This post was written nearly a year and a half ago but is as pertinent today, even maybe more so, as it was when written. The racist circus taking place in Florida over the shooting of Trayvon Martin is in high gear and proves my point. Blacks continue to scream about Trayvon Martin but refuse to mention a 6 year old black child killed in Chicago last weekend by blacks. Black on black violent crime runs rampant in America but receives no attention from those trying to create a racial war. White on black crime is virtually non-existent yet the Martin/Zimmerman incident is treated as if whites killing blacks is epidemic!

If George Zimmerman is found not guilty, look for Rodney King-like destruction throughout the United States. But through all the cover of the mainstream propaganda media, the title of this post is becoming more and more evident. Most black people do indeed hate white people. Many do not and have broken the chains of ingrained hatred that infests the black community. But, as a whole, there is a hatred for whites that permeates black America. I agreed with conservative and former Black Panther Ted Hayes when we met two years ago when he said that white people have come much further in embracing blacks than the other way around. But I am sick of ignoring the obvious racism from fools like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and Holder. For this reason, I am reposting this piece.

Andrew Breitbart wants to destroy the leftwing mainstream media. Angry White Dude wants to destroy political correctness. I’ve never been much at pretending or lying and I have too much self-respect to fool myself into thinking something is when it is not or is not when it is. That was one of the reasons this blog was started.

Rassmussen released a poll today titled Voters Are Much Less Optimistic About Black-White Relations. The report states that just 36% of voters now say relations between blacks and whites are getting better, down from 62% last year. Here’s the kicker, thirty-nine percent (39%) of whites think black-white race relations are getting better, but just 13% of blacks agree. While that will surprise a lot of liberals, it really is no surprise at all.

While it will chill the blood of liberals, AWD will break it down for you: Black people hate white people. Certainly, there are some who have broken the hate for whites that nearly every black person learns from an early age. But nearly every black person in America has an ingrained hatred for white people. Black people can be civil towards whites in work and at play but never let yourself believe your black acquaintances don’t really hate your white guts deep down.

How do I know this? Simple! I have made the same comment to black acquaintances of mine and they were honest enough to answer that I was correct. Just yesterday, I had a conversation with two professional black men I like very much and consider to be friends…not extremely close friends…but friends nonetheless. Our conversation began on politics but quickly jumped to race relations in the United States. Both are staunch Democrats and view the tea party movement (which they know I am a part of) as a racist group. Both support Obama and big government even though, as I explained, the government takes money from their pockets as producers and gives it to moochers. I mentioned that I believe white people embrace the dream of a race-neutral society of Martin Luther King more than blacks. Most white people do not understand why in the year 2010 there is a NAACP, BET, Miss Black Universe, etc. I believe most white people try to judge others on their actions. Both black friends believed that another white friend present and I were beneficiaries of white privilege. My friend explained that he was not granted school loans because he was white when he came from a very poor single-parent home. After he graduated, he took a state police exam where the highest 300 scores were accepted. 1100 took the test. My white friend’s score was 179. He was in. Right? Wrong! After the state applied the race curve that improved the scores of lower scoring minorities, my friend’s rank was in the 800s. No job with the state police. What did he do wrong? He was white. I mentioned to my black friends that I cannot do business with local city and counties because they prefer and accept bids from minority contractors, even though they cannot compete on a service or price basis with the company where I am employed. So much for white privilege! My black friends said there were many years where blacks were treated unfairly by Jim Crow laws and it was payback for those times. My white friend asked how long he and his son and future white generations would have to pay for things done before he was born? Very few blacks who suffered under Jim Crow laws are even alive today and certainly the young black thugs who commit such a great number of crimes today was ever a slave or forced to drink out of a separate water fountain.

We then discussed the actions of young blacks today and if black Americans were better off today than they were in the sixties before the Great Society reparations began? I said I believe you cannot give someone something for nothing and expect any good to come from it. Generations of blacks have now been told they are victims, whites are evil and blacks are entitled to free money, housing and everything else when very few blacks alive today have ever faced systematic discrimination. If they have faced discrimination it is because responsible blacks are grouped with the great many blacks in America that cause such tremendous crime and problems. I also added that if I was held responsible for actions I did not commit by members of my race long ago, shouldn’t it be fair for my two black friends to be held responsible for the black thugs and criminals? It’s simple logic but not so easy under the laws of political correctness.

50 years of welfare, social programs and excuses has had a tremendously negative effect on the black race in America. Blacks under perform nearly across the board when compared with other races. Why? Political correctness, liberal politics, ignorance and hate. It is easier for blacks, as a whole, to blame their station in society on white people for slavery than it is to blame themselves for making bad life decisions. Most people who are not black are taught actions have consequences. Young blacks are taught they can do or say whatever and they will be excused. This is why we are seeing a growing number of brazen attacks by groups of young blacks on whites these days. These young black thugs believe there will be no consequences. But there are consequences, even in the ridiculous world of political correctness. That is why such a large percentage of prisoners are black. Political correctness tells us it’s because of racist judges, police and laws…but the realistic know it is simply because so many blacks commit crimes.

Look at how so many young blacks look and act today. Wearing pants below their asses, tattoos, speaking filthy language or ebonics, loud, immoral, violent, sullen… that what Martin Luther King dreamed?

So it’s no surprise for me to read of Obama saying the police in Boston “acted stupidly” when they did not in arresting a belligerent, trash-talking black Harvard professor, or Eric Holder for not prosecuting hate crimes or discrimination when blacks are the perpetrators. A quick glance on Drudge Report today tells of a black judge who rejected a plea agreement for a white youth because it, in his words, “a ridiculous plea that only goes to white boys.” And you better believe a black community organizer who studied at the feet of the racist Reverend Wright for twenty years hates whitey too. It’s what blacks are taught. It is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge. Certainly not PC liberals!

I don’t know if blacks can ever escape the ghetto mentality of white hatred that is so ingrained in their community. But I know this….blacks are the only ones who can help blacks. I am not responsible for slavery any more than my honorable black friends are responsible for Beat Whitey Night at the Iowa state fair. I cannot save blacks nor can my tax dollars. Hatred, violence, ignorance and laziness is the hallmark of the American black race in general. Many have escaped the chains of ghetto culture to enjoy the benefits of hard work, sacrifice, achievement and wealth. But far too many are chained to poverty and ignorance by the slave master….and they don’t even realize the slave master is black!

I’m glad so many white people are starting to let their voices be heard concerning racial issues. Political correctness has for too long forced us to sit back like whipped dogs and not comment or complain about what we see going on around us lest we be racist. Why must we walk on eggshells to not offend the perpetually offended when their actions are offensive!?! Nuts to that! Say it loud, I’m not politically correct and proud!

As for black crime, please check out the Thug Report.

Watch the ignorance and hatred from some clown named Toure:

Should whites become vigilantes like the New Black Panthers? Black on white crime in America is rampant!

And more love from the Panthers:

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  1. Babylon Slim says:

    I am a black male. 4th generation American. My father and Mother both got College educations. I got a college education and my 2 children are in college. I made over $150,000 last year. I voted for Obama and agree with everything he has done. I still hate all white people and have taught my children to hate them as well. Deal with it.

    • thug ni**er……………

      looks like the old adage is true…….

      you can take the ni**er out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the ni**er………..

      the old adage sure fits in your case………….

    • REV Wright says:

      Many “earn” a college degree. You “got” a college degree.

      Affirmative “axtion” much?

      English much?

      Juts “axin”…………..

      Right………………Like I’d ever hire you.



      • I’m a black woman and I have 2 degrees that I earned. I don’t agree with everything white people do and say. however, all whites are not the same. you don’t have to worry about hiring me because I work for the fed government. I wonder if you and your family receiving any kind of assistance. I need to know where my tax dollars going

        • Degrees in African American Studies and Liberal Arts are not “real” degrees, and they are damn sure nothing to brag about.

          Of course you work for the Fed Gov, you’re black, and female, where else would you get a job where you get paid to do nothing beyond cashing your paycheck?

        • Crystal Whitecock says:

          probably to your cousins children. hello.

        • Hay, Shay!

          Trufally, no Wite peoples I nos is on asissance.
          De don’ qualfy. (too lite)

        • you forgot to use the word ARE in a few places. didn’t your learn that in college??? LOL. U do prob. have a govt job though, don’t they have like a 65% quota on minorities?

        • Your payments are the workers tax dollars thanks, government money is paid by blue collar workers and businesses not by government, white collar are mostly government funded. The tax you pay is your famous greedy government scam of double dipping. All money flows to the top and you are just a part of the scam so make no mistake, if there are no real workers, not saying your work is not real but real, as in money made on our own and paid to government to pay people like you, you will be less privileged then you are now. Nobody gets it and they don’t get why there is all this destruction and lies. All these fake minorities and all these terms such as racism, or blaming people who have done nothing more then what you do. But i don’t care who you are, if you hate me, i hate you and Obama is a greedy cockhead no better then any of the so-called white supremacists that you claim oppress you.

      • Cristalexi says:

        Apart from a tiny few essential degrees that are really needed, most degrees are affirmative action no matter whether white or black people get it. It’s main purpose is to create bogus middle-class jobs as a buffer to the upper class otherwise they will have the uprisings of the lower class of the past. Orignally, mostly white people were given the bogus degrees and made up middle-class jobs but some black people have recently been included to keep the wolf from the door.

    • Oh, really and for true, Babylon Slim? Can I just call you BS for short? Thanks… So, are all these college edumacation and duhgrees you speak of in real authentic fields of study, or are they in fake fields such as African American Studies or some other BS liberal arts program?

      • Ever notice the negro’s that come to this site have to tell us they are educated and make tons of money, like we really care, or believe them.

      • Why are you mad for? I took up African studies at UMASS Dartmouth silly and its one of the best classes I took while in college receiving my degree in Arts. so what he don’t like white people just like whites don’t like black people. just get over it

        • your college educated my ass………anyone who writes the way you write doesn’t have a college degree……if you do it isn’t worth spit……..where the hell did you learn to write…..

          I’ll bet you speak the way you write………Bwahahahhahahahaha…….you are a dolt……..

          you blacks have been in the country for over four hundred years and you still can’t speak or write the English language porperly………

        • This is a constant internal struggle that black people constantly reapply to themselves. Its actual some form of mental illness I think to believe that white people automatically dislike you. I don’t dislike black people. I dislike all ignorant people that race bait.

      • Crystal Whitecock says:


    • Superfly says:

      Wonderful example of an American. You are black, but YOU ARE AN AMERICAN. Deal with it.

    • Superfly says:

      You said it, YOU ARE AN AMERICAN no better, no worse than me. I am Middle Eastern, I have 2 degrees, worked 2 jobs, made a lot of money. You were admitted into a college because you are black. Quota, affirmative action and a minority that HAD to be admitted.

      • wrong Superfly, I wasn’t accepted to UMASS because I am black. I was accepted because my GPA is 3.5. don’t believe the hype silly. that’s the problem with people. You think all black people get into college because they are black. Im laughing at you. you sure are a clown

    • Superfly says:

      Why did you capitalize the word “College” once but not each time you typed it?

    • Crystal Whitecock says:

      EFF YOU and your weak minded mentality. You are more than a fool and your kids are probably complete idiots, that is if you were even in the household to raise them. And as far as your 150k…. how much did you claim in taxes…..oh wait….you did not. I am paying them. Tell my charity donations hello and that Christmas is going to be tight this year because I talked to Jesus (who is Santa’s buddy) and he said that the black community has used up it’s EBT credits and is already profiting from the “SNOW”. And btw.. I already called Uncle Sam and he pre-purchased all the ammo for the good little white children of America. You want a WAR FOOL?!?! Game on… You will lose. Plain and simple.You kill more of your own people over $20 and disrespect, you couldn”t even buy enough bullets to kill your own Section 8 Club! LOL. YOU CAN’T KILL MASSES OF PEOPLE WHEN YOU SHOOT A GUN SIDEWAYS( I know…it is all about appearance)(going to look real good in those standard issues) YOU ARE ALL SO STUPID. THAT IS YOU WILL ALL DIE FROM SICKLE CELL AND HIV. YOU BROUGHT THAT SHIT HERE BUT GUESS WHAT. HIV ONLY THRIVES IN DESPICABLE ENVIRONMENTS. GUESS YOU GOT US ON SOMETHING. HAPPY DEATH AND INFECTION TO YOU AND YOURS.

    • I love it when all the blacks preach hate,that’s just sooner that a civil war will start and we will fininaly be able to flush your brown shit down the toilet once and for all.I’m sick and tired of hearing all the crying about having nothing but did you ever think it’s because your a inferior race with a world wide average IQ of 70?
      Our volunteer miltary is majority White because we are not cowards and use mobs to beat people.Try one on one with what ever you want to use!Obama has done a great job dividing this country and with his media adds black men with White women he’s trying to eradicate your stupid race.You people are so dam stupid you can’t see what’s going on right in front of you.

    • ihatewhitey says:

      Your welcome, for giving you a safe enviroment to raise your white hating family in.

    • And I’m sure you had no problem getting into college because of all the special treatment blacks get.Unlike you,we as white people have to actually pay our own way.Something you and your mooching family members know nothing about.And I’m sure you are one of those whiney cry-babies who still think whites should feel guilty about slavery?Slavery ended 150 years ago.I’m 40 and wasn’t even alive during that time,and neither were you!I’ve never owned anyone in my life,but you’re stupid enough to think I should feel guilty for something someone else did,in the past?!You might as well get the hell over it because I have absolutely NOTHING to feel guilty about!The job you have now,I’m sure you tested lower than a white person, but because of affirmative action,they were forced to give it to you.It’s really pathetic that you require so many hand outs.A real man with any sense of self respect wouldn’t accept special treatment and take a job away from someone who earned it,and scored higher on the test.You should be ashamed of yourself.You pretty much stole a job from someone who was more qualified than you,but being a thief is what blacks are best at.A lot of whites ask if blacks are so bitter and angry with this country why they don’t just return to Africa.Simple,because that would mean you and the rest of your lazy people wouldn’t receive all the government hand outs you all have no shame in accepting.Remember,it wasn’t just whites who contributed to bringing you all to this country.It was YOUR black ancestors in Africa who helped capture and enslave other blacks.Don’t forget that!I live in a wonderful and mostly white neighborhood.Which obviously means it’s incredibly safe and we don’t have to worry about thieving,drunk thugs who rob from each other!We do have two black families who live here as well,but luckily they are nice and respectful who actually keep their yards clean.When we asked them how they liked the neighborhood you know what they said?”We love it!Everyone is friendly and we feel incredibly safe!”They also told me they used to live in black neighborhoods,but it was dangerous,neighbors robbed from each other and they didn’t bother taking any pride in how their houses and yards looked.Imagine that?Blacks robbing their own neighbors,living like pigs and there were way too many drug dealers hanging out around where children played!You not only hate whites,you don’t even have any respect for your own people or even yourselves!That’s so pathetic.

    • That attitude is why so many young black men fail in school, wear their pants around their ankles, father and abandon illegitimate kids and are shot dead or spend their lives imprisoned. So instead of bragging about your success, do something for your race.

    • Good for you, You are only filling yourself full of anger, depression, ignorance and teaching others how to hate. I hope they exile you to an island full of racists and let you guys beat each other to death.

    • So we should blame you for Boko Haram then?? If I am to be blamed for what some white guys that weren’t related to me did centuries ago then you are to be blamed for what your people are actively doing right now.

      How do you even sleep at night? How can you let all those little african girls be enslaved. SHAME ON YOU. They deserve a chance at free life too, just like you!!

    • Babylon Slim, don’t tell me, let me guess. You your parents and your children have either earned degrees or are in process of getting degrees in………wait for it…….wait for it…..”Political Science”!!!!!!! Right? Be honest with your answer.

    • Yo a breaf of pfresh aer, bro.

    • Over privileged idiot scum

  2. White people are genetic mutations. Fact
    White women always wanted a tall dark and handsome man. Fact
    The white recessive gene is just that recessive. That in a matter of time they will eventually go extinct. Fact
    White people need a enemy and feel a need to harm because they were forged out of hate. Fact
    If you ignore them in a matter of time they will go away. Fact
    Whites hate black people. Fact
    White people use eugenics to modify nature to keep themselves from going extinct. Fact
    If whites decide to love blacks they will naturally go extinct bc once you go black you never go back. Fact

    • Crystal Whitecock says:


    • Um, This is all a bunch of shit, and Eugenic is nature, provided by nature. You folks only want to go halfway with everything. You think if there was truly a god he would allow nature to be changed by human beings throughout time without all humans being destroyed. Africans used to practice and still do practice magic and shit that would be considered satanic.

    • Robert Wilbur says:

      Ignorant blacks mingle with white trash . that is riding upon the dope man.fat white chicks get minority and end up with intelligence challenged children. They play the race card in every opportunity.white men have nothing left in THE United States.This lowers standards for all including blacks.Fairness and rights for all who earn them.I blame whites for allowing all the mess and moral decay God will never bless a mess.

    • facts from the bible of the Black panthers. not from a science journal or any real book of medicine. heres a fact for you. with that attitude or belief system your not going anywhere in life. except an early hate filled grave

  3. We can never get ahead in a system of white supremacy. Fact
    In a system of white supremacy it is impossible for a non white to be considered racist.fact
    Whites had hundreds of years head start in this Babylonian system.fact
    This system will eventually implode and collapse into itself. Fact
    Non whites was brought into this Babylonian system of white supremacy.fact
    The devil preaches hate and want to know who hates him bc the devil is a consistent hater.fact
    Who is the devil. Jeopardy
    If non whites went back to a natural way of life will they get conquered and enslaved again. Fact
    The world would not be overpopulated if not of they system of white supremacy. Fact
    Who system is 100% of the earth under… The system of white supremacy. If not for their system would China n India populations explode to 1.4 billion n 1.2 billion. No fact
    The system of white supremacy is at its end and there’s no gun bomb or knife money of space ship going to save the leaders and followers of the system of white supremacy. Fact

    • REV Wright says:


      No EBT/SNAP/SEC 8/welfare for you or your baby mommas this month!

      Now, get in the container………..Off to Liberia one way!)


      • You must receive all those benefits. You and your whole family is on assistance. I work for the fed govt and I know how you whites are. all drugged up, uneducated and make less than 10 bucks an hour. yuck!!! white trash is all I see everyday. my people look good in my eyes because these white folks are a disgrace. oh don’t forget, the white man rapes and kills the young especially white young. look it up in the FBI database.

        • You mean the same database that shows that over half of ALL violent crime in the U.S. is committed by 6% of the population (AKA black males 15-35)? You are talking about THAT database, aren’t you?

          You might want to get a refund for those BS degrees you claim to have, because you sure as hell aren’t using them.

      • Crystal Whitecock says:

        listen to the Rev…White Meat is the WRIGHT Meat…. That is why everything tastes better on a ‘CRACKER’…. Fool!!!

    • I suppose white genetic inferiority is the reason that most, well nearly all, doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, and yes, Nobel prize winners are white? If it were not for the entertainment and professional sport businesses (and the white liberal bleeding hearts) many more black men would die violently or spend their lives in jail. Every study assessing intelligence indicates the average IQ of blacks is 10 points lower than whites. Blacks were bred for hard work not intelligence. The result is apparent today. Re: affirmative action.

    • oh, and once they go black, we really don’t want their a$$e$ back. cuz u gotem stung out on crack and believing yer smack and talking like QUACK QUACK QUACK

  4. brutally honest says:

    Let us not forget that after pearl harbor we placed Asian Americans in campus for fear of Japanese terrorism. Do you see them blaming the white after all these years? No. They’re not. I turn on the TV everyday and see BET, black history month, Oprah talking about how I apparently oppress her. There’s even a website called why? What is the reason for this? What about the polish, Irish, Russian, Scottish, Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese? What about native Americans? I’m a good person. If you’re nice to me I’m nice to you. Period. I am so tired of being blamed for something I had absolutely nothing to do with. Remember this: at the end of the day we’re all Americans and we all have something to bring to the table. If all you do is blame someone else for your problems YOU need to wake up. If you can’t see that, shame on you.

  5. brutally honest says:

    Life is 90% of your actions and 10% of other factors. Your life is what you make of it. Pointing your finger at someone else for your actions will get you nowhere in this world.

  6. Superfly says:

    These panthers say they will take care of it if the government doesn’t? Does that mean that they will go after whites and kill them? Wonderful. Start a race war.

    • Christine says:

      Blacks have already started another race war…

      • Untrue, Whites has started this war. get ready. I hope you have good hand game cuz if you caught out there. you getting it. beat that face right up.

        • Wow, all that education, and you still can’t communicate efficiently, can you?

          • Still can’t speak English or rationalize any-thing. So sorry after the civil war,Mr. Lincoln did not have the money to carry out his original plan.

  7. To the original poster. You have the IQ of a fake leather shoe. Fact.
    Tall desk and handsome means, and always has meant, tall, dark HAIR and handsome. Not black. You don’t even understand colloquialisms. Fact. You had to google that word. Fact.

  8. I didn’t have to use google to define that word. A word that has 0 to do with Tall Dark and Handsome. Btw didn’t your teacher teach you how to go over your work. Fact
    I don’t really care about words in general because there are a infinite amount of words in different dialects. Fact
    You only know less the 1% of all the words in existence. Fact
    I hate to make clowns of you red nose rain deer but stop the act. There’s no who’s smarter then who in this world. It’s who has the will to put their life on the line and fight for goodness and not superiority.

    • I am not going to bother getting into semantics with you. You and I and everyone reading this knows I will be much smarter than you, I speak Russian and English fluently. What do you speak? It’s not English. “Why you ain’t, Where you is, What he drive, Where he stay, Where he work, Who you be…” The blame game you throw around is just stupid and tired and old. It’s not the white mans fault that your life is garbage and you are stupid. White men don’t get your women pregnant with 6 kids and then leave and not raise your kids. White man doesn’t stop you going to school or force you to quit school at 14 to go and have a “rap career” only to find by 17 you are just another crack dealer. It’s not white mans fault that your race kill each other, shoot each other, have unsafe communities trying to channel Syria or something. It’s not white mans fault that the majority of you can’t read. I look at your people, smoking crack, beating each other up, robbing each other, stealing from shops, wearing your clothes around your ass, refusing to go to school in favour of selling drugs. Pimping your children out. Buying $500 shoes but saying you can’t afford to buy books for your kids. FACT all of it FACT.

      • Kel

        explaining the truth to these trolling feral blacks in order to get them to understand is like trying to get a dog to comprehend calculus….. it’s just not going to happen………but I appreciate you trying to enlighten this particular tree-swinging dumb-bell anyhow……….

        it’s feral blacks like this one that can’t come out into the light and post on any recent post……they can only come to this post that is years old…….these feral blacks all scream, shout, piss, moan, and complain they want to have a conversation on racism, they call us cowards because we don’t discuss black and white issues with them but when we corner them and engage in a conversation all they do is run away and hide……….

        the truth of the matter is they prefer racism…’s what they want…..then they can blame someone else for their situations that they created for themselves………it’s typical of these feral blacks……………

        signed ………

        Bluto……..a true skunk of the planet Earth

        • bigtimer says:


          You said it all. If trolls like this came on regular daily thread he would have been given the boot by AWD. Instead, he and some others here get to carry on and on. He needs to go…I tire of him after all these years.

      • SMDH, You didn’t learn shit in English. please proof read your work before submitting. I am so sick of people chopping up the English language. FYI, I earned a B+ in Eng level 300

        • Shay, ever heard about people living in glass houses? Here’s your previous comment:

          “Untrue, Whites has started this war. get ready. I hope you have good hand game cuz if you caught out there. you getting it. beat that face right up.”

          B+ in 300 level English? Must have been a lit class. Or did you miss class the day they taught grammar?


    • someone stuff a dirty sock in his mouth or break his fingers. FACT come over sometime and youll get the real TRUFF

  9. It’s obvious you hate non-whites.
    It’s obvious you haven’t done any research.
    You have a personal grudge against non-whites and its for one or more of these reasons.

    I’ll start with the sweet before I get into the sour.

    You haven’t done any research
    You watch Fox News
    You think it’s ok for whites to kill millions of whites and non-whites
    You think it’s not ok for non-whites to kill a dozen or so non whites a month or year in a community where there’s no employment and fathers been killed or addicted to drugs the white government completely started
    You never heard of meth. Which every week you hear of a bust and the lab coat isn’t the only thing white found to be involved
    Non whites did not I will not use krocodile. If your Russian u know what mean.
    Btw no one likes you Russians because you MFers mean as shit . Can’t forget to mention big liers ask Vladimir Putin if he’s arming the rebels. He will say what rebels? You mean the seperatist? What seperatist to what? They are not russian soldiers it’s the weekend they volunteers. I can debunk every word and every line because I’m not emotional. We all have to die.
    Statistics prove black men are the best fathers on earth today. Look it up.

    • REV Wright says:

      “Statistics prove black men are the best fathers on earth today.”


      Then why do I have to support all “da baby mammas” with EBT/SNAP/welfare/WIC, and SEC 8?

      End the welfare state, and watch the Obama voters eat each other.

      Pass the popcorn!


      • Please with your lies what families are you supporting. You not supporting mines. im supporting yours through my tax money. tired of you uneducated white folks looking for an hand out. ****ed up off of drugs and give birth to damage children that society has to deal with. I know how you white folks get down. nasty and dirty houses, looking like a hot mess everyday, nodding and shit while their children wearing dirty clothes, smells and has lice in their hair. oh don’t let me start on white men. the rapist and child molesters awards goes out to the white man of the year. I bet you was molested by some white man.

        • Interesting, you just described black culture to a T.

        • Proudshamrock says:

          Oh, Shay ….. I just have to quote you because …. No, just gotta do it because your self-righteous idiocy intermixed with your embarrasing stupidity made me laugh my lily white ass off.

          “Please with your lies what families are you supporting. You not supporting mines. (the proper way of saying this would be: “You ARE not supporting MINE”) im (I’m) supporting yours through my tax money. tired of you uneducated white folks (You know I just can’t help but roll my white eyes at this analogy!) looking for an (a) hand out. ****ed up off of drugs and give birth to damage children that society has to deal with. (****ed up ON drugs and GIVING birth to DAMAGED children… “) I know how you white folks get down. nasty and dirty houses, looking like a hot mess everyday, nodding and shit (what the HELL does that even mean??) while their children wearing (ARE wearing) dirty clothes, smells and has lice in their hair. oh don’t let me start on white men. the rapist and child molesters awards goes out to the white man of the year. I bet you was molested by some white man.”

          Now that this poor, uneducated white woman just schooled you on proper grammar let’s get to it shall we? According to the stats from 2013, 28.75% of Blacks are on welfare compared to 5.13% of Whites. As far as drugs go, I must unfortunately agree that drug use and abuse is as rampant with whites as with blacks. So your comment regarding children being born “damaged” to whites only is pretty ignorant. Apparently you’ve known many whites who get down nasty and dirty houses, (Gotta say that my house smells real nice and is very clean) looking like a hot mess everyday, (well, I DO look pretty hot every day) nodding and shit, (Nope. Admit to being lost on that one!) while their children wearing (ARE wearing) dirty clothes, smells and has lice in their hair. (I hate to say it but the only 3 times I EVER had lice was traced to the black kid wearing dirty clothes and stunk like shit.) oh don’t let me start on white men. the rapist and child molesters awards goes out to the white man of the year. I bet you was molested by some white man.” Hmmm, that particular comment just proves my point that you are nothing but a low class ****ING bi+’h who thinks rape is okay as long as it’s a white woman or child getting raped. You disgust me. You are the reason racism is alive and well in America. When a black bit*h spews nothing but hatred out of her diseased mouth against a white woman just because she’s white, you DARE to accuse me of being a racist?! Go crawl back into that shit hovel of yours and pray that the big bad white man takes the high road again as he’s done for years.

        • more of that college coming through,(mines) I hope were not laying mines now. I keep MINE locked up to keep the coons out of them. ….oops. was that politically incorrect? I was referring to raccoons. but if the shoe fits…….

    • all I got out that was blah blah blah Krocodile Blah blah, your just so angry and flustered( yes that’s really a word, but u wont find it the ebonics dictionary) you cant even put your sentences together to make any sense, were speaking swahili

  10. I agree you will be much smarter but not more intelligent.
    Not to mention there’s 197 million whites in America. Tho you claim non whites are on government assistance at s higher rate.
    It’s funny bc non whites only received the rights to work at WW2 but it’s people like you who believe non whites always had oppertunity. You make me laugh because some of you are the dumbest white supremacist I’ve ever took mental notes from.
    No I don’t hate white people I hate this system of white supremacy. I’m have whites are getting along these days. I hope you don’t start WW3. Or murder the last 3 million native Americans. Oh but they have already been destroyed after being white washed now they don’t have protection from the sun like they use to sorry Red man. I hope we could end this bs because is not a single person do research I’ll destroy everything you throw at me.
    Why would I even want to speak a language I was forced to know in a manner that suits anyone but myself.
    If this was my original language and not the language of the people who hate me the most on this planet then maybe I’ll speak with a rudy poo snobby pinky extended attitude that makes me look like a wanker

    • I seriously doubt you could speak coherently in any language……..after-all you have been in this country for four hundred years and you still can’t speak the language…….and it’s obvious you can’t write either…………….

      Ebonics is not a language dumb-bell………………..and your situation is only due to you and your own people……’s typical of you feral blacks blaming white people for all of your problems………..

  11. Get rid of the welfare state. Non whites won’t be the only one you say will eat each other. Oh btw the Native Americans taught whites how to survive and not resort to eating each other. Research before you type hate.

    • REV Wright says:


      Watch what happens the day the EBT/SNAP cards are not reloaded in Baltimore, East St. Louis, Oakland, Harlem, Ferguson, Detroit, and Harare, Zimbabwe.

      Planet of the Apes.


      • When it does stop. You and your family wont be eating. I dare you come to my home that has a fridge full of food and rob me. I got that steel and all you will hear is that BOOM

        • Proudshamrock says:

          Again Shay? Most wouldn’t touch your molded, rancid food if we were starving. And BTW, I loved your BOOM reference. I’m sure that when I retaliate, which is a promise, your family and friends will be quivering because they are gonna go a-rioting! Hot damn! Let’s burn our city to to the ground! Let’s go loot our neighborhood stores and bet on who can carry the most stuff! Let’s pose for the cameras and say some real stupid shit like your tired of being subjugated (look it up honey) by the whites who are out to enslave you all over again. Oh, wait! You WILL be enslaved. In a prison surrounded by razor wire, bars and a whole lot of guards who just love to go BOOM the fu*k BOOM too! Don’t worry. I’ll come visit you in YOUR house. You won’t even have to share your prison slop with me!! LOL!

  12. I do agree non white women are more stubborn then any other women. It’s because of the system of racist white supremacy. Which made it easy for that women to exchange a mentally immature man for a check. In a perfect world the women would wait for that man to know himself so he would decide if he’s ready to settle down or move on.
    How could a man be a man with no example of a man? Answer that.
    Because the government played off our higher chakra and made us addicted to drugs by saturating our communities with it in every form.
    If coke is in cola and purchasable from a pharmacy.
    Non whites lower chakra was played off by changing all genres of music to boy girl relationships.

    Read the bible the seven seals are you seven main chakra points
    Right now non whites mainly blacks have all 7 chakras points wide open if they only believe in a one true Ngr. Haile Salassie is the almighty one. Conquering lion of the tribe of Judah. King or kings. Lords or lords. The root of David. His Imperial majesty.
    When the color of a mans skin is of no more significance then the color of his eyes. Oh yea that’s white Germany started to create blond hair blue eyes.
    I will never hate white people but I will never trust white people. Not with my food my children or my well being. I love America no because King James was a black man and ruler of 3 kingdoms in Europe. I love America because we can argue and debate and shake hands afterwards. Only in America we have the ability to love n not hate and not kill. Livity, life is all we need.
    Do your research before you post hate.

    • Truth, you may want to lay off of that ganja. Your almighty one is dead. Kind of screwed up your Rastafarian doctrine, huh?


  13. Now your feelings are hurt..
    Not a single sentence you posted properly. You quick to type Ebonics is no language but what has every single person has typed. Slang.. A intelligent person would call us urban and not feral. I bet u like when I call u blood thirsty. Dog smelling. Fur on your back. Walk on all fours. Albino. Cave dwelling. Murdering, raping, thieves, dirty, ugly pasty, pecker would, crack cause u not black, ceramic, barbarian, Neanderthal, ect ect ect. So how about you hang up the feral talk and call me a Niger or Nero or Negro or Neger because I am what I am and I’m glad you don’t know who or what I am because what I am I live being and you hate yourself. Also I bet if you shave a monkeys fur. Underneath will be pale so you can’t call non whites monkeys. Also feral is what’s happening in the Middle East feral is WW2, WW1 feral is your jealously that I could articulate words. I give words imagery. You give words mold and rot. I’ll make you laugh at yourself because I’ll make you realize I know a lot more then you. about world history USSR will never come back it’s over for your way of thinking. How about you blow up the planet lol. White people so smart they made nuclear waste lol. And now they are cursed to care for them properly. Oh yeah Egyptians knew these things in ancient kemit before white thieves whited washed it. Ethiopia is still the cradle of civilization. Olmec head statues has not 1 representation of Christopher Columbus.
    You are a total and complete joke and I am happy you are alive because everyone no matter how stupid they are deserves to a proper lecture and education on factual history.

    • I find it interesting the theory of afrocentrinicity. Although I’d like to point out the array is in everyone’s genetic code. Segregation created such array. Even if the Egyptians excepted Nubians in there society, many pharaohs would run campaigns to nubia. The Egyptians did have darker skinned members. Next to lighter skin members, as many paintings depicted. To Egyptians it was Culture that mattered. As I believe today is the case. African Americans and white northern europeans hold onto there cultures. As if it’s genetic. As if culture and biological race have any ducking connection, only sociological connection. A black person in Africa is a Lot different then a African American. I hate African American culture. Not for your skin. But your culture is promoting segregation. Anti intellectualism. Machiavellian

  14. The jokes on you stupid. If they was to decide to government assistance 197 million whites I bet there will be a white and non white planet of the apes. You have the worst awkward sense of humor. You don’t give no room for the enjoyment of people reading your views. Spice it up a bit. Food is free because corn can be grown in any weather condition. Natives didn’t tell you that when you stole their land. Oh maybe they couldn’t with their brain blown out all over the trees. Look up Squanto. He said natives taught whites how to wash their ass, how not to resort to canibalism ever winter, I hear your white ancestors wipe their ass with the pants they wore. Also how ugly whites are compared. Not my words don’t get mad at me. How whites would kill them if they spoke their native language. How whites kept them drunkards. Small pox AKA (my words) small apocalypse. It’s funny how people who don’t need government assistance talks so badly about people who does.
    How about you let non whites enslave you for 400 years so we could catch up. Lol yea my jokes a lot better then yours. Also we have to steal all of your latest advancements. Books, science everything. Strip you but naked. Beat the shit out of you. Take your children and mitchmatch them with random other white slaves. Call you every name to break your spirit. Cut your genitals off. Rape the women you love constantly. Hang you and watch the blood vessels on your foreheads burst. Leave you there to rot. Let the animals have their way with you then put it on Facebook. I bet you won’t like those things. Apartheid is in your blood R1B lol. R1B my non white ass. More like incest. How else you keep power. Non whites are the oldest people original people. Human beings Hue. Beyond man

    • REV Wright says:


      Your long winded posts are………………….well, unreadable.

      You are now (effective immediately) limited to three sentences, and please use the appropriate punctuation.

      Now………………….Get in the cargo container.

      The welfare state is now over.

      Off to Liberia where no evil whites will “repress” you.



      • He’s a troll Rev, he gets paid by the word to run around on conservative sites to try and start sh!t. I mean, seriously, re-read his posts with all the made up fantasies and so-called facts. No one can be that ignorant and clueless, and still be proud of it.

  15. From kel to truth

    You automatically assume I’m russian by decent because I speak russian fluently! You idiot. I’m smart and bi lingual and studied for over 3 years to obtain this qualification. An idiot like you would never understand hard work, study, sacrifice, hard work leading to achievement! I am the blonde, young white woman you compare to a hitler nazi uprising. You racist piece of ignorant trash! You are now quoting the Old Testament shame on you
    Sorry Bluetooth but this asshole is reAlky fukn ignorant!

  16. Pete Buck says:

    Michelle Obama is a racist from her past and still is by her comments at gatherings.If you take a look at her old pictures you would find a girl dressed in rags and her hair look like a Brillo pad.It is a wonder what the very best in makeup can do for oneself.
    She is a woman full of hate towards Whites even though like her hubbie everything was handed to them only to let the black heritage of grafe and fraud get their law license TAKEN AWAY not given up which again they lie and say they turned them in?
    Never in our history as a country that one can say we have been betrayed by a terrorist controlled by foreign powers other than our own.There is but one thing left to do and that’s to bring charges up on every Obama cabinet member and put on trial so WE THE PEOLE KNOW both Black and White how bad these people hurt our country.

  17. Kelly kel says:

    Roody poo accent wanker

    Wanker is specific to Australia, nz and at times Britan but originated from Australia
    So stop lying
    Are you even sure where you are from? Hah!

  18. Are we there yet says:

    I understand the frustration that comes from being hated. I am a darker toned woman so it is not a concept for which I am unfamiliar. Darker Americans, so called blacks, Native Americans, Spanish Americans, have reason to dislike Caucasians. For one, Caucasians are the first to name call. Never in my existence have I seen so many from different races get caught calling someone out by a prejudiced name. However, Caucasians get caught all of the time. In addition, this is a melting pot. When the Africans were made to be slaves, they were made to forget their histories and take on a new identity. Despite the fact that they probably came from different areas of Africa, with different ideas and behaviors, they were all subjected to be the underdog, the ones to be controlled. This is not necessarily the case with Caucasians. So to assume that all Caucasians are the same is a misnomer as it is to subject all other people as the same based on physical attributes such as color. However, this generalization based on color has really helped to reduce fighting between Caucasian Americans. If Caucasians were made to be the underdog, they would start identifying with the nations from which they came to have some sense of self and thus the fighting would begin again. You all speak of black violence. These are all isolated events. Never in the recorded history that I have read have African people gone from country to country fighting with the indigenous and each other. The world wars were white on white crime. It appears that Caucasians have no reason to fight amongst themselves at this time because they have reached a certain privilege.

    • Are we there yet, ever heard of the Hutus and Tutsis in Africa? Also, can you please give an explanation why 3% of the American population (black males 18-49) commit 50% of violent crimes and murders? Triple points if you can explain without using the term racism or white privilege.


      ps Any privilege whites have is the result of centuries of hard work and rational thought.

      • hard work lol. you white trash have a impressive record of self denial and self deceiption. albino children of the black apes, when you were born as albinos maybe due to your lack of melanin, you became psychopathically deranged permanently and all your descendants. what hard work did white people do but, lie and back stab and betray and manupulate your ways into everyone’s back hard. what did europe have but the cold and caves you lived in b4 learning about civilization from other cultures. when the sun temperatures goes up, you will either go back to your caves or go underground or all jump on a space shuttle. you are but diseases on earth. you have the right to be angry. because you see your fate staring back at you. you can create infinite technologies, but something that lacks and is missing in your dna (very low levels of melanin) your natural genetic damage from creation is why you’re over obsessed with technology. what you lack on your skin, you lack within, you lack psychologically. do yourself a favor face your extinction joyfully. atleast have honor. the funny thing is nature itself is what stamped you with this fate and is stamping you with the entry and exit… one is doing anything to you all. your women date other people, you call it misgeniation or watever the hell you coin that word, the webster dictionaries can fight over my mispelling enjoy it, you slaved and slaughtered millions to impress your women, and built empires on blood and sweet and still she’s not impressed and matterfact she loves the person you slaved to impress her. psychologically this is deep, its understandable why you are angry. hahahah
        you think you will just wipe out millions and kill and anahilate to extinction the native indians and do endless crimes against humanity and just sit and rewrite history to inflate your egoes and smirk and smile and everything will just be ok lol. you silly rabits , tricks are for albinos. the ultimate joke is still in the pot cooking….

        • You do understand that in nature, animals that have albinism don’t usually survive to adulthood, right? See, albinos die in the wild because a lack of natural camouflage makes them easy for predators to see, so how exactly, did white people become the dominant human group on the planet? We run this planet, and are gracious enough to let you live here with us, in fact, if whites were to disappear tomorrow, you blacks wouldn’t be able to survive without us. You say that whites are responsible for all violence in the world, yet without us, you would kill yourselves off within a year.

          You, as a people, have a genetically lower I.Q, a serious lack of impulse control, and an inflated sense of self-worth that will forever limit your ability to see yourselves as you really are and stifle any chance of ever assimilating into civilized society.

          As are all blatantly afrocentric theories, yours are just pulled out of your ass, with absolutely no proof. Good luck with your fantasy life.

      • Matamoros says:

        Idi Amin murdered hundreds of thousands, the Zulus slaughtered and enslaved their foes. Sub Saharan Africa has so little to mention in regards to scientific accomplishment or civilization that they never got off the ground, there was no means of killing on a global scale like Western civilization That doesn’t mean they didn’t try. Read “War Before Civilization, the myth of the peaceful savage” it’s a great study of how early humans still killed on a large scale they just lacked the organization and technology to rack up the big numbers. Modern Western countries are experiencing the greatest period of peace in all of human history, look it up.

      • AWD, can you explain to me why white men commit crimes such as child molestations, rape and serial killing. I had to tell my children boy and girl to be careful around white men. they have the intentions of child molestation. they fuck their children and when that’s not good enough they hurt and kill someone else child. why???? please explain why white men are a danger to society when it comes to children

        • Shay, please answer my question and I’ll answer yours. Don’t dodge the question.


          • Dude, I’ve noticed that like any troll, she will only reply with insults, she will never directly answer a question unless it’s to try to divert to another subject.

            And everything she has said so far, is an outright lie, as far as I can tell.

          • JMV, it is a tactic with nearly every liberal to find moral equivalency. I myself realized that years ago.


          • Yeah, it’s a shame that you can’t get an honest debate out of them, but it sure is fun pushing their buttons and watching their heads explode!

        • Crystal Whitecock says:

          Okay, first off, not so. And if the statistics show that more white males do that, it is only because white men sick around to raise their babies and chances are the mommas know who the daddy is. But in black households with 8+ children(s)… with no father around, you do not have those issues because it is the brother(s) that is doing the raping. Get your shit straight fool before you even start talking shit you can not finish. And believe me….you can’t.

      • Have you ever researched who exacerbated conflict between the Hut us and Tutsi? White people. Belgian white people to be exact. But there is no point in arguing with white people or black people at this point. People as individuals have a find a way to feel peace and move forward towards a successful lifestyle. And successful doesn’t necessarily have to be wealthy. Jesus was poor. My greatest concern is being beaten, raped, or killed due to my race. But you know what I feel some sort of resolve. I believe in Jesus, so I have peace. If something unlawful is done to me the good always prevails even if i don’t get to witness it. Thanks for this essay post angrywhitedude. I feel better about race relations now.

    • Usually Whitey is caught in racial slurs, because everything we say nowadays is interpreted as racist. If I say I’m proud of being white, then I’m deemed a racist. Yet, your so called “dark toned people” can call whites things like cracka, honky, white boy, ofay, etc., but no one says anything about it. Now, why is that? Could it be reverse racism? It must be, since such names are blatantly racist, yet the dark toned ones always seem to get a pass.

      Black violence is most definitely NOT an isolated event. It is an epidemic. You say that whitey is evil for “keeping you down”, yet you refuse admit that you kill each other off at rates that whites are nowhere near, and you will destroy your own neighborhoods and businesses at the drop of a hat when a cop kills a black criminal.

      And just for your information, The World Wars were fought against tyranny, not over race. The reason blacks never had big parts in world wars is that you were too ignorant and backwards, fighting among yourselves, to create any kind of world power. Instead, you just leech off of white civilization, refuse to contribute, and whine about how bad you have it when American blacks enjoy the highest quality of life anywhere in the world today, even the poorest blacks here are better off than those in Africa.

      Feel free to take your self righteous crap elsewhere and try to pass it off as truth, we know better.

      • I believe you just commented about how someone else was lacking logic and just spewing insults. This is exactly what you are doing. It is wrong for black people to be racist period. But it must be acknowledged that a black person being racist does not erase the system of racism created by white individuals. Why would you be proud to be white? What would you be being proud of? Im not being condescending . I am asking for reasons. There is nothing wrong with being proud of being Irish, German, French, or American. white is not even real. I evidence this statement with the fact that the definition of white has shifted over time according to what is most beneficial for certain individuals in the American capitalist system. The Irish at one point were not considered white and Italians were mistreated. When “black people” are proud it is more than likely pride because of how much we have overcome as Americans. It is also necessary because so often we are told that we are ugly, dumb, and just disgusting. Hatred is cyclical. “Whites” created a system of racism and blacks when they became blacks hated white people for their ranking within the heiarchy. Black people currently hate whites because a lot of white people still currently hate blacks and vice versa. Slavery was not that long ago. Segregation was not that long ago. Blantent racism on the part of white people was not that long. After years and years of a group of people being tormented do you think their next generation is just going to hop up and be healed and what their parents, grandparents, great parents endured not rub off on them. And financially black people as a collective have not been amassing wealth for centuries the same way white people have. White people being the majority are able to help each other connect financially and uplift each other. There are some poor whites and a white person’s life is not without difficulty because of their race, but there is a safety net that they are afforded that most people of color are not granted. As a majority life is in white American’s favor. An example is present in something as simple as the politics of hair. A black woman’s hair in it’s natural state as it grows out of her head is often considered unprofessional and unkempt but the same cannot be said for white woman. a natural defining quality of black people is considered inappropriate and unattractive. This has an underlying message that black people must assimilate to imitate white people (whatever white is) to be more acceptable.
        And I’m not sure if you mentioned this but I have to say Ebonics is highly intelligent. It is a language that varies according to region. It is complex and has nuances from African heritage. It may not reflect the ivory tower but it reflects a people’s ability to take something and make it colorfully their own.
        Oh yeah black or white pride due to a belief in racial superiority is wrong. Human inventions are collective efforts of all races interacting creating building and influenced by each other. No race is inherently dumber than the other.

        • Holy crap, that is about the most progressive head-in-the-sand comment I have ever seen. You hit all the progressive talking points while ignoring or flat out lying about the points of the opposition.

          What you actually mean to say is that all the world problems, and all the race problems today, are the fault of white people. You happily excuse black failures as the fault of the white society they are in.

          But I knew you were out of your mind when you started praising ebonics.

          Oh, BTW, there have been several accepted scientific studies that determined that there IS a difference in intelligence between races, with blacks averaging pretty much at the bottom of the list. Sorry to piss in your cheerios, but liberal logic is a lie, and the truth will set you free if you are willing to accept it.

    • Crystal Whitecock says:

      Okay, first off, not so. And if the statistics show that more white males do that, it is only because white men sick around to raise their babies and chances are the mommas know who the daddy is. But in black households with 8+ children(s)… with no father around, you do not have those issues because it is the brother(s) that is doing the raping. Get your shit straight fool before you even start talking shit you can not finish. And believe me….you can’t.

  19. white people please you are in a bind. the chinese, the arab, the asians, the jews, all will shit and piss on you, and assimilate you, and then assimiliate each other, in the end the world will be pitch black, just like the space tha surrounds all suns and planets and galaxies. PITCH BLACK WORLD. what is a speck of light in a PITCH BLACK CONTINUUM?????? like it or not everything came out of the pitch black dark empty world called space and goes back to it, as it is in space, so it is on earth with the biological species, you are but albinos. we all know it. the fakest people on earth with your fake bunny smiles and pretentious characters and deranged mentalities, can’t withstand, this is the planet of the apes. in the end there will be but museums to speak of you about, as a momentary lil biological glitch on earth. you are glitches that came out of the parent race, all races are sub groups. there is but one race the black race, like it or hate it, play with your endless self denying philosophies. in truth you all hate yourselves, you are children and descendents of albino black ancestors of yours from ancient africa. you mix with anything you fade, you don’t you fade, because your purpose has been fulfilled, Nature created you as biological glitches with specific purposes, little accidents of nature. The living intelligent beeing called earth is a living matrix and super biologist. All albinos know they are albinos in africa, they get sun burn, and cancer, blindness problems and endless diseases , no melanin, zero solar light absorbtion. have you seen what happens to a albino white lion in the jungle? it dies out after mother nature uses it for specific reasons. its understandable why you are racist, its because you have to be racist, you have no choice. your only way of survival is staying racist. and you want depopulation, you are afraid the population. no one did nothing to you, its just the way of things, you simply happen to have been born on that side of this intelligent living beeing’s matrix called planet earth. See things for what it is, not for what you want it to be. i careless about black people, white people, or any race. i am a realist. i see things for wat they are. and deal with it, you always claim you’re so intelligent and pride yourselves on all sorts of delusions and self created illusions. Get real. look at the dinausors very well. after they served their purpose natural forces (earths intelligent actions) wiped them out. No one is your enemy but the planet itself, its a living thinking super intelligent beeing that uses all species. we all are but bacterias and cells on this planet beeing used for specific reasons only a planetary beeing can relate. go warp your brain with your bipolar minds. and get angry or happy as you like. am indifferent and could careless.

  20. Wow why do black people on this blog need to dehumanize white people.

    They are albino monkies really! Wtf
    We are human beings asshole

    Black haters love this cause it makes it ok to kill white people. It ok too kill white people there not really people… Every time a black person says your an albino freak or a monkey sub human what ever.
    .. That’s what they are saying its what the Nazi did in ww2 it makes it easer too kill people when you no longer think of them as human.

    • Matamoros says:

      These Afrocentric man-children are poorly educated and fall for this bro science non sense because they don’t read, they are scientifically illiterate. So when a black charismatic snake oil salesman tells them that they are superior (a lie they desperately need to hear) they latch on to it like a typical cult member.

      What is so comical about their revisionist Afrocentric history is that if you actually believe it, it PROVES they are less evolved.

      Anyone with a basic understanding of science understands that species evolve in response to environmental conditions, the greater the changes in environmental conditions the more evolved. If blacks are the “original people” and whites were originally black Africans who left the continent of Africa tens of thousands of years ago undergoing change as they migrated through different climates, diets and exposure to sunlight, wouldn’t that mean that Caucasians and Asians are more evolved and black Africans stuck on the Sub Saharan continent are the most primitive humans. Still efficient at running and jumping (chasing animals for food) but far less developed at problem solving, cognitive reasoning, adapting, critical thinking and abstract thought?

      The “Albino” theory is cartoon like as African albinos have African features (flat noses, big lips nappy hair, bug eyes, etc.). Even their stories are poorly though out and primitive.

    • Crystal Whitecock says:

      monkeys to monkeys, apes to apes…if we are all the same what the **** is everyones prob

  21. To the Rev.Wright who was Muslim first!
    Please get all your black friends and anyone dare listen to you and come out from under your police protection to the counties and out of the city where we kill at a distance 100 yards
    . plus. Not only did your savoir Obama but you more in chains without jobs but now he’s letting Hispanics into our country which it’s known they hate your black ass more than Whites?
    Good Luck in Hell!

  22. says:

    Babylon Slim..I’ll deal with it, as long as you deal with the fact that we hate your monkey, knuckle-dragging ass as well. The only reason you made over $150k last year, was becasue you got the job over a more qualified white person that was leaps and bounds smarter than your monkey brained self. Glad you voted for the Negro-in-chief…what has he done for you lately? LMAO!!!!

  23. Truthteller says:

    Hate these evil, phoney people called whites!

  24. When will blacks ever learn. You can’t make white America accept you. What is so hard about building your own communities complete with schools, banks, businesses, hospitals, energy
    plants, water plants amongst other things. Integration is a failed social experiment. You are still on the bottom even after you integrated. We need to build our own communities and tell them to leave us alone and to quit infiltrating and seducing black men!!! Leave us alone!!!

    • Oh pahleeeez, cry me a river… most blacks refuse to assimilate. Those black folks who do assimilate ( by refusing to hate whites and refusing to be manipulated by white leftist into accepting the narrative of victimhood ) are called uncle toms and other pejoratives by “their own. Integration is nearly impossible when many/most blacks vigorously insist on segregating themselves ( ie… call us African American ) and “inventing” your own culture because you see everything thru the prism of race

      As for your plea to leave you alone… LOL Really?! “white flight” is nearly impossible…. where ever we go you follow. ( with the Fed Governments help in order to spread the tax burden around I might add ) It is nearly impossible to find a corner of the US that is predominantly white and likely to stay that way for long. Hell we cant even flee locally to a different school district ( at great personal cost ) without the government “bussing in” the problems thus devaluing our investment.

      Hey, I have an idea, there are plenty of “black cities” ( like that bastion of black success…Detroit LMAO ) move there and chase all the remaining whites devils out. I hear its a utopia now for black folks since its black run.. you should try it. WE promise NOT to follow you LOL
      See, there is hope after all

    • In all fairness black men just don’t find most black women that attractive they’re loud obnoxious rude and they think that everything so doing so if you want white women to stop seducing black men well and simply tell black men to stop being so attracted to white women

  25. Johnny cater says:

    I think it’s funny how blacks on here say they have nothing and whites have the world our dumbass president is black congratulations you got what you all wanted a black president and he’s f***ing you more and more everyday when you think black you think poor homeless mistreated people what about all the people who are rich and black are they not considered black because they don’t live in poverty everybody has to have an excuse why there life ain’t shit the people who don’t bitch are the true “hustlers” they go get what they want and don’t let shit stop them all you who use your race as an excuse will never be shit because your not about being shit.

  26. Let em all kill themselves on the south side n who gives a crap about their worthless asses!!!! Really!!!!

  27. Shay, there a several black serial killers and child rapists. You refuse to do your research. If you like I can take my time to compile a list of every black serial killer I can find. There are plenty. It’s a human problem. Quit listening to black propaganda. I’ve met dead beat white fathers, I’ve met dead beat black fathers. There are some decent black people out there. I can’t lie to you though, most black people are shitty cry babies that wonder why they’re not allowed to smoke crack and rob people. The black culture in America is garbage. I’ve worked with several African men who say they hate African Americans. They say you’re like animals. Always getting in to trouble and being vicious. Looks like your old world blood is even sick of your shit.

  28. I am a 69 year old cantankerous old white bastard! I have read all of these comments and it seems like we have a “LOT” of blithering “IDIOTS” on both sides of the road! Can’t understand why these “IDIOTS” keep trying to “BAIT” each other into arguments that seem to have no end!!! It is next to impossible for me to tolerate “ANYONE” who feeds their own “STUPIDITY!”.

  29. Angry white dude, why are you so angry you are white. White is right and color is bad.

  30. Gabby Johnson says:

    No sidearmed Groker-Croker, is goin to bushwhack my biscuit cutter…

  31. Hate me then. I don’t give a piss ants thimble full of shit. Hate me all you want, but mess with me and you’ll pay the price. Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit. You feel me homes?

  32. Concur wholeheartedly with this adage. You can never take the jungle out of the negroes, especially like those who deceive themselves into believing they are achievers because they can make big money on affirmative action jobs given to them by whites, not blacks or mexicans. Screw this piece of shit

  33. If I ever want to show someone the best example of just how damn dumb the black race has become…all I have to do is direct them to this post…..over and over with out question black trolls come here and give proof of just how ignorant they are…
    but I must say it is good for a laugh….

  34. Blacks are the most racist people on the planet