This is your typical agenda from left-wing blogs such as Politico…but at least the arrogance of people such as John Harris comes full-circle for all to see.

Seems since Dear Leader’s polling numbers ARE and HAVE been sinking in the past as well as the present, critters like John Harris aren’t one bit happy about it and provide their strategy for the next agenda with the usual talking-points from the left-wing base…which of course is going to backfire on these nitwit fools too!

Here’s the story and video via WE:

Last night on Politico’s live-stream election show, Politico editor-in-chief John Harris highlighted a provocative Politico story about “stupid voters.”

The Politico article by reporter Alexander Burns examines poll numbers from voters who still think Obama might be a Muslim, believe that the president can change gas prices, and appear to have conflicting opinions about the war in Afghanistan.

The article quotes Tom Jensen of the Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling who admits, “The first lesson you learn as a pollster is that people are stupid. . . I tell a client trying to make sense of numbers on a poll that are inherently contradictory that at least once a week.”

Harris said the story grew out of one of his “personal rants” sparking debate in the newsroom with the editors over the headline, which Harris said he wanted to be “provocative.”

“They didn’t want the sharpest headline — ‘Are voters stupid?’ or switch to the order of the verb ‘Voters are stupid., Harris said, “I think we want something a little more neutral. . .the debate was whether to go with the sharpest possible headline or a more muted one.”

Harris added that voters were “expressing their opinions in a context of ignorance” which means that pollsters get results that “seem stupid even have the voters themselves actually aren’t stupid.”

The headline for the piece ended up being, “How much do voters know?” and featured a picture of Forrest Gump.

“I felt I won this debate in part because we did get a picture of Forrest Gump to accompany the story,” Harris said. “Forrest Gump in this case representing the sort of ignorant voters who are saying these wacky things in polls.”

Harris was clear enjoying his onscreen rant, and afterwards read his email address ( on the air so that people could respond.

Here’s El Rushbo’s take on this today…well worth the four minute listen…he lays it on the line and then some! Plus he has clips of ‘Wolfie Blitzed’ inside during the Bush administration gleefully reporting repeatedly how low Bush’s numbers were at the time.

Now friends…don’t get me wrong, we can all agree on one single fact- Harris is correct when he says ‘Voters are Stupid‘…he and his ilk fit that category to a tee! Look who we have in the White House now!

‘Vote We Much…and We Much – Early & Often!’

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  1. Here’s an example of their ‘Main-Man’ and how he works ~ At taxpayers expense toboot.

    Talk about hypocrisy….yet the leftist msm has been reporting this with glee since last night. We all now what they’d be doing if this had been a republican prez.

  2. I don’t know where the heck everyone has been today…it’s like a ghost town around here. Maybe everyone’s been as busy as I have today as well.

    Nevertheless…this is a perfect place to post this because Vandehei works for Politic too and speaks the truth…which is like ‘DUH’ in this case.

  3. Imagine if it werent for AWD and Rush and the like, the Media is so crooked it still amazes me. For the life of me i dont underatnd why someone doesnt come out with a REAL conservative television news station, I think they would make a killing. Fox news IS NOT what I am talking about, but its all we have

  4. Bloodless Coup says:

    Washington Times: Forgerygate: Ignoring Sheriff Arpaio’s Obama Report is a Scandal in Itself


  5. Of course I love it when teh one’s ratings go down, but inevitably they always seem to spike back up. The yoyoing gets me up and down too. I can only hope that they go down ands stay down in November so we can have anybody else, even another democrat would be better. You have to admit
    things are bad when the Marines are asked to disarm in a combat theater. Wow, at least I feel the military is on our side, they have the leadership worried.

  6. FuriousFatMan says:

    i gotta agree w/ the guy. i too believe most of the American voting public is full of stupid f***ing morons but i do not agree w/ why they are that way.

    people are dumb. ][ a person is not.

    group think. ][ individualism.

    current situation. ][ what we used to have.


  7. The wind has me here Big!

    I think it was on Fox news the other day where this information on China taking advantage of our troups fighting the Taliban (seen hand), and all the while, snatching up rare earth minerals out of northern Afghani/Packistan (unseen hand) came out. This stuff makes me wonder who is running the show over there!

  8. Are voters stupid?…..I am beginning to believe the voters are smartening up and smartening up bigtime.

    Three years of this left wing communist regime now has most of the public reeling. Finally, the voters of this country are beginning to wake up. Their beginning to understand how the left works with their Saul Alinski tactics, “ie. The Phony Republican War On Women”.

    The public is beginning to understand that “Green Jobs” means “No Jobs”…..Just more bullsh!t and double talk.

    It is my most heart felt opinion that these left wing communists should come right out and call the voters dumb, stupid, and ignorant. I hope they do. Their Saul Alinski tactics will backfire on them bigtiime this November.

    Come on you left wing libtards, show us your true colors….keep up with the name calling, come on you sons-a-bitches….we’re going to beat your asses this November

    Remember…..Piss Us Off We Much

    • Bluto…

      ‘Piss of WE Much’ indeed! And we will!

      I’m tellin’ ya…this all is going to backfire on these a$$hole leftists come Nov!

      I cannot thank Algore enough for inventing the internet…whatta guy! WE will destroy him and hisl ilk..and we just got started midterm voting in ’10…they ain’t seen nothing yet!

  9. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    BT & Bluto,

    Hope you are enjoying this early spring weather. Voters are stupid; however, more people are paying attention to what is currently taking place in politics only because everyone is struggling. A trip to the gas pump or grocery store along with counting pennies and trying to make next months house payment have awaken people from their everyday chores.

    My prediction for the November elections is that Obummer will take a beating at the polls. When one has to worry constantly about paying next months bills, they blame the person at the top… Obummer. I guarantee if Obama would have been an average president and the economy was rolling along at an average pace, people would not give a hoot what was taking place in DC.

    I for one can not wait for November… I despise Obama… but I despise the news media even more. I’ll stay up all night after elections, especially if Rep. kick ass just to watch the worthless news media report that Dems lost everything.

    • Paul…

      You said it all for me…and our household as well.

      I will be staying up all-night with you and everyone else celebrating for the very reasons you stated so aptly.

      We’ll be together…the media of all venues will come apart!

      They will also attack with a vengeance not long after O’s down the road and we have our new Prez…and we all know it too.

  10. Bloodless Coup says:

    Barack Obama, Derrick Bell, Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party and Controversial Calls for White Genocide.

  11. This one’s for meesh!

    Btw meesh….you might want to click the link inside as well.

  12. Here’s some more pathetic PC BS!

    It never ends.

  13. Joseph Kony says:

    Who is Joseph Kony?


    How about STUPID LIBERALS realy,realy stupid liberals like THE OCCUPYERS

  15. Harris’ bragging again!

    Talk about ‘Stuck on Stupid!’

  16. I truly hope some of you read this…not only does Dear Leader lie every-time he opens his yappers…he’s just plain stupid as well…or he thinks we all are.