cover with these two votes.

Last night in the House Obama’s Budget measure was voted down 414-0…you can read about it here.

Obama was defeated today regarding his call on oil subsidies, it was voted down in the Senate 51-47. You can read about it here.

A Clue-Bat wouldn’t work on Dear Leader…he’s ‘Stuck on Stupid‘…we’re paying the price for his policies now…but he’ll be paying our price come November!

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Parents of murdered British students criticise Barack Obama

    The parents of two British students murdered in Florida (by a black thug) have criticised President Barack Obama for his lack of compassion over their son’s deaths.

    • Yeah Edtudo…I’ve heard about since early this morning my time…it’s another instance of ‘shh…don’t tell the msm!’

      …and we had to get this news via the UK to-boot.

      • Hi Big! We’re waiting here in Florida with baited breath to see
        what effect the murder of the two British tourists and the Martin
        case will have on our already dismal economic conditions here.
        Yesterday, I came across a post at which stated that
        the Minister of homeland security in London issued a travel ban
        for Florida in light of both of these incidents.

        It seems that these incidents a lot of airplay on British TV,
        and throughout the UK as well. Also, has anyone else seen the
        video out North Miami where 60 to 100 black teens trashed a
        Walgreens drug store there. You can view this video at: justice no peace.

        Governer Scott should declsre a state of emergancy, and deploy
        National Guard troops to black neighborhoods. This would send
        a strong message that ANY acts of civil disobediance by blacks
        will NOT be tolerated. After all, Homey won’t argue with a
        50-ton tank.

    • Yeah, and that sparked a travel ban for Florida by the Home
      Secretary in London Wednesday. British journalists are already
      referring to American Blacks as “knuckle-dragging animals”
      and advised residents of rhe UK to refrain from visiting here.

      The effects of this ban will be huge. Unemployment, which
      now stands at 9.5% could go as high as 20%. Governor
      Scott should declare a state of emergancy, which would
      allow him to deploy National Guard troops in black neighborhoods,
      thus locking down there areas. Then, maybe, the Brits will
      lift this ban.

  2. Obaka is just another “piece of Trayvon!”

  3. This sums up much of what’s going on with this administration today…and we all know it.

  4. Swamp Music says:

    I don’t have a problem with exploring new energy technologies, I just don’t want to pay for it. Advancements in new tech always comes from the private sector.

    Someone gets a bright idea, and then they throw some money and hard work at it and it becomes a reality most times.

    Back in the 80’s Reagan created the environment for people to succeed. We are enjoying much of the technology that was created back then, today.

    Government needs to get out of the way, and let the market work as it was designed.

    • Swamp…

      Any new idea is okay with me too. Let the creative geniuses do so via private enterprise, not the govt. Govt. has created too many regulations etc that helps stop that from happening too…as you say let the markets work.

      Solyndra and their ilk were nothing but campaign money blunders via Obama and the tax-payers paid for it all. He fools some of the people, but not all of us.

      He can take that ‘green’ energy and stuff it. That ‘green’ isn’t going to buy his next election either.

    • I’ll second that motion, and drink to it with you.
      Can we get an Amen?

  5. What no non-stop CNN coverage? Where’s Anderson Cooper?

    (The parents of two British students murdered in Florida (by a black thug) have criticised President Barack Obama for his lack of compassion over their son’s deaths.)

    • Edtudo…

      The double-standard hypocrisy is obvious to million, we have the internet, we all know it…word gets around. The msm is doing their-own selves in, backfire once again.


  6. Despite the short-term catastrophe that high gas prices are inflicting on this country, I’m hoping that gas goes to $10 a gallon by November, in hopes that this mongrel charlatan Obongo gets chased out DC for treason by a mad-as-hell lynch mob.

    • While running His Highness out of town is a good idea, 10-dollar
      gas prices are not. As the prices neared the $10.00 number,
      massive unemployment (40%) and civil unrest would allow
      Obonkers to sign PDD 51 and declare martial law. And he’s
      just itching to do that.

  7. The lies are never that nor at all old or even too much to his cavalcade of equally hate filled and annihilation intent legions who, I might add, ARE considerable in number and their craft.

    Worse than the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers are those who will once again with conviction (if you can call it that) give this latter day Attila and his the vote notwithstanding voter fraud which is most salient. Like the old saying……, “It’s not the votes that count, rather who counts the votes”. By the way, who controls and attends to the voting machines?

    ps: Lil’ Skittles is infinitely more important than Messrs. Cooper and Kouzaris. After all, he was an African american. Welcome to New Africa, formerly the United States.

  8. Here’s some fun from another lunatic congress-critter from the land if ‘Fruits & Nuts’…

    Pay attention the the bottom of the post for a old panther leader update when it comes to Bobby Rush.

    The left are coming unglued all over the place. ~ Thank you Dear Leader.

    • Hey Big: Are you talking about California or
      Washington DC? I guess it doesn’t matter all
      that much. Politicians are de craziest peoples!

      • ken…

        Miller’s from Ca. He’s always been rabidly crazy…the display in the video tells ya all you need to know. ~

  9. Read this and see if it doesn’t frost your flakes. ~

    • Wise elderman to Obonen; “Obonen what is best in life? Obonen replies; “To CRUSH the Republic before me,and to hear the lamentation of its TEA BAGGERS er ahahah Patriots.”

      A scene from;” OBONEN the BARAKIAN.”

      • …yet is ‘we’ who will prevail.

        They ain’t seen nothing yet…they don’t know the definition of ‘CRUSH’ yet…but they will, soon.

        Patience is a Virtue. ~

        • And don’t forget these other great “Obonen” titles…

          “OBONEN the DIVIDER” sequel.
          “OBONEN GOD of BAALOUTS”
          “OBONEN the KENYON” thats actually a prequel.


            …This ol’ bird has to go lay her head on a pillow soon. So glad we connected at the same time for a change…it’s been rare lately when that happens. I’ve enjoyed it Dirty Al. As you stated the other night, I’ll catch ya on the flip. 😉

          • Me too Big, I’ve had some fun. Lord knows its been few and far between. “G” night.

  10. Check out what the Prez has done now….True Colors Come Shining Thru again!

    Left-wing msm remains mute. ~

  11. Here’s some fun for ya all for the end of the night before I close…talk about ‘Tell Me Lies, Sweet Little Lies’…,methinks you’ll get a kick out of this one.

    Pictures are worth a thousand words. ~

    Night all…catch ya tomorrow.

  12. Well it was Thursday night! Beside all the goats had headaches, whats a lonely muuj suppose to do?

  13. “The black 17 year old, who shot the British men as they begged for their lives, will die in prison”

    What, no Sharpton or Jesse “Hi” Jackson?
    I didn’t hear any outrage over this.
    Can we please get these to clowns off their crosses?
    And Mr. Louis Farakan, you do need plenty of body guards amigo, I understand why they are all around you now!

  14. Oh looky…Dear Leader’s favorite Rev. goes to Jerusalem….brings tidings of comfort and joy dontcha know!

    Shhh…don’t tell the msm!

    Btw…you wanna bet behind the scenes Dear Leader gives the Rev. High Fives.

  15. Uh-Oh….a dem Senator basically calling the Master-of-Disaster a liar!

    I’m lovin’ this~

  16. Obama is insane.

    This is a a fundraiser in Vermont, Maine today.

    Taking a shot at his GOP rivals, Obama said President Abraham Lincoln “couldn’t win the nomination” for the Republican Party right now.”

    There’s so much more…hope someone reads this.

    In this piece he lies again and again…plays the blame game.

  17. Here’s some more regarding what I was talking about above.

  18. Well…I realize the recent info I’ve put here today nobody seems to be paying attention to..but still, ‘I Much!’

  19. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    Hope Obama always claims his black half… would be ashamed if he started saying he was white.

  20. Oh how lovely…Noonan finally bought a clue. ~

    Some of us have long memories Peggy…darlin’.

  21. Uh-Oh…

    Facts don’t matter ~