Alexandra Pelosi strikes again…this time she goes after the left! She interviews many ‘Welfare Queens‘ that reside in New York City…I can already hear the Leftist-Moonbats screeching from their caves at this very moment planning their attacks…how about you?

Last week I posted about Alexandra’s put-down to white southern voters that had to do with the upcoming GOP primaries. For any of you who may have missed it, it was a ‘Question of the Day:Are You a White Toothless Hick from Crackerland?

Here’s her latest work via TB:

After Bill Maher debuted a clip last week from Nancy Pelosi’s filmmaker daughter interviewing stereotypical “redneck” Mississippi residents about their political views, Alexandra Pelosi unveiled a new clip during his HBO show Friday night, this time exposing so-called “welfare queens” in New York City.

The latest clip, which Maher predicted was “the thing that will make liberals go insane,” featured Pelosi’s interviews with a series of people outside an inner welfare office, most of them black and unapologetic about taking their government handouts despite being able-bodied and physically able to work.

First, here is the portion that aired last week, featuring white Mississippi residents calling President Barack Obama a Muslim and admitting to not liking him because he’s black:

There was a strong reaction to the clip last week, and Pelosi readily acknowledged that the people shown were stereotypes.

“They’re just snapshots,” she said. “Now, by Monday morning, you’re going to have the left-wing feeding frenzy attacking you for making the Democrats look bad.”
Youre Going to Have The Left Wing Feeding Frenzy: Alexandra Pelosis Latest Video Hits Welfare Queens Who Just Want Their Obama Bucks

For the latest clip, Pelosi said, “It’s not as if I have to go too far to find the freeloading welfare queens,” noting that the welfare office is across from her home.

She began by interviewing the doorman, who said he sees people every day who “don‘t look like they’re handicapped in any way, they just look like they don’t want to work.”

A sample of the responses she got from the welfare recipients:

– “I’m here trying to get some Obama bucks. That‘s what I’m doing, trying to get some Obama money.”

– “I want a check.”

– “Tell me why you like Obama.” — “Because he gives me stuff.”

– “Who you going to vote for?” — “Obama.” — “Why?” — “Because he’s black.”

– “When was the last time you actually worked?” — “About half a decade”

– “You’re a perfectly healthy young man, why aren’t you working right now?” — “My background. Once you go to jail it’s hard to get a job.”

– “Why should my tax dollars be going to you?” — “My ancestors came here to help build this place — my ancestors, slaves.”

– “Do you really want to work, or do you just want to get a free check?” — “I just want to get a free check.”

Now friends…I’m sorry Maher’s included in this, but it is what it is…and I, for one, am glad this was shown as well. His nutcase audience may not have liked this…but I sure as heck do!

Throw in your two-cents…do you think this will matter one way or the other via congress-critters on both sides of the aisle? This is a great opportunity for our side to use a portion of this clip on the House and Senate floor…because we sure as heck know the mainstream media will ignore this! Thank goodness we have Al Gore’s Amazing Internet…eh?

Like I always say ~ Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Hi Bigtimer…

    Bill Maher has that worried look on his face, thinking maybe that Alexandria Pelosi may be a triple agent of unknown origin, after that video report of hers. The Maher audience response shows more of the same. Reality is not funny anymore? Bill?

    @that guy who said, “Because my ancestor helped build this country.”
    Funny you should say that. Mine too! GET A JOB!

    • Lucky13…

      What you posted at the bottom had me infuriated as well. Get a Job is right!

      This has to stop…same as getting unemployment checks for years on end now. It’s unbelievable. We cannot afford this one little bit!

    • stratomaster says:

      I like what you said about your ancestors helping to build this country too. Well put. Blacks think they should get reparations for what some of their ancestors did 200 yrs ago.

      How about us hard working white people getting some government money back for paying for their lazy black asses the past 40 years.

  2. Swamp Music says:

    It seems that Pelosi, much to the chagrin of her namesake, is making an attempt at being fair and balanced. But Mississippi? Come on! Folks from Alabama and Georgia may refer to you as a hick if you’re from Mississippi. My apologies to all you Elvis fans. Hehe

    Swamp Music, proud Florida Cracka’

    • Swamp…who knows what all Alexandra’s going to do on down the road…but here vids are getting attention.

      I don’t think Maher’s a ‘Happy Camper’ about this, but then again…when would that slime-ball ever know what real happiness is?

  3. Nevermind my comments before about not being able to navigate the site. I was drinkin’ last night and my computer skills were a little bit altered.

    • Hey Duke…this is different, and does take awhile to get used to for all of us that have been here for a long time.

      I wished the comments from posters in the far right column had what we were we talking about and who we were addressing like it used to as well.

      I also still say this needs something like a ‘Big Sexy’s HotWire’ column type of thing.

      Oh well….we can’t have everything. 😉

      • Paul Bonnichsen says:


        Funny that Duke & you addressed new AWD format. I emailed AWD two days ago regarding new format of site… did not like at first, but I can adjust. I also wish the comments section to the right showed who we were addressing like it was before the change.

        Now to your post… have never watched Maher’s show before simply because I can not stand his political views and I find his language very offensive even though I did my share of cussing while in the military. I was impressed with Alexandra Pelosi and felt she did a balanced interview… if she is Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, she must be the outcast of the family.

        November is coming and if elections turn out the way I want, Democrats in front of the welfare office may have to learn some work skills which would include wiping their own asses.

  4. “Racist rednecks vote Republican.” I’d like to hear Bill’s criteria for what qualifies a person as a “racist.” Some folks voted and intend to vote again for Obama because he’s black. I call that racism. Therefore, I’d say that racists can and do vote Democrat, too, Bill, so you’re gonna have to come up with something more substantial.

    “The rednecks’ legacy is a chip on his shoulder” but “black legacy is more real.” Now Bill is giving these freeloaders a pass because of slavery? Oh, puhleeze. I have serious doubts that any of the blacks interviewed knows a thing about their genealogy past their grandparents generation and have no clue whether any of their ancestors were slaves or not, as though that makes any difference now anyway. Secondly, the clown who thinks he’s owed a check because of slavery is a lousy student of history. I imagine he’s inclined to think in stereotypes such as all whites owned slaves and sat on the front porches of their mansions sipping on mint juleps as his ancestors did all the hard labor while strumming catchy tunes on banjos for Massah to enjoy. He needs to find out who sold the slaves in Africa to slave traders and which party is responsible for the KKK and lynching. I’m also of the opinion that the blood shed, maiming, horrific number of lives lost, and destruction of property during the Civil War was payment enough for the sin of slavery. Don’t get me started on the fool with five kids and four baby mamas– I don’t suffer fools lightly.

    • Hi Vixen…

      As far as I’m concerned you summed it up in a nutshell for me gal…and then some!

      Busy at home and such, but sure glad I caught this when I did. I can’t thank you enough for telling us how you really feel! 😉

      Be back soon to settle in for awhile. ~

      • Thanks, Big. I’m a busy bee, too, so I’ll try to keep this short. I’ve been digging through my own genealogy for the last 20 years and in the process, discovered a lot of this country’s history that isn’t taught in school books. I have ancestors who came from Scotland, England, and Germany in the 17th and 18th centuries–several due to religious persecution– and I directly descend from at least 7 Revolutionary Patriots. They were God-fearing, hardworking farmers who were able to buy property as they became more successful. One was actually an indentured servant who served off his debt and became a wealthy landowner as well. They had large families and the children were all expected to work. I had very few ancestors who owned slaves. They developed a deep appreciation for what this country had to offer and took up arms to defend it, when necessary. I’ve pored over countless census records, family histories, county history books, state histories, etc. and I can tell you with authority that America, even with her warts, has been a marvelous country with a rich heritage. I am deeply grieved and worried that our beloved nation is in a downward spiral that we may not be able to correct. For the last 100 years or so, the “progressives” have been a Fifth Column, spreading their poison and eating away at America from the inside. Their revisionist history has created whole generations of Americans who are ashamed of this country and have no concept of its uniqueness. Those who long for the demise of America will be sorry if/when they get what they wish for.

        • Vixen…

          Wow, no wonder we’re so simpatico. We have a lot of the same ancestry and history. I kid you not. Only exception is throwing some Indian blood in me too…

          I thought I would be settled in by now, but an old friend stopped in so kind of busy for just a bit more…but I shall return!

  5. Vixen, I think I am in love with you, you nailed it

  6. Tonight’s must-read “I Refuse to Give Up This Republic Without a Fight”: http://directorblue.blogspot.c.....ublic.html

    • Vixen….that is some GREAT info put together in total class. A must read and a must pass-on to others anyway possible. Make her go viral!

      Got her tweeted and will pass on via email to some tomorrow. ~

      Thanks gal.

  7. Bloodless Coup says:

    Breitbart Editor Throws Birthers Under Bus. Despite Claims He Wants To Vet Obama Ben Shapiro Refuses To Report Or Investigate Suspected Forged Documents.

    • Shapiro is at a loss for words regarding the selective service card issue, and this tells me he is a spin doctor. How did such a disfunctional person become the editor of Is this country full of the enemy within? One under every roof?!

      Jesus Christ warned us in his book of Revelation.

    • BC…

      Once again thank you for that info. I tire of those who just don’t care. ~

  8. In the case of Alexandra Pelosi and Billy Bob Maher, I say beware Trojans bearing gifts.

    What Obama and the socialist want is blood in the street. And showing the general public that Southern Rednecks hate Blacks, and Blacks that hustle the hard working taxpayer is the epitome of putting fire out with gasoline.

    This is not to be trusted, they are not interested in Fair or Balanced there will be a self serving agenda.

    Just my 2 copper pennies

    • Swamp Music says:

      Your point is well taken. Usually I’m skeptical. This could very well be just some kind of front.

    • John Henry Eden says:

      I live in the North and I hate negroes too!It’s just not Southerners who hate the bl**K parasites.

      • John Henry Eden says:

        Sorry about that last post, my buddy thinks he’s funny. I dont feel that way and I know this site doesnt promote that type of discussion, please accept my apology

  9. Wake UP America…check out this EO from the Dictator ~

    He is nationalizing EVERYTHING!

    Please read it. ~ Tedious it may be..but extremely important.

    • Hey Big I saw this ealier over at Atlas and posted it on the Soccer blog. Tedious to say the least,scarie and disheartning very much so. I’m tellin ya my spidie sence is going off like gang busters.
      When I got up tonight my wife asked me if Obama could take peoples supplies away from them? I looked at her with a WTHeck look and said “Good Luck with that(and you know “I don’t do luck.”). Now I know where that question came from. She must have seen something on the news while I was sleeping.

    • Big,
      Saw this link posted at several conservative blogs last night but was too tired to read through the whole thing at that time. Have printed it off this morning for more careful reading, and I’ve barely gotten into it. I’ve had several uh-oh moments already, though. I’ve also passed on the link to my daughter’s BF (a lawyer) who works as a legislative liaison in the governor’s office of my state. If he says anything of note about this, I’ll pass it along.

      • Hey Vixen definitely keep us posted. This does not bode well with me at all.

        • Hey, Dirty Al:
          Will do. Here’s a nice overview of this Executive Order. Be sure to check out the comments after, too.

          • I’m shot gunning some stuff out too. Where does this madness end.

          • I’m telling you all something is brewing.(Like most of us didn’t already know that).http://patriotsagainstthenwo.b.....lieve.html

          • Okay call me a crazy Bible thumpin,Clinger,Holy Rollin, Jesus freak, Cracker. Just do not mess with Israel, because there eventually be a price that will be made to pay for it. This administration is pushing the envelope and prior ones have too. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is a “stealth” Muslim.
            A trivia question for you all does anyone know the significance of the name Barak?

          • @Dirty Al…
            He told an old girlfriend he had in college that his name was Barak. His real name of Barry had the “dingle” up front from his friends. This was his way of adopting the popular budding muslum personage, and become a revolutionary. From nerd to MPOTUS!

            Barak’s in the Bible’s book of Judges. And here we are today. Barry, the root of all destruction.


          • Just checked your link, Dirty Al. OMG. Somehow, I get the impression that there’s a team of Marxists who come up with these orders, hand them to Dear Leader while he’s watching TV, getting dressed for a fundraiser, or getting ready for his next round of golf, and he signs them with a flourish of his official pen and a chuckle. Seems our GOP Congress critters are snoozing away while our country is swirling the drain…..

          • Yes Vixen everyone is asleep at the wheel. Well i’m gonna try to be a watchmen on the wall. Of course my experience is more along the lines of Military,geo political and spiritual things, but I’m sincerely trying. I just wish I had a better handle on computers and typing.

          • Vixen and Dirty Al…

            Thanks so much for the in-put regarding this more than important EO. I was hoping someone, anyone on the Sunday morning political shows would be bringing attention to this. I was also right with my instincts that I knew they wouldn’t.

            I told my husband about this last night…he asked me more about this first thing this morning.

            This is totally scary…attention needs to be brought to this ASAP!

            I’m going to check out both of your links you put above as soon as I get done with some chores at home.

          • Hey, Big,
            I’m doing some chores myself and have been checking back here periodically to see what’s being said. Had a friend, among several I sent the info about the EO, ask why there wasn’t anything being reported about this even at Fox. She confirms what you said about media silence on this. Well, the conservative blogs I visit are ALL talking about it. WTH is going on???

          • Vixen…

            The msm is more than infuriating to say the least…including Fox. I bet Varney & Co. (FNC) will have something about this tomorrow morning…still wondering if any radio talking-heads will be covering this in the a.m. as well. Especially my favorite Chris Plante…hope to be up early enough my time to catch all of his show.

            I also have the WE article saved as well…going to be posting about this as soon as I get done at home with what I have to finish up.

            Catch you in a bit. ~

          • Big and Dirty Al:
            I mentioned my daughter’s BF in a previous post– he works for my state’s governor and is a lawyer. I sent him the link to the EO (the full White version) and here’s his reply via email:
            “Whoa. What the heck is this?? There are red flags all over this thing. There needs to be an explanation.”


          • Vixen…for some reason there isn’t a place on your last post here to click reply. That’s a new one on me…so I hope you get this.

            Glad you put the info on what your friend (lawyer) said. Waving Red Flags indeed…and then some!

            Just got done posting about this…you’ll see it. 😉

          • Vixen the comments over there were ‘SPOT ON’. I just can’t get behind Ron Paul because of his stance on Israel and Iran. I gotta go for now need some shut eye.
            Sorry about Hijackin the thread Big. Will talk more later.

  10. Just the fact that it came from a Pelosi makes me leery. Her documentary of the 08 election went out of it’s way to make everyone in the flyover states look like total morons.

  11. stratomaster says:

    I want white people reparations for paying for blacks lazy asses since the invention of welfare. Where’s my gubment check? Gibs me mah check now!

  12. I thought that Clinton had ended welfare in 1995. Under what program are these bums collecting checks? I know about unemployment, SSDI, AFDC, and SSI, but this sounds like something else.

  13. misterbill says:

    Here is the Dr. Ciancio’s letter:

    Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

    I was speaking to an emergency room physician this morning. He told me that a woman in her 20’s came to the ER with her 8th pregnancy. She stated “my momma told me that I am the breadwinner for the family.” He asked her to explain. She said that she can make babies and babies get money for the family. The scam goes like this: The grandma calls the Department of Children and Family Services and states that the unemployed daughter is not capable of caring for these children. DCFS agrees and states that the child or children will need to go to foster care. The grandma then volunteers to be the foster parent, and thus receives a check for $1500 per child per month in Illinois. Total yearly income: $144,000 tax-free, not to mention free healthcare (Medicaid) plus a monthly “Link” card entitling her to free groceries, etc, and a voucher for 250 free cell phone minutes per month. This does not even include WIC and other welfare programs. Indeed, grandma was correct in that her fertile daughter is the “breadwinner” in the family.

    I hope you share this story with your listeners so that they know how the ruling class spends their tax dollars.

    Also, many thanks for the fine service you provide in educating people about the merits of conservative thinking.


    Sebastian J. Ciancio, M.D.
    Urologist, Danville Polyclinic, LTD.

    • misterb…

      Wow…that sums it up doesn’t it?

      It’s despicable this is what we’ve come to and have been for decades now.

      Great post…great letter you shared with us.

      If anyone talks to their doctors personally…they all say the same thing. Plus the opinions on Dear Leader and ObamaCare are exactly what you think they’d be.

  14. misterbill says:


    looks like your message is getting across–from a post at TH:

    “Speaking of “war on men”, at least the clean cut white image – has anyone noticed who is PRETTY MUCH all the time portrayed in things like commercials as the dunce, duh dumb-bell – that can’t quite figure things out? or this “image” is OFTEN acting stupid, the bad driver, home invader, the one that’s greedy and selfish, the identy thief, and the list goes on. Sometimes they even have a drink thrown in their face. If anybody hasn’t noticed – yes [it’s usually one particularly image], and some of these guys are even wearing neck ties (at least no neck ties on the home invaders).
    Just name any other certain group that frequently is shown this way in advertising? “

  15. Death to Libtards says:

    How to make Democrats look bad? Show Bill Maher’s face. Then hang his picture in the zoo to keep the monkeys from jerking off.

  16. I see where at least Fox news is finally reporting on this story tonight…maybe some today as well. I don’t know…after I have my coffee int he morning..I don’t pay that much attention until evening.

    Better late than never ~

  17. This is from BOR’s show last night.

    • Big,
      Sure would like to see Bill Maher read this fine article, then pass it on to the freeloaders in the vid. I imagine I’d be kidding myself to think it would actually make a whit of difference though. However, I think you’ll appreciate it. It’s a bit lengthy, but well-worth your time. Check it out when you have a chance:

      • Once again…thanks gal.

        As soon as I get what I need to done at home I will check it out. ~

      • Vixen…

        I just got done reading that excellent piece of information. I truly cannot thank you enough. It’s a keeper. Plus was full of so much ‘real’ history that we will never read or hear. Nor will our children, great-grandchildren etc etc.

        I truly hope others read this. It’s a keeper for me.

        Btw…at the end, this summed it all up well.

        “A truer picture of the Old South, one never presented by the nation’s mind molders, emerges from this account. The American South had been undergoing structural evolutionary changes far, far greater than generations of Americans have been led to believe. In time, within a relatively short time, the obsolete and economically nonviable institution of slavery would have disappeared. The nation would have been spared awesome traumas from which it would never fully recover.”

        No truer words written!

        One other mention- that is the first time I’ve ever read about Ellison history…which was rich with info.

        • I thought it was an outstanding piece of work, and like you said, history that isn’t taught or widely known…. but certainly should be. I was astonished as were friends that I emailed this link to as well.

          • ‘Astonished’ is the perfect word for it. I was telling my husband about this when he came home, as I had just got done reading it myself.

            Wonder when the so-called ‘History Channel’ is going to do an hour show about this…without changing the facts! (like they always do)

          • History Channel? Not holding my breath…. :(

          • Great article Vixen thanks. I’m saving it too,and will be sharing with family. I’d like to know more about Blacks that fought for the Confederacy.