This post was written nearly a year and a half ago but is as pertinent today, even maybe more so, as it was when written. The racist circus taking place in Florida over the shooting of Trayvon Martin is in high gear and proves my point. Blacks continue to scream about Trayvon Martin but refuse to mention a 6 year old black child killed in Chicago last weekend by blacks. Black on black violent crime runs rampant in America but receives no attention from those trying to create a racial war. White on black crime is virtually non-existent yet the Martin/Zimmerman incident is treated as if whites killing blacks is epidemic!

If George Zimmerman is found not guilty, look for Rodney King-like destruction throughout the United States. But through all the cover of the mainstream propaganda media, the title of this post is becoming more and more evident. Most black people do indeed hate white people. Many do not and have broken the chains of ingrained hatred that infests the black community. But, as a whole, there is a hatred for whites that permeates black America. I agreed with conservative and former Black Panther Ted Hayes when we met two years ago when he said that white people have come much further in embracing blacks than the other way around. But I am sick of ignoring the obvious racism from fools like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and Holder. For this reason, I am reposting this piece.

Andrew Breitbart wants to destroy the leftwing mainstream media. Angry White Dude wants to destroy political correctness. I’ve never been much at pretending or lying and I have too much self-respect to fool myself into thinking something is when it is not or is not when it is. That was one of the reasons this blog was started.

Rassmussen released a poll today titled Voters Are Much Less Optimistic About Black-White Relations. The report states that just 36% of voters now say relations between blacks and whites are getting better, down from 62% last year. Here’s the kicker, thirty-nine percent (39%) of whites think black-white race relations are getting better, but just 13% of blacks agree. While that will surprise a lot of liberals, it really is no surprise at all.

While it will chill the blood of liberals, AWD will break it down for you: Black people hate white people. Certainly, there are some who have broken the hate for whites that nearly every black person learns from an early age. But nearly every black person in America has an ingrained hatred for white people. Black people can be civil towards whites in work and at play but never let yourself believe your black acquaintances don’t really hate your white guts deep down.

How do I know this? Simple! I have made the same comment to black acquaintances of mine and they were honest enough to answer that I was correct. Just yesterday, I had a conversation with two professional black men I like very much and consider to be friends…not extremely close friends…but friends nonetheless. Our conversation began on politics but quickly jumped to race relations in the United States. Both are staunch Democrats and view the tea party movement (which they know I am a part of) as a racist group. Both support Obama and big government even though, as I explained, the government takes money from their pockets as producers and gives it to moochers. I mentioned that I believe white people embrace the dream of a race-neutral society of Martin Luther King more than blacks. Most white people do not understand why in the year 2010 there is a NAACP, BET, Miss Black Universe, etc. I believe most white people try to judge others on their actions. Both black friends believed that another white friend present and I were beneficiaries of white privilege. My friend explained that he was not granted school loans because he was white when he came from a very poor single-parent home. After he graduated, he took a state police exam where the highest 300 scores were accepted. 1100 took the test. My white friend’s score was 179. He was in. Right? Wrong! After the state applied the race curve that improved the scores of lower scoring minorities, my friend’s rank was in the 800s. No job with the state police. What did he do wrong? He was white. I mentioned to my black friends that I cannot do business with local city and counties because they prefer and accept bids from minority contractors, even though they cannot compete on a service or price basis with the company where I am employed. So much for white privilege! My black friends said there were many years where blacks were treated unfairly by Jim Crow laws and it was payback for those times. My white friend asked how long he and his son and future white generations would have to pay for things done before he was born? Very few blacks who suffered under Jim Crow laws are even alive today and certainly the young black thugs who commit such a great number of crimes today was ever a slave or forced to drink out of a separate water fountain.

We then discussed the actions of young blacks today and if black Americans were better off today than they were in the sixties before the Great Society reparations began? I said I believe you cannot give someone something for nothing and expect any good to come from it. Generations of blacks have now been told they are victims, whites are evil and blacks are entitled to free money, housing and everything else when very few blacks alive today have ever faced systematic discrimination. If they have faced discrimination it is because responsible blacks are grouped with the great many blacks in America that cause such tremendous crime and problems. I also added that if I was held responsible for actions I did not commit by members of my race long ago, shouldn’t it be fair for my two black friends to be held responsible for the black thugs and criminals? It’s simple logic but not so easy under the laws of political correctness.

50 years of welfare, social programs and excuses has had a tremendously negative effect on the black race in America. Blacks under perform nearly across the board when compared with other races. Why? Political correctness, liberal politics, ignorance and hate. It is easier for blacks, as a whole, to blame their station in society on white people for slavery than it is to blame themselves for making bad life decisions. Most people who are not black are taught actions have consequences. Young blacks are taught they can do or say whatever and they will be excused. This is why we are seeing a growing number of brazen attacks by groups of young blacks on whites these days. These young black thugs believe there will be no consequences. But there are consequences, even in the ridiculous world of political correctness. That is why such a large percentage of prisoners are black. Political correctness tells us it’s because of racist judges, police and laws…but the realistic know it is simply because so many blacks commit crimes.

Look at how so many young blacks look and act today. Wearing pants below their asses, tattoos, speaking filthy language or ebonics, loud, immoral, violent, sullen… that what Martin Luther King dreamed?

So it’s no surprise for me to read of Obama saying the police in Boston “acted stupidly” when they did not in arresting a belligerent, trash-talking black Harvard professor, or Eric Holder for not prosecuting hate crimes or discrimination when blacks are the perpetrators. A quick glance on Drudge Report today tells of a black judge who rejected a plea agreement for a white youth because it, in his words, “a ridiculous plea that only goes to white boys.” And you better believe a black community organizer who studied at the feet of the racist Reverend Wright for twenty years hates whitey too. It’s what blacks are taught. It is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge. Certainly not PC liberals!

I don’t know if blacks can ever escape the ghetto mentality of white hatred that is so ingrained in their community. But I know this….blacks are the only ones who can help blacks. I am not responsible for slavery any more than my honorable black friends are responsible for Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa state fair. I cannot save blacks nor can my tax dollars. Hatred, violence, ignorance and laziness is the hallmark of the American black race in general. Many have escaped the chains of ghetto culture to enjoy the benefits of hard work, sacrifice, achievement and wealth. But far too many are chained to poverty and ignorance by the slave master….and they don’t even realize the slave master is black!

I’m glad so many white people are starting to let their voices be heard concerning racial issues. Political correctness has for too long forced us to sit back like whipped dogs and not comment or complain about what we see going on around us lest we be racist. Why must we walk on eggshells to not offend the perpetually offended when their actions are offensive!?! Nuts to that! Say it loud, I’m not politically correct and proud!

As for black crime, please check out the Thug Report.

Watch the ignorance and hatred from some clown named Toure:

Should whites become vigilantes like the New Black Panthers? Black on white crime in America is rampant!

And more love from the Panthers:

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  1. Babylon Slim says:

    I am a black male. 4th generation American. My father and Mother both got College educations. I got a college education and my 2 children are in college. I made over $150,000 last year. I voted for Obama and agree with everything he has done. I still hate all white people and have taught my children to hate them as well. Deal with it.

    • thug ni**er……………

      looks like the old adage is true…….

      you can take the ni**er out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the ni**er………..

      the old adage sure fits in your case………….

    • REV Wright says:

      Many “earn” a college degree. You “got” a college degree.

      Affirmative “axtion” much?

      English much?

      Juts “axin”…………..

      Right………………Like I’d ever hire you.



    • Oh, really and for true, Babylon Slim? Can I just call you BS for short? Thanks… So, are all these college edumacation and duhgrees you speak of in real authentic fields of study, or are they in fake fields such as African American Studies or some other BS liberal arts program?

      • Ever notice the negro’s that come to this site have to tell us they are educated and make tons of money, like we really care, or believe them.

    • Superfly says:

      Wonderful example of an American. You are black, but YOU ARE AN AMERICAN. Deal with it.

    • Superfly says:

      You said it, YOU ARE AN AMERICAN no better, no worse than me. I am Middle Eastern, I have 2 degrees, worked 2 jobs, made a lot of money. You were admitted into a college because you are black. Quota, affirmative action and a minority that HAD to be admitted.

    • Superfly says:

      Why did you capitalize the word “College” once but not each time you typed it?

  2. White people are genetic mutations. Fact
    White women always wanted a tall dark and handsome man. Fact
    The white recessive gene is just that recessive. That in a matter of time they will eventually go extinct. Fact
    White people need a enemy and feel a need to harm because they were forged out of hate. Fact
    If you ignore them in a matter of time they will go away. Fact
    Whites hate black people. Fact
    White people use eugenics to modify nature to keep themselves from going extinct. Fact
    If whites decide to love blacks they will naturally go extinct bc once you go black you never go back. Fact

  3. We can never get ahead in a system of white supremacy. Fact
    In a system of white supremacy it is impossible for a non white to be considered racist.fact
    Whites had hundreds of years head start in this Babylonian system.fact
    This system will eventually implode and collapse into itself. Fact
    Non whites was brought into this Babylonian system of white supremacy.fact
    The devil preaches hate and want to know who hates him bc the devil is a consistent hater.fact
    Who is the devil. Jeopardy
    If non whites went back to a natural way of life will they get conquered and enslaved again. Fact
    The world would not be overpopulated if not of they system of white supremacy. Fact
    Who system is 100% of the earth under… The system of white supremacy. If not for their system would China n India populations explode to 1.4 billion n 1.2 billion. No fact
    The system of white supremacy is at its end and there’s no gun bomb or knife money of space ship going to save the leaders and followers of the system of white supremacy. Fact

    • REV Wright says:


      No EBT/SNAP/SEC 8/welfare for you or your baby mommas this month!

      Now, get in the container………..Off to Liberia one way!)


  4. brutally honest says:

    Let us not forget that after pearl harbor we placed Asian Americans in campus for fear of Japanese terrorism. Do you see them blaming the white after all these years? No. They’re not. I turn on the TV everyday and see BET, black history month, Oprah talking about how I apparently oppress her. There’s even a website called why? What is the reason for this? What about the polish, Irish, Russian, Scottish, Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese? What about native Americans? I’m a good person. If you’re nice to me I’m nice to you. Period. I am so tired of being blamed for something I had absolutely nothing to do with. Remember this: at the end of the day we’re all Americans and we all have something to bring to the table. If all you do is blame someone else for your problems YOU need to wake up. If you can’t see that, shame on you.

  5. brutally honest says:

    Life is 90% of your actions and 10% of other factors. Your life is what you make of it. Pointing your finger at someone else for your actions will get you nowhere in this world.

  6. Superfly says:

    These panthers say they will take care of it if the government doesn’t? Does that mean that they will go after whites and kill them? Wonderful. Start a race war.

  7. To the original poster. You have the IQ of a fake leather shoe. Fact.
    Tall desk and handsome means, and always has meant, tall, dark HAIR and handsome. Not black. You don’t even understand colloquialisms. Fact. You had to google that word. Fact.

  8. I didn’t have to use google to define that word. A word that has 0 to do with Tall Dark and Handsome. Btw didn’t your teacher teach you how to go over your work. Fact
    I don’t really care about words in general because there are a infinite amount of words in different dialects. Fact
    You only know less the 1% of all the words in existence. Fact
    I hate to make clowns of you red nose rain deer but stop the act. There’s no who’s smarter then who in this world. It’s who has the will to put their life on the line and fight for goodness and not superiority.

    • I am not going to bother getting into semantics with you. You and I and everyone reading this knows I will be much smarter than you, I speak Russian and English fluently. What do you speak? It’s not English. “Why you ain’t, Where you is, What he drive, Where he stay, Where he work, Who you be…” The blame game you throw around is just stupid and tired and old. It’s not the white mans fault that your life is garbage and you are stupid. White men don’t get your women pregnant with 6 kids and then leave and not raise your kids. White man doesn’t stop you going to school or force you to quit school at 14 to go and have a “rap career” only to find by 17 you are just another crack dealer. It’s not white mans fault that your race kill each other, shoot each other, have unsafe communities trying to channel Syria or something. It’s not white mans fault that the majority of you can’t read. I look at your people, smoking crack, beating each other up, robbing each other, stealing from shops, wearing your clothes around your ass, refusing to go to school in favour of selling drugs. Pimping your children out. Buying $500 shoes but saying you can’t afford to buy books for your kids. FACT all of it FACT.

      • Kel

        explaining the truth to these trolling feral blacks in order to get them to understand is like trying to get a dog to comprehend calculus….. it’s just not going to happen………but I appreciate you trying to enlighten this particular tree-swinging dumb-bell anyhow……….

        it’s feral blacks like this one that can’t come out into the light and post on any recent post……they can only come to this post that is years old…….these feral blacks all scream, shout, piss, moan, and complain they want to have a conversation on racism, they call us cowards because we don’t discuss black and white issues with them but when we corner them and engage in a conversation all they do is run away and hide……….

        the truth of the matter is they prefer racism…’s what they want…..then they can blame someone else for their situations that they created for themselves………it’s typical of these feral blacks……………

        signed ………

        Bluto……..a true skunk of the planet Earth

  9. It’s obvious you hate non-whites.
    It’s obvious you haven’t done any research.
    You have a personal grudge against non-whites and its for one or more of these reasons.

    I’ll start with the sweet before I get into the sour.

    You haven’t done any research
    You watch Fox News
    You think it’s ok for whites to kill millions of whites and non-whites
    You think it’s not ok for non-whites to kill a dozen or so non whites a month or year in a community where there’s no employment and fathers been killed or addicted to drugs the white government completely started
    You never heard of meth. Which every week you hear of a bust and the lab coat isn’t the only thing white found to be involved
    Non whites did not I will not use krocodile. If your Russian u know what mean.
    Btw no one likes you Russians because you MFers mean as shit . Can’t forget to mention big liers ask Vladimir Putin if he’s arming the rebels. He will say what rebels? You mean the seperatist? What seperatist to what? They are not russian soldiers it’s the weekend they volunteers. I can debunk every word and every line because I’m not emotional. We all have to die.
    Statistics prove black men are the best fathers on earth today. Look it up.

    • REV Wright says:

      “Statistics prove black men are the best fathers on earth today.”


      Then why do I have to support all “da baby mammas” with EBT/SNAP/welfare/WIC, and SEC 8?

      End the welfare state, and watch the Obama voters eat each other.

      Pass the popcorn!


  10. I agree you will be much smarter but not more intelligent.
    Not to mention there’s 197 million whites in America. Tho you claim non whites are on government assistance at s higher rate.
    It’s funny bc non whites only received the rights to work at WW2 but it’s people like you who believe non whites always had oppertunity. You make me laugh because some of you are the dumbest white supremacist I’ve ever took mental notes from.
    No I don’t hate white people I hate this system of white supremacy. I’m have whites are getting along these days. I hope you don’t start WW3. Or murder the last 3 million native Americans. Oh but they have already been destroyed after being white washed now they don’t have protection from the sun like they use to sorry Red man. I hope we could end this bs because is not a single person do research I’ll destroy everything you throw at me.
    Why would I even want to speak a language I was forced to know in a manner that suits anyone but myself.
    If this was my original language and not the language of the people who hate me the most on this planet then maybe I’ll speak with a rudy poo snobby pinky extended attitude that makes me look like a wanker

    • I seriously doubt you could speak coherently in any language……..after-all you have been in this country for four hundred years and you still can’t speak the language…….and it’s obvious you can’t write either…………….

      Ebonics is not a language dumb-bell………………..and your situation is only due to you and your own people……’s typical of you feral blacks blaming white people for all of your problems………..

  11. Get rid of the welfare state. Non whites won’t be the only one you say will eat each other. Oh btw the Native Americans taught whites how to survive and not resort to eating each other. Research before you type hate.

    • REV Wright says:


      Watch what happens the day the EBT/SNAP cards are not reloaded in Baltimore, East St. Louis, Oakland, Harlem, Ferguson, Detroit, and Harare, Zimbabwe.

      Planet of the Apes.


  12. I do agree non white women are more stubborn then any other women. It’s because of the system of racist white supremacy. Which made it easy for that women to exchange a mentally immature man for a check. In a perfect world the women would wait for that man to know himself so he would decide if he’s ready to settle down or move on.
    How could a man be a man with no example of a man? Answer that.
    Because the government played off our higher chakra and made us addicted to drugs by saturating our communities with it in every form.
    If coke is in cola and purchasable from a pharmacy.
    Non whites lower chakra was played off by changing all genres of music to boy girl relationships.

    Read the bible the seven seals are you seven main chakra points
    Right now non whites mainly blacks have all 7 chakras points wide open if they only believe in a one true Ngr. Haile Salassie is the almighty one. Conquering lion of the tribe of Judah. King or kings. Lords or lords. The root of David. His Imperial majesty.
    When the color of a mans skin is of no more significance then the color of his eyes. Oh yea that’s white Germany started to create blond hair blue eyes.
    I will never hate white people but I will never trust white people. Not with my food my children or my well being. I love America no because King James was a black man and ruler of 3 kingdoms in Europe. I love America because we can argue and debate and shake hands afterwards. Only in America we have the ability to love n not hate and not kill. Livity, life is all we need.
    Do your research before you post hate.

    • Truth, you may want to lay off of that ganja. Your almighty one is dead. Kind of screwed up your Rastafarian doctrine, huh?