I don’t know about you…but I am danged sick and tired of the media of all venues doing their best to destroy the integrity of our military. As far as I’m concerned this is more than infuriating…it’s a national disgrace!

Here’s some opinions of others regarding this latest story…see if you agree, or not.

This is via Fox:

After White House condemnation of the L.A. Times for publishing photos of uniformed military posing with the bodies of suicide bombers, Fox News contributor and retired United States Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters described himself as “furious” at the L.A. Times and the civilian military leadership for their handling of the nascent scandal. Peters told Megyn Kelly this controversy was an example of the “moral cowardice of military leaders who never stick up for our troops but protect their own careers.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Wednesday that the White House was “very disappointed” that those photos were published. Defense Sec. Leon Panetta weighed in as well, saying that he “strongly condemned” the behavior depicted in the photos.

Kelly said that the Pentagon had requested that the L.A. Times not run the photos and Kelly herself said her program chose not to air the inflammatory images. “There are fresh concerns that these pictures, just published, could fuel a new wave of anger on the streets of Afghanistan and could endanger American lives,” said Kelly.

Kelly asked Lt. Col. Peters what his take on the controversy was, and Peter’s said that he believed the L.A. Times was complicit in a “terrible scandal here,” but that scandal has “nothing to do with our troops in combat.”

“No terrorists were harmed in the taking of those snap shots,” said Peters. “The real scandal is that the L.A. Times, desperate to survive, creates a scandal, publishes those pictures over the Pentagon’s objections. The real scandal is that the establishment media leaps on another chance to trash our troops. The worst of the scandal is that our leaders, in and out of uniform, rush to condemn our troops – no explanation, no context.”

“I suggest the White House spokesman Jay Carney join the military and see what it’s like himself before he condemns our troops,” Peters continued. “I’m especially appalled that those in uniform, General [John R.] Allen, our commander in Afghanistan, just jumped to trash our troops.”

Bill Kristol throws in his two-cents as well…this is via DC:

According to Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, the Los Angeles Times’ Wednesday decision to run a series of photographs of U.S. troops posing with dead Afghan suicide bombers, after being asked by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta not to run them, was “irresponsible” and “pure voyeurism.” On Wednesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, Kristol took aim at the Times.

“I think the L.A. Times was irresponsible for publishing the photos against the explicit request — not of the terrible [George W.] Bush administration or terrible Don Rumsfeld, but of the Obama administration,” Kristol said. “Which last I looked was not a bunch of warmongers but are people who in this case — I think quite correctly — Secretary of Defense [Leon] Panetta was concerned about the well-being of our troops who are there now.”

Kristol said the Times was engaging in “pure voyeurism” since the running those photos did little to better the situation: The photos were reportedly taken in 2010 and the story reports that those responsible are currently under investigation.

“The leadership of that brigade, the 4th Combat Brigade at 82nd, is not the current leadership — in fact, there were issues with the battalion that was responsible for these troops apparently at the time. It was reported at the time. In any case, the leadership of that battalion and brigade is not the current leadership. So, the exposure does nothing. It’s not a contemporaneous matter where hey, something bad is happening there and they’re trying to expose it. It’s pure voyeurism by the media. It’s unfortunate that these photos were taken. That brigade took 35, had 35 killed. And it’s very rough deployment in that time. The soldiers shouldn’t have done that. But just publishing these photos now is wrong.”

Krauthammer sums it up best with these simple words ~

Suicide Attackers Don’t Treat Their Own Bodies With Respect!

He’s first up on the Special Report and the All Star panel…he had more to say as well.

If you haven’t seen the pictures the L.A. times and a few others entities have decided to show…they are in the video above too.

Throw your thoughts in regarding this issue….do you think this is backfiring on the media? Are you fed up with all of this? Are you tired of the left continually disparaging our troops that gave them the freedom to espouse their crap in the first place since the founding of country to this very day?

Plus remember folks…these photos are over 2 years old, plus it’s parts of dead suicide bomber…so friggin’ what! This can only lead to one summation of just why the LA Times did this…agenda, agenda, agenda!

Please remember the photo above of the soldier cradling the dead child…that child was killed by a filthy suicide bomber. Oh yes, the religion of peace hard at work dontcha know.

Add your two-cents in folks….Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Vicio Malo says:

    All to do about nothin’. Ifyou want to see the real tragedy watch a couple “Wounded Warrior Project” commercials. Who cares about the enemy? Our military is designed to kill people and break things. They are doing a wonderful job. Kill ’em all and let Allah sort ’em out.

    • Or bring them the heck home ASAP!

      • FuriousFatMan says:

        careful big! some people might think yer crazy like uncle ron!




        • patthemick says:

          Name one thing Ron Paul has been wrong about? He was against the Iraq war and said we needed to get congressional approval. Sounds constitutional to me. He objected to the bailouts for the banks because they would never end and simply kept the rich banks in business,well now we are working on quanitative easing three so he looks right again to me. He said we need to cut our spending now and wants to cut a trillion dollars from the first years budget. That sounds painful but it is a better plan than his opponents 30 year plan of 10% cuts to the increase in yearly spending. Who sounds right to you.All of his opponents support a New World Order with torture and direction recieved by the U.N. that sounds right to me. He is against the frivolous use of executive orders bypassing the congress and the elimination of 5 cabinet positions and that sounds really good to me. He would allow individual states to determine their rules on abortion and that would save millions of lives while seeking a constitutional amendment to save the unborn.
          Now even I agree that Ron Paul is a bit more radical than I would like but the congress and the senate would keep his wilder ideas in check. I think it’s Mitt Romney and Barock Obamas ideas that torture and unlimited detention without due process that’s crazy. I think allowing police to write their own search warrants without a judge approval is pretty crazy. I think the endless war on drugs has had only the effect of raising prices and increasing murders while giving the prison system a ready supply of labor for the prison industry. Gee if we treated drugs like alchoholism we could save a ton of money but lobbyist for prisons would lose money.
          So succintly who is crazy Ron Paul or the establishment that keeps doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    • Shame on the L.A. Times for those photos to being published! In this country it is all about the bottom line and newspaper sales. Those who chose to publish the photos were not thinking about the safety of our troops but of their bottom lines as well as their careers.
      The moral values in this country are quickly going down the toilet. Out “PC” government leaders have no backbone what so ever. These photos should have never been allowed to be published. And for the photos, I noticed there are two foreign men in one of the pictures as well.
      War is war. It is not pretty. Our men and women are tasked to do some damned ugly things in defense of our country. I know I had to seen some bad things when I served. I for one am very proud of our troops. I am disgusted with the L.A. Times and the leadership that chose to publish the photos. Like posted earlier, how about some support for our troops from our government and our B.S. media.

  2. OVER MY EFFING DEAD BODY! I take trashing the troops REAL SERIOUSLY, don’t do it in my pressence.
    These pictures ain’t shite, after some of the things I’ve seen. I agree with what LTC Peters said. Either raise your right hand and put a uniform on or STFU!
    One of the prerequisites to becoming a General officer is to have your Ballz removed.
    As far as the one picture is concerned; Soldier to Afgan Policeman;Hey Achmed you grab one leg and I’ll get the other,then we’ll than make a wish.

    • I miss the edit function.

      • Howdy Dirty Al…

        Agree with you 100% regarding your sentiments about this story…and then some. Plus, only those of you who have served really know what it’s all about…NOT the friggin’ press with their never-ending agendas because the despise the US military…they all make me puke.

        As to the edit function…you’re not the only one who has mentioned that…maybe AWD will notice, I don’t know how that works with his techie and such.

  3. What a bunch of f-ing morons! Those assholes at the LA Times should
    be locked up, and the key thrown away! The only thing these clowns did
    was to destabilize an already tense situation by jeopardizing the safety and
    security of our fighting men and women still stationed in Iraq and Afganistan.

    I realize that freedom of the Press is a first amendment right, but not in this
    case. Sometimes it is necessary to censor the media to allow our forces to
    do the job we sent them there to do. If we’d had a blabbering press like
    this in WW2, we would have lost the war.

    So let’s use the Vegas Principal: what happens on the battlefield stays
    in the hands of our military–and not on the evening news.

  4. Vicio Malo says:

    Agreed. We need them deployed along the mexican border and running the deportation centers all along the border. They all have great experience in the many duties required to flush the tide of illegals back where they belong.

  5. This is a good place to put this…a huge reminder.


    Take a look at the photos too…just in case anyone forgot.

  6. misterbill says:

    Kirsten Powers wow, a uber liberal TV personality defends a ubver liberal newspaper. Who would have guessed.

    • Howdy misterb…

      So typical of here…isn’t it? I really tire of people like her and their mindset. To me it’s a total disgrace to all that have served past and present. ~

  7. misterbill says:


    The photo smacked me in the heart the way it did when I first saw it.One of our boys, obviously in sore distress and grief over the injury and death of a little one. This soldier is an example of most of our US troops. Why do we get all upset when they lose their cool and celebrate the deaths of those who commit murder, homicide on the most innocent??
    All my testosterone must be gone since I cannot look at picture like this without choking up and feeling the sting of salty tears in my eyes.

    Those who are entrusted to adults of all races, creeds and ethnicity are supposed to be protected from harm and nurtured by the adults of their societies.

    I feel no respect is deserved by those who commit these acts.

    • misterb…

      Same here…every single time I see that picture my heart hurts and I too get a lump in my throat.

      These men go thru hell and back…and all they get for thanks from those on the left in this country is ridicule and disdain. – Disgusting evil people are those on the left…period.

    • Brother your not alone in your feelings.

    • Misterbill….

      Once again, you have put into words my exact thoughts, and emotions.

      Thank You

  8. Here’s another update to this story…Ralph Peters weighs in on this too.


    Video included. ~

  9. Spurwing Plover says:

    The LOS ANGELES SLIMES someone needs to shove a copy of this leftists liberal rag down the chief editors throat

  10. Great piece bigtimer! I too am fed up by all of this senseless political correctness which has become the official ammo of the loony libtards. If a murder occurs, the public will automatically be alerted of the races of both the perpetrator (white heterosexual male) and “alleged” victim (usually black male.

    This useless war in Afghanistan is and has been a burden on our country. Nothing was ever going to be gained by our involvemnet with that God-less, dilapidated country. Our soldiers are obviously emotionally and psychologically drained within that hell-like environment and should have been returned home immediately with a heroes welcome.

    • Thanks so much Renee…I, like you have had my fill of this PC BS it’s up to my eyebrows now.

      I’ve had it… ‘Fight Back We Much!’ – Just as those men have done for us past and present. ~

  11. American Infidel #1 says:

    Terrible focus for everyone. More to follow as long as we have troops there. I thought the President ran on an Anti War stance?

    • He did….something the msm and the dems holding political office magically seen to forget. Along with Code Pink and ilk as well.

      Phonies all!

      Can you imagine what the hell all those I mentioned above would be doing now if the president was a republican? – Heck, we all know the answer to that.

      Libya, Egypt, Iraq…Afghanistan…this is now Dear Leader, and he can’t squirm his way out of it.

  12. Lets not forget big that this is the same LA Times that refuses to show the Obama tape with rashid kaledi. BTW no one on the left seems to have a problem that there were Afghani soldiers posing in those pics as well

    • BosDan…

      Excellent points! I had forgot about the tape…and yes, I noticed that about the Afghani soldiers too…but hey, when it comes to the left that matters not.

  13. I am finding it tougher and tougher to keep my “real feelings” under wraps, I am military and I have to watch what I say. I am sick and tired of the Generals throwing thier own troops under the bus, I am sick and tired of ball less spineless OFFICERS worried about thier next promotion. I am sick and tired of the political correctness. Panetta is horrible. Please God give us some REAL Americans this coming Nov that I can be proud to serve.
    I have 27 years in now, and I cant be promoted any higher. I look out for my guys/gals and they know it

    • Dano…

      I can’t imagine the frustration for those that serve under somebody on the far left as they do with this Master-of-Disaster.

      We thank you for your service from this household…eternally grateful.

  14. REV Wright says:

    Note: None of Obama’s closest “advisors” served in the military.

    Yet all are “experts”……….

    They be “affirmative axtion” experts………..

  15. The picture at the heading of this article was not taken in 2010, the uniform is that of the first gulf war. That uniform is worn by NAVY personnel and DoD Civilians so note that there is an ARMY patch on his sleeve besides, I had seen this picture years ago. Author is totally correct though about the treachery and betrayal of high ranking military people worrying only about their careers and I would add, worrying and concerned about which civilian contractor company they are going to go to work for after retirement and making decisions based on that concern as opposed to tactical or strategic military considerations.

    • Skip are you sure about the uniforms. Desert Storm uniforms were the chocolate chip camo, when the troops had desert camo at all. Hell some were still running around in woodland camo BDUs. Or was that just Army? I know for a fact that early in Iraq(03) the Marines were wearing the same camo as seen above. I have a picture of my daughter wearing the above style, circa 03-04 Iraq.

      • I was working in the field with the Marines most of that time and only rear echelon people still had those early uniforms until the new sand desert digitals were available in quantities to issue to everyone. The Marines now all have the desert digitals but the Army is apparently experimenting again with several GREENS here in the desert and mountains. The pic at the heading though was taken a number of years ago though the impact of it is still as strong now as it was then. I am still here in Afghanistan and all manner of uniforms are seen daily by the various countries’ military. The DCMA (some of them), Navy and DoD civilians (and some others I don’t know who they are) still wear that uniform over here though.

  16. I am over here in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor, tried enlisting twice but could not because of age even though I passed the physical and PT test of the Marines! I have been in the field with the Marines (I prefer to work with the Marines when I have a choice) and seen lots of awful stuff (and have the pics to prove it) also have lots of great pictures of the U.S. military of all branches and our/their interaction with the local people including much intereaction with the children. I have a folder for that which I title “Viewer friendly from Iraq” and another 7 or 800 pics I title “NON-viewer friendly from Iraq) My authority was from the USMC, Iraqi CPA and ISAF for weapons, camera and cell phone. I admonished the troops on a number of occasions to not photograph stOOpid things like standing on a body like a big game hunter and of course, most of the kids in prison now are there because of the existance of camera phone photos!!! I took pictures of many dead in Iraq at the check points, OPs, CPs and small FOBs mostly of people trying to get into our places with explosives of various types and mostly Saudis! very few were identifiable as actual Iraqi citizens with the greater number being in order Saudis, Yemenis, Syrians and Iranians with pretty small representation by all of the islamic countries but ALSO a number of AMERICANS! BRITISH and FRENCH citizens. We have GOT to get our current muslim government and muslim ass kissers out of office this November and I am coming home then in order to do that. Sorry for the long post but I am all to familiar with what is going on over here since I am just short of 9 years here in the muslim wars with a good part of it being in the field with the various military units I was working with. Not many thing I enjoy more than seeing muslims killing muslims, it just never gets old to us.

    • Skip…

      Every word you posted in both of your posts speaks volumes and are sacred to my way of thinking. You have no idea how much I appreciate you and those like you. I am so grateful in many ways…I hope on down the line that you can share some more of what you know and have with us all that are patriots and have nothing but the utmost of respect for those like yourself.

      Come home safe and secure…we need and thank you. ~

    • @Skip we may not agree on everything, but God bless ya Brother for all you do and have done. Sounds like you may have some real stories to tell. Just make sure you get home to tell em. Looking forward to em(that is what you CAN tell;). God speed Bro!

      • Thanks people. In some fashion in the future I would be willing to share my pics. Many were taken by me and many were taken by the Marines I worked with and when each unit rotated out all of our individual pics taken during that period of service were gathered and put in a shared drive and loaded onto discs for those that wanted them. I think it was a bad choice that many of the Marines with whom I worked will regret in that so many chose not to take a copy of those photos of their experiences and those are indeed irreplacable, they will in all liklihood verbally relate their experiences but as is said, a pic is worth a thousand words. OH! and publisher SQUADRON SIGNAL PUBLICATIONS has a number of soft cover books that cover the USMC service in Al Anbar province and the city of Ar Ramadi which is where many of the photos I have were taken and the units are those with which I worked.

        • Very much looking forward to that day you can share much of your memory treasure with us…it would be more than priceless, in more ways than one. ~

  17. OT; Big if your out there, I tried something different tonight,and it looks like it worked. Had to set up another E-mail address. With the new servers you guys got I figured the problem I was experiencing may have been due to using same e-mail from different ip adress. Looks like i was right.

    • Dirty Al…

      I don’t know what problem you’re talking about exactly, but I do know a few other regulars were speaking of probs too…I haven’t seen them since. Sure hope they come back soon.

      Plus I haven’t seen Paul since right before the change either…he’s one of the best here too in my humble opinion. (even though none of us agree all the time…you know what I mean.)

    • Crap, link didn’t take. Errr!

      • Dirty Al…

        Space your links…it won’s disappear if you do that.

        You can write what what you want, hit enter after being done with you sentence before inserting your link at the bottom of the post separately.

        In other words…don’t be afraid that your link won’t paste where you desire no matter what you post first or after. ~ It will stay until you release it wherever you desire.

    • American Infidel #1 says:

      Very well. Great subject and debate!

  18. patthemick says:

    Dehumanising your enemy has been a normal function of every army at war since Grog the caveman stuck Ulak the clumsy’s head on a pole in front of his village. We have been in constant war for 11 years and the pictures don’t surprise me a bit. I think we need to start only going to war with congressional approval. I think the people through their representatives deserve to have some input before the POTUS sends our sons off to fight and die. Let’s only go to war when it’s in defense of our national interest s to do so.

  19. Been there and done that! There is a certain amount of gallows humor
    that is required to maintain your own ‘head space and timine’ while in the
    field of combat. No doubt, back the the 82nd had some problems, measures
    were taken to resolve the command climate.
    Nothing to see here but the old saw,’ if it bleeds, it leads!’. And that the
    LA times is a typical liberal rag that is not fit wrap a fish in!

    Blistered, out!

  20. This is the medias sensationalizing the worst in what war can be,, It;s no different than the shitty treatment the guys in VietNam got from them and the same liberal buttholes that are in office now….

  21. Have any of you read this report or seen this vid via Fox?