What the hell has happened to Fox News in the last year? It’s gone from Fair and Balanced to “what the hell is that?” Fox is getting rid of all reasonable conservative voices in favor of shrill, leftists like Shamu Green, Sally “Lady Basketball Coach Hairdo” Kohn, and others too stupid to listen to. Plus, the regular leftist hacks like Bob “No Neck” Beckel, Jerry Rivers (aka Geraldo “El Doucho Bag-o” Rivera), and Alan “Skeletor” Colmes).

If I wanted to be force fed a steady diet of leftardisms, I would simply watch ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN. I would count Al Gore and Oprah’s networks in there but I can’t find them out of my 958 channels. But something has happened to Fox. They got rid of Glenn Beck and, more recently, Judge Napolitano. Shepard Smith is a smarmy libtard who looks like he’s about to croak any day. Never liked him anyway. So Fox becomes suckier by the day and conservatives, like the Big Sexy, look elsewhere for news. Like blogs.

I must admit that I hardly ever watch Fox anymore. O’Reilly is an industrial strength tool. He constantly interrupts guests to talk about himself. Hey Bill, I don’t give a rat’s culo about you. Sean Hannity is so boring he’d make the stage show of the New York Philharmonic look like KISS. I’ve never even tried watching Greta. She came over from CNN. Say no more. The Five is so bad I find myself longing to watch the Knitting Channel. The only shows I can stomach are Cavuto and Bret Baier. I love me some Brit Hume and love to hear Krauthammer smack down the monumentally stupid Mara Liasson from NPR. Other than those two shows, you won’t find AWD watching anything on Fox anymore.

Someone needs to present a conservative-oriented news show along the lines of what MSNBC presents to their three or four communist viewers. There are several things in this world that AWD doesn’t care about and all of them are what liberals say! Fox has been tremendously one-sided in the Trayvon Martin case. They have insisted in showing photos of Trayvon when he was an innocent 12 year old and portraying him as some kind of angel. We know now that wasn’t true. Why ignore the images of Trayvon as a thug and continue to show him as an innocent, peaceful teen when we know he was not? Rumor has it tomorrow they will show Trayvon as sperm.

Glenn Beck should make his GBTV free and find some sponsors to make it so. Nobody wants to pay for programming when they pay for cable or satellite. But he should out-Fox Fox and take the conservative audience who longs to hear news from a conservative standpoint without having to listen to the PC, communist tripe from hard-core leftists and filter out their drivel! Plus Fox itself keeps moving ever-leftward. In another year, they might be hiring Revrum Al or Jackson to the Fox News ‘Resist We Much’ Show!

AWD gets about 99% of his news from conservative blogs. I’m just about done with Fox and their ever-increasing PC BS news. I’ve never understood why the mainstream propaganda media continually fights over the small, anti-American segment of the US population while ceding the entire conservative audience to Fox. After all, the conservative are the ones with jobs and disposable income…always a plus with advertisers.

AWD is going to make a point to tell Glenn Beck about my idea. I met Glenn a few weeks ago now that he’s wised up and moved to Texas. Maybe I’ll be the new O’Reilly! I can have the “Big Sexy Zone” with fine fillies laying waste to libtards each night. Hell, I’d watch that! And so would a whole hell of a lot of other people sick of the propaganda media and the ever-boring, ever-PC, ever-libtarded Fox News.

Maybe old Rupert Murdoch cut a deal with the devil to move Fox to the left in order to keep his rich, Aussie ass out of stripes after his tapping of phone lines in Englandistan. Either way, Fox now sucketh and I hardly ever watcheth. I am waiting for someone to figure out that America is made up of more conservatives than libtards and go specifically after that audience. They’d put Fox out of bidness in six months! And then Bob Beckel could use his time growing a neck! Alan Colmes could go back to scaring small children and Shamu Green could go back to whatever the hell it was she was doing….probably community organizing! Either way, I don’t give a damn but I’m sick of listening to libtards try to argue that their political ideology makes any sense. It doesn’t.

Why in the name of hell would I ever give one little damn what the lebanese Sally Kohn thinks? You’d have to look hard to find someone as annoying as her…and then you wouldn’t.

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  1. Fox joined the suck years ago. I haven’t watched it in 2 years, longer for the rest of the propaganda “news” networks. I laugh at libtards and their faux news routine. There’s either left, far left, and then msnbc. We only have talk radio. And even the left wants them silenced.

    Maybe Glenn and The Judge could get something together. I’ll watch/listen to both. Well, just as long as Glenn keeps the preaching to a minimum.

  2. 79Firebirdman says:

    I’m with ya. Still trying to figure out what happened to Fox. Since Glenn Beck has left, it ain’t been worth two farts in the wind. You may be onto something with Murdoch cutting a backroom deal to save his arse from being down in the joint for a while. I rarely watch Fox anymore. On The Record is more infotainment than news. You’re right, Bill O is too full of himself. The 5 is BORING, and Bob Beckel is such an idiot. Alan Colmes equals industrial strength idiot. Hannity is fairly conservative, but maddeningly supports establishment RINO candidates and has his nose so far up Newt’s behind that he knows what he had for supper the night before. Red Eye used to be pretty good, don’t even know if it’s still on. I mostly stay on top of what’s happening with SiriusXM talk radio-Andrew Wilkow, Hannity (radio show is better than TV show), Levin, Beck, occasionally Mike Church- as well as conservative blogs and

  3. REV Wright says:

    Female basketball coach les………, commie lib leftist Democrat Marxist hack………..

  4. Put it all in a nutshell for me Big Sexy…I’ve had my fill. Heck, only a few things I watch on Fox these days, Fox Business more-so, but since the Judge is gone and Eric Bolling, it stinks. I still like Varney and Dobbs though.

    and yes…since the DOJ is looking into Rupert (or was) it has turned noticeably left…swiftly.

    They always forget to dance with the ones who brung them….they’ve been doing it slowly for years…I had my last dance with them long ago.

    Btw…if Beck could do what you suggest…it would be a real libertarian/conservative network….and he would have millions in a matter of time, it would grow faster than he thinks. That’s the problem though…many can’t afford to spend anymore money on certain things when it comes to msm…if he could find a way to provide for free and gain money from sponsors and such…it would be a hit…and he’s eventually be seeing a lot of ‘green.’

    Your idea about your show is a keeper! Go for it!

    • FuriousFatMan says:

      Beck is not a Libertarian. his network is growing more and more conservative by the day. i was going to subscribe once S.E. Cupp got a show, but then Beck told me that i worship Baal because my belief system revolves around science, our sun, our planet & other cosmic events.

      Libertarians would never condemn people in this way. i dont condemn Beck for worshiping a hat, because i AM a true libertarian.

      worship what you want. behave yourself. stop calling me evil because i wont fall in line w/ the religous right.

      im an ally as long as you respect my beliefs. learn this conservatives, because if you turn your fangs on us (blue laws), we’ll fight back a lot more than the wussypants libtards.


      • Chi Town AWD Fan says:


        I tried to make this point in a post months ago regarding the abortion issue……

        There are too many in the rabid religious right who are just as bad as the muslims who want sharia…..

        Christianity, Islam, Voodoo….keep your religion out of my laws…

  5. AWD
    There are probably millions of us that quit watching the news on T.V. I love it when I’m accused by a liberal of getting my news from Fox. which shows that liberals dont watch it either.

  6. Damn I loves me some Martha though

  7. wasnt Sally Kohn a center for the Sacramento monarchs?

  8. I just ditched my cable. I am seriously considering Beck and Roku as an alternative.

  9. blue eyed devil says:

    I have felt for years that FOX was part of the propoganda machine… firing Beck only confirmed it for me. Now watch thier coverage of the Trayvon/Zimmermann case… ugh I hardly watch anymore

  10. “What the hell has happened to Fox News in the last year?”
    Have been saying that as well, AWD. I RARELY tune in anymore. Entirely too painful to sit through the bellowing of gasbag O’Reilly to glean anything of value, Hannity is like cotton candy- no substance after a big buildup,and Greta is like fingernails on a blackboard. Only have a slight disagreement with you– I think Shep is Skeletor and Allen Colmes is Jiminy Cricket. 😉

  11. Guilty pleasures, the Five and Redeye. I like
    Dana Perino, classy commentator and Greg Guttfeld is
    just a funny guy. TV news is just another form of entertainment
    programming with about as much creditability as Jersey Shore.
    Hard news comes from the blogs, great writing, and insightful
    responses from intelligent comment posts. Conservative radio
    gives us good factual reporting with interesting commentary.
    Foreign press is also a good place to see information that
    is not subject to Hollywood/New York /pc/leftist filtering. Agree
    with AWD that a new Beck network (free) could take viewers away
    from the faux conservative Fox network. Oreilly has become
    so self important that he is impossible to watch. Bloviater
    comes to mind.

  12. Sadly, most conservatives have echoed the same sentiments in regards to the bizzare direction in which this once respected Fox News Channel has taken. When Glenn Beck showed up on the network, he became the fresh new face to break new ground on the infamous fair & balanced network.

    And despite appearing regularly on O’reilly’s show, it is a known fact that O’reilly may very well have felt threatened by the younger, more engaging Beck and eventually conspired to have his program officially terminated! O’Reilly has a lot more power on that network than any other host. Roger Ailes is to the the television news media what Daryl F. Zanuck was to the Twentieth Century Fox movie studios during the golden age of Hollywood, “the lone gentile amidst a sea of Jewish moguls’!

    Only society during that era wasn’t suffering from this misguided desire of forcing society to engage in this guilt trip of “fearing to offend, ethnic minorities, women and other special-interest groups!

    Now the network has sunken so low, as to embrace sodomy by employing its second well known “lebanese” Sally “butch-Con” (Kohn). (The first as you might have forgotten, was Tammy “Butch” (Bruce). Sad but true, Fox has developed such an annoying standard of pushing forward this useless mantra of being “fair & Balanced” onto a whole other level that it’s steering its once loyal heavily conservative fan base, like myself and my husband and many others away!

  13. With ya all the way on this one awd. There are way to many libtards on Fox, especially that dyke Sally Kohn and that 400 lb black mama Shamoooo.

    I was wondering why Beck left Fox….was he fired, or did he leave of his own accord? If he was fired why was he fired. Did he leave to go off on his own and try his hand in the market place.

    Looking for an alternative WE Much!!!!!

  14. Looks like Fox news might have been “taken to the woodshed” by George Sorros. If you remember he was out to get Fox. Check it out on the Web.

  15. chipstaggs says:

    Sports and weather… that’s all folks!! If you want to know what’s really going on in the news, better stick to talk radio and the internet.
    When the MSN, knowingly and willingly gave up on the 1st amendment and became the lap dogs of ovomit, they forfeit their right to give us the news.

  16. Follow the money and see who controls Fox …. and Reuters.. and CNNMSNBCABCCBS.
    Back in the 70’s Playboy had an article ( yes damn it I actually read the articles and no that doesn’t denote a fruitcake) with a drawing of two opposing politicians as a puppets. Their puppetmaster was in turn a puppet whose master in turn… all the way down to a large scaley arm .

  17. Fed Up Texan says:

    AWD…You are right on the button about Fox news. I turned it off about three years ago. I listen to Rush, Hannity (sometimes) and a guy in Texas, Rober Pratt, who does a Pratt on Texas show on a local station where I live. All the rest I surf, maybe watching an NCIS or a CIS from time to time. Any other tv is a nascar race. Life is too ahort to waste time on leftist filth,

  18. I dont know where to go Fox went to hell in a handbag Takes alot of nerve to use Geraldo and Journalism in the same sentence. Need to put together something Fox only has a couple of real people left

    • “Takes a lot of nerve to use Geraldo and Journalism in the same sentence.”
      LOL!! You got that right!!

  19. Missourian says:

    I miss Glenn Beck and Judge Naplitanos shows. They were informative and interesting. The Five is absolutely horrible and I can’t stand Shephard Smith. He totally embarrassed himself over this Trayvon Martin story.

  20. AWD…

    Speaking of conservative radio, what happened to the Big Sexy web show on Wednesday nights? Maybe you explained it and I just missed the reason for not continuing?

  21. Bloodless Coup says:

    Fox News is irrelevant. Rumor has it they have all been threatened by the FCC on the birther issue. That is why they refuse to report about Obama’s forged birth certificate, his stolen social security number, and his forged selective service registration card.

    Glenn Beck, though better than most, is still aiding and abetting Obama by refusing to report on his forged documents. The bottomline is that the whole Fox News Crew is now useless as tits on a bull. Not a one of them are True Patriots.

  22. I have small amounts of money that can be spent on worldly stuff for pleasure. If Glenn only knew. Good idea AWDude; giving GB some sage advice. Money can move mouths, both ways.

  23. AWD, I agree 100%!
    Since Glen was kicked off FOX, I hardly ever watch it anymore.
    I wish Glen would get his own show on TV,..I don’t like the idea of paying for his show.

    I get Glens’ newsletter on the “net” every day.

  24. Paul Bonnichsen says:


    Found out a long time ago that a man is in charge of his destiny… God also plays a part however. You mentioned in your post that you may speak with Mr. Beck about an idea that is floating around in your head… I encourage you to do so as we are in need of news coverage from a conservative point of few. For the likes of me, why does Fox try to cater to the puke 15% of the left???

  25. It’s getting so the only channels you can watch anymore are the Military Channel and the NFL Network! Fox needs to scrap the Fair & Balanced jazz and give us The Whole Truth and get rid of the leftist trash they’ve picked up in the last few years. Murdoch will never be accepted by the Jurassic Media; he’s losing a brilliant opportunity by trying to appeal to every political stripe and losing the viewers that made Fox what it had been.

  26. Call me a conspiracy theorist but I firmly believe that fox news and conservative talk radio has received some form of threats coming from this white house. Particularly when it comes to the birth certificate fraud. Yes, I became a committed “birther” after watching the press conference from Arizona and seeing the reaction of the press in attendance. Same thing with the Larry Sinclair press conference video.If you haven’t seen either one of these videos then you need to take the time to google them and watch, they all come across as very sincere and believable when you see it for yourself.


    WHY are we hearing about Obama’s “son” Trayvon and not the Vietnamese butcher of five whose brutal crime was entirely preventable?: Accused San Francisco Mass Murderer Was Not Deported to Vietnam. The case has not gotten much if any national attention, so it was reassuring to see law and sovereignty defender Congressman Ted Poe speak out on the issue:

  28. John Henry Eden says:

    Fox is a money making operation. The only reason it was “Fair and Balanced” was that Murdoch sniffed the wind and cashed in on the conservative backlash to Clintoon followed by the faddish patriotism that swept America after 9/11.After 2 or 3 election cycles,the fickle American voter is turning Leftard.So,in order to cash in on that trend,Fox is going libtard.The only color that counts in today’s Amerika is green.

  29. Harry Knuckles says:

    AWD I am in total agreement with you. Wife and I have watched Fox for many years (my TV still has a residual burn in image of the old Fox logo from the start of the second Gulf war). Anyway, I cannot believe how they seem to bed over to accomodate liberals now. I thought the worst of them (Ellis Henican) had migrated away but this past weekend even he popped up again. Agree too about Cavuto and BB.
    Dr. Krauthammer is a joy to watch most of the time.
    Please do contact Glenn Beck and see about getting his show available to everyone. That is a great idea!

  30. Spurwing Plover says:

    I quit watching the news years ago Its all controled and contrived

  31. why are queer women democrats?