Dear Leader issued some more Executive Orders, Friday the 16th day of March. If you haven’t paid attention to them you sure as heck need to…pronto! He has given himself the power to ‘nationalize’ each and everything he can get his marxist hands on using our countries natural resources as his pathway to do so. You’d better believe he’s on the ‘Highway to Hell’ going at full-speed ahead!

Seems our congress-critters as well as the mainstream media including Fox has been mum about this…my question is why? This should be major news, it sure as heck is a major issue. Please read all this encompasses here…this is the official Executive Order from the White House. If this doesn’t scare the hell out of you…nothing will! I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime.

This is a great summary via the Washington Examiner:

On March 16th, President Obama signed a new Executive Order which expands upon a prior order issued in 1950 for Disaster Preparedness, and gives the office of the President complete control over all the resources in the United States in times of war or emergency.

The National Defense Resources Preparedness order gives the Executive Branch the power to control and allocate energy, production, transportation, food, and even water resources by decree under the auspices of national defense and national security. The order is not limited to wartime implementation, as one of the order’s functions includes the command and control of resources in peacetime determinations.

Section 101. Purpose. This order delegates authorities and addresses national defense resource policies and programs under the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (the “Act”).

(b) assess on an ongoing basis the capability of the domestic industrial and technological base to satisfy requirements in peacetime and times of national emergency, specifically evaluating the availability of the most critical resource and production sources, including subcontractors and suppliers, materials, skilled labor, and professional and technical personnel; – White House

Additionally, each cabinet under the Executive Branch has been given specific powers when the order is executed, and include the absolute control over food, water, and other resource distributions.

Sec. 201. Priorities and Allocations Authorities. (a) The authority of the President conferred by section 101 of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2071, to require acceptance and priority performance of contracts or orders (other than contracts of employment) to promote the national defense over performance of any other contracts or orders, and to allocate materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense, is delegated to the following agency heads:

(1) the Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources, food resource facilities, livestock resources, veterinary resources, plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer;

(2) the Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;

(3) the Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to health resources;

(4) the Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of civil transportation;

(5) the Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and

(6) the Secretary of Commerce with respect to all other materials, services, and facilities, including construction materials.

(e) “Food resources” means all commodities and products, (simple, mixed, or compound), or complements to such commodities or products, that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals, irrespective of other uses to which such commodities or products may be put, at all stages of processing from the raw commodity to the products thereof in vendible form for human or animal consumption. “Food resources” also means potable water packaged in commercially marketable containers, all starches, sugars, vegetable and animal or marine fats and oils, seed, cotton, hemp, and flax fiber, but does not mean any such material after it loses its identity as an agricultural commodity or agricultural product.

Executive Orders created for national defense and national preparedness are not new in American history, but in each instance they brought about a Constitutional crisis that nearly led standing Presidents to hold dictatorial power over the citizenry. During the Civil War, President Lincoln halted freedom of speech and freedom of the press, while at the same time revoking Habeas Corpus and the right to a fair trial under the sixth amendment. During World War I, when Congress refused to grant Woodrow Wilson extended power over resources to help the war effort, he invoked an Executive Order which allowed him complete control over businesses, industry, transportation, food, and other economic policies.

In both cases, it was only after the death of each President that full Constitutional powers were restored to the citizens of the United States.

The economy of the United States is based on the free flow of resources, energy, and the rights of consumers to buy and sell as they see fit. Any interference in this economic process quickly leads to shortages, rising prices, and civil unrest. The purpose of President Obama signing this new Executive Order is yet unclear, however, it may coincide with information coming out of Israel yesterday that plans for a tactical or strategic strike on Iran are accelerating. Oil prices in Europe rose over $3 a barrel for Brent crude after the Israeli actions, and US oil prices rose $2 for WTI.

The Obama administration appears to be preparing for a long drawn out war in the Middle East, or at the very least, an expected crisis that will require the need to override Constitutional authority and claim dominion over all resources in the United States under the guise of national defense. With the rise in Disaster Preparedness growing for both individuals and states leading up to yesterday’s Executive Order, the mood of the nation points strongly towards some event or disaster that will require massive preparations on a national as well as local scale.

This is a total power-grab to circumvent congress through my ‘Viewfinder in Life’…and you had better believe this will have a major affect on each and everyone of us. As if what he and his team have already implemented hasn’t been a slow strangulation on all of us each and everyday already.

As far as I’m concerned I can’t help but question if this can be stopped before it’s too late…can you imagine what all this will do across this country in all the departments mentioned in the EO completing his agenda-driven madness? This will be complete destruction one way or the other. The handwriting is on the wall for all to see…the Master-of-Disaster needs to go ASAP, congress needs to demand answers from HIM…before this country is given it’s final push over the edge of the cliff to her total destruction.


Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Swamp Music says:

    I’ve been reading about this the last couple of days or so. It is scary indeed. If the GOP does not act on this, they are in on it. I don’t know what we as individuals can really do about it. The Occupoopers and the unions, and all the other ‘players’ are bringing this to a head.

    Is it possible that The One will create some kind of national crises that compels him to enact Martial Law? He’s given himself complete control over everything. I can no longer say this is just hyperbole. They have been out in the open for some time about their intentions, ie, Maxine Waters comments a while back.

    What can we do besides wait and see?

    And my post is in italics,… WTF?

    • Swamp…

      I think I got the italics prob fixed. ~

      Btw…what we have to do is get hold of our congress-members about this…early and often! ‘Can You Hear Me Now!?’ comes to mind.

      Plus help this news go viral anyway possible too…that’s about all I know we can do, besides wait until Nov. and boot his no-good rotten rear from the WH!

      …problem is, I fear what he will destroy before Nov.

      This is one time I DEMAND hearings regarding this.

      • Bigtimer: This is what Mother and I have been warning the American
        people what would happen under Obama’s watch nearly four years
        ago. I’ll grant you the fact that he didn’t start his marxist agenda
        right away, but folks he’s definately made up for lost time in a very
        big way. To me, he now seems to be moving faster than Adolph
        Hitler did when it came to the use of executive orders.

        And as you might remember, Hitler ever so gently moved the
        German republic to a dictatorship by using these orders in
        small incroments. But when you contrast Obama’s use of
        these same orders, and it’s very plain to see that our idiot-
        in-chief indeed has his ducks in a row politically. Now, all he
        needs is an excuse to declare martial law, suspend the upcoming
        presidential elections, and begin building his “Fourth Reich”
        right here in the United States.

        But we can stop this lying bastard dead in his tracks by
        threatening our congressional reps with recall petitions
        if they do not vote to impeach this despot-to-be before
        he and the Left destroy this nation forever.

        • Hi Ken….

          Unfortunately with the Senate being under dem control we will never be able to Impeach AND Convict…but Impeachment is a start.

          What I want from our congress-critters is hearings and changes made to this EO take-over ASAP!

          I still haven’t heard diddle from any of them…if any of you have please let us know.

          Btw Ken…great post.

  2. Bigtimer…

    A = Not really. Why should I be afraid of the Soetoro administration and his enemy within, when I’m hanging on to this world with what seems to be one finger. Death is my companion these days. I’m working hard on my repentance and am getting ready for my next life as an instrument of God. High hopes for such a sinner. This is my way to help those who will survive to that day. Man has no idea how close he is to making this earth look like the surface of the moon. That old reminder in the sky.

    • Lucky…

      Have you taken a turn for the worse with your cancer? Please let us know what’s going on with you…this is the second time I’ve read this from you….you’ve got me so worried and hurting for you. Some of us here love you like a brother dear friend…I’m one of them.

    • Brother I know how you feel and I too am part of the walking DEAD. There is no reason that I should still be alive, my LAD is 100% blocked. I’m only still here because of the GRACE OF GOD. “For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.” I’ll be praying for and I hope that you have made the right choice. Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior and my sins are as far as the “East is from the West”.

      • Dirty Al…

        What’s LAD?

        If you see this later this evening, hope you let us know.

        I hope the heck we hear back from Lucky13…my heart and prayers have been said for him in my own way. ~

        • Hey Big…
          The LAD is the Left Anterior Discending artery of your Heart. For man its also called the WIDOW MAKER. Most of the time any blockage of it over 50% is a “Show Stopper”. Three heart attacks,1 bypass, 14 stents and still (as of 3yrs)100% blocked and I’m still here.
          I like to say God had to break my heart, before He fixed my “Heart”.

          • Damn Al! You sound like the Bionic Man! Glad you’re here with us!


          • Believe me AWD I’m glad to be here. I’ve really enjoyed your site.
            It’s like being apart of a whole nother Family.

          • Oh my gosh…can’t they do anything to unblock that? ~ Dumb question evidently.

            All I know is I’m glad you’re with us…in more words than I can express Dirty Al. Stay with us too…we need ya!

            Thanks for the reply…prayers for your health sent friend from our home to yours.

            Now…if we could just hear from Lucky. I’m so worried…and heartbroken.

          • No Big there ain’t nothing to be done to it. The docs tried to Roto Rooter it but got scared they’d rupture the artery. The Doc said I’ve recieved a God given bypass, the surrounding arteries,vessels have picked up the slack, and even the blood flow will change directions when needed. Please “try” to tell me that there is no God (not that you would) and that he doesn’t perform miracles. Wooo! My GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!!!.
            THANKS FOR THE PRAYERS, I can use all the help I can get.

          • Sometimes we all can use those prayers…I know they helped me…even though I didn’t know where or who they came from. But I know who and why did what they did.

            About all I’m gonna say about that for now. God does work in mysterious ways, some I will never understand and never have thru my hectic life…health wise and other etc.

            It is what it is…we all must meet our maker. ~

          • Yes HE does work in mysterious ways, and sometimes it takes a long time for us to understand that. I know He’s been more than patient with me.

          • Same here. ~

            Now Lucky…if ya can, talk to us!

          • Dirty Al, may God bless you and I know how you feel.
            I had a bypass op in “04” but ended up with irregular heartbeat, so I have to take “rat pizen”{warfarin} every day to keep from getting blod clots that would cause a stroke or heart attack.
            Usually, I have to get a blood test about once a month to make sure the meds are still working right.

            Only by the grace of God.

          • Oh Brother He has and may God continue to bless you also. Man that one drug I’m glad I don’t have to take. thats some bad stuff,I’m on Plavix and a 325mg asprin along with a whole slew of other meds.
            Yes Sir only by the grace of God.

          • Dirty Al: Amen brother, we do indeed serve an AWESOME GOD, whose blessings
            are infinite. Your faith is very strong. If it weren’t, you might not be here with us now.
            Stop by our online studio, and listen to our christian internet radio show, We’ve Got
            Your Answer. You may listen online at:
            Or, you may participate by calling our online studio at: 1-432-3900, access code:
            929-728. We’ll be praying for you!

  3. Just Another Random Thought says:

    This is sickening! I encourage everyone to spread this with any means necessary. And I warn the gov’t to keep their hands off my stuff,, unless you want my hands on urs!

    • JART… don’t know if this is going to reply under you, the site seems to be having probs on my end of the stick.

      Nevertheless….there’s nothing like ‘Transparency’ from the guy…eh? And this is more than transparent if anyone reads it all.

  4. Oh my gosh….AWD’s site has returned!


    I’ll be back in a bit…hope the site is still here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. PLEASE get rid of that password thingy. I copy and paste it and it still won’t accept– keep getting that darned error message.
    Other than that, YAY! AWD is back!!!

    • Vixen…

      I replied to you yesterday on the other question of the day thread, then posted this…and by golly the site went down until now. They had to change servers because of bandwith.

      Btw…I need to talk to AWD or somebody…because I have a good gal friend who quit trying to get in here as well because of same probs you mentioned. In other words…you both can’t be alone.

      I shall return. Got to feed some animals and such. ~

      • Hey Big and Vixen this is the first I’ve been able to reply since the site was down. I’ve checked some other sites and news sites they all are playing this down, and saying its just another expansion of a previous EO. I’m not buying it.

        • Dirty Al…

          Check further on down…there is a great link (in my opinion) from Wolverton…the link inside has the whole article as well if interested.

  6. So far as far as I know the msm has remanined mum about this story regarding the EO’s…talk-radio as well, although I missed half of Chris Plante’s show this morning. …but I did just hear the lead in to Hannity’s radio show and he’s going to talk about this.


  7. This seems to be a move by Obongo to assume dictatorial powers if and when he decides to declare martial law and assume what he would consider his rightful place….a permanent dictatorship

    Hannity is talking about this executive order right now

    • Bluto…

      Totally agree. – I’m listening too.

      Sounds like he via Ed Morrisey at Hot Air seem to think this is A-Okay and nothing changed. The heck if it didn’t if you read the information carefully.

      Hope I don’t end up steamed…again!

  8. Enoch Powell says:

    That affirmative-action parasite has been ruling by decree for quite some time now. He has illegally decided not to enforce immigration laws for instance. He and his criminal henchman Eric Holder have decided not to prosecute entire categories of crimes if they are committed by other lively, vibrant, diverse parasites (I’m looking at you Black Panthers).

    Obonzo is the enemy of his own country. If you are a White, productive citizen, Obonzo hates and fears you. He is your sworn enemy. The GOP, the other official government party, is too cowardly to do even the minimum to stop Obonzo’s treasonous actions. The GOP is firmly wedded to the McCain philosophy: When faced with evil; surrender and grovel.

    I am even more convinced that there is a very good chance that the election will be canceled. Obonzo and his handlers have no decent moral principles at all so the only thing that will stop them from declaring or manufacturing a “state of emergency” is the possibility that they can’t get away with it. It looks to me as if they are testing the waters. It also looks to me as if they can get away with whatever they want. Certainly no one in the GOP is even considering fighting back in any effective way at all.

  9. EP…

    When you said this; “Certainly no one in the GOP is even considering fighting back in any effective way at all.” You said a mouthful!

    I just about give up anymore…I haven’t heard one single word since this came out Friday night.

    …and what I just listened to from Hannity via radio fits right into what’s wrong with our side of the aisle.

    If Levin doesn’t say anything about his today that’s major…then I’m going to know they all have their usual ducks in a row with their talking-points.

    Thanks goodness we have the internet…because people with brains that work are infuriated about this….it has gone viral, as it should!

    • They’re all in this to together and I’m telling you that there are more powerful forces at work here. “Can a corrupt throne be allied with you-one that brings misery by its decrees?”Psalms 94:20

    • Hey Guys: If the repub-we-can’ts don’t have the balls to stand up to this
      little tin god, then let’s do it ourselves. We can do this by DEMANDING
      that congress step up and impeach this fools–riots or no riots! Besides,
      85% of all blacks can’t stand his sorry ass in the first place.

      Then, after we kick that little tin god out of OUR White House, we recall
      all those spineless SOB’s that were supposed to represent this country’s
      instead of their own.

  10. Hey you’re back!

    I have already posted my comment in the Open Post Section.

    But in addition I would just like to say 13,600 Presidential Proclamations (EO’S) since FDR 1945, that is in addition to all the laws passed by congress.

  11. Golly Gee…we’re all just supposed to ‘Chill Out!’

    Hope you all read this all the way through…and then read some of the comments below. Because they sure as heck speak for me and evidently tons of others.

    Btw…the so-called great Ed Morrisey’s opinion is included in this as well that I mentioned above somewhere.

    Chill Out…like hell I will! – Especially with who we have presiding in the WH.

    • Dittos, Bigtimer. I don’t trust Obongo. Not at all. There’s nothing benign about him or his agenda. PERIOD.

      Have you or anyone else here heard/read anything about this? Saw this linked at Sipsey Street Irregulars yesterday:

      • Vixen..

        I saw the story but didn’t click or read it because it sounded like an old story that came out about this a few months back. I may be thinking of a different one. I will check that out since you have the link here in a bit. Now I am curious as well.

        Power just came back on here…I’m telling you it’s been one crazy week for me in oh so many ways…plus I have a major toothache to-boot!

        Anyway…thanks, I will check this out as soon as I get done posting about something else…that is if the power doesn’t go out.

      • Vixen…

        Btw…did you check the post I put below about Joe Wolverton via Fox Nation…if not, hope you do. Because he states the obvious.

      • Vixen…

        Just read this…the comments there were interesting too.

        I don’t know yet quite what to think about this…it may be much ado about nothing, or a major worry. Especially with this administration at the helm.

  12. Ain't Skeert says:

    Ain’t Skeert A Bit.
    The One Hundred Twenty Thousand Constitutionally Sworn Federal Officers employed by the FedGov (Wikipedia), spread over the entire geographical area of the United States of America, aren’t going to come against their fellow citizens and suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights just for a paycheck. It just ain’t gonna happen…Because if they did that, they would be in a very tiny minority and very, very lonely trying to cover all of that real estate by themselves. I mean, they might try to hornswaggle and BS a few of the citizens of this great nation by swarming something like they did at Ruby Ridge or Waco, maybe in one or two places like that, but then where would that leave them. I mean, all of them stretched fingertip to fingertip wouldn’t make it halfway around Rhode Island. What could they say, “Hey America, we got you surrounded!” I tell you, they’re not that stupid, most of them…some of them…a few of them.

    With all the pissed-off citizens this election year spending their tax refunds on guns and ammo…sales going like GANGBUSTERS…outstripping the 2008 gun sales records, that would really be a stupid move and certainly bad PR during an election year. Well, come to think of it, that’s bad PR anytime. What they outta do is leave the peace loving citizens alone and let them get back to living Liberty. That’s what this nation was founded on. Liberty. FedGov ain’t gonna go and screw that up. They are all, every last one of them, oath sworn to the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights attached thereto. You just gotta have faith in your fellow Constitutionally Sworn FedGov employees. All liddy-biddy one hundred and twenty thousand of ’em…

    See there. That’s why I’m not worried about it.

    • Ain’t Skeert…

      PRICELESS! you don’t know how hard you have me laughing. Sometimes one just has to…and your post just hit me right. ~ …but I could be wrong.

      • Paul Bonnichsen says:

        a test… get rid of this stinking password. Will not allow me to post… this is a test.

        • Paul….you’re not alone.

          Vixen said the same thing today. Plus I have a friend that gave up trying to get in here time and again because of same reasons in the past. I hope something changes in that way…because people will just throw their hands up and quit trying, then go elsewhere.

        • Paul, the stinking password requirement has been removed…just for you!


          • Paul Bonnichsen says:

            Thanks AWD… sorry about the frustration… love you like a brother!!!

          • Paul Bonnichsen says:

            To all at AWD… My “test post” and frustration was not directed towards AWD. I thank AWD for the fine site he provides which allows us to get news we would not get through the news media… and along the way we make friends even though we generally do not know their real names… I know, I’m a little odd because I use my real name.

            Anyhow, thanks AWD for a very professional site.

          • Paul, not to worry! I thought the password thing sucked too! It’s hard to offend the AWD and I was in total agreement with you. My techie removed the password thing and hopefully we can get back to bidness.

            The reason the site was down yesterday afternoon and part of today is because we have outgrown our shared server and are using too much bandwidth. AWD will have to move to a larger server with more bandwidth in the next few days. It’s part of the problem of the page getting larger with more readers. I will try to keep everyone updated if we have any more outages. They are closely monitoring AWD’s usage but my techie is trying to find a solution that doesn’t cost a bunch of $$ each month.


          • AWD…

            Thanks for the update. When you get the new server ( I thought this was going to be it.) will we have to learn new things behind the scenes again? ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Btw…I’ll let my friend know about the changes this week-end and see if she wants to try to get in again to when she has the time.

            One other thing…after you get to the new one and more settled in…you really need to have an AWD fundraiser type of thing for a few days. Just a thought ~ ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Paul Bonnichsen says:


            Good idea on the fundraiser… even though the economy is a little tight on this end, I could always pitch in to help. One thing good for AWD, his site is growing and I would think it would draw some additional advertisers along the way.

          • Paul…

            Very tight on our end too…as I imagine most of us, but I bet we could all muster up something to put in the tip jar for AWD’s site if he would only put that up there for a few days…at the least.

            He’s done much for all of us over the years….and I for one, appreciated it.

            I’d chip in what I could…he and the Salvation Army and the local VFW are about it for me…and that ain’t saying much. Times are tough for all of us now, thanks to this administration and millions of dumb-a$$ voters!

  13. Joe Wolverton says it all for me ~

    Please take a read of this…this ‘IS’ the difference and why tons of us are mad as hell.

    Here’s the last sentence:

    “In fact, the specific sections of the order make it clear that the President can take complete command and control of the countryโ€™s natural resources in peacetime, as well.”

    This is exactly what we fear…DUH!

    Btw all…you can read his full story at the New American, there’s a place to click at the bottom of his piece in the link above.

    • Big gotta go for now dinner ,chill and then get ready for work. I’ll be back a little after 9pm your time.

      • Dirty Al…

        I should be here if it’s that time of the evening…and the powers not out.

        Btw…I was glad to see what Wolveton stated…he hit the nail on the head as far as I’m concerned.

        Plus Mark Levin did talk about this today in the derogatory via his radio show…so I was glad to hear about that too.

        Not everybody is brushing this aside and pooh-poohing this.

  14. I hope some of you are listening to Mark Levin via radio…he does not like this EO at all…he says it’s atrocious!


    I’m glad he started his show off with this…you can be sure he will get into more detail, as I was hoping he would. In fact I was counting on it.

    • The idiots at my local AM talk radio station decided to put Michael Berry into the 5 pm slot that Levin formerly had. Now I have nothing against Michael Berry, but Levin was my fave. I miss him even though he’s been picked up at 9pm on an FM talk station here. Seriously, WHO listens to talk radio at 9 pm? I wish Levin had a show on Fox. It would give me a reason to watch Fox again…..

      • Vixen…

        We cannot get radio here at all…I have to use my computer to listen to radio shows. Go to talkstreamlive…it’s free! You can click on all kinds of radio shows and listen and use your PC at the same time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Here’s the link ~

      • Vixen, are you in Houston?


        • My internet service was out for awhile, so sorry that I haven’t replied to your question sooner. Nope, not from Houston. I think a fella who has a local talk show at the station that just dumped Levin is a personal friend of Michael Berry’s and was instrumental in getting his show here. Check my IP address for my location. :)

          • Vixen…did ya get my post above AWD’s here? I think we posted to you around the same time. ~

          • Yep. I replied to that in another post in response to your one about Lanny Davis below. :)

          • Lol…saw it later…sorry about that gal.

            Btw…I was looking for that Jay Carney response to Ed Henry via Fox News today during the WH daily presser briefing…it was pathetic…and that twit Chuck Todd sitting next to him making the faces he did as Henry was asking this was beyond pathetically deplorable.

            I may come across it later and stick here.

  15. misterbill says:

    gniK sadiM –everything he touches turns to sh**.

  16. Just heard on the news that Obongo is pissed off that white men aren’t supporting him. He says its because of FOX News is constantly calling him a Muslim.

    Obongo said this constant drumbeat that he is a Muslim has seeped thru and affected those who watch FOX News.

    You want to know what I say….Your a god damn Muslim you piece of sh!t

    Remember….Do We Piss You Off We Much!!!!

    • I heard about that too this morning…that’s funny coming from him! Anyone remember the posts yours truly and AWD put here about Dear Leader declaring he didn’t want or need the white ‘collar’ workers type of thing when it came to votes for him?

      Well, Obama…as they say, be careful what you wish for.

  17. Howdy All:

    Good read from Ann Barnhardt with a accompanying video, scary, really scary!

    • MTP…

      I can’t wait to settle in for the evening after I get done with everything and check out your link…and Vixen’s as well.

      Thanks…looking forward it it. ~

    • Swamp Music says:

      Thanks for the email. I read it.

    • MTPatriot:
      Ann tells it like it is. I saw that vid some time ago– I think it may have been at David Horowitz’ FrontPage Magazine? Check out his Discover the Networks site also— a WEALTH of information.
      Also, check out this article at American Thinker today:

      • Hello Vixen

        Read that earlier tonight, very interesting read to be sure.

        Thanks for the link, hope others read it as well.

    • MTP….

      Just read that. Simply put- SHE SAID IT ALL…AND THEN SOME!

      Glad she told off Morrisey and his ilk as well. It’s much needed. Her points are dead-on the mark too.

      Thank you for this…I hope like heck others read this too. And pass this on anyway they can, it needs to go viral!

  18. This topic is being discussed now on Hannity’s show. – Of course Cry-Baby Lanny Davis in on…whining and spinning. Jay Sekulow is doing the opposite.

    • Just heard that while I was responding to AWD’s question, Big. Lanny Davis makes my skin crawl and did so during the Clinton years, too. Gag a maggot.
      RE: your suggestion about Talkstreamlive. It would be more convenient for me to access that if I had a laptop that I could move around from room to room. My compy is in my family room where my family watches TV, so it’s not often feasible. Thanks for the info, though!

  19. Swamp Music says:

    Another look at this from Moonbattery

    I’ve already started to prepare. I just ordered my first ‘Mountainhouse’ shipment. I’ll be ordering more in the near future. Some folks, even some on the right are trying to play this down.

    How much emergency supplies are enough? How much will you need for the rest of your life? Freeze dried camping food. Most of their stuff has a shelf life in years well into the double digits. And it tastes better that MRE’s. LOL Galls is a supplier for police, and fire/rescue emergency services personnel. First aid and trauma kits that are stocked way better than the stuff you get on ‘Survival’ sites.

    Guns and ammo are fine, but folks will need other items as well.

    I’m sure most folks here already know this stuff.

    It sucks that we have to think like this.

  20. Fed Up Texan says:

    The more people learn about ocrapo, the less popular he will become. I think that he may try to stop the election, but all he will get is blood in the streets. I am fully fed up with the lousy sob.

    • FUT…

      I think the poll booths will speak volumes for millions of us across this land…this guy is going down big-time!

      He isn’t going to be able to wiggle his way out of this one…not this time.

      • Hey Big
        I’m not saying Zero is Muslim but his sympathies definitely are with them. You watch and see that he’ll keep pushing the “go back to the pre 67 borders” mem. Did you know that the original League of Nations (aka the Balfour declaration of 1917) plan(1924) for the new “state of Isreal” after ww1 encompassed all of what is now Southern Lebanon,Jordan and the Sinai. Isreal is less than a tenth of what it was supposed to be, as per League of nations mandate.

  21. I asked a trivia question the other day and the only one that responded was Vixen. She brought up an interesting point but it wasn’t the one I was looking for, so I’ll ask it again. Does anyone know the significance of the name Barak or Barack?

    • Dirty Al,
      Actually, I think someone else answered your question about the name Barak a couple days ago and I wasn’t entirely sure what that person was talking about?? According to Strong’s Concordance, the Hebrew name Barak means “lightning” or “lightning flash.”
      Barack supposedly means “blessed” in Swahili.

  22. 79Firebirdman says:

    After having read through the comments here and on other sites, one question comes to mind that has not been mentioned. What is the constitutional authority for executive orders, any executive orders by any president, not just king nothing obozo. I can’t find any authorization in either the constitution or the amendments.

    • I agree. This should be done via congress. The House and the Senate. Period!

      • that’s just it–there is none. We’ve researched this thing from top to bottom,
        and the ONLY way that a sitting president can use these kind of executive
        orders is when our country has been involved in a nuclear exchange and a
        state of emergency has been declared. Before this, it took an authorization
        from congress itself to even grant him the use of such orders. Since Truman
        first used this kind of power grab in 1950, during the Korean War, future
        presidents would cite this precident any time we had a national problem
        like the airline pilot’s strike in 1966, arailway worker’s strike in 1967, and
        so on. This is how the government inserted itself into labor negotiations
        by threatening to nationalize the troubled industry. I’ve seen it used
        several times in my lifetime. Dad used to tell me tbat this would be the way
        that a rogue president could seize power for himself.

        By the way, our producer told us that the flag with Obama’s face on it
        was burned. Chalk one up for our side!

        • ken…

          Do you have a link to that flag being burned…sure would like to see it, haven’t read about that anywhere else today.

          Thanks ~ ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Bigtimer: I believe the “link” as you call it is: Bill
            Haven’t been up there to check it out so I’m not sure if any pictures
            are there. You can also find other stories about this and other things
            they post there. Gotta run, lunch is ready!

  23. Here’s another take on the EO:

    • Wow Vixen…that is an excellent read! Towards the end he summed it up well. I hope others take the time to read this…you won’t be disappointed.

      I also tweeted this Vixen…thank you.

  24. blue eyed devil says:

    Just more proof that a storm is coming…..

  25. Has Caesar crossed The Rubicon?

  26. If you didn’t catch this last night…I’m sticking it in here. ~

    Transcript included.

  27. Speculation about Martial Law ~ via war with Iran.


    Alex Jones: Obama’s Executive Order facilitates martial-law

    • That’s what many have written/spoke about as well. ~ Time will tell.

    • Edtudo: Just saw that piece by Alex Jones. Martial Law IS coming,
      only faster than we thought. Get ready for a long fight ahead. And
      in this fight, THERE ARE NO CIVILIANS! Gotta run.

    • Edtudo: Yeah, they’re up to something alright. Saw my second FEMA
      train here in Polk county, Florida. Looks like the train cars were new,
      or close to it. I saw the first one in Auburndale, Florida a week or so
      earlier. I could tell by the sound that they were empty. To see more,
      type in: view pix of FEMA boxcars @ You should see
      anything you want to know there.

      Each of these trains was quite long. but moved along the track at
      a high rate of speed. According to, we live
      right in between two detention camps. While they might kill my
      body, my soul will be in Heaven with our Lord.

  29. More fuel for the fire:

    While Boo Hoo Boehner and his merry band of comatose Reps sleep peacefully off in a corner somewhere in Washington DC, this President continues his dictatorial ways. I’m surprised that the House of Reps hasn’t just crowned him King already… or maybe named him Fuehrer. It’s pretty obvious they’re not gonna challenge him in any meaningful way. Can you hear my screaming??

    • blue eyed devil says:

      Ugh.. we have been sold out repeatedly by RINO’s over and over! Can you say TERM LIMITS? They sit on thier hands and rollover for the Dear Leader… they are traitors to allow this usurper to have his way.

    • Vixen…

      Just great…more fuel for the fire of the Muslim Brotherhood and ilk ~ which we helped install there…Libya another one. Al Qaeda has taken over there.

      Speaks volumes about where & who the left, from the Head of the Snake on down in this country really side with…doesn’t it? And we’re funding the very enemies our troops have been fighting and shedding their blood for. Bring our troops home!

      If the repub leaders keep looking the other way and do nothing…I pray they are fired. (I fear they won’t be!)

      At this point…I’m about all screamed out. Too early for me…may be screaming later though. But you can ‘Color me Beet Red with Fury!’

  30. Speaking of the King-in-Chief…

    Check this out ~

    Where’s the msm? If this was a dem we all know where the msm would be. I despise the msm!

    Oh yeah….and here’s one more you’re just gonna love!

    Are your ‘Flakes Frosted’ yet?

    • Unfreakin’ believable! Are these people THAT stupid? Wait
      a minute, I’m talking about Democraps here. When I was young,
      you learned about financial responsibility as a teen-ager. This
      meant taking a job and going to work. Your pay may have
      sucked, but at least you learned how to budget. I lucked out by
      taking a job as a guitarist in a local country band. I made $75
      a week That was quite a sum of money for a 16-year-old kid.
      But out of that money, I paid rent, and other expenses that
      you had playing music.

      When I worked in the restaraunt business, I would tell the
      kids what I did to earn my paychecks. They couldn’t
      believe that you actually had to work for the things you
      wanted. I actually feel sorry feel bad for these kids today.
      The hand-out mentality of today makes them unready for

      • Right you are…Cradle to Grave mentality has been indoctrinated in this generation…that was the enemies within’s ‘Plans Stan!’

        …hence the Occupy Movement..brought to you by this administration and the commie union big-wigs, etc.



  32. Here’s what the Liar-in-Chief is going to do today!

    He’s simply lying when he says he gave the OK about this. He DID NOT! He had NO Choice…they figured a way to go around Dear Leader…and this is it! Now he’s trying to take credit for this?

    Give me a break!

    Btw…I wrote and posted about this somewhere much earlier. But you get the drift. ~

  33. Hi guys: Talk about the lesser of two evils! I’d rather vote for Ron Paul, all his quirky
    ways than Obama and Romney. At least Paul is a constitutionalist who would govern
    our country by the constitution. That to me sounds better than the Obamney twins.
    Other than their party brands, there’s not a whole lot of differance between the two–
    neither of them could be trusted with our tax dollars, so Congress would have to approve
    EVERYTHING these two buffoons would do. It wouldn’t take long before both would
    be sent packing.

    We’ll break it down tonight on We’ve Got Your Answer. You may listen to our program
    at: Or, you may call our online studio at:
    1-712-432-3900, access code: 929-728. And oh yeah, I talked to my producer this
    morning. He says that there are indeed pictures, which can be viewed at:

    • Umm ken…that metz link goes to an address bar. It doesn’t go to the story.

      Just wanted to let you know. Click and see for yourself. ~

      • Sorry about that big. I’ll have our producer announce the correct link
        on our show tonight. I’m still learning about computers, so I don’t
        know much about how to use things like facebook, but I’ll learn.
        Then I’ll be able to proof-read the links before I post them. you might
        try: bill I’ll still have
        him announce that link, just in case that doesn’t work.

        Having some troubles getting into the site. My machine keeps telling
        me that an error was committed while connecting. Came in through
        the back door, but at least I got in. See ya tonight folks!

  34. Sorry folks, no live show tonight. Our producer informed me that the
    transmitter is down. I will try to do arecorded show at our online
    studio at: 1-712-432-3900, access code: 929-728. I’ll start recording
    at 7:00 PM EDT. I’ll keep you informed.

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