Somewhere in the fevered swamps of Florida, a six-foot-tall, seventeen-year-old black kid who looks like this:

…attacks a neighborhood watch guy who looks like this:

After sustaining injuries such as this:

…the neighborhood watch guy shoots and kills his attacker.

The MSM—i.e., the propaganda wing of the Liberal Establishment—portrays the 6′, seventeen-year-old black kid like so:

…and the neighborhood watch guy like so:

Then ABC, “questioning” the “story” about the “attack” that provoked the shooting in self-defense, covers up the exculpatory wounds on the neighborhood watch guy’s head with their chyron:

…while CNN fabricates “racial slurs” out of whole cloth:

…and NBC shamelessly doctors the neighborhood watch guy’s 911 call to sound as if he’s a racist:

They play this 24/7, night after night, until—thanks to the internet, where thinking people go to get informed—enough people call them out on it—but long after they’ve fanned the flames of anti-white racial hatred into a roaring inferno across the entire nation, just as they did with the Rodney King trial—at which point they slyly switch the neighborhood watch guy’s photo over to this:

…but, of course, leave the six-foot-tall, seventeen-year-old black kid’s photo as this:

…and not this:

Our “post-racial”, “I believe the Cambridge police acted stupidly” President then gratuitously inserts himself into the equation by expressing his solidarity with Trayvon (“If I had a son…“):

…causing parents of seventeen-year-old-ish white kids murdered by seventeen-year-old-ish black kids to wonder why they never received such condolences from President Obama:

Meanwhile, everyone from your average ghetto trash to the “Justice” Department’s BFFs, the New Black Panther Party demand vigilante justice for, ahem, what they consider to be an unlawful act of vigilante justice:

Mike Tyson on Zimmerman

Of course, the fatuous, wildly-overrated Spike Lee, being functionally retarded (and I mean that to be taken literally—as in, I bet his IQ’s below 85), tweets out the wrong address and forces the lynch mob onto some innocent old couple’s house:

…which he refuses to recall or correct, until he’s threatened with a lawsuit–at which point he settles out of court:

With the MSM having whipped up anti-white racial hatred to fever pitch—once again!—innocent whites around the country are being targeted for brutal beatings and murders out of “justice for Trayvon”:

Matthew Owens is just the latest case—beat to an inch of his life by a group of black parents of children who were—surprise, surprise, surprise!—disturbing the peace:

Meanwhile, The Department of “Justice”, headed by Eric “Nation of Cowards“, “My People” Holder, was busy filing suit against another fire department for “racist” standardized tests:

…and hauling the state of AZ off to court for trying to uphold the nation’s immigration laws:

(Not that he would have pursued any hate crime charges against Owens’s attackers anyway, given that he’s on record saying Hate Crime legislation doesn’t apply to whites:


Meanwhile, the MSM—which so zealously covered a case of presumed self-defense shooting because the self-defender was “white” (oh, I mean “WHITE-Hispanic”) and the shot attacker was black—shows nary an interest in, say, the Matthew Owens case where the attackers (note: that’s plural!) were black, the victim white, and the motive nothing more than white racial hatred stoked, of course, by the very same MSM that refuses to cover stories depicting the consequences of their anti-white propaganda:

CNN Search

Now, tell me: Does the MSM drive an agenda, or are they the objective, non-partisan reporters of “facts” that they claim to be?

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  1. David in SC says:

    Red, Excellent work, you’ve documented the situation very well, surreal isn’t it? Once you back up and objectively look at these “events”, one can easily come to the conclusion we are being walked down a path,,, I’m afraid that in the next 7-8 months things are going to go to hell real fast.

    • Thanks, Dave. “Surreal” is certainly the operative adjective here. I wrote this piece to forward onto my liberal friends who still watch the “news” as if it’s objective journalism. If this doesn’t spell it out–you’ll note I used as small of words and as many pictures as possible to keep it at a Kindergarten level–I don’t know what will.

      But I guess as the saying goes, it’s impossible to wake a man who only pretends to be sleeping. And far too many people prefer the comfortable lies to uncomfortable truths.

  2. Wow Red you gotta a lot there…got ‘er tweeted. 😉

  3. The Trayvon Martin case is being used as a distraction away from this administrations policies and blundes with complicity by the controlled media.

    The father of Reaganomics:

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: U.S. Police State Masquerades as A Democracy

    • No doubt. But I find this is an opportunity to point out the crass, radical-left-wing, anti-white/pro-black bias in the media. My thinking is if we can wake enough sheeple up to that fact, then maybe they’d become a bit more wise to the machinations of the MSM–which would ultimately hurt Obama’s attempt to use these propaganda organs to his advantage.

      But probably not. As I mentioned above to David in SC, I think if people don’t see how far-left the MSM is by now, they’re never going to see it–because they don’t want to.

  4. Well Red I’d say you have focused in on the truth that professional journalist just can’t be bothered with. They are so invested in the white racist narrative that any news to the contrary will be spiked and omitted, or discredited via the “two sides to every story”.

    Owens needed to be viciously beaten by a mob because “he don’t like Black kids”

    Next up will be [insert name here] needed to be beaten because “he don’t like Obama”

    All I can say is Black men in Brown shirts

  5. April 25, 2012
    No charges over ‘reverse Trayvon Martin’ shooting in Phoenix area

    Read more:

    • This is murder,Yet where are all the outcries on this? Where are the MSM. now? This was not self defense this was racial hatred. He only shot him because this white hispanic had the nerve to say something about him almost running him down. Where’s Obama now? I’ll tell you the murdering bastard looks like he could be his son.Where are the race hustlers and the lynch mobs why isn’t this murdering bastards address being tweeted by the Hollywood (who think they are better than anybody else) lefties.I got where i can’t even watch fox news anymore be cause they are no better than the rest of the MSM. This is one story that needs to go viral.Where all the hoodie wearing slimy politicians? Where are the people like Shawn Hannity and the rest of the conservative media? i haven’t heard a peep out of them neither.The only reason this story isn’t getting the coverage it should is because the murdering bastard is black and the victim was a retarded white hispanic boy that was walking his dog.

  6. The MSM kept saying that Zimmerman was a “White man” well I don’t know the fellow but his father, who I think adopted him, said that George the alleged shooter of Trayvon, was part black himself. Zimmerman’s mother is from Peru. For all I know his biological father may also be Peruvian. Yet the media kept saying WHITE MAN WHITE MAN. Recall the shootings in Tulsa earlier this month, the FBI was there THE NEXT DAY looking into a HATE CRIME, they charged Mr England as a WHITE MAN, even though he is American Indian. So Zimmerman and England are both “White men” even though they aren’t. No DHS in Alabama case, no JTTF, no FBI, no US Attorney looking into it. Same story in SC case and thousands, THOUSANDS, each and every year. Trayvon is just the latest EXCUSE. Paul Sheehan is a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. In May of 1995 he wrote an article about American violent crime: THE RACE WAR OF BLACK AGAINST WHITE. Do you think the New York Times covered the same information? Or any of the TV networks? No, they did not. And you need to ask yourself this question: WHY and for what reason?

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    WASHINGTON D.C. needs to be turned into a massive penal collony its already full of crinimals right now and the worst one resides at 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVE

  8. No more free punches black man. Whitey is tired of all the Eric Holder’s comments where he favors his race.
    Seems like just about all the black people want a war with the white people.
    Why is that?
    Why do the black people run all the white people out of Detroit, Birmingham, Mobile,
    Baltimore, and many other cities, and therefore turn these cities into shit-holes??
    WHY?? Any answers?
    I have one. It is ignorance. Just that. History. Go read it.

    • White people are afraid of black people – hence “white flight”, a sizable population of working blacks and hispanics followed them, so they kept moving until they went back to the woods and became rednecks and unibombers with shotguns in militias, either demanding autonomy or shooting up schools because of bullies or something. Blacks try to kill whites because they’ve got nothing better to do except cash their welfare checks and instill laziness into their many children.

      The reason for the children? In my view, they don’t want to practice birth control because they think it’s the white man’s attempt to keep their numbers down, so they are encouraged to have as many different children by different fathers and mothers as they can, thus they’ll have adequate representation in the coming race wars.

      Of course, this is all hyperbole, but I do wonder sometimes…

      • “In my view, they don’t want to practice birth control because they think it’s the white man’s attempt to keep their numbers down…”

        Methinks your view is much too generous, David. “Future time orientation” and “blacks” are two things that never intersect in reality. Which is why blacks reproduce so prolifically relative to the more intelligent races–i.e., they’re not thinking about the possibility of getting their sow pregnant, let alone how they’re going to provide for their family–they’re just thinking of the immediate gratification of the sexual act. Left to their own devices, they eventually overpopulate any given area and all starve to death, while simultaneously killing each other over what few resources are immediately available (because, of course, absent planning ahead, they’ve no capacity for raising crops, storing food, digging wells, etc.). However, with the dawn of Global White Guilt, we keep them artificially propped up via sundry welfare programs (domestically) and foreign aid, allowing their numbers to multiply uninhibited by natural selection.

        When it comes to the black plague we are, in sum, our own worst enemies.

  9. Being that I work in and live close to Memphis, I’ve been watching this crap unfold with a very careful eye. It wouldn’t take much to spark a riot.


  11. Death to Libtards says:

    Too bad Spike Lee and tattoo thug Mike Tyson haven’t been shot yet. Just like Tupac Shakur and Piggy Smalls, may they rot in hell forever.

    • D2L, I think Tyson’s got too many bodyguards. Spike Lee is another question–I’ve seen him on the subway, walking down the street–no coterie or anything. The irony will be when he gets popped in a random act of violence by some cretin in his beloved Bed-Stuy.

  12. Excellent work, Red. This article should be mandatory reading for all journalism classes. You’ve nailed it in this article, Red. Keep up your important work. It matters. It really matters.

  13. Raymond Cancel says:

    Funny thing about Mr. Owens RedStaterNYC… the facts and your spin don’t exactly match up.

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