Evidently the major news story about this came out locally in Oregon last October…sure as heck wasn’t the national media dontcha know! We wouldn’t want anyone to know how well the O-Teams Stimulus money worked when it comes to ‘Shovel-Ready-Jobs‘…now would we…especially since those jobs went to foreign workers!

Of course now this is getting some attention on various blogs because a couple democrat congress-critters in the House have presented a bill to take care of the ‘Loop-Holes‘ that our wonderful federal govt. used to by-pass local loggers who needed work desperately…and of course to save their own sorry a$$es in the upcoming Nov. elections.

There are two different reports…I’ll put links to both of them here, they need to be read. For now I’ll use a basic summary for this post via Free Beacon:

ANCHOR: A loophole that allowed foreign workers to take Oregon logging jobs may soon close. Last year more than 250 foreign workers were hired using federal stimulus money, even though thousands of Oregon loggers didn’t have jobs. Forest companies exploited a loophole in a foreign worker visa program. But Rep. Peter Defazio and Sen. Jeff Merkley introduced a bill today to stop what they consider abuse of the system.

MERKLEY: All of this was about creating jobs for Americans, and as it turned out this money was spent in Oregon and not a single Oregonian was hired.

ANCHOR: If it becomes a law, the bill would force companies to aggressively advertise for U.S. workers. It would also give the states power to certify the company did all it could possibly do to hire American workers first.

Here’s the other report that came out last October! This is via KATU.com :

PORTLAND, Ore. – As the U.S. economy spiraled deeper into recession, Oregonians looking for work in the forestry industry lost out on hundreds of jobs to foreign workers.

They weren’t just any jobs. These were jobs paid for by American taxpayers as part of the government’s program to stimulate the economy.

Four Oregon companies, all located in the Medford area, racked up more than $7 million in stimulus contracts to clear the forest in Central Oregon. But instead of advertising the jobs to Oregonians, they recruited workers out of state and then hired foreign workers here on a visa.

But the companies did not break the law. A Department of Labor report this week found they utilized loopholes that required them to recruit workers only in the states where the work began.

In this case, the stimulus jobs started outside of Oregon so the companies were not required to advertise the jobs here. As a result, few Americans applied for the work, and the companies did not hire those Americans who applied; instead, they hired 254 foreign laborers for six worksites in Oregon, leaving Americans shut out of the stimulus-funded jobs.

Local loggers near Scappoose said Friday their fellow timber industry workers would have wanted those jobs.

“When they’re using stimulus money, that’s not fair or right at all. Stimulus money is tax money,” said logger Dennis Mattinen.

“I know guys that were losing their equipment back then because they didn’t have any work. And I’m sure they would have done anything to get work,” said logger Jeff Heller, who owns his own logging company. “The purpose of that stimulus money was to create jobs, and when it goes to foreign nationals, that’s just a crime.”

He said at the time the industry probably had 30 to 40 percent unemployment.

As Jeff Heller said it’s a crime indeed! You can read the rest of the story in the link highlighted above.

This administration had done everything in the power to destroy every single business and industries of all venues they can (the Keystone Pipeline is a recent example today with the Master-of-Disaster)…we in the household have worked hard in the logging industry for decades, we’ve watched the dems and RINOs destroy once thriving towns that depended and prospered on logging without federal govt. money…they are now nothing but basically ghost towns…we know, we’ve lived all over the North West including Alaska as well. What’s left of those once thriving towns are now exactly as the greenie-weenies worked hard to achieve over the decades…and achieve they did! Job Well Done!

The O-Team has to go…and take the RINOs with them once the November elections come!

‘Vote We Much’…Early and Often!

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  1. I am an Oregonian born and raised in timber capital Douglas county. This is an absolute disgrace as we have one of the worst economy’s in the country. The mills are constantly shutting down and loggers face lay-off frequently. We need to know the names of these companies and make it public how they whored away jobs here and further ruined the economy. Can you please list the outfits out of Medford that did this as we can spread the word via forums, craigslist, mouth. Bad business deserves bad rep.

    • Richard…

      You might try reading this in-depth story, there is a link inside that may shine a light on what you seek…you may also want to contact Merkley to find that info. out as well…or use google.

      I could have swore I saw those 4 companies listed somewhere…anyway…this may be a start.

      This is a pretty good link, I learned more about all of this reading it myself.


      Btw…the link I was talking about inside the story here goes to the Inspector Gen. link…it goes to a pdf file…but I bet you could find out there.

      The last phony congress-critter I would ever ask any info for is DeFazio…I despise what he’s done for years in congress with his votes with the greenie-weenies in the past. He fools only those who are uninformed for his own job…which he almost lost last midterm election.

    • Richard…

      Here’s one more real good link…this didn’t just hurt Oregon either…Idaho, Wyoming, Ca. and Wa. as well. It mentions the companies you are seeking.


      Take a peek, I think you will be satisfied.

  2. Bigtimer,
    I remember when o first got in office there was someone (CBC member) that said there would be no jobs for the white man,

    • ga steve…

      I had forgot about that. Seems it matters not the race since unemployment for blacks isn’t exactly going through the roof either.

  3. The tree choppers are in cahoots with the tree huggers?! They saw the Black Dog and have Red hot on their trail!


  4. There should be ZERO foreign workers in this country when we have such a large unemployment rate and a horrid economy!

    Unreal. I hope whoever gets the nomination POUNDS stuff like this, Solyndra, ect. into Obama.

    • ZERO is right Brooke…I’ve more than had my fill. At times I feel like my head is going to explode with what has been and is still happening to her…going at full-speed ahead with this administration, the likes of which we’ve never seen.

  5. Here’s an update on the Sacketts’ if any of you remember the story I put here a few months back. The reason I am putting this here is because same links highlighted along with the wondrous EPA that should be GONE are all involved with what happens to the logging industry and the destruction of it…along of course with the endless lawsuits that destroy the timber bid on in the meantime, and we’re talking years depending on what a company or person bid on and won at the time….anything from bluing to beetle kill, and those involved who bid on them have no way for reimbursement even if they win the case at a later date.


  6. We are paying people to cut down trees in Oregon? Why not just pay them to dig holes and then fill them in again. We are borrowing money from the Chinese to “create Jobs” that are completely useless and which run out when the funding expires. At least the Bridge to Nowhere is a capital asset.

  7. But people… you’ve got to remember that it’s the American electorate that put such an inept clown in the White House. Why does everyone act so surprised and outraged that he is floundering as badly as he is and dragging the country into the shitter? We knew in 2008 that he was a vapid idiot when we elected him.

    • thunk.
      We knew in 2008 that he was a vapid idiot when we elected him.
      “We” Do you have a rat in your pocket?

    • thunk…

      Lol…what do you mean ‘We?’.

      Just joshing ya friend…I know you were talking generically as a whole type of thing. ~

  8. MTPatriot says:



    This hits so close to home. My wife’s family are all loggers, and have watched as the industry has dried up here in the past 20 years due to enviro weenies and bureaucratic hogwash.

    Thanks for posting, will pass it on!

    • Howdy MTP…

      Thanks friend, glad you’re passing this on. The first place I saw this early this morning our time was on Free Beacon. I see other sites have it there now too. What bothered me about it was the time-line, wondering why this was on now…so I google and found more and more information. By the time I was finished…I was furious! This took place in Oct. and nary a word about this! Now it’s a story because of one of the biggest phony hacks in the dem House (DeFazio) along with his side-kick Merkley are worried about ‘their’ jobs in the upcoming election. Especially DeFazio, he almost lost last time.

      Anyhow….you’re danged right it hits close to home…and has for decades now!

  9. Here’s an example of what I had highlighted link-wise in blog above about the Keystone Pipeline and Dingy Harry and Crew.


    Master-of-Disaster…another ‘Mission Accomplished!’

  10. I really hope others read this.


    O/Soros and Natural Gas etc in Bill/amend.

  11. “Prosecution of Obama” project by Romney camp

    Obongo’s dismal record on jobs, Romney will go after Obongo on this


    Prosecute the “criminal” Obongo We Much


    Leave it to Obama to give all american jobs to forgein workers This is act of treason and more reasons why Obama needs voted out of office

    • Spur…

      That’s what my #1 Faller- Bull of the Woods said tonight. ~ Treason/traitor.

      • And this is the slippery slope when Politicians/Government meddles around with Capitalism, we get unintended economic consequences.

        • Waspish…

          Sometimes they aren’t unintended, sometimes it’s quite the opposite when it comes to libs and their agendas…know what I mean? 😉

      • Swamp Music says:

        Funny. We had ‘Bull of the Woods’ calendars at my old machine shop.

  13. Couldn’t have said it better than this headline.


    Plus you all know by now 126 Coal Fire Plants are going to be shut down as well…don’t ya?

    Here’s a link from early Feb. – 1.4 million jobs will be lost, plus electricity bills to rise.

    Thank You EPA!

    Btw…I don’t have the time at the moment to find an update about the total now up to 126 plants shutting down…will look later. O-Team has accomplished another one of their goals…and they’re not done yet!

    Add-On- Just read this.


  14. Check this out…this response from a republican made me smile this morning. ~


    Ya gotta love it!