Howdy, howdy friends….since the server was changed last night, this blog post disappeared into a land far, far away…so I’m going to do my best to share this information with you again today. Everything still isn’t in place with the new server on my end, including being able to insert a picture at the top (heck, can’t even see pictures to left of the site at this time) Anyway, sure hoping this comes through for all to read and watch videos.

Anyhow…here’s the story. First we start off with this fine woman Karen Mendoza, this is via Fox News Insider:

Two, thirteen-foot crosses that stand on top of a hill at Camp Pendleton in California are now subject to removal because of an atheist group’s complaint. The crosses were were placed there by seven marines to honor their fallen friend. Three men who put up the crosses have died in the line of duty and their families are outraged by the atheist group’s pursuit. Karen Mendoza, whose husband helped build the memorial and was killed in combat in 2005, joined Fox & Friends to talk about her husband and the controversy.

She said, “The cross is very important not only to my personal family, but to my entire Marine Corps. family…” She continued by saying that she “was very sad” to learn about the cries to remove the crosses. “I was sad to hear that this group that claims to be American did not give this little sign of respect to our service members, not only to the fallen service members but to the service members that continue to serve our country so they’re allowed to voice their opinion. I feel like they are not really showing the respect that is needed.”

Speaking about her late husband, Karen said, “He would want people to look at this cross and to say it’s not about religion, it’s about sacrifice. It’s about remembering the fallen and going through the grieving process today altogether as a country.”

Next up is much more background on all involved since this brouhaha started. This is also via Fox:

Planted atop a remote hill in the middle of California’s Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base rests two 13-foot crosses.

Originally erected back in 2003 by seven Marines grieving over lives lost in the war on terror, this site originally established for reflection has now become grounds for controversy.

“It’s not a religious spot at all, it’s a place for the Marines to grieve and to grow to let go of their burdens of what they had in their soul, so they can go back down that hill and back into battle and put their own lives on the line,” says Marine widow Karen Mendoza.

Her husband Ray was one of those original seven who climbed the hill that day, three of whom have since been killed in action, including Ray.

“It’s a symbol of sacrifice regardless of what you think, pray, like or don’t like,” says Karen.

Over time the site has become a bit more permanent. A wildfire destroyed the original cross a few years back, so Marines and widows carried these two new versions up the hill.

Now two symbols are at the end of a brutal 3,000-foot hike that begins at an area of the base called Camp Horno and ends at the top of a ridge line that overlooks vast openness in one direction and the glistening Pacific Ocean in the other.

Here the crosses are blanketed in symbols of valor, sorrow and festivity. You’ll see Purple Heart medals, pictures, books, messages, mementos from deployments around the globe and even a bottle or can of the fallen’s favorite liquor…all left in remembrance.

While those symbols are at times heartbreaking, the rocks are what overcome your thoughts and have taken over the site. Each one has been carried and left here by a Marine, sailor, soldier, airman, widow or child.

Some are in excess of 50 pounds. Some are inscribed. Others look as they have just been freshly torn from the Pendleton ground. All are left as a symbol of the burden it takes to carry one of these rocks on such a brutal hike and the burden it takes to serve and ultimately give a life for your country.

As he overlooks the solemn site recently, retired Marine Colonel Nick Marano tells us, “This wasn’t intended to be a religious memorial, it was just intended to be able to provide a fitting and a dignified memorial to their fallen comrades and frankly controversy was the very last thing on their minds.”

Marano tells me no one would complain if, for example, someone decided to put up a Buddhist shrine, “No one would complain at all, and I bet if we poked around, we’d probably find something like that here…I mean you can see a very side variety of items have been used, everything from a bottle of Jack Daniels to a Purple Heart and everything in between. I think most Americans are very fair-minded and see this memorial, frankly, for what it is,” says the Colonel as he overlooks the site.

He continues: “These two memorials have been sitting out here largely unknown outside of a very small group of Marines and family here at Camp Pendleton. The view that you can even see them from is very restricted, certainly you can’t see it from the public freeway or any of the highly trafficked public roads and even aboard Camp Pendleton it’s a very narrow viewing angle that you have of these crosses and this site.”

But the area has become controversial and more known after a newspaper report last fall detailed the location and posted a picture. In response, several groups filed complaints with Marines arguing the site violated the Constitutional mandate of separation of church and state, including the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers or MAAF. They want the crosses moved to a church on private land and flags or some other symbol used instead to mark the site.

“This Christian crosses need to go to a private Christian instillation and we need to stick to things that honor everyone equally and maintain neutrality towards government,” says association president Jason Torpy.

For 10 years, the crosses have stood on the hill without complaint, but the MAAF says if they don’t come down soon, it will file a lawsuit and possibly hold protests outside the Marine base gates. Torpy says the original Marines, while good intentioned, overstepped their bounds by building a shrine without approval or notice from the Corps.

“These Marines were abusing were abusing their access to the installation when they went on to it and starting building things,” says Torpy.

Back in 2003, Pastor Scott Radestki climbed the hill as part of the original seven. He’s frustrated the debate has come to this and says, “those individuals who have poured out their life, poured out their hope, left those rock stones in mementos at the top of the hill to honor their fallen comrades and to get rid of the burdens and the sadness and frustration so that they can free themselves and make clear decisions and continue to serve in our military focused.”

He continues: “I think that is an excellent place to dump it…on top of that hill. And there’s a freedom there, there’s a hope there, and that’s what makes me upset, is that somebody would try to take that away.”

U.S. Marine Gunnar Vincens says he’s divided on whether the crosses should be taken down. As an atheist in the Marines, he has no objections to a war memorial on the ridge above Camp Horno, “but it is religious in nature and commanders should not bring up marines who may not have the same Christian religious beliefs.”

MAAF and their supporters believe the crosses should be taken down because they’re located on federal land and then replaced with something more appropriate in their view, like a flag, eagle, or globe and anchor. Colonel Marano says Marines and others who continue to come here to reflect will be sorry to see them go.

The commandant of the Marines is expected to rule on the cross controversy any day.

Add your two-cents in friends…throw in any thoughts or examples you have of past or present situations such as this one that ‘Frost Your Flakes!

What’s your opinion of atheist groups that continually insert themselves here, there and everywhere across this land time and again, it seems to be never-ending…yet they are a ‘minority!’


Most importantly, what do you think the Marine Commandant’s decision will be…do you think he will bow to public pressure via political correctness or let the crosses stand?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. They want the crosses removed , but this is O K to bring in:


    • Edtudo…

      I’ll have to check that out after a bit, have to do some things at home now…looks interesting, but of course another one that will set one’s hair on fire at the same time.

      Btw…to left of the site, can you see the pictures that are supposed to flash by regarding each recent blog post that are usually there? Just curious, I can’t…yet.

      Same question to anyone else ~ thanks.

      • Big,
        Some of the comments from yesterday disappeared and of course, you see all that text at the top. I guess all this will be corrected in time….

        • Howdy Vixen…

          That text is driving me crazy…same as not being able to insert a picture, as well as not seeing the pictures to the left in the flash screen at the top of the blog page. I’m hoping all this all gets fixed soon too.

          AS to the comments…they’re gone. I had to research and find all info to repost this blog again today. The original went bye-bye.

          One thing about it…once this is fixed, that’s supposed to be it once and for all.

          I also had a link here yesterday I’m going to find and post here soon as I get the time too.

          • Hey, Big~~
            OT, but I was sort of leery of trying to post it on a more appropriate thread due to the glitches. Just saw this brief vid over at Moonbattery:
            This fella really laid the smack down. Quite amazing….

          • Vixen…

            Wow, wow and wow!

            He said it all, pulled no punches whatsoever. You know the msm isn’t going to ever show this one…especially msDNC.

            I’m going to put this on the Zimmerman/Dershowitz post too.

            Thanks./and of course a bit H/T to you…unless you do it first. 😉

  2. Here’s one of the links I found that went bye-bye with the blog post.

    Not a cross, but still a national treasure.

    He still had angry words to say after he did so…check it out.

    • Yep, saw that story at WZ yesterday and did a little investigating from the clues there. Mr. Kennedy lives in Section 8 housing. Also saw a comment at WZ by a person who said she saw this guy on TV. Seems he’s a veteran. (WTH???) That just blows my mind.

  3. I don’t think that most people understand this, but the separation of Church from State doesn’t mean the elimination of such shrines or that they cannot be on government or public property. The original intent of the separation of Church from State simply meant that no one state sponsored religion could be forced upon us legally as an official religion. No matter where any religious shrines, monuments or whatever may be, you cannot be forced to adopt that religion or pray to any certain deities. Nor can your religion, or lack thereof, be held against you for any legal reason. This all came from the fact that our mother country, England, had the established Church of England, and membership within this church was required of anyone who wanted to be on good terms with their government.
    Now it would seem to me that the aethiests are really trying to establish their “nonbelief” itself as an type of official state religion. If this continues, our national military cemetaries will all have to have the religious symbols removed from the deceased headstones, thereby desecrating their graves.

    • skull…

      Amen to that…and then some.

      If this continues as I fear it will, this is no longer the country our forefathers founded…at all.

    • Swamp Music says:

      Who established England as the ‘Mother Country’ of America?

      • Pick up a history book sometime and do some serious study instead of relying on your knee-jerk liberal idiocy. Even left-wing college profs can’t deny this fact, it’s taught by them in every college in the country. Historically speaking, this nation and its governing institutions were born out of England and English traditions- Parliament, English Common Law, the Magna Carta, ever hear of any of these?
        Racially spaeking, even today, after all of the over-done legal immigration and illegal immigration put together, about half of the population can still trace roots back to England. I know I could because I am mostly Welsh (which by the time of American settlement Wales was a part of England) and Scandinavian, along with some Irish and, French, and German.

        • skull…

          Right you are. I can trace roots back on both sides of my family to this countries founding…especially on my father’s side, it’s rich with history, I was simply amazed….and proud. Father’s side came over from England, long story…but some still in the history books.

    • EastBayLarry says:

      The Founders used to hold church services in the capital building on Sundays. They were almost all devote Christians and fully supported the motto “In God We Trust”.

      • EBL: Right you are. Our founding fathers were all god-fearing
        men that had a dream to build a nation that God himself would
        be proud of. But now, Onumbnuts and his cronies are destroying
        this country from the inside out. And unless WE stop them, they
        will abolish all that was given to us by God and those who sacrificed
        their wealth, their families, and their lives.

        At the church that we attend, not only is religeon taught, but stewardship
        as well. Not only must we care for our churches, but we must also care
        for our nation too. we must put forth every effort to see to it that only
        decent, God-fearing people sit in the highest seats of power. To do
        this, we must rid our government of those seeking to destroy both our
        country and our faith. If we are able to do this, it will be pleasing
        in the sight of God.

  4. Off-Topic, but a must read anyway.

    • Yeah tazz, ti sure is. Since Onumbnuts took office
      three years ago, there has been a push by government
      to silence their Christian critics by calling us right-wing
      extremists or radical nut jobs. And since that really isn’t
      working for them, they will eventually make an open attack
      on the church itself. Sure wish that I’d ordered the DVD
      that I saw in ’09. Don’t recall who put it out, but they sure
      hit the nail on the head.

  5. If you guys need any help with the hosting or WordPress, I might be able to help. It’s what I do for a living (self-employed), and I’ve spent the last 15 years working with hosting and web sites and have recently started working with WordPress.

  6. Don’t these atheists know it is the Christians who will stand
    between them and the Jihadists who would kill them for
    their lack of belief in Allah?

  7. Not THIS Christian, eekalouse….let the muzzie’s butcher the liberals altogether….that way, I won’t have to….

  8. Those atheist crybabies are really starting to be annoying! What, has someone got them in a half-nelson in front of the cross forcing them to look at them screaming “convert to Christianity you heathen!!!”? Hey atheists, since you don’t believe in anything, two pieces of wood or metal positioned to look like a cross should be meaningless to you, right? It’s just a big “plus” sign, ok? I’m sick of these nuts – they don’t have a life, so they spend their time whining about something they obviously don’t understand. As Skull pointed out, the idea is to keep government from dictating religion, not to prevent the free expression. They’ve ranted and raved enough in our state that the sissies here caved in and moved all of the highway patrol memorials off public land to private property, upsetting dozens of their families in the process. In some cases they moved them back 10 ft. or so on to private property. Wow, that was worth creating a six-month tantrum over!

  9. Marine Corps responds: Them there crosses ain’t gonna fly on my watch. A JDAM has been sent to take the whole damn hill out. That will put an end to this whole damn incident. Dear Leader has put me in for a Congressional Medal of Chickenshit. Life is good.

  10. the friendly grizzly says:

    I want to go on record here. I am an atheist. However, I find the cross removal goals of other atheists to be every bit as offensive as do you.

    The actions of these people remind me of the sort of people who will drag a knife or key down the side of someone’s car, or who sit in mom’s basement writing computer viruses. Their goal is to bring consternation or sorrow to others. They revel in watching others suffer. In a picture dictionary, they would be the entry for schadenfreude.

    As in religions, there are different levels or – for lack of a better word – “denominations” of atheism. Some are the militant sorts who bow toward Texas and chant Madalyn O’Hair’s name five times a day. Others have allied themselves with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which went from a relatively level-headed group to a front for militant feminism among other things I oppose.

    Many, if not most of us, simply go on about our lives, not minding what others do as long as it does not cause harm. Crosses on hill-tops do not cause harm. An invocation at a school graduation does no harm. We accept the fact we are outsiders; a minority. It’s like being left handed or having red hair: we’re different, but we press on.

    I am speaking for myself here, but I am one because religion in general never took hold with me. The Judeo-Christian principles of right and wrong were instilled in me in the home, and I seem to have turned out okay. The Ten Commandments cannot be faulted in the least. I also had instilled in me the values of the religion I ultimately rejected: scholarship, love of and participation in the arts, reasonable debate, doing good for those in need. (REALLY in need; not layabouts).

    Thanks for reading.

    • Good Morning friendly grizz…

      I wished others were as rational as your thoughtful post projected. Groups like this are the problem…not the solution, whatsoever.

      We had a group of atheists out of Wisconisn who tried to have a statue of Jesus removed that was atop a mountain in Big Sky Country…it failed!

      Congressman Denny Rehberg stepped in as well to stop this…he did a good job for us too. (Btw…I think he’ll beat Sen. Tester come Nov. and become the next Sen. from Montana on the ‘R’ side of the aisle, he’ll make a good one too!)

      Speak of the devil….just read this ~

      Check it out.

      • the friendly grizzly says:

        The outfit out of Wisconsin was likely the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They at one time had at least some level of rationality, but have devolved into just another Perennially Offended group.

        • Methinks you’re el correcto. I posted about it before…so the name of that group does ring a bell.

          Btw…you hit the nail on the head with your last three words.

    • Yeah Friend Grizz, I agree completely. I can’t say that I’m an aethiest, but I have never really accepted Jesus as a savior or been a church-goer. I am something of a neo-pagan, meaning that I think that there is a GOD, but that he has taken many forms to many different peoples. Before the coming of Christianity, most of my ancestors believed in Scandinavian and Celtic gods (much of which was based upon nature worship and similar to American Indian religions) and the accompanying mythologies. Then most converted to the western Christian Church as have most American Indians. But many retain their old ways as well, and that is just fine with me. So is aethiesm, as long as your not trying to make a nusiance out of yourself and your personal beliefs, or non-beliefs, then who gives a shit? If you are decent then that is enough for me, the rest is between the Creator (or not, if you are a true aethiest) and each individual.

      • the friendly grizzly says:

        My background is Jewish, although there wasn’t a single devout one in any of the family I ever met. A cousin ended up in Israel, where practices law. In email exchanges, I learned that he is not a religious man at all.

        As I said in my original entry, the whole thing just never really “took”. I’m no militant. If I get a “Merry Christmas”, I give one back, and it is sincere. If I get a Happy Holidays, I reply with “oh, say what you want, I won’t complain”. I know I’m the outsider, but I just go on with my life. I do, or try to do, good; be nice; and be kind.

  11. I have no respect for athiests.
    I left body parts on the field of battle in VietNam.
    I respect quietly that cross above Camp Pendleton.
    Leave it be!

  12. Speaking of ‘sacrifice’…

    Yeah…this guy really used his ‘head’ well…didn’t he?

  13. Bet it’s not just the Marines either ~

    • Death to Libtards says:

      Kevin Costner is a class act. He’s a little to the right of the rest of Hollywood and has made some decent films.

  14. Oscar2Marine says:

    “The commandant of the Marines is expected to rule on the cross controversy any day.”

    Years back the Marines had a commandant named Chesty Puller! Chesty would have told them to pound salt! I only hope this commandant does too!

    Semper Fi!

    • You and me both…I’m really worried about this decision going PC…again.

      • I second that. I recieved my discharge from ANG just before the ruling about the homos in the military being able to flaunt it. Now it’ll become against regs to even be able to pray to your GOD of choice because you may “offend” the godless.

        • Amen to that skull…that’s their agenda and we all know it.

          Just a huge message from our home to yours, and others here like you that have served past and present ~

          Our gratitude is eternal..thank you.