Let’s see now…as this story grows and grows, you have to wonder how dumb some nitwits that work in our government can be.

Enter Sex, Drugs, alcohol and of course some good ol’ rockn’roll in the mix…no matter that it involves the top of the top when it comes to the Secret Service.

Here are a few write-ups about this story today. First we start off with this from TB:

The woman apparently at the center of the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia has spoken out about her hotel dispute with an agent that triggered all of the fallout.

Speaking to the New York Times, the unnamed 24-year-old woman said their argument began over how much he owed her for the previous night’s activities.

“I tell him, ‘Baby, my cash money,’” she told the newspaper, saying he offered her $30 after they had agreed on $800.

The Times reported:

Disgusted with such a low offer, she pressed the matter. He became angry, ordered her out of the room and called her an expletive, she said.

She said she was crying at that point and went across the hall, where another escort had spent the night with a second American man from the same group. Both women began trying to get the money.

They knocked on the door but got no response. She threatened to call the police, but the man’s friend begged her not to, saying they did not want trouble. Finally, she said, she left to go home but came across a policeman who was stationed on the hallway and called in an English-speaking colleague.

He accompanied her back to the room and the dispute escalated. Two other Americans from the club emerged from their rooms and stood guard in front of their friend’s locked door. The two Colombian officers tried to argue the woman’s case.

A hotel security officer arrived. Eventually, she lowered her demand to $250, which she said was the amount she has to pay the man who helps find her customers. Eager to resolve the matter fast, the American men eventually gave her a combination of dollars and local currency worth about $225, and she left.

The woman, a single mother, said she and a girlfriend were first approached by a group of American men at a nightclub and that they bought two bottles of Absolut vodka for the table. The man sitting next to her invited her back to his room at the Hotel Caribe and events transpired from there.

“They never told me they were with Obama,” she told the Times. “They were very discreet.”

As many as 21 different foreign national women are believed to be involved in the scandal. Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, told the Times there is “no evidence that these women were seeking these guys out — that they were waiting for Secret Service agents, but all of that is being looked into.”

The woman also said she’s been unhappy with media reports labeling her a “prostitute.” She’s an escort, she said, which she described as being a “higher rank.”

“It’s the same but it’s different,” she said, meaning she can be more selective about her clients and charge more for her services. “It’s like when you buy a fine rum or a BlackBerry or an iPhone. They have a different price.”

She said she didn’t want the man she spent the night with to get into trouble, but now is “scared” and worried he could retaliate against her.

“This is something really big,” she said. “This is the government of the United States. I have nervous attacks. I cry all the time.”

Yeah right Dania…cry me a river and boo-hoo your way to book and movie deals after you’re done drying your tears.

Here’s some more I read this morning from GP:

The list keeps growing. Multiple bottles of vodka and whiskey, stiffed hookers, and, now, lines of cocaine are on the list of the Secret Service’s potential bad behavior. Funny how we never heard about this sort of behavior from the Secret Service agents of prior presidents. It’s an Obama world.

The New York Post reports,

Cocaine and several bottles of whiskey apparently fueled the elite agents’ boneheaded fling with about 20 hookers at a posh hotel in Cartagena, Colombia, a hotel staffer told The Post.

The employee responded to the trashed room with police and other Hotel El Caribe workers when one prostitute raised hell after a Secret Service member initially refused to pay her.

“When I went upstairs I walked into a messy room. The room was littered with two whiskey bottles — and a line of white powder, I believed to be cocaine, was on top of a round glass table in the room,” the staffer told The Post.

He painted a picture of morning-after mayhem in the lobby — just two days before President Obama landed in the country for an international summit.

“The prostitute was screaming in the lobby that he didn’t pay her,” the early-morning shift worker recalled. “She looked like she had a few drinks in her. She just wanted what was promised to her.

“She was very upset,” he said.

“The agent was supposed to pay her a [bar] fine on top of the pay rate for her sexual services, but he didn’t,” he said, referring to the local practice of paying a fee to the red-light district hot spot Pley Club to take one of its “dancers” out on a date, and then another fee directly to the woman.

The Secret Service didn’t return calls for comment.

At least 11 Secret Service members and 10 US military personnel partied with as many as 21 hookers at the hotel, according to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

You can read some more here…as well as a video of the news regarding this and pictures as well.

So Dudes and Dudettes…I ask you, with all these scandals involving the O-Team…do you think it will survive come November?

Read this….it about sums it up many ways.

This is via PJ Tatler:

The term “Teflon President” was first used to describe Ronald Reagan because, with reference to the non-stick Teflon pan, because criticism and blame of President Reagan seldom seemed to stick.

President Obama, one could argue, has also been a “Teflon President”.

For when you consider the sluggish economy, historically high unemployment rates, soaring gas prices, an unpopular war dragging on, the highest deficits in history, the disastrous 2010 mid-term election and the increasing unpopularity of Obama Care, why then is President Obama still considered the odds on favorite to win re-election?

Well maybe those odds are about to change now that a series of concurrent scandals rock the White House.

Which begs the question, do the GSA and Secret Service scandals have the potential to burn off Obama’s Teflon, while arguably more serious on-going scandals like Fast and Furious and Solyndra have not?

Unlike Fast and Furious and Solyndra both the GSA and the Secret Service scandals are “made for media” with all the elements needed for maximum over-drive.

A “made for media” scandal must have at least two out of the three following elements.

First is a visual, like a photo or series of photos or best of all a video.

Here the GSA scandal receives five out of five stars including the first place winning video produced for and shown at the convention in question. Scandal visuals do not get better or more entertaining than this one (except maybe Edwards, John, sex tape, but that was not played 24/7 in the media, it just existed.)

Now for purposes of comparison, at this writing the Secret Service scandal does not have any images of those 21 lovely Columbian ladies at the center of the controversy. But watch this space, because it is only a matter of time. (More on this below)

Second, a “made for media” scandal needs either abuse of taxpayer money, or a corrupt office-holder stealing taxpayer money and or receiving large pay-offs.

Here, the GSA scandal earns the highest marks because the video itself tells the story of taxpayer waste and abuse. (Although the $825,000 spent at the convention is really only chump change in federal government land.)

The Secret Service scandal on the other hand, does not involve abuse of taxpayer dollars except that the agents were on duty at the time of the unfortunate dust-up over payment for services rendered. However, it does have the magic ingredient that fuels all scandals.

That third and final ingredient is, of course, sex.

The GSA scandal gets low marks for sex. But, because elements one and two are so powerful, lack of sex should not hurt this scandal’s staying power, especially since the Congressional hearings are filled with such “outrage” from both sides of the aisle.

The press loves nothing more than sex scandals involving men who carry guns whose job it is to protect the president while working for an organization representing the highest professional standards that our culture holds dear. Combine all that with Secret Service folklore — the stuff movies are made of like “taking the bullet”, and you have a five star scandal that could soon develop into its own fledging media empire especially when the 21 women come forward seeking fame and fortune.

You can just see the headline now, “The Women Who Rocked the Secret Service – photos inside, download now or click here.”

So will these two scandals now clobbering the White House succeed in rubbing the Teflon off President Obama?

The GSA scandal certainly has the greatest potential and not just because it is an easy scandal for the American people to grasp with parties, trips and bonuses — its true potential for damaging Obama goes much deeper.

John L. Mica, R-FL who is chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee said on CNN recently:

“People from the White House knew about it, did nothing, kept it quiet until just a few days ago when a statement was released by the president condemning the act.”

Mica then raised the scandal to Watergate levels by adding:

“We think they’ve held this information.”

Yes, the true potential for removing Obama’s Teflon is “what did Obama know and when did he know it?” This is the most important scandal meter question of all time. It has become an evergreen gift from when Tennessee Senator Howard Baker, first asked it during the Senate Watergate hearings in 1973.

Now certainly, Fast and Furious and Solyndra are both serious scandals. Especially Fast and Furious, which involves the death of a US Border Patrol agent, and has the greatest potential to blow up the Obama White House any day now with that ever-present Watergate question they seem to be avoiding.

PJ Media has been on the forefront of this scandal and Forbes made a grand statement last year with a piece entitled, Fast and Furious Just Might Be President Obama’s Watergate.

Almost as disgraceful is Solyndra, that cost US taxpayers over half a billion dollars, seven times as much as the “good-time” GSA convention.

But so far, these scandals with low scores on the “made for media” scandal meter have not gained much traction.

However, it is my bet that the GSA scandal will be the one to strip Obama of his Teflon if it is firmly established that the White House knew about it back in 2010 and proceeded to cover it up.

For what was the great lesson we all learned from Watergate?

The cover up is always more damaging than the crime.

So friends…with all these scandals swirling around Dear Leader, do you really think for one second that he’s going to win reelection? Let alone our economy that’s strangling each and every one of us daily.

And to top it off…why didn’t the stupid whore-monger from the Secret Service just pay what he owed? Talk about a skinflint….he’s the fitting description of that.

At this stage of the game my head’s spinning…add your thoughts in.

Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. American Infidel #1 says:

    What? A party in Columbia! Who wouldn’t want to be there????!!!! Let alone get away from your Boss (Obama) as the Secret Service has done. Do you not think this was done during the Clinto Administration or even Kennedy? So what is different, what the bust now. Real simple-Leadership. THe Obama administration has given the lax attitude that it is ok to travel to foreign countries, by the way are next to enemies, and snort cocaine and drink alcohol. Let alone argue with a hooker in the street of Columbia. The Secret Service in the past knew of high standards, respected their superiors, and acknolegded their guidance to not induce trouble. This administration has allowed for our TOP service members that undergo background checks to inhibit a false sense of reality. Always warn yours troops before going into Thailand, and always reinforce, check their loyalty.

    • American Infidel #1 says:

      Sorry for the type o’s, doing math as well- brain is burning BT!

      • AI…

        Don’t feel alone about the brain-burn out…I’m with ya.

        As to your top post…thank you for that, you stated all well for me thru how I see much via my Viewfinder in Life.

      • Hey Am Infidel looks like your missing the edit function too.

        • DA…

          Weird things have been happening around here today with the site and functions…I don’t know, maybe they’re still putting things in place or something like that.

          • American Infidel #1 says:

            Maybe hacking. I wouldn’t put it past anyone in DHS now. A lot of my sites that I frequent often have been slow, or worse- taken down. We will see more of this when election draws near my friends. I know the capabilities of the government and those in charge with free rein.

          • I believe you…and I don’t doubt it one bit.

            I just know some of the regulars that are missing here must not be able to get in. AWD mentioned something about their browser use…that would be sad to me if we don’t see them anymore because of something like that, when they always could throw their input in here as well.

            I’m not computer savvy that way whatsoever…guess it will be what it will be in the end.

          • Big I think my problem was just using same e-mail address from two different ips. The filter probably thought my e-mail had been hijacked or hacked.

          • Oh ok…got what you’re saying now ~

            Btw…are you at work now?

          • Yes I am, and bored out of my miniscule gord. Just glad I can visit.

          • Yay…you can get in now via work, love it! Was wondering that last night and meaning to ask you about that.

            Anyway…thanks for the response.

            This ol’ gal is going to have to find that pillow I dream on pretty soon…still gonna kick around for a bit. (got to go find a few links I want and save for tomorrow, life has been nutso around this nest today)

          • Fat Timer you said “I’m not computer savvy that way whatsoever…guess it will be what it will be in the end.” So you now admit that you are beneath me. what do you mean you’re not computer savvy…your dumb as long with all of your comments. Take a computer course or two before you respond back to me.

          • Take a long walk off a short pier you idiot…do us all a favor.

  2. So the President’s SS are “Cheap Charlies” too. No one ever said you had to be smart to work for the gov’t, just look at the IRS as an example.
    And somebody should have listened in Sunday School when they had the,”Be sure your sin will find you out.”lesson. I always used that one on my daughters and sure enough,they found it to be true.

    • American Infidel #1 says:

      We can write on this all day, unfortunately we will have the rest of the year to write on the jackassery, buffonerey, and plain three stoogessness of this administration. Anyone taking political science the next few years will have great talking points with Obama and his crew.

  3. Major Allen says:

    Uh , guys does anyone else see a similarity to Clinton’s Monica dalliance in that it feeds the media a titilating story to get attention away from events far more dangerous to the country? Anyone remember the ‘Moon Bears’ comedy routine?

  4. Angry White Dudette says:

    I want to live once again in a country I can be proud of… with leaders who are above reproach, whom our children want to emulate. I remember a time when our leaders had morals, high standards, or if they didn’t, it was kept very quiet. I was amazed that President Kennedy played around with a White House intern, even encouraging her to ‘perform’ on his brother and others in his presence. Truly amazing. I want a country where it is frowned upon for unmarried people to cohabitate. I guess I want to return to the 1950’s. I remember a time when we learned Bible verses in grammer school and had the pledge of allegiance and the Lord’s prayer in home room before the start of classes every day. When children were allowed to sing Christmas carols for their parents at the school Christmas program. When people were proud to wear the ‘red, white and blue’ colors of our flag. What has happened to our country? We lost our chance when prayer was taken out of the school room. We should have hit the streets and immediately ‘recalled’ or fired every person who caused this to happen.
    All I can say is, ‘Lord help us’. I’m afraid my prayer is too late.

    • You know what? I partially agree with you Angry White Dudette. I partially agree because I like everything you said but seeing how it is that I’m black…why would I want to live in the 1950’s? I would get hung and my balls would be cut off…by who? The White man. But I tell you what…if there was a time machine that could put me back in that time then I would bring with me my tactical M4 and start picking off the KKK one by one and then I would go and find there families and do the same thing. Hopefully then I could come back to 2012 and see a better America. Only bad thing is that none of you on this site would be here because it is your grandparents and mothers and fathers that I’m talking about.

      • American Infidel #1 says:

        Why are you here?

      • go away phoney ,your a disgrace to the uniform and your race .

      • REV Wright says:


        A little bitter this AM?

        Time to take your meds……….


      • AD…

        You’re insane…and a blatant racist to-boot.

      • AD-
        I do understand your feelings, because I feel the same on the other side of things. But, if I could go back in time I wouldn’t want to kill your ancestors, especially not women or children. I would simply need to find a way to stop the idiotic mistake that the colonials made when they started importing slave labor, it was wrong, even evil in cases of cruel or sadisitic masters (although I do believe that this was a small percentage of the total). By the way, there were even a few cases of freed blacks who owned black slaves.
        More to the point, it was wrong because those fools were greedy and should have been employing poor whites instead of buying slaves from African tribes that sold their fellow African captives into slavery for goods and weapons. This disdusting African custom had no place here in the U.S. and now we are seeing the results- a diplaced people who will never stop being victims, no matter how many advantages they are given.

    • Good Morning AWDudette…

      All hope isn’t lost yet…don’t know if you’ve read about this.


      This is now one of six states doing this…so it may spread.

      Hope Springs Eternal. ~

  5. patthemick says:

    I doubt this is the first time the Secret service has had hookers and coke. I mean consider the corruption since 9/11. President Bush gives us the patriot act and lie to us to get into a war with Iran. Bill Clinton gets his knob polished by a fat intern etc. That’s the main reason I’m voting Ron Paul.
    I really don’t care about legal prostitution and drugs myself. I would never pay for sex but it seems to me if a woman wants to rent her body that’s her problem. We have become a society that allows the forces of the government to treat us as cattle so I expect the corruption to filter down to the minions of the government.

    • catskinner says:

      Understand your frustrations, but the more people who vote for Ron Paul who will definately not win, the more the chances are to get Obama back in office.

  6. This is the most corrupt administration ever! Nixon would blush. Fast and furious alone should have brought these scum down!

    I have zero respect, none! I can’t listen to Obama for more than 10 seconds before turning this clown off!
    These mamby pamby democrats won’t touch the first black President, and he has a free pass wit everything. This is sickening and dangerous. These democrats could just as easily elect a Hitler archetype and are a clear and present danger to the Constitution of The United states

    Impeach Obama 2012! Join The National Campaign!


  7. “Eventually, she lowered her demand to $250, which she said was the amount she has to pay the man who helps find her customers.”

    “The woman also said she’s been unhappy with media reports labeling her a “prostitute.” She’s an escort, she said, which she described as being a “higher rank.””

    I just love politically correct newspeak. Gotta waste a lot of bandwidth, but at least nobody is called pimp or whore.

    My guess is that she was very concerned that if she didn’t pay the man who helps her find her customers he would flail her with a wire device used to hang garments in a closet.

    • Angus…

      Agreed. I also chuckled at many of the points you mentioned when I read about this as well.

      Your dead on the money about your last sentiment…we know the history of what pimps do, and it was obvious she was to the point of only being worried about that.

  8. Death to Libtards says:

    Much as I hate Obama and everything he stands for, I do take his security most seriously. First Joe Biden is borderline retarded and a heartbeat away from the presidency. Second Colombia is full of communist guerillas, narco-terrorists, and God knows what else. What if the putas play for the other side? Third, JFK would be remembered today as a whore chasing drug addict who almost got us nuked, but for the fact that he got “martyred”. Add to that fact the race riots which would surely happen if anything happened to Obama. This whole deal was inexcusable.

    • your comments are so incensed, as a Colombian man your post touch me so much, I can deny our issues but you’re pretty misinformed, there are still guerrillas of leftist ideology, and right wing autoparamilitar groups, there are still narco-terrorists but what we live right now is nothing compared with decades ago, now we are the third country of economic growth in latinamerica, we are integrated into the global economy and we host events of political and economic importance, a summit of leaders had not been held with the social conditions of 15 or 20 years ago, besides all this had not happened if stingy secret service had paid

      • Death to Libtards says:

        I hope things are indeed improving for you and your country. I’m sorry if I gave the impression that things are worse that they really are. Most of my negative comments concerned US personnel and I stand by them.

        • Death, I can confirm Juan’s comments on Colombia. It is a beautiful country that has progressed tremendously in the past 30 years. It is sound economically and Colombians love Americans. The Marxist guerrilla groups like FARC have been nearly destroyed and have to live in the southern jungles or areas that border Venezuela. Hugo Chavez is the drug dealer to the world these days. Colombia’s previous president, Uribe, was the Colombian equivalent to our Reagan. I wish we had him here!


          • Awd, Columbia had a lot of brave people who stood up to terrorist.I like you am ashamed of the sissies we call our leaders we have to day who goes along with whatever will keep them in office.

  9. Would you think that the Feds are beginning to take on the character of their leader? What ever happened to the guy Obongo picked up at the bar in Chicago and had a party on his limo?

  10. Hey Armydawg, I have a better one. I would love to go back to the 1600’s and simply show European Americans the horrors of unleashing blacks with IQ’s averaging in the 70’s in a First World civilization.

    Never ending ‘affirmative action’, the propensity towards violence,rapes, theft, murders all taking its toll on society, grinding societal advancement to a virtual halt. All of this will not only contributing NOTHING to our civilization but only raping and destroying it.

    • Dude you beat to it. Frankly if someone wants to go back in time and shoot up some democrats,who am I to stop em. Maybe someone should forward Dawgs IP address to the Secret Service.

    • This daye Anthony Johnson negro made his complaint to the court against mr. Robert Parker and declared that hee deteyneth his servant John Casor negro under the pretence that said negro was a free man. The court seriously consideringe and maturely weighing the premisses, doe fynde that the saide Mr. Robert Parker most unjustly keepeth the said Negro from Anthony Johnson his master … It is therefore the Judgement of the Court and ordered That the said John Casor Negro forthwith returne unto the service of the said master Anthony Johnson, And that Mr. Robert Parker make payment of all charges in the suit.

      You could tell the Virginia judge not to introduce the african custom of slave holding to the colonies.

  11. Vicio Malo says:

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone posted a racial breakdown of the 11 semen circus employees and the 10 military participants? Just wonderin’ how many “Baby’s Mama’s” gonna be sh^tty…

  12. Vicio Malo says:

    Ya know Al, and don’t let this be wasted “dog” I asked a friend of mine in Atlanta one day, a black guy, don’t ya just like hangin’ out in the woods? He told me “when a n^gger hangs out in the woods it’s usually at the end of a rope”. We worked together for 11 years. He had no misconceptions of black people. I must admit he taught me more about black people as well as n^ggers, than I wanted to know. We both had children born at the same time. When presented with the fact that my blonde haired blue eyed son would automatically fair better in life, it made me sad. Sorry for all the good black people that are against all odds because of their kind. I’m also sure there are some good Muslims, too bad we can’t afford to separate the chaff from the grain. It’s too late.

  13. FuriousFatMan says:

    she aint that pretty. i dont trust women w/ implants/push up bras anyways. if they will lie about their chest, they will lie about anything.

    DISCLAIMER: my previous statement does not include women who have had breast cancer or a degenerative disease that stunted breast production during puberty (MS). stop thinking the worst about me, jeeesh!


  14. Bloodless Coup says:

    When bartering for illicit or illegal services in a foreign country it is never wise to quibble about the price. Too bad, and so sad. They say that hindsight is 20/20.

  15. Louisiana Steve says:


    Pay now or pay later…they obviously chose the latter.

  16. Here’s some more news from this afternoon ~


  17. Will this hurt Obamuslim’s chance at re-election??? NFW, the 120+million welfare and other gubmint dependents STILL only need work 2 hours every 2 years to keep the freebies coming and even I could work that many hours. Just unfortunate there was no penetration by an assassin during the parties. In any case, the Obama re-election is virtually guaranteed against such a “formidable” candidate as Romney and SKIP the psychic would further predict that the republican surrender monkeys will surrender control of congress back to the drums-o-craps this November.

    • Skip…

      I disagree on all your points here.

      First off, I don’t want to see any prez assassinated. – Besides that, if that did happen it usually helps the party that holds that power stay in power the next election whenever that may be. Plus the way the msm is now…can you imagine the 24/7 msm spin for years if anything like that happened to Dear Leader…talk about American Idol, it would be endless forever and ever.

      Second, O will not be reelected.

      Third, We will retain and gain in the House and take power in the Senate come Nov. 6th.

      Just my two-cents…for now.

  18. Typical yet infuriating…as usual.


    Btw…just heard on a news report somewhere that Dania is negotiating with a major network for a book deal or report or something as we speak…oh yes…good ol’ $$$$!

    Bet her pimp is proud. ~

  19. Skull….I agree