After watching the bond hearing this morning myself, instead of depending on the snippets from the media with their various spins and biases about all of this, which I’m glad I did because I’ve already seen it written with bias and heard typical reports from the talking-heads about this with their biased points as well…mainly good ol’ msDNC.

Oh yes…it ought to be fun at the msDNC Funny Farm today and days to come from those who graze there…especially Al Not-So-Sharton. After-all, one of their biggest foes received bond this morning in Florida…that being the notorious George Zimmerman.

And don’t you find it simply amazing that ABC decided to release the graphic photo of the back of Zimmerman’s head right before this hearing…hmm? This photo was taken minutes after the altercation took place. You can read much more about this here…along with all their mumbo-jumbo regarding reasons for just now making this public etc.

See what Dershowitz has to say about this photo being released in relationship to prosecutor Corey and the trouble she may be in regarding this…he really blasted her. You can read about it here.

This is via Fox:

Moments ago, the judge in the George Zimmerman case set bond in the amount of $150,000. He listed the conditions of Zimmerman’s release, including that he will be monitored electronically, that he is to have no contact with Martin’s family, that he is not to possess firearms or drink alcohol, and that he will have a curfew.

Zimmerman will not be released today.

This is from Fox as well…so far they really have been the closest to being ‘Fair and Balanced’ this is Zimmerman speaking today.

During a bond hearing in the Trayvon Martin shooting trial happening today in Sanford, Fla., accused killer George Zimmerman took the stand, apologizing for the loss of the Martins’ son. Zimmerman also told the prosecutor that he was was told not to communicate with the Martins when questioned as to why the apology hadn’t been made earlier.

In his apology, Zimmerman stated that he was unsure as to whether or not Trayvon Martin was armed during the incident that resulted in his death. He also said that he believed that Trayvon was around his own age or perhaps a little younger.

You can also listen to Zimmerman’s wife and and father testify here and here.

Here’s an overall view as well.

A Florida judge said George Zimmerman can be released on $150,000 bail as he awaits trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester set several conditions Friday for Zimmerman’s release. He cannot have any firearms, drink alcohol or use drugs and must observe a curfew. The judge said details need to be worked out between Zimmerman’s attorney and law enforcement, and that Zimmerman will not be released Friday.

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the 17-year-old’s death during a February confrontation in a Sanford, Fla., gated community. He is claiming self-defense.

The bail for Zimmerman was announced Friday shortly after he took the witness stand, telling the parents of Martin, “I am sorry for the loss of your son,” but standing by his claim that he killed the teen in self-defense.

Zimmerman told Martin’s parents, who were present in the courtroom, that he did not know that Martin was 17, or that he was unarmed during their February confrontation in the central Florida neighborhood.

“I did not know how old he was,” Zimmerman said. “I thought he was a little younger than I am. I did not know if he was armed or not.”

Zimmerman’s wife and parents testified by phone earlier that he is not a violent person. Zimmerman’s father told the courtroom that his son always “turns the other cheek.”

But prosecutors asked Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, about two incidents they said demonstrate that he has a violent nature. In one case, Zimmerman took anger management courses after an undercover police officer said Zimmerman attacked him. In another instance, a former girlfriend accused Zimmerman of assaulting her.

Zimmerman appeared at the hearing wearing a suit but in shackles. Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, surrendered his passport to the court at the start of the hearing.

The hearing took place just hours after ABC News released an exclusive photograph that claims to show the bloodied back of Zimmerman’s head. The photo, reportedly taken three minutes after Zimmerman shot and killed Martin, appears to support Zimmerman’s claim that Martin had bashed his head against concrete.

Legal experts say factors in Zimmerman’s favor include that he has ties to the local community and that he doesn’t appear to be a flight risk since he turned in voluntarily after second-degree murder charges were filed against him last week. He also has never been convicted of a crime, which would indicate he doesn’t pose a threat to society.

“Although it’s not routine for people charged with murder to get bond, they do get bond, and I think there is an excellent argument to be made in his specific case for him to be released on bond,” Randy McClean, a defense attorney who practices in Seminole County, about 15 miles northeast of Orlando, said.

Martin was walking home from a convenience store on Feb. 26 when Zimmerman spotted him from his truck and called police to report him as suspicious. Zimmerman has claimed self-defense under Florida’s “stand your ground” law, which eliminates a person’s duty to retreat under threat of death or serious injury.

The lack of an arrest for 44 days spurred protests nationwide, several in Seminole County, in which participants chanted and held signs that said, “Arrest Zimmerman Now!” Anger over a delay in Zimmerman’s arrest led to the Sanford police chief stepping down temporarily and the recusal of the prosecutor who normally handles cases out of Sanford. Sanford city officials were holding a town hall meeting Thursday to address some of the residual anger from the case.

So friends…I ask you, just what do you think the likes of Al Not-so-Sharp, Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panther Party and ilk will do now, besides seethe? We do know for a fact when this trial starts…it will become a three ring circus if groups like this have their way about it.

By the way…why isn’t the msm reporting about Sharpton and the huge amount of back taxes he owes…hmmm? You can read all about this story here…just saw it two days ago, nary a word from anyone that I know of…how about any of you?

This is an excellent read from the South Florida Sun Sentinel, describes everything that happened in the courthouse today without bias, I highly recommend you read it. ~ Big H/T to Bandura.

I may add what Sharpton has to say today here this afternoon…for all we know it may be amusing, that is if you can make tails or heads of what comes out of his mouth if you know what I mean.

I do hope Zimmerman receives a fair trial…but I have my doubts…how about you?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Glad to see Zimmerman got bail. My question is: What will keep
    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackass from whipping up a black flash mob
    and lynching Zimmerman, and killing his family before the trial?

    If anyone will start trouble it will be those two. And with the Black
    Panthers behind them, it will indeed be a long hot summer.

    • If the government had any common sense at all they would be sending the Secret Service after those two and not Ted Nuggent. Those two are dead set on starting an all out race war and that’s a fact. Not to mention that Al Not-so-Sharpton owes over 800 thousand dollars in back taxes and the IRS is too puss to go after him….(like the would you or me!!) But…and I will go out on a limb here (and maybe have coffee and donuts ready for the Secret Service if they show up at my door) and say that they need to grow some balls and go after the REAL threats to peace and civility that threaten this nation from within. I will also go out a little further and say that whether one has the balls to admit it publicly or not, not only white but Hispanic and all the other nationalities that make up the whole of US citizens are fed up and sick as hell of this whole “black profiling, oppression, need to pay for the civil war and slavery thing”…damn please….it’s old, we are sick of it and it is time to get a grip and move the hell on!!
      I too am glad that Zimmerman got out on bail!!
      Angela Corey is nothing more than and nasty cow whose teets are being pulled by those like Sharpton and Jackson….Really….can a human being sink any lower? I know in my heart that I am not alone when I say….enough is enough!!!

  2. Just saw this at B&R…

    Got a kick out of it too. ~

  3. Check this out…it’s a great read, all points well made. Corey may be in some big time trouble on down the road.

    Then there’s this ~


    Outraged, just outraged I tell ya!

  4. The sac-o-crap investigator, the lead investigator testified that he did not know who started the fight between the community hero George Zimmerman and the street thug Trayvon Martin.

    These false charges against community hero George Zimmerman should be dropped and charges should be levied agains Jesse Jackass and Al “Resist We Much” Sharpton for insighting a riot. And we need to have cameras ready to photograph the blacks that riot so we can prosecute these black street criminals for rioting.

    The prosecution will have to prove the community hero George Zimmerman commintted this crime and they won’t be able to do that.

    Free George Zimmerman….

    • Bluto…

      Not only Jesse and Al..but especially the New Black Panther Party and their threats and bounty on Zimmerman as well.

      Meanwhile…AG Holder remains silent.

    • I am posting this for your enlightenment:
      The Coming Race War in America was published in 1996 by Carl Rowan, the black columnist and former ambassador to Finland. The title is not ironic. He foresaw a major racial explosion. The book of course was furiously ignored. It should not have been. It dealt with an apocalyptic vision that has lurked around the edges of American consciousness since before the Civil War. And still does. We just don’t talk about it.

      What has this to do with Zimmerman?

      This: Our racial policy has proved a disaster. Sixty years after Brown vs. the School Board, blacks have not assimilated. They constitute a separate people having almost nothing in common with the surrounding European society. They fiercely maintain their identity with their own music, dialect, customs, dress, and names. All attempts to turn them into middle-class whites in darker packaging have failed. Only relentless governmental pressure forces an appearance of partial integration.

      Let’s consider a few awkward facts that loom ghoulishly above the body politic, which seems to be decomposing. First, on every known measure of cognitive ability, on IQ, SATs, GREs, everything, blacks average about one standard deviation, fifteen IQ points, below whites. The gap is a fact. It exists. It is reflected in performance. It has proved intractable. In a technological civilization that rewards intelligence, the deficit sharply limits legitimate access to the higher reaches of money, power, class, and prestige.

      Second, blacks continue to show little interest in schooling. Exceptions and degrees, yes. Yet consider cities such as Washington, which usually has a black mayor, black city council, mostly black school board, black staffs in the schools, black parents, black students, a high per-capita expenditure—and perhaps the worst schools in the country. This is a fact, and shows no signs of diminishing. It is repeated in countless cities.

      If the United State had large numbers of manual jobs that paid a living wage, as for example assembling cars, things might not be so bad. But the United States no longer has many such jobs. The economy has no need for huge numbers of people who read at the level of second-graders, if that. The existence of these people is a fact. When such jobs exist, as for example on police forces, better qualified whites are invariably available. Without remedial intervention, the academic and professional worlds, the managerial ranks of blue-collar trades, would turn almost pure white, and there would be actual hunger in the inner cities.

      The solution, to the extent that it can be called a solution, has been a combination of welfare and affirmative action. Each has produced its own kind of dependency. Whites in their own way depend on welfare payments to blacks in that ending welfare would send the cities up in flames. We now have dense concentrations of unemployed, unemployable blacks leading meaningless lives in rotting cities. They are angry, blame whites for their troubles, and do not have a lot to lose. The torching of Los Angeles in 1992 is endlessly repeatable. Only a spark is needed.

      None of this improves, and it seems to be getting worse. On the Drudge Report and elsewhere on the web, video after cell phone video appears of pack-attacks by feral blacks on whites and Asians. These attacks often result in brain damage: the attackers are trying to hurt the victims badly, and usually laugh while doing it. Other videos time and again show black teenagers looting Seven-Elevens. The perpetrators show no signs of worry about being caught. They know that white police wouldn’t dare arrest thirty black adolescents.

      Whites are frightened of blacks. They are afraid of taking the wrong exit from the freeway and ending up in a black ghetto. They are afraid when they pass young black males in a dark neighborhood. White women clutch their purses and cross the street, try not to get into elevators with them. The fear, seldom mentioned, determines where whites live, where they go, and where they send their children to school.

      This unacknowledged fear engenders unacknowledged consequences. When white men buy guns, journalistic organs of that prissy rectitude we call political correctness—the Washington Post, probably National Review—speak of gun nuts, psychosexual inadequacies, and sordid fantasies. Hardly. The purchasers of guns have in mind defending their families should the need arise. The buyers do not fear attack by Jewish violinists.

      Government also is afraid of blacks. Los Angeles burned because blacks didn’t like the outcome of a trial. Recently cities in England went up because a policeman shot a black. The Zimmerman shooting looks very similar, and blacks are very angry. Jesse Jackson has said that Trayvon was “hunted down like a rabid dog in the street,” that he was “murdered and martyred,” that it was a “hate crime.”

      These are the words of a man looking for a fight. One may be available. Charging Zimmerman with murder buys time. If he is acquitted….

      The signs are ominous. Tension rises in America. Incomes fall, foreclosures rise, jobs go east, police powers increase, trust in government evaporates, and expectations for the future decline. An unfocused edginess germinates. It is not a recipe for domestic tranquility.

      The response of whites to riots by blacks has always been to back away. This prudence, as it is thought to be, has been enforced by the government. If a minority in Russia started burning cities, the army would shoot the rioters on sight. America doesn’t work that way, or hasn’t recently. The lack of consequences for beatings and flash-mobbings, the history of saying “racism” and walking, produces a sense of untouchability in blacks. It could be a mistake.

      A spring is being wound. On one hand, when you live in a sprawling tightly packed concentration of people like yourself, it is easy to forget that you are very much a minority, that the majority holds all the high cards, and that food doesn’t really come from Safeway.

      On the other hand, via the internet whites now know of the racial attacks, and grow quietly very sick of them. There is among many white men an undercurrent of “Bring it on.” This is not confined merely to cops, soldiers, conservatives, Southerners, westerners, the rural and the blue-collar. You can find it, carefully hidden, in federal offices and even among men in newsrooms. The extent of this sentiment is easy to underestimate. Those who share it don’t dare express it, and most journalists live in ideological bubbles.
      This appears on this website:
      An awesome read and well worth your time and effort…not to mention….SO TRUE !!!!

      • Two words…

        Thank YOU!

      • All I got from this is that you’re scared too. Your race is soooo weak even i’m ashamed. You make up roughly 70% of our population yet you fear us daily. I’m aware of the coming war but I have a plan for that. Remember this, all races have been wronged by white people. If blacks are attacked then what does that mean for them down the line. Once they are reminded that they’re free to live here because of MLK they will have to side with color.I’m going to start promoting interracial baby making. White skin is like an empty canvas of hate. Once we add color to it you all will be extinct, and the world will be a better place.

      • REV Wright says:

        Post of the year!

        Regards and respect,


  5. one thousand apologies for going off topic, but this here’s funny, I don’t care who you are.


    • Howdy, howdy Angus…

      I need a laugh, will check that out later this afternoon. Soon as I’m done listening to talk-radio via the computer. ~

    • Angus…

      Sheesh…that is hilariously spot-on!

      Hey all you Dudes and Dudettes….check it out!

      Btw Angus…didn’t read all the comments but loved the one about Not-so-Sharp. 😉

    • Barky 0bama dined……

      and dogs died.


  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Its only a matter of time before hollyweed lowlifes like SPIKE LEE makes a movie about this Trayvon Martin wacko and lee twists the truth to suit his leftists tastes

  7. This entire situation stinks. Why are we just now seeing the photos of Georges head now? Why didn’t the prosecutor include these photos during the indictment? As for the Martins, practice what you preach. You wanted an apology and got one. They want George to sit in jail during the trial. What a bunch of hypocrites.
    As for Not-So-Sharpton, pay what you owe. How about shutting your mouth and paying your bills.

    • Dave…exactly!

      When did Corey know about this..huh?

      This was minutes after the incident.

      I added a link inside the blog post above from Breitbart and Dershowitz expressing his outrage…he really blasts Corey etc.

      As to Sharpton…hey, he’s a democrat…the IRS never seems to touch them dontcha know, especially if they’re a minority.

      • If the IRS audits Rev. Al, he could just pull out the “don’t you know who I am” line like he did when they towed his hooptie for lapsed insurance.

      • In the State of Florida, if there is ANY and I mean ANY harm to “bodily person”, photographs are made AT THE SCENE and placed in the case file as EVIDENCE. It doesn’t matter if it is a bruise, laceration, or even a red mark where a “possible” perp put their hands on another human being. This whole thing is SOOOO lame it makes me ashamed to be from Florida. Angela Corey is nothing more than a disgusting cow of a politico who is a horrible representation of the citizens of the state. She should be disbarred and ejected from law enforcement. Perhaps she could find work as a “mouth piece” for Sharpton and the like………

  8. Justice for Trayvon will finally happen.

    I feel this is an unbiased article about the hearing. Zimmerman isn’t referred as a ‘killer’ in it.


    Its glad George has such strong family members and friends to support him. I think it is ironic how George’s family mentions that they are afraid for him and themselves about violence. Irony is the Martin family and support group only care about money and making the press.

    Hopefully, George makes it to trial and finally this will be settled. Justice is blind.

    • Bandura…

      Thanks so much, will check that out pretty quick, have to do a few things and be back soon.

      As to the rest of what you said…I completely concur.

    • Hey Bandura…

      Just read that…what an excellent point-by-point unbiased report.

      I also inserted the piece in the blog post and of course gave you a big ol’ H/T.

      Can’t thank you enough.

      I highly recommend others read it as well. ~

    • Justice for Trayvon already happened…..he went to a gun fight with Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea…..As far as I am concerned once you draw blood in a fight……it’s survival of the fittest, obviously Zimmerman was the fittest….case closed.

  9. Read about this yesterday, but will stick it here today since it pertains to the subject.

  10. I know, it’s off topic but I can’t help myself.

    I am sitting here watching the Five on Fox News.

    Bob Beckel is the most offensive, self-serving, “follow dear leader” liberal I can imagine. Every word out of his wise ass mouth just makes me want to puke.

    Rant over.

    • I can’t watch that show…just can’t, for some of the very reason you mentioned.

      I’m forcing myself to watch Not-so-Sharpton to decided if I want to put anything here later.

      Well, I could only handle 15 minutes of Al doing his interrupting when good points were being made by defense lawyers etc. – He’s such a twit…just dumb as a fence post, as I’m starting to believe of Angela Corey too.

  11. Just found a picture of what Eric Holder thinks of the judge giving George Zimmerman bail.

    Obama ate my dog!!!!!

  12. Jerry Kimbro says:

    Your Florida update:

    The Tallahassee Democrat (Florida’s capitol newspaper) carried this story- verbatum BUT didn’t show Zimmerman’s head wounds. In fact NO major media outlet in Florida is showing it. You can only find it on the internet on conservative websites or on Fox news. I guess the papers and tv thinks its 1) not newsworthy, or 2) too bloody to show (ha ha like that’s likely!) or 3) oh F*** the bastard anyway.

    MEANWHILE the blacks down here in Florida are STILL planning to lynch Zimmerman’s ass as soon as they can catch him alone somewheres.

    that’s JUSTICE here in Florida- thanks to Obama and his racist pals.

    • Jerry…

      I can’t for the life of me figure out why Trayvon’s parent need a lawyer.

      Yet Zimmerman, his family and friends have to go into hiding.

      What’s wrong with this picture?

  13. Do not EVER expect an apology from the blacks that act like ni***rs regarding this case.
    They made their point clear, and all whites had better follow it, or else.
    The facts mean absolutely nothing to them.
    They have their own agenda.

    • Why would black ppl apologize to that Mexican. If anything he should shoot himself for being the worst half breed on earth(white/Mexican). And mr. suck you don’t fit in to the NWO so hurry and pass away. If you don’t go soon i’m gonna test your military training.

  14. Treyvons family lawyer is getting a big pucker factor possibly seeing his Civil case against Zimmerman getting flushed down the crapper,, Funny how money makes them feel their pain a lot less,,, I expect Al Shithead Sharpton or Jesse the Dipshit to claim the injuries were faked and the pics aren’t real… Would love tio see Zimmerman reverse the lawsuits and make himself a little pile of humble pie cash!

  15. His head would have looked much worse if he would’ve followed me. I hope he suffers for the rest of his white/Mexican life. And for whoever on this site that supports him. I hope you and your pale ugly kids suffer similar fates. You racist pig skinned children of cavemen.

    • I AM GEORGE ZIMMERMAN. Hey dude keep flexing those internet muscles. The only thing between you and me is air,opportunity and a computer monitor.

      • Hey dirty Al, When you’re done shaping up that mullet I might engage with you. The funny thing is I’ve never seen as many tough white ppl. On the internet everyone is ready to fight. In real life they lock their car doors at the sight of a black male. Get afraid if they hear gunshots. And are absolutely terrified of the ghettos in major cities. You all are the most afraid race on earth. What you consider fearless, we consider stupid white stuff. Blacks and muslims are the opposite. No fear of passing white ppl. No fear of trailer parks or hick towns. Always ready for any confrontation,even on my best day.

        • Dude I wish I had a mullet. As far as whites being afraid,maybe,there’s nothing wrong with being cautious. I for one am not afraid, my life is in the hands of a greater power than myself. What I do have is confidence in my abilites to defend myself and my love ones. I also have no desire to take another persons life or property unlike others. Having stated that, make no mistake I will do what I have to,to protect whats mine. I also am ready for any confrontation even on my worse day.

        • North Dakota Dude says:

          Near as I can figure, the only time blacks want to fight a white is when it is at least three to one.

      • AMEN….And perhaps Arab would have been shot more than once. The only difference between me and George Zimmerman in the same situation would be……an empty magazine!!!

      • REV Wright says:

        I,too, am George Zimmerman.


    • Hey Arab, your a douche bag. LOL!!!!!

  16. Have you seen this Nutcase Deluxe?

    • Your right Bigtimer, he is a Nutcase Deluxe. He is right where he needs to be. Of course he made bail. Don’t ack like one and you won’t be one, if you know what I mean.

  17. Anybody listening to Liz Cheney and guests about this case? Stand Your Ground Law and the pictures released by ABC etc are being discussed.

    I’ll take Liz Cheney any day over Hannity or any other talking head. She is precise, polite, doesn’t interrupt…etc. Wished she had her own show.

  18. Hey Arab Plenty of your ilk already tried to test my military training but as you can see I’m still here but you can have a go if you want camel humper. O h and I think it’s funny that any Arab would call anyone else a caveman considering how far their civilizations have come in the last 1300 years.

    • Hey Pig aka Arab…

      See you just tried to post here to BosDan, using profanity you know isn’t allowed, plus you’re supposed to have been banned via the ‘AWD Ban Hammer’ last I heard.

      So…I trashed your post.

      Adios ~

      • You banned me because you fear me…. As you should bbwtimer

        • And Arab…I’m not here all the time, but you have notice now..every single time I see you post, it will be trashed until AWD can take care of you once and for all.

          And fear you? That’s the laugh of the day!

  19. I saw part of that circus today and I’m pi$$ed that the judge didn’t throw out this frivolus witch hunt case!

    A kangaroo court intent on scoring political points and it’s exactly the same BS as the Nifong, “Duke LaCrosse” fraud!

    The scumbags are beneath contempt.

    • tazz…

      As far as I know since this was a bond hearing the judge couldn’t throw the case out…but you’d better believe what’s coming soon down the road that may very well happen. – I’m looking forward to seeing the next performance from the clowns on the prosecution team, it they performed like they did today…it may be over before ya know it.

      Btw…I could be wrong about what the judge could or could not do today about throwing case out or not…just jotting down my thoughts real quick in between cooking dinner. ~

  20. Well tazz, that’s the way they do things here in Florida. Basically,
    what they want to do is get Zimmerman locked up by summer
    when Tourist Season starts. That way, the knuckle draggers
    won’t riot, and Europe and the UK will lift their travel bans on
    our state. If there ever was a sacrificial lamb, Zimmerman
    is going to be it.

  21. John Henry Eden says:

    What will Sharpton say? “Blubbity blub,mumble mumble,Honky muh fuggas. nomesayin?”

  22. Death to Libtards says:

    Sharpton usually shuts up when caught in a lie or perpetrating a hoax. He quickly finds something else to feign outrage over. He’s back to generic ridicule of Romney and all things Republican. His only recent vistory was making Don Imus (whom I previously respected) into his bitch. He’s going to slip quietly away from the Zimmerman case when it no longer generates publicity for Sharpton personnaly

    • Plus…it’s been more than obvious to me that the big-wigs at msDNC have told their talking-head puppets to tone it down after the arrest was made. All most all of the coverage there at the Funny Farm were just short segments by late afternoon my time.

      O’Mara did a helluva job yesterday in the courtroom.

      Methinks Corey isn’t going to have an easy time of this whatsoever. ~

      Poor Al…he’s better get back to threatening to sue some businesses somewhere so he can pay his back taxes.

      • Death to Libtards says:

        I think (correct me) he still owes damages awarded to police and prosecutors he defamed in the Tawanna Brawley (who cares what her terrorist name is now?) hoax.

        • DtL…

          I had forgotten about that too…bet you’re 100% correct.

          • Death to Libtards says:

            And now that there really is a political prisoner in this country, where is the ACLU, Amnesty International, and La Raza? Crickets chirping. The lying hypocrits.

  23. My question would be to Dan….why are you ‘surprised?’

  24. this problem has been almost a month in investigations and curiously Zimmermann’s “bloody head” just appear this last week, Has not been a long time to present an easy evidence?, a photo is not difficult to show, besides, if that was the real evidence of the case, where are the scars of Zimmermann after one month of the incident?

    • Juan…

      I’m not exactly sure what you mean in your post.

      That photo just happened to magically appear not long before the bond hearing yesterday.

      Also, it’s been much more than a month since this happened…and scars do heal.

      I’m not following where you’re going with this all..clue me in.

      • my point is why this photo appears after all the time that has passed?, WHY ONLY THIS LAST WEEK?, Why exactly at the time of trial?and what can we expect with the alteration of photos, evidence, and social networking accounts in this whole issue?, do you really buy this picture as real?

        • Yes Juan…I do think this picture is real, it was taken minutes after the altercation…or haven’t you checked that out yet?

          Why in the world do you think it isn’t real?

          • Because it doesn’t fall in line with the narrative that he wants.

          • Bingo…

            I was just waiting for him to explain himself…my patience wears thin at times…and this is one of them.

          • ha, just because you’re agree with Zimmermmann then the picture is real, I’m skeptical, I don’t defend Trayvon cause I don’t know what happened exactly, but how many Trayvon’s pictures were altered on this whole issue? how many false twitter and facebook accounts were created in this whole issue to blame martin?, I don’t know too much about legal procedure, but the “evidence” appears after ONE MONTH of investigations, if the police have the duty to give prompt explanations to this situation, why they took so long with such evidence?, a picture is a very strong response, is not weird to see such image at the time of the hearing?

  25. I saw this idiot say this BS yesterday…oh yes, always inserting the race-card via slavery dontcha know.

  26. Sharpton not liked all that much from businesses in Sanford. ~

  27. If you guys get tired of this “Arab”, or “Pig”, or whoever in the hell he is, just send him up north to me. I live in the Black Hills of SD and you will never hear from him again- I promise…….

    • How do we make this happen…..??? I’ll help!!!

      • R Pattie-
        Easy, next time that he threatens you just tell him to come on up here and pull that crap- these hills have a way of swallowin’ guys like him up- never to be seen again.

    • Arab and/or Pig has been shown the ban hammer again. We can’t block his IP address yet because our old ban software that blocks IP addresses permanently doesn’t yet work with this version of Word Press. It will soon and Arab/Pig will be no more. I don’t mind opposing opinions but Arab/Pig only wants to pick fights and I find him quite boring.


      • To AWD-
        Thank you! Guys like Arab/Pig are exactly the type that WILL NOT “pick a fight” face-to-face. But, he sure has a big threatening keyboard! Never has anything intelligent to say or any facts to back anything he says up. A worthless piece of excrement if there ever was one.

    • North Dakota Dude says:

      I have relatives in the Black Hills. They would probably give you a hand.

  28. Here’s an update about Zimmerman regarding release etc.

    You can bet the eyes of the msm will have their spotlight shining on that vicinity 24/7. – As if nothing else going on in the world.

  29. Death to Libtards says:

    Disgusting and slightly off topic, but race pimp Jesse Jackass has admitted doing this to white people:

    • Dirty Al…

      Boy Howdy…and them some! – That piece says it all, I hope others here read it…it’s a MUST!

      Been tweeted and saved friend…that may come in for future use, big time.

      Thank you. ~

  30. Hey Orenthal Simpson aka Pig…

    As long as I’m here, you’re getting trashed again…no can do.

    What part don’t you understand…You got the AWD Ban Hammer ~

    Nice try…but no cigar.

  31. Just throwing this one out there for our trolling friends.

    • Our trollsters will let that go in one ear and out the other…but I sure as heck got a kick out of you posting that here.

      The best link you put here tonight I commented on above a few posts…just can’t thank you enough ~ again.

      • I am your not so humble servant, and always a pleasure.

        • DA…

          Are you on the el jobo?

          Just curious..figure you must be. – Or just used the being awake the hours you’re used to type of thing. (I’ve done years of shift work too, Grave-Yard Shift was my fav way back when..for various reasons, but heck….that was way before the algore’s Amazing Internet and such. 😉

  32. The stand your ground law applied to Martin in this case, as he was being pursued for no valid reason by a random person. He had every right to defend himself, and the scuffle that ensued was finished by George Zimmerman shooting his way out of a less than lethal situation. Let him rot in jail for killing this kid.

    • Thank you

    • Zimmerman was only attempting to find out what a stranger was doing there, his job as a neighborhood watchman. As for the attack, anytime someone has you mounted and is beating you to the point of possible unconsciousness, your life is in danger- so Zimmerman did do the right thing. Also, Zimmerman claims that Martin told him “You’re going to die tonight and tried to take the handgun out of the holster when he got a glimpse of it. At that point you MUST draw and shoot, or become the shot.
      As for Martin, what was he defending against? You don’t approach someone just because you think they are following you and attack them. Why didn’t he ask Zimmerman what was up? Or let him know he should leave him alone and that his family was in the area? Why say, “Do you have a problem, well you do now!” and attack? Because he was a violent thug, that’s why. I can deduce this because it’s not normal behavior for a teenager to approach and attack adults, especially when he could have easily gotten away from the situation. He approached Zimmerman and attacked- illegal. Zimmerman was observing and doing his job- not illegal.
      At over 6 foot and upwards of 180 lbs., Martin was no child- physically a man and capable of doing extreme bodily harm. He got justice, the old fashioned way.

  33. You’re deducing out of thin air since you weren’t there.

    Martin explained on the phone to his girlfriend that he was being followed. Suspicious behavior for a stranger to tail someone…Martin allegedly said this and that based on the father of Zimmerman, hearsay. Martin did not have a violent history, unlike Zimmerman. That’s the truth and you can’t bend those facts to favor Zimmerman. Martin was like a lot of kids, petty misbehaviors that characterize the majority of youth who end up fine in life. Zimmerman however had a history of abuse on his girlfriend and on a cop, and statements from coworkers that said he was aggressive and unpredictable. If someone was following me and came up too close I’d hit them, plain and simple. I don’t think MArtin was looking for any trouble but I do think Zimmerman was looking to be a hero and caused a kid’s death.

    • lenco…

      So you consider this as what young men today do everywhere…eh?

      Or this…

      Saved the best for last ~

      Yeah…right, that’s just normal petty stuff kids do everywhere today…and pigs fly too!

      • BT-
        The last article from the Daily Mail is a very good one. Done in depth and from all sides of the issue. For me it reveals just how quick many blacks have been to turn this into a race issue. Most of us whites see this as a self-defense issue. Do we have the right to defend ourselves with deadly force if necessary or not- no matter what race the attacker is? At least this is the way that I personally view it.
        On the other hand, blacks seem to be galvanized by the fact that Martin is also black and are blinded to the facts because they share the same race. This would seem to be the very definition of “racist” to me.

        • skull…

          I see it the same way you do too.

          As to the link you like, you described it well. I has ‘everything’ in have to wonder if lenco reads it all etc. I sure hope so.

          As to your last sentiment at the bottom of the post…

          Hear! Hear!

    • lenco-
      “If someone was following me and came up too close I’d hit them, plain and simple”.

      Then you would be liable in a court of law and exposing yourself to being on the bad end of a self-defense beef. I am not “pulling this out of thin air”. I have taught self-defense classes for several years, hold a private security liscense, and do private security gigs all the time.
      Neither were you there, but the survivor of the incident claims that the attacker APPROACHED HIM. This was after he had been following at a distance and then returned to his vehicle after being advised to by the dispatcher (who, by the way, carries no force of law-it was only advisable). The court will have to take Zimmerman’s word on this unless the prosecutor can PROVE that it is untrue- which seems unlikely in this case. The only eyewitnesses uphold Zimmerman’s version of the “scuffle”, according to current reports. I am only going on what has been put out there so far- we will see how it holds up.
      By the way, just because someone’s ex-girlfriend claims something, or they have a disagreement with a cop in their past, doesn’t make them capable or guilty of murder.
      You can fefer to Martin as a “kid” all you want to. The court has to blind itself to this mindset because it is irrelevant how old he was. He was a very large attacker that was causing bodily harm- “plain and simple”.

    • Lenco, you weren’t there either. Just to play devil’s advocate since we all can agree that none of us were there….how many times would you have your head bashed into the pavement before fearing your life might be in danger? We will all find out if that was what indeed happened…but for now, humor me.


    • Death to Libtards says:

      How hilarious that a public nuisance should be appointed to a Nuisance Abatement Board! No doubt by a left wing crap-for=brains county commissioner. As she said, I’m suited up and booted up. Suited up in camo (I own two Ted Nugent style camo cowboy hats) and got a boot for her ample derriere. Will all Florida residents with a lick of sense please move to GA, AL. or SC so I don’t feel guilty using the term Floridiots. Back home we used to call them “leaf lookers” during Autumn.

      • DtL..

        You’re first sentence has me laughing more than the article itself did…Priceless!

        • Death to Libtards says:

          We laugh to keep from crying. I’ve seen complete illiterate idiots elected to local office and appointed to boards with actual power over people’s lives. Add to that the permanent bureaucrats who have the power to fine you for cutting a tree in your own yard, etc. I rail against big federal government, but I fear the local control freaks most of all.

          • So do I…as they say ‘all politics are local’…boy howdy ain’t that the truth!

  34. It matters not whether Martin got into trouble for these things, because when he was killed he was walking to his family’s home with some candy. If someone is following you, it would make sense that you either run or turn and confront the person. At that point, the testimony and history of Zimmerman is far more important to our picture of what probably transpired, namely that an individual with a serious history of violence confronted a kid who maybe stole some crap. Zimmerman was known for making many many calls to 911 about people that lived in this development, paranoia and heroic delusions mixed with a feeble minded vigilantism…Ex girlfriend, ex coworker, legal history, all paint a picture of a person with a serious problem waiting to happen. You don’t have to get behind Al Sharpton to see this as a murder.

    • REV Wright says:


      Something about Trayvon “smacking down” the school bus driver?

      Kicked out of school for ten days?

      “No_Limit_Nigga” seems to have quite a history of being an Obama thug…

      Your thoughts?

  35. Zimmerman released on bond tonight. ~

  36. As far as I’m concerned the majority of the msm are the terrorists…they should be held in contempt of everything!

    The msm made sure and show a close up of license plate numbers. It’s not bad enough that Zimmerman has to wear a bullet proof vest now, he also did during the court hearing too…now the msm shows this info.

    It’s a disgrace this man and his family as well as some friends all have to remain in hiding.

  37. REV Wright says:


    Obama’s sons riot………..

  38. Did Trayvon Martin have a criminal record? I don’t think so. A lot of rumor put out about his assault on a bus driver, etc., with no evidence. Zimmerman however had a reputation among coworkers and ex girlfriends for being unpredictably violent. He stood trial for assault on a cop and was not convicted, by far a more incriminating story than some right wing rumor about Trayvon assaulting a bus driver. The kid was not a saint, not many are nor should they be, but Zimmerman was way out of his league, told not to follow the kid, did so and caused a scuffle because of it that he resoled with murder.

    • At lenco, Why is it all right for a black man to walk in a white neighborhood without being accosted but it is wrong for a white man to expect the same treatment. 99% of the time blacks can do that and not be beaten to a bloody pulp. But you let a white try to walk or even make the mistake of wandering in that in a black neighborhood he or she will be beaten or killed. And allways the media blame he or she for mistaking black people as decent human beings.

    • He DIDNT STAND TRIAL for assualting a cop, it was dropped, get the facts straight DA

    • @lenco-

      “He stood trial for assault on a cop and was not convicted, by far a more incriminating story than some right wing rumor about Trayvon assaulting a bus driver.”

      When someone stands trial, and is found “not guilty”, it means just that. This would legally prove that he did not do whatever the officer claimed he did. The court cannot hold a non-conviction up as proof of anything. By the way, I see that another poster here says that Zimmerman didn’t stand trial for this, it was dropped, which also proves nothing for the prosecution.
      The “right wing rumor” comes from the Martin family’s own Twitter account records- it is not made up “out of thin air” as you like to say.
      Zimmerman’s statement says that he DID NOT continue to follow Martin, but returned to his vehicle when Martin came around from the other side and unecessarily confronted him, thereby starting the “scuffle”. Really no scuffle , but a life and death struggle because Martin wanted to kill the man and repoprtedly said as much to Zimmerman as the punk tried to get the handgun out of the holster.
      You do not seem to know very much about how self-defense cases are decided because your arguments are feeble and unsupported by facts, but are driven by emotion. You “feel” that a wrong has been done and want Zimmerman punished because Trayvon was black, a teen, only “visiting family and buying candy, etc., etc. None of that matters, only what happended right before the shot was fired. Who confronted who, and was it necessary? Who was assualting who and did the victim fear for their life? That is the case-period!

  39. Pig aka E.Till…

    You’re banned…get that thru your thick skull.

  40. First of all, what makes you think this was a white neighborhood that MArtin was walking through. Obviously his family that lives there is black. But aside from that assumption, how many black neighborhoods have you walked through recently? Judging by your ignorant comment at the end, I’d say few if any. Mistaking blacks for decent human beings? If ever there was a comment that should ban a person its that one. So stupid, I don’t know why I responded.

    • lenco…

      Just a suggestion, please hit your reply feature in your post…so it goes under the person your are replying to…it would help a lot for others follow to who and what you are talking to and about…if ya know what I mean.

    • First of all i use to live in Kansas City on eleventh and forest you walk two blocks down you were in trouble.I had bricks thrown at me been hit in the head with bottle all because i wanted to visit a black friend. Don’t get me wrong i am talking about the thugs that aren’t decent human beings.Just like a lib a person can’t say anything about any thug without people crying racism. You want to know about bigotry try being borne with a cleft palette and being made fun of all their life, Being afraid to talk or say anything without someone mocking you or patronizing you or pretending they can’t understand you. You libs and the blacks are the worst offender of this. They point and laugh at you. I can’t even say anything you don’t agree with without you bastards mocking the way i talk.I am sick of you and all of you hypocrites who scream racist for blacks even if they are wrong.Yes there was injustices done to black people in the past, In fact i believe in what Martin Luther King said that all men were created equal and should treated as such his dream was for equality for all people not on their race. Character means more to me than anything.Right now all we did was trade one kind of bigotry for another. All people at one time or another has been discriminated against, Me i get it all the time and this is the only time i will ever mention this again. So all i have to say is blacks aren’t nearly as persecuted as you would have everyone believe.There are people that have to put up with worst so screw you lenco.

  41. Isn’t this just sweet?

    The leftist-loons on display.

    • First of all, I’m no liberal, they make me almost as sick as the conservatives and bigots. But you can’t make an idiotic statement like “Mistaking blacks for decent human beings” and then claim that some liberal misunderstood your words. You can’t get off so easy for saying blatantly ignorant things like that.

      Look, working class white people have always had more in common with blacks than with rich whites. And there were some great attempts to organize on the basis of class instead of race, but there’s always some demagogue, some racist, some politician or boss to divide and conquer people on these characteristics. And who always wins? The wealthy, who now have more wealth concentrated than ever in American history. Dont blame the unions, or the immigrants, thats chump change. Look up the social ladder to see why we keep getting told that everythings being cut.

      • Look you can deny all you want,you are a left winger through and through.All you can do is blame the people that has worked hard to make things better for themselves and are successful at it.These are the people that create jobs.The main reason we lost all our manufacturing base is because of the unions and government meddling in things that they know nothing about.To all the Black people that come to this site,I know i can’t take back what i said in the above post and i am truly sorry for that.Sometimes i say stuff before i think and i was totally wrong and i sincerely apologize of saying mistaking decent black people as human beings. That was said out of stupidity and anger on my part and i hope you all can forgive me.

  42. you may not want to see this site, but it has graphic reporting of black on white crime in south africa, it really opens my eyes to the Hero – nelson mandela

    • Dano…

      I’ve seen much of this…yet our precious media remained and remain mum…all of them! – That’s another atrocity in it’s self.

      Glad you have this here…sincerely mean that.

  43. Lets be honest. The ratio of black on white violence in South African recent history has been a tiny fraction compared to white on black violence. Tiny. Don’t rewrite it as the actual story, its a lack of compassion for anybody but whites that make you see it as the real tragedy there.

  44. vietnamese guy says:

    a for all you white cowards in here barking like dogs, are b!tchs. you guys talk all that shit here, outside this, you know better then to look at black people, because you know what would happen to you!. any way if george zimmerman don’t get found guilty of murder, then its white extinction time…the arabs, iranians, africans, asians, black americans, the samoa islanders, will all unite under one umbrella, to destroy the white devil thats been lurching this nation like a white ghost…

    • @the gookguy
      Bring it fool. I can’t wait. And I’m not afraid of blacks, chinks, spics, gooks, japs, or any mixture thereof. None of us up here in the north are. We are ready. I will meet you personnally if you got any nuts- come get some!

      • Ditto that…and you can bet it ain’t just the north either.

        • Sorry BT, no offense intended- I know that I can count on my brothers and sisters in other parts of this great nation. I was only speakin’ for my locals.

          • Oh I know…heck, I’m in Big Sky myself, just wanted to include the rest of this nation state by state that have had their fill of this bull too. – We’re not alone, heck poll after poll have stated as such about the Martin/Zimmeran BS.

  45. Guy Hontz, you need some history lessons, the reasons why factories started moving to the southern US, and then overseas, is because capitalist companies care about one thing-profit. They will axe jobs whenever necessary to maintain big profits, all the while claiming they care about their workers or about America. So you can rationalize the decline of American working class living conditions (real wages have been in decline since the 70s, while corporate profits for the few have exploded), but the constant search for the cheapest labor costs ruins everybody. It ain’t the unions fault. We used to be able to support families on one job, now most people are scrambling with two job households and overextended credit. And I didn’t say I wasn’t somewhere on the left, I just said I wasn’t liberal.

    • You sound just like an occupier protester,
      blame everything on the rich. It’s not all the rich’s fault we are in this mess.Have you noticed also that as everything declined the price of fuel has went up all because we are dependent on foreign oil which Obama and his minions are doing their damnedest to keep us depending on because they are being paid off by the so called green energy companies.When you keep the cost of energy up, the cost of shipping and transporting goods goes up making prices skyrocket.Also we have one of the highest taxes on corporations there is in the world thus making it harder to turn a profit which also raises prices. Then you got the unions extorting the factories that make the products for wages and cadilac benefits like high pensions and health care for life when they are retired and no longer working.Higher cost for electricity and heating bills.I hope you realize that for a company to stay in business they have to make a profit.Small businesses are suffering more because the cost of doing business in this country has went up so high thus having to cut the work force or lowering salaries.Couple that with high sales taxes on everything like gas and diesel.We have a government that is trying to be our nannies growing into an entity that our founding fathers never meant to be.Every since the feds took over our education system it has went down hill, look at the inner city schools they are not doing their jobs and giving these poor students the education they deserve to survive in any economy a lot of them can’t read or write or solve the simplest math problems and the rural school districts aren’t much better,another union that won’t let school districts fire incompetent teachers because of tenure.Say what you will about the sixties but black and white kids were going to the same inner city schools back then and were learning things a whole lot more than they are now i know because i went to these same schools i like to ask you what happened between now and then? I’ll tell you the Dept of Education and the teachers union are the main cause of this. The government is now the biggest problem now with trillion dollar deficits and all they do is make everything worst and from what i understand you think they ought to do more they can’t even do what our constitution requires of them what makes you think they are our answer to anything else?

  46. You and I live in a society where the top 5% own almost 75% of the total wealth in the country, and the top 20% own 93% of all wealth. This is a country in which people are led to believe that we can all make it, when the reality is that most of us are strapped to debts that we can not shoulder. Billionaires like Warren Buffet point out that their tax burden is lower than their employees who make vastly less. Corporations like GE made record billions in profit and paid very little in income taxes. The rich are to blame, because between their hoarding of wealth and the foreign wars we are fighting, there’s nothing left to keep schools from collapsing, roads from decaying, and people from croaking. Union pensions are a pittance compared to the wealth concentration and the wars. The US has not been this unequal since the Great Depression.

    Don’t even bother blaming Democrats, they are controlled by big lobbyists just like the Republicans. Republicans like Reagan and Bush raised the national debt more than any Democrat. Your politics are utterly misinfored.

  47. We’re Number 1!

    Not really.

    The US is #1 in military spending, totaling more than the next 25 countries combined. But I guess freedom ain’t free.

    #10 in GDP.

    #22 in literacy.

    #17 in least child poverty, where 1 in 5 is born below the exruciatingly low poverty level.

    #42 in terms of income equality.

    #37 in health care quality, in terms of insurance coverage, access, fairness, quality, patient satisfaction.

    We are an oligarchy parading around as a democracy.

    • I am not going to argue any more with you.any body that says Reagan and Bush raised the national debt than any Democrat is the one that is misinformed.Obama’s raised the national debt more than all other presidents put together.You may not be Republican or Democrat but you are a lib and don’t want to admit it.Me i am a right wing conservative and proud of it.