Leftist-loons must be desperate now…they’ve got to be in total panic! Matthews must have a maniacal fear of the ‘messiah‘ that sent ‘tingles’ up his leg losing come November…it was more than obvious today when he goes into free-fall mode for all to witness.

This is going to be short, sweet and right to the point. I saw this earlier this afternoon, I’ve been waiting for it to come out via Al Gore’s Superhighway…so off we go.

This is via Mediaite:

During a heated exchange on Monday night’s Hardball, host Chris Matthews asked how presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney could appeal to “flat earthers” and “birthers” in the conservative base, tossing in “the Grand Wizard crowd over there,” to the dismay of former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, who told Matthews “I resent that. What is this ‘grand wizard’ nonsense,” adding “Are you saying that we’re the Ku Klux Klan? Give me a break. Don’t go there with me.”

Later in the segment, Matthews said he “didn’t mean to say Grand Wizard,” but called on Romney to denounce “all the birtherism, all the attempts to make Barack Obama some kind of foreigner.”

You can read the whole transcript here to see how this all started from beginning to end…Steele didn’t take any of Chris’ bull from start to finish, there was a lot more said in case you can’t get the video.

Yeah, right…later in the program he took it back. He took it back because the big-wigs that run the msDNC Funny Farm got all over his rear-end…knowing full well the hell they were going to hear over this. Yet these same big-wigs never fire these Obama lovin’ rear-end kissers that spew this type of propaganda 24/7 at the O/Soros lovin’ network they’re in charge of themselves.

Anyway…back to what Matthew’s said, can any of you for once single second think of any talking-head on Fox uttering the same type of thing not being relieved of duty?

I’m livid over what Tingles said….I’m more livid over the fact that he and others like him never have to pay the price for their words or actions…yet many others have for far less…can you say hypocrisy?

I have two words for Matthews…


Add you two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Fed Up Texan says:

    I fired tingles years ago. Matter of fact, I fired NBC, ABC and CBS, all of them, a long time ago. I do watch NASCAR when they show up on one of those networks, an I do watch the CSI stuff.The rest, I would not know if I met them on the street.

  2. Typical. As usual we see another journalist with no backbone. Like the rest of this country, you can’t say what you mean or mean what you say. Chris’ new show should be “An interview with a jellyfish.”

    • Dave…

      Jellyfish hell…I call him a raving lunatic! People need to start handing it right back to him if they’re going to go on his show. Steele, for once did a pretty good job of that…but ‘Give ‘Em Hell Zell’ Miller did the best job ever if anyone remembers that incident besides me.

      His obsession for Dear Leader is sick….truly sick.

      Plus, him throwing in the words like ‘racial antipathy’ etc in this segment is telling….that’s all msDNC does, Divide and Conquer for their messiah…doing so at his bidding.

      They will lose…in fact, they will help do him in. Examples like this today are proof enough of just why. For that…I thank them.

      • That’s exactly what people like him and the dims want is to inflame one half of the country against the other with false cries of racism were there are none. They seem to forget that the kkk was the creation of the democrats.

        • Guy…

          Exactly…if Tingles had kept it up, you can be sure Steele would have mentioned that…along with Sen. Robert KKK Byrd.

          Usually Steele disappoints me…but in this case yesterday, he didn’t.

  3. Someone should remind tingles that it was Hilary Clinton’s campaign in 2008 that started the talk about Obama not being American.

  4. Adam…

    Spot-On! Thanks for the reminder…that would be a great talking point for our side of the aisle to remember.

    Although I do have to say, I’m a ‘birther’ and proud of it. – Millions across this land have doubts about Dear Leader and his BS, as well as him being a muslim etc…information out there, we make up our own minds…whether the msm talking heads like it or not…politicians included.

    Btw…speaking of Shrillary and the BC, have you seen this information?


    • I hadn’t seen that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if every bit of that was fact. The political machine in this country is so f*cked up there’s no way to know what’s true and what isn’t.

      • Agree..but I tend to believe it was true back then. What other reason would Shrillary of all people clam up about this…she wanted to win at all costs. We know how the Clintoon Duo worked in the past…and their trail of death and destruction wasn’t pretty.


  5. I am VERY resentful of the non- reporting of the birth certificate issue, the selective service issue and the soc sec card issue. I resent the media, and mostly I resent the Republicans that refuse to address it

    The LAW is the most important facet of our society, and the fact that Hussein is not held accountable is inexcusable

  6. The more I see and experience, makes me glad that I work grave yard shift. The less exposure and interaction I have with the “other people” the better. I’ve become a “stranger in a strange land”.
    I also never watch the LSM to include Faux news.

    • Dirty Al…

      The reason I caught this segment was because it was on at the very top of the hour of Tingles show…I listen to talk radio all day…but keep the Boob-Tube on mute for the most part but check out what’s on many times at the top of the hour if I’m able to…talk radio has on about seven eight minutes of news than…hence I saw this segment. – Glad I did too in this case.

      • Big with my schedule I can’t catch any of the talk shows that I liked. Like Boortz or Rush. Heck I don’t even have a radio in the house. And that needs to be corrected. Need to get one of those emergency radios with the hand crank.

        • We cannot get radio at all here…I use talkstreamradio via computer to get my shows. ~ Glad for it too. 😉

          • Dang, do they have to pump Sunshine into your area too?

          • Yeppers…algore doesn’t like us.

            Seriously though…last I heard we’re in one of the worst areas of the country for this type of stuff….still won’t get a cell phone in this area because of it, wished I could. – Then again…that’s another contraption I’d have to learn to try to master…or something like that.

          • BT, I had to get rid my cell and go back to land line because of all the dropped calls.

          • I do have a phone that plugs into the land-line phone thing….it’s somewhat like a cell phone, so far so good…had one like that for years now. We are still waiting for a few towers on both sides of us to be built…so far the promises for that have been broken for years and years now.

  7. I wish tingles and all the white liberals move to the inner city so they be raped and murdered by the blacks they love so much


    Yeah i find him totaly out of his mind and a blabbering idiot A TYPICAL LIBERAL

  9. Speaking of which…here are Two Peas in a Pod.


    Hope you take a look at this…talk about pot calling kettle!

  10. Death to Libtards says:

    Lucky there’s a seperate pen for each brand of journalist. Lefty loonies on MSNBC, self promoting moderates on Fox, gays on CNN. It’s when they seek out someone of a different viewpoint for “fairness” that things get screwed up. I can get fairness with my remote control, or ignoring the news altogether if I know it’s going to tick me off. That’s what the internet is for.

  11. John Henry Eden says:

    Yeah. Go fu*k yerself!

  12. John Henry Eden says:

    Nobody needs to make that high yella,muzzie mulatto bastard “Barack Obama into some kind of foreigner”. He is a foreigner.His name,his policies,his dog eating, make it pretty clear.

  13. Louisiana Steve says:

    Chris who??? I’m sorry. Is this about someone important?

    • Death to Libtards says:

      He’s a very partisan Dem operative who has been relegated to the minors. His show is broadcast before and after the “revrum” Al not-so-Sharpton show on MSLSD. He stands in awe of dog eater Ovomit. He makes the late Tim Russert look like the revered elder statesman of broadcast journalism. Or was that a rhetorical question? If so, my bad.

  14. If I had a chance to give a message to Tingles I would remind him of where the cow licks her calf. Chris Matthews is the vomit-eating face of the despicable MSM.

  15. Here’s some Tuesday morning fun ~


  16. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    November can’t come soon enough… hopefully elections will follow 2010 sentiment so we can flush a bunch of Dims in the house and senate down the toilet along with this POS president residing in the White House. We have no reason to believe this will not happen as few can say they are better off now than in 2010. If Rep. prevail in 2012, we can all set back and watch the worthless news media as they try to explain how the country just did not understand the good intentions of piece of shit Obummer.

    • Hey there Paul…where the heck ya been? I’ve been really worried about you…hope all is okay for you.

      As to your post…totally agree, especially your last sentiment. That is going to be a blast!

      • Paul Bonnichsen says:


        Was in hospital for one week. Apparently I did not have pneumonia… doctors are trying there best to understand why my body is producing fluid that builds up around my lungs and heart making it almost impossible to breath. Progress is being made and hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon.

        • Oh my gosh…I truly hope and pray that they get this solved for you Paul..pronto. That is spooky. (I knew something must have been wrong with you…stay in touch when you can here…I and others miss you.)

          Prayers sent from my home to yours ~

        • Paul, I had that same problem it turns out i have congested heart failure.They said my heart was not pumping enough blood to get rid of the fluid buildup.I know what you are going through.The medicines they got me on now are working pretty good and i am feeling a lot better than i felt two years ago.I hope you will get to feeling better soon. once they found out what was wrong with me and as soon as they started the medications i got a whole lot better.

          • Hey Guy….glad you’re still with us too.

            I know Paul will fill us in when he can, does sound like what you’re saying too.

            Sure miss his input around here…you can always tell when someone is missing a lot that usually post. 😉

  17. This is for Tingles..and the rest of us us here that were speaking about O’s BC…plus I remember mentioning Sheriff Joe in one of the posts too.


    This is also for O and Holder too. ~

  18. Vicio Malo says:

    Hey Guy…just read the articles here…and the comments…will have your heart pumping plenty of blood…just don’t overdo it. I have to monitor my amount of political comedy, I mean commentary.I like slapstick comedy as well…currently trying to get the “3 Stooges” some work for next year, Barbara Boxer, (Curly) Diane Feinstein, (Larry) and Nancy Pelosi (Moe). I suppose it would be more humane just to have them put to sleep. I know this is UN PC… but you know what dog turds and and these 3 have in common?…The older they get the easier they are to pick up…