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See what y’all come up with.

AWD has looked all day for something to write about. I’m talking all day! Nothing hit me and the best I could do is a lame open post. Hell, I’m not even sure what the Music That Doesn’t Suck is going to be yet and I’m quickly coming to that part. I could bore you with all the sh*t I’ve been doing this weekend but I won’t. The last month, AWD has been running faster than Keith Olbermann to the unemployment line! I haven’t been able to get up as much content as I usually like to. Maybe the next few weeks will settle down and I can get back to my normal schedule of crappy writing.

Here’s a few Open Post topics. ObamaCare will cost another $17 billion. Interesting it took a year for that to come out. Not that anyone in DC cares! Dims are working hard to destroy America and the wussy Repubs are happy to help them do it.

Or you can opine on what the Supremes will do in their ObamaCare decision. All I know is it’s unconstitutional. Too bad at least 4/9’s of our Supreme Court don’t! Sometimes I find myself thinking, “can this country just hurry and collapse so we can get to putting it back together?”

Or you can talk about the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, the white Hispanic. Or you can talk about the big shootout by black yoots in Miami. Or Chicago. Or California. What do you think will happen if the grand jury finds in favor of Zimmerman? Think cities will burn?

OK, Music That Doesn’t Suck tonight is by Chris Isaak. Haven’t listened to Chris in a while but this is his biggest song. Here’s Wicked Game. (Caution: you can get pregnant by watching this video)

Here’s another gooder n hell Chris Isaak song. Here’s “Let Me Down Easy.” One last thing. AWD believes Chris Isaak is gay. How would I know that? Easy! By using AWD’s first rule of gayness assessment. It was originally postulated by Einstein but the scientific equation was perfected by AWD. Here it is: If a dude is better looking than AWD, he is probably gay.

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  1. Looking good and sounding good… Just like AWD!

    I love some Isaak, but someone needs to throw that chick from Wicked Game a sammich!

    And great, I think I feel some morning sickness coming on after watching that!

  2. Death to Libtards says:

    Caption: “Four billion sperm and THAT one had to swim the fastest!”
    Actually can be used for any obnoxious, annoying or otherwise objectionable person.

  3. Whilst I didn’t want to glance down to where the liberal was getting his close-up, couldn’t help but notice the head on the statue looks a lot like Red’s avatar pic. Guess he wouldn’t be the first fledgling writer to resort to some nekkid modeling so he can stay afloat until he gets the lucrative gig contributing to AWD.
    Don’t know Isaak’s orientation, but have had him in the shuffle more than once as the lights were dimmed and fireplace lit waiting for the al-key-hall to take effect.
    Angry, Dr. Angus prescribes some aroma therapy of the cordite persuasion to treat your writer’s block. I think I can work you in to an upcoming group session.

  4. The O team, destroying American jobs and industry just as he promised.

  5. Please find Zimmerman innocent. The loss of LA, Detroit, Cincinnatti, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami; I couldn’t care less. You burnt it, you fix it.

  6. Shhh…don’t tell the msm!

    Check out her picture, her name, and her connection to Dear Leader ~

  7. Disgusting…but typical. – I’ll be glad when he is no longer in control.

  8. blue eyed devil says:

    Hey Bigtimer,
    It doesnt surprise me in the least… once again I must insist that we demand TERM LIMITS!! Until this happens the corruption will always exist. Both sides only care about re-election… thats how we got in this mess. Heck, Obummer has been in non stop campaign mode with nothing but re-election on his mind. That could be a good thing since his TRUE intentions for this country will not reveal themselves until he is re-elected and we cant get rid of him… Just ask Russia and the Palistinians… he intends to defy the will of the American people to transform America into HIS marxist vision of our place in the world by capitulating to our enemies desires for our destruction. He and his marxist comrades like Reed and Pelosi should be tried for treason…

  9. AWD, it’s not 17 billion, its 17 TRILLION.

  10. This guy qualifies for Nutcase of the Week!

    • Death to Libtards says:

      Same color, similar IQ, Clyburn has always been a reliable supporter of Ovomit. Hope they both get turned down in November.

  11. For everyone’s understanding and edification….the real definition of LIBTARD…..

  12. It ‘s going to be a long hot Summer………

    St. Louis…..


    Best keep your guard up.

  13. Spurwing Plover says:

    Sure beats listening to those annoying OWS brats running around in their stupid masks

  14. Swamp Music says:

    Finally an open post and music that doesn’t suck. I thought for a minute this was some new blog or something. That Chris Issak vid, ‘Wicked Game’ reminds of a certain young filly, 20 years ago that is. Thats all I’ve got to say about that.

    Sit back and relax,

    Houses of the Holy, Led Zeppelin, thats right, the whole thing.

  15. POLL: Women Voters Abandon GOP In Key Battleground States…


    you better gear up for 2016 cuz President Obama will win in November!