The Chicago Thug is at it again with his threats, intimidation, bullying and definitely dictating to the Supreme Court of the United States…telling them what they had better do regarding ObamaCare when they hand down their decision…because he and he alone said so!

I caught his answer to some nitwit reporter asking the question live yesterday only because I glanced up and saw it on the crawl, the subject being SCOTUS and ObamaCare so I tuned in. If you don’t know about any of this, or didn’t catch it…here’s what the so-called ‘Constitutional Professor‘ spewed yesterday.

This is via WFB:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: So there is not only an economic element and a legal element to this, but there is a human element to this, and I hope that is not forgotten in this political debate. Ultimately, I am confident the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a Democratically-elected Congress. I just remind conservative commentators that for years we have heard the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint. That an unelected group of people would somehow return or overturn a duly constituted and passed law. Here’s a pretty good example. Well, I am confident that this court will recognize that and not take that step. As I said, we are confident this will be over, this will be upheld. As I said, we are confident this will be upheld because it should be upheld. Again, that’s not just my opinion. That’s the opinion of a whole lot of constitutional law professors and academics and judges and lawyers who have examined this law, even if they’re not particularly sympathetic to this particular piece of legislation or my presidency.

Did you notice when he spoke he almost said when this is ‘overturned?’ That alone made me wonder if he already knew the decision.

So much to add here regarding his lying BS, but I’ll be more fun seeing what your opinions are regarding this…should be interesting.

Here’s what Judge Andrew Napolitano thinks of all this brouhaha. This is via Mediaite:

Appearing on Fox and Friends Tuesday, Judge Andrew Napolitano took a swipe at President Obama‘s demand to the Supreme Court to not overturn his health care law, calling it incomprehensible and desperate.

“We were scratching our heads when we were watching this and had it played over and over again because this is a graduate of Harvard Law School, the head of the Harvard Law Review and he taught constitutional law review at the University of Chicago,” said Napolitano. “Two of the best law schools in the country and he’s rejecting a basic premise of American law that’s not been seriously questioned in 175 years, which is this: the courts have the right to review what the Congress does and what the President does and if the court finds that behavior unconstitutional, they can void, they can invalidate what the Congress and the what the President does. That’s our system. That’s what preserves the Constitution against the tyranny of the majority. No president has questioned this since Andrew Jackson!”

“Could he possibly have been saying look, if this is not upheld, the ruling would be illegitimate and I’m really kind of talking to Justice Kennedy over there who is probably a swing vote. You have three months. I vote you say it’s okay?”

“That’s why we have a life tenured independent judiciary so that it cannot be cowed by politicians no matter how well intended they may be,” Napolitano said. “Look, if this is invalidated, the President can say this was invalidated by the court not by me. If this is upheld, the President can say look, even a court appointed by a Republican president upheld this but for him to question the power and ability and authority of the court to review it and to decide if it’s unconstitutional is incomprehensible.

“Kind of looks like he’s declared war on the Supreme Court,” Doocy surmised.

“Kind of looks like he’s desperate,” Napolitano hit back.

Lastly here’s presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s response to what Dear Leader said yesterday when he appeared on Fox last night with Greta Van Susteren.

This is via Fox Nation:

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: One last question. President Obama today, talking about the health care, said that an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law. Well, it’s a good example. He’s talking about judicial activism.

Your thoughts of calling — of his remark about — and much broader — I showed you the longer quote, but calling the Supreme Court an unelected group looking at the health care law?

MITT ROMNEY, GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Isn’t this wonderful to finally have a liberal talking about judicial activism? I think we can come together on this. We’ve been concerned about judicial activism for years and years and years.

What the president’s complaining about, however, is that the Supreme Court might actually apply the Constitution to the bill that he passed! And the whole purpose of the Supreme Court is to make sure that Congress does not pass laws that are in violation of the Constitution.

And so judicial activism is not following the Constitution. Judicial activism is departing from the Constitution, which is what they’ve too often done on issue after issue.

I applaud the fact that the Supreme Court looks to be taking the responsibility of following the Constitution seriously. And if the president complains about a Supreme Court that follows the Constitution, he’s coming from a very different world than the world that the founders, and frankly, that the judicial history has described for America.

Who in the world died and made Barack Hussien Obama King of SCOTUS? Telling them they had better understand what all this means when it comes to their decision when it’s handed down in June.

There also have been rumors that Justice Kagan may have leaked the decision to the ‘Arrogant One’…we most likely will never know, but you can be sure that question was planted yesterday…and he was prepared for it and knew it was coming.

What Dear Leader did to the members of the Supreme Court during one of his State of Union speeches was ‘unprecedented’…what he did yesterday also was.

Personally, I’ve never seen anything like the audacity of this so-called man…how about you? As far as I’m concerned the only ‘activist‘ at this point of the game is the ‘Community Organizer‘, he has to go come November…he is one dangerous man to this nation through my Viewfinder in Life…how’s it lookin’ through yours?

One fact I do know…that 2700 page monstrosity that was crammed down out throats 2 years ago is ‘UNCONSTITUTIONAL‘…period! This is another very important reason we have to vote in more conservatives in the House and Senate, as well as a republican president. If SCOTUS doesn’t strike down all of Obamacare, we have to have enough power via congress and our president to do just that!

One other fact…every single time the ‘Dictator-in-Chief’ opens his yapper, the bigger jackass he makes of himself for all to see…and that’s a good thing come Nov. 6th!

Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. The Wizard of Uhhhhhhhhs sure did learn his Chicago thug/Alinsky techniques well. Sounded a whole lot like veiled threats to me, and if anything were “unprecedented”, it’s the way this asshole talks to Supreme Court Justices. Just when I think BHO has maxed out my Despise-O-Meter, he goes and ramps it up another notch or two…..
    BTW, Mark Levin had a stellar takedown of The Won yesterday on his show. See here:

    • Vixen…

      I heard and saw the link today as well. Debated whether to put it here since I already just did Levin…but he told it like it is!

      Glad you have it here for others though.

      Heck, I have some links saved from last night that I was originally going to put together for this story, but will be posting them in the comment thread here later for others to see as well.

      Got to do a few things…but I shall return. 😉

      Btw…loved this from you…had me laughing.

      The Wizard of Uhhhhhhhhs and the Despise-O-Meter. – Priceless!

      • Big,
        I try to insert a little humor now and then, but I swear, it’s getting harder to do so these days. Glad I was able to get a giggle out of ya! 🙂

        • Getting harder indeed Vixen…his rhetoric he spewed today at the GOP was beneath contempt as well. (I can’t bear to listen to him today…but have heard snippets, reports via radio and read some too) this guy is totally insane with power…plus – ‘STUCK ON STUPID!’…what he did today will also backfire. I just shake my head, they don’t come any dumber.

    • Vixen…thanks for the link…We don’t get Levin in my neck of the woods but I will be listening now that I know I can get him on the puter

  2. Paul Bonnichsen says:


    If both you and I have not forgotten how Obama humiliated the Supreme Court during his State of the Union speech, you can bet the Supreme Court judges have not forgotten. I know the judges have integrity and would never cast a vote in retaliation, but if I was straddling the fence on a vote it would go against this POS president.

    Btw… Anyone catch Obama last night during halftime break of championship game… Obama told interviewer he would play hoops with him during his second term.

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:

      Let me throw this in about sorry ass first lady… how damn pathetic can one get.

      • My grandkids know better than to piss off Pappa Dirty Al.

      • Paul…

        Mooch is totally clueless…oh well, so is her other half.

        This BS isn’t going to work this time. ~

      • What’s really more telling than Moochelle Omama and her lecturing to a captive audience of children is the responses in the comments section. Evidently, she’s about as popular as her hubby. What an arrogant condescending (redundancy check) hag she is.

        Off Topic but … My birthday just happens to be on November the sixth and I am looking forward to a wonderful gift from the people of our country this year. I can’t wait!

    • Paul,
      I sure did recall Obumbler’s humiliating comments to the Supreme Court Justices at the SOTU a couple years back. Someone’s gonna have to invent some new scathing terms for me to describe Dear Leader. I’ve used ’em all and then some.
      Not a b-ball fan, so I didn’t watch the game last night. If I’d heard The Bamster say that?… Well, my TV would be in tiny pieces on the floor. Second term? Gag a maggot.

      • Paul Bonnichsen says:

        Hey Vix,

        I guess I can stand a second term of Obama (yes, gag a maggot) but can our young men and ladies. I’m still in business for myself and have been blessed with many years of success… or at least enough to pay the bills with a little left over. All I want now is for my nieces and nephews to have the same opportunity as I did.

        Young people can not believe it when I tell them growing up I could find a good job within a couple of weeks… the majority of our youth graduate today and it can literally take them a year to find a job in their specialized field.

        • Paul,
          My husband runs a small family business that’s been around for 89 years, but it’s a struggle to make a profit these days. The costs of doing business now are astronomical: taxes, health insurance, a fickle customer base who wants quality work but on the cheap, and of course, fuel costs that translate to higher delivery charges. I’m 58 and I definitely remember being able to find a job easily when I was young. I also remember an America that I wasn’t nearly so worried about like I am now. 🙁

          • Same here Vixen…I could have a job within a day or two if I wanted, not matter where I was located at.

            America…don’t recognize her anymore. I’m only a year younger than we see things the same in many respects.

            The Marxist has to go…and I’m putting it politely.

          • “The Marxist has to go.”
            Preferably, frog-marched in an orange jumpsuit. That’s the way I dream about it…..Made me smile just thinking about it…

          • Lol…that will make ‘Tingles’ cry a river dontcha know! – That alone would be worth it.

            Remember when he wanted Cheney and Rove ‘Frog Marched’ wearing orange jumpsuits to the hoosegow? Heck, poor ol’ Tingles was breathlessly spewing his spittle daily with anticipation for over a year or so just waiting for that to happen. – Too funny.

    • Paul…no I didn’t catch that- glad of it.

      Ditto what Vixen said.

  3. ARbuilder says:

    Another of Baby Bama;s many childish little rants.. F&%$K Em! If I never see that sorry ass again it would suit me and the Republic nicely. Biggest crybaby in history and the USA;s redheaded step child forever…November is the month of reckoning and it will be time for the baby to pick up his toys, boot his Wookie ol Ladie and kids awake and get the hell out of our lives for good…

  4. He is one of the most ARROGANT jerks I have ever seen. Totally in over-his-head is an understatement. We must get rid of this socialist moron in November but I am concerned about getting the vote out to do it.

    • You know he just strikes me as the wimpy kid who used to get his butt whiped on a regular basis and now that he’s got some power he’s gonna make up for it. Do bad he didn’t have the BALLS and CHARACTER when he was younger, he might have turned out bet…..oh forget it. He perpetually walks around BUTTHURT.

    • Hi John…

      I truly believe the majority of the American people are so PO’d now that they’d be stampeding to the voting booths to cast their ballot, just wait until Nov! We think we’re mad and disgusted now…by Nov. the stew pot will be boiling over, there will be a mad rush, and all the cheating ain’t gonna help this marxist dictating bastid a bit!

      • BigTimer

        I sure hope you are right. I spend a lot of time at our local model airplane flying field and am around a lot of people much of the time. I honestly know practically no one that does not hate this guy with the exception of one or two loons at the field. I just really fear that a majority of people who work during the day and are only exposed to the Lame Stream Media in the evening for their daily news and will not get what is going on in this country.

        • Well John…all I can do is hope some of them connect to Al Gore’s Amazing Internet and learn the truth…instead of the Boob-Tube.

          I realize people who have kids and daily lives with work are too tired to bother, but I do hope word gets round via their emails etc…things do go viral.

      • Hate to rain on your parade, Big. We may not get
        vote him out in November. Our dictator-in-chief is
        so desperate to remain in office that he’ll declare
        Martial Law to suspend the upcoming elections.

        I’ve got a feeling that he’ll use the msm to whip
        this Treyvon Martin thing into a nation-wide race war.

        Saw the pix of Zimmermann with gashes on his head.
        It won’t take long to find out he acted in self-defense.
        Once that’s done, Obonkers and his minions will create
        a perfect firestorm that will allow their beloved leader
        to use Martial Law to finish the rest of his Marxist agenda.

        But if we have faith in God, the Lord will deal with him
        and his minions. I can guarantee that!

  5. One of the things I’ve noticed about Romney…He doesn’t hit Obongo hard enough…He pulls his punches.

    We all know Obongo is a Marxist Socialist…Romney can’t seem to bring himself to calling a spade a spade…That is what pisses me off about him. He holds back…Romney seems to be afraid to hit Obongo in the face.

    Michelle Backman hits harder than Romney and throws more accurate punches. Actually all of the other GOP candidates hit harder than Romney.

    I sure hope this guy has got what it takes to take the fight to Obongo in the general…Tired of the pussy foot’n around.

    C’mon Romney hit the son-of-a-bitch

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:


      I’ve said many times I wish I could clone a little of Newt’s backbone and put in Mitt. I think Romney is going to be our guy… not particularly my first choice, but I will vote for any Rep. candidate to get rid of this Marxist Socialist as you pointed out. Romney may however be a could pick as he knows small businesses are the backbone (hiring approximately 80% of the work force) of the country.

      I think we can also count on Dirty Al to vote against Obummer… what you say Dirty Al???

    • Bluto…

      I’ve noticed Romney has gotten better and better with his critique of Dear Leader…I think he will do just fine come the general election.

      Another reason the leftist-loon talking-heads have done their best hoping other candidates would somehow take the lead…heck, Dear Leader and Crew have made their first propaganda political ad featuring Romney, using his name in this for the first time.

      Don’t have the link yet…when I do, will put it here.

      • I agree he is getting better – I hope he gets a lot better. I want Obongo pummeled…I want someone who will literally beat the sh!t out of him and show the American public what a piece of crap he really is

        I want to see Romney body slam Obongo, get on top of him and pummel this Marxist’s face in.

        Then bend him over and kick his lying black ass.

        • Agree with you also Bluto.

          Btw…just heard Romney on Hannity’s radio show…he was really good in response to all this. I’m not just saying this..he really was.

          I’ll be glad when it gets to the general election. We all know what’s going to happen to tonight in the 3 state primary too.

          ‘Fight and Unite We Much!’

    • Bluto: Not really sure if Romney will do any better than Obonkers.
      We must remember that Romney laid the foundation for the thing
      we call Ocastro care. By providing sociallized medicine in Massachusitts,
      Romney gave Obonkers the idea for this horrible nightmare. As Rick
      Santorum stated in the first debate in 2011, this plan should been called
      Obamney care.

      Mitt’s plan drove up taxes so much that thousand left the state to
      avoid being taxed to death. Sorry Bluto, but he’ll have to show
      me that he is the better choice before I’d vote for him. I’ve always
      said that the Republicans have no decent candidates yhat can beat
      Obonkers… we shall see!

      • So ken…what does that mean…you’ll not vote for Romney if he is the candidate? You’ll vote for Dear Leader or just sit home?

        Btw…the 2700 pg. mandate via congress is a helluva lot different than RomneyCare. Plus, sorry, this bill has been in the works behind the scenes via many marxist commies for years and years, long before Romney did anything…read some history. On top of that, that was and is a state issue, not a federal mandate by dictators on the left who crammed this down our throats a couple years back.

        So tell me ken…are you not going to vote, or are you going to vote for Dear Leader by staying home and not casting your vote?

        • No Big, I still plan to vote this year, but I favor Ron Paul
          over anyone out there. Oh, he may be quirky on some things,
          but he is indeed a constitutionalist. And getting rid of the
          Federal Reserve, he would do away all the corruption that
          is linked to it. Also like his pledge to repeal Ocastrocare
          first thing after his election.

          Yeah Big, I’ll vote as usual, but I’m going with Paul this
          time ’round. Think it’s time we think outside the box to
          get rid of Dear Leader and a third-party victory will bring
          us some fresh thinking.

      • Romney at his worst will be light years better than Obongo

  6. Can you believe this?

    O’s disdain for Israel is so obvious.

  7. Obama/Soetoro must be telling the SCOTUS justices to pull his levers behind that secret curtain… or else…

    …remembering the MPOTUS sayin’ HI! the first time…

  8. Like I said…the more O opens his yapper, the bigger jackass he makes of himself. ~

    Calls GOP radical, hope you take a gander at this. ~ it’s so pathetic, it’s comical.

  9. A Federal Appeals Court has called zer0’s bluff today……

    • ed357…

      Oh goody, that looks juicy…will get to that as soon as I get done with just a few quick things.

    • ed…

      Just read this…it’s a good one. It’s also been passed on elsewhere.

      Thank you. ~

      Btw…Radio talk show host Mark Levin is talking about this right now.

  10. I’m telling ya’ll, this guy is desperate.

    And this ~

  11. From day one, this imposter-in-chief along with his Democrat cronies went out of their way to conceal his true identity away from the general public. This “Obama-health-scare” smells to high heaven! It’s apparent that “Hussein” is running out of excuses to distract the public from recognizing his excessive flaws.

    Even Oprah no longer seems as enthusiastic about his possible “second” term in office as she did, 3 years ago when she made the mistake of publicly endorsing him by providing him with a national platform on her once ratings domineering daytime television show.

    The negative repercussions of supporting this political fraud have hit Winfrey expeditiously and financially, as she has recently admitted on record that her main focus will no longer be on campaigning for “Hussein Hope-Change””, rather on redeveloping her ratings-challenged network! A struggling cable network that even the great liberal “Messiah” couldn’t protect from failing ratings!

    • Renee…

      I heard her talking about this yesterday…all of this tickled my fancy in more ways that one. – You stated much of that well with your post. 😉

  12. Have you seen what these two geniuses had to say about Ocare/SCOTUS?

    …and this ~

  13. Looks like the 5th Court has given Obongo a homework assignment. Within 48 hours a 3 page single spaced letter as to why the courts are irrelevant.

  14. Questionman says:

    Why do the racist right think they are experts on American History? They aren’t just because they rant about the Constitution, doesn’t mean they understand the laws obviously. Like take “Obamacare” for example. The racist right have forgotten that at least 3-5 judges have deemed it Constitutional, but not a peep from history-challenged losers like Sean Insanity.

    What makes they think that because he is not the president you want, he is failing. Haven’t they ever heard that one mans meat is another mans poison. With the hate the cons have for him, don’t they think that they would be biased as hell? Lies have to have creditably to be believed, a concept that a con finds completely incomprehensible. The cons with their continuous he’s a failure s–t are really starting to sound stupid. Their problem is that Obama fails to be a white con, and that is a failure only in their deluded mind.

    Yet they have REFUSED to hear any of these eligibilty cases. It would only take four for the case to be heard. Why because in their mind there is NO CONTROVERSY. Their definition of a natural born citizen is anyone born in the United States is a NBC period regardless of the citizenship of the parents unless the parent are foreign diplomats. You can all beleive what you want but unless the US Supreme Courts changes its position you are just spitting into the wind.

    You can all howl at the moon all you want the U.S. Supreme Court will never rule the president ineligible and NO STATE IN THE US WILL TAKE HIM OFF THE 2012 BALLOT. If you want him out you will have to vote for Romney and possibly Sen. Rubio.

    so tell me again, how does reducing taxes, balance the budget? Cause then revenue is even less for the government. Ryans plan adds even more to the deficit than obama… Ryan adds 3 trillion.

    Obama does not meet the rigid definition of ‘communist’ that you are using. Communist carries a negative connotation in America since the red scare.
    No, he’s not a true communist, Then, if by chance, Romney gets elected, they’ll see in 3 years how his policies are virtually the same as Obama’s, because Romney is at heart a moderate and so is Obama (all these fools who call him an extreme liberal, socialist, Marxist, etc. are shills for the extreme right- the Socialist Party of America has plenty to say about how Obama is definitely not a Socialist- they’re as unhappy with him as the Ex-Conservs are).

    By any reasonable and intelligent measure, his predecessor (George Bush) who took us to war with failed intelligence, destroyed the economy and sanctioned torture was MUCH more divisive. Not Obama.

    Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim! He IS a Christian. A REAL Christian follows the Ten Commandments. One should rule is “Love Thy neighbor” and Obama has followed that rule to a T.

    The idea that Barack Obama hates America is partly because he’s a Democrat, and partly because he’s black, and because the patriotism of African-Americans has long been doubted by some on the right. And it’s still is, when in fact it;s the other way around!

    what is wrong with America is that a These haters would call the commander in chief a “domestic enemy” on a social network site. Is that Patritoic? to call the commander in chief a domestic enemy? No. it is out of line and insubordinate.These people are really sick, it’s gotten worse. Seek help.

    The right-wing’s hate mongering of President Obama’s religion, race and political philosophy has grown to a fever pitch, and is now evidenced in a series of racist righty website such as this (Not MY website).

    Obama is not just the closest we’ve come to a power grabbing dictator
    and The Republicans who STILL blame Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for everything under the sun somehow think a President who went into two wars while cutting taxes, one that was a complete disaster (Iraq), who’s Presidency ended with the worst economic disaster since the depression, should be off limits??? You tea baggers really think that? Forget 2012, we will be screaming about Bush for DECADES.
    NO AMERICAN GROUP has slammed the President of the United States with as many lies and traitorous hate propaganda as the Rightwing Republicans before President Obama came to office.

    Before anyone cries “Bush” Leftwing attacked Bush so its ok for Frightwingers to attack Obama – let me remind them that the Leftwing attacked Bush with FACTS opposed to the Frightwingers who are attacking President Obama with madeup, traitorous hate propaganda that has divided this country.

    They have proven me right, again. They are NOT Patriots, They are Racists that hates having black people in the White House. That is a fact!

    • Lol…so much I could respond to…so little time.

      I’ll let others do it…one thing about it, you’re too much fun.

    • Well now another drive by troll heard from. Your race card has expired now go by the local branch of the NBPP and get a recharge. Your lack of knowledge of the constitution is only surpassed by your lack of KNOWLEDGE OF CHRISTIANITY. “AND YOU WELL KNOW THEM BY THIER FRUITS.”

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:

      Questionman… if you don’t mind I’ll just call you numbnuts.

      About reducing taxes… when taxes are reduced to businesses and incentives are put in place, businesses expand and hire which produces a larger workforce… thus a larger workforce pays more in taxes… pretty much economics 101. Thanks to Obummers hatred for capitalism, he has done everything possible to cripple small business which hires approximately eighty percent of the workforce… that is why millions are currently out of work which generates no taxes from this sector.

      It would seem from your post that you think Obummer is the best thing since ice cream… the majority of us who work consider him the food stamp president and a man who has pitted the poor against the rich and race against race.

      You want to bring race into the picture… just remember the black race makes up approximately 13% of our society – if you take time to pull your head out of the sand and do some arithmetic, it would mean the white race was actually responsible for putting Obama in office.

    • The moronic Demorats and left wing loons only have one word left to them after they run out of socialist ideas, “Racist”, everyone is racist. Can’t you come up with something better than that?

    • Questionman,
      Please read this:
      It’s an essay by Thomas Sowell, who, in case you aren’t aware, is black. I’ll be awaiting your comment after you read this essay, but please refrain from using the term “Oreo” or “Uncle Tom” and stick to evaluating what Mr. Sowell says rather than focusing on skin color, about which you seem to obsess. Additionally, after you read the essay, I’d like to know if you still conclude that Obama obeys the 9th Commandment of those Ten Commandments you say he lives by.


      • Vixen It looks there’s only about two of them that he hasn’t violated. Now in fairness, I’ve violated a few of them myself. I’ve also acknowledged MY NEED for a REDEEMER and have accepted HIM. While a certain someone else has been practically elevated to that statis and “tried” to portray and act as such.

      • Vixen and all…

        Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response from Questionman…seems to be another drive-by troll.

        Sometimes the brilliance from these leftist-loons amuse me with their lunatic drivel…last night was one of them. ~

        • Yeah, I knew he was a troll. But I also know trolls LOVE to get replies to their drivel. My reply had a two-fold purpose: to try to make Questionman think (I know, it’s a long shot) or to get him to return and say more stupid stuff that I could pick at! 🙂 He provided so much material I had to just focus on a couple small issues and I didn’t want to write a 5000 word essay to reply. Trolls have short attention spans… 😉

          • Provided so much material is right…and I’m with you when it comes to trolls and picking their itsy-bitsy minds….depending on my mood at the time, if ya know what I mean. 😉

            You can hit them over the head with a Cluebat and it still doesn’t help.

    • And the only reason you love Obama so much is because he is black.

  15. Swamp Music says:

    You would think he would try to get on their good side, unless he doesn’t believe in the separation of powers. He really thinks he is the king of America.

  16. Yep, funny as hell, Prez Yomamma’s Attorney General has to turn over a three page letter within two days to the USSC explaining what their position is on the separation of powers and how it is that judicial review is supposed to work! Ha Ha Ha! This of course is because Yomamma thinks he can deride another equal branch of government and bully it into doing his will. I guess he doesn’t even understand why it is exactly that the court has an odd number of Justices because he stated that they “couldn’t overturn legislation passed by Congress by a 4 to 5 vote”. And just why can’t they? Pray tell oh savior Yomamma! Either he really is stupid, or he believes that the citizenry and men/women such as those appointed to our Supreme Court are!

    • skull…


      He’s got a head full of arrogant mush!

      …and I love your Yomamma use, talk about nail on the head, that sure as heck is to me.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      I wouldn’t put it past Obunghole to attempt to overturn the Judiciary Act of 1869 and attempt to pack the court, a la FDR.

      In 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted unsuccessfully to expand the membership of the court to gain support on the Court for his New Deal programs. He proposed adding one justice to the Supreme Court for every member over 70.5 years of age, with the potential of adding as many as six additional justices, for a total of 15. Congress refused to pass Roosevelt’s legislation; however, the President had an opportunity to nominate eight justices* to vacancies that occurred during his terms of office, which created a court more receptive to his ideas.

      • I wouldm’t be surprised at anything this Dictator tries to do..but I do know one thing, if he tried that..there would be war inside this country big time.

        We have weak leaders on our side of the aisle, but we have ‘We the People’ who WILL NOT take that sitting down, not by a long shot.

        • Snake Oiler says:

          As I stated very early on, I had it on good authority that Romney would be the nominee. I can see it now. Campaign 2012 – Mighty Mitt vs. The Sack ‘o Shit. The Mormon Mauler vs. Little Lenin. Don’t screw it up, Willard.

          • Snake….

            I like, I like that!…in fact got a big kick out of it. ~ Thanks, needed that towards the end of the evening.

    • Skull………… Right…..

      Many truisms once again more than aptly apply to The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers over this latest demonstration of his beyond Allen West syndrome – megalomaniac pathology and combined stupidity. Should we begin by reminding ourselves that his days supposedly overlooking the Palisades (Columbia), as well, his admission to Harvard was obviously solely quota based, nothing more, sure as hell not on I.Q. or competence….., a ten year old kid watching Perry mason knows more about jurisprudence than Chicago Jesus, aforementioned megalomania notwithstanding……….

      As to the Judiciary Branch senior officers, principally the dear liberal appointee jurists. Well, (all of) theirs is for life as it were so in one respect they could, as ever, not give a damn. They’re protected. Then again they are all their own coterie and have now been placed under a spotlight by Die Fuhrer. Oh, if only Roland Freisler were still alive…. Calling Roland Freisler……….
      That said, each associate justice along with John Roberts knows full well just how despicably they and the Judicial Branch have been once again looked upon with contempt and like any or not, they are not going to stand for this. They look down on this hustler and you can expect a final albeit polite reprimand. How utterly dignified. My hope is that enough of the fence sitters and fed up liberals will take note of this fo shizzle Totalitarian play on Chicago Jesus’ part and do the right thing come November 6th. My only request is that Mitt Romney and the disgusting RNC/GOP will not place a certain self-serving con artist liar and hustler on the ticket as veep.

      Quite possibly this is the pos’s penultimate Waterloo. However……..

      Summer’s coming. Lil’ Skittles “murderer” needs to be strung up, “Al Qaeda Coming Soon Again in New York.” (let me take a wild guess as to who is behind that….., by the way….., who’s catering?) and Homeland Security (I just love the sound of that, don’t you?) have just put an order in for their ammo inventory to be upped by an aggregate of over 600 million. A lot can and WILL happen between now and October. November may never come.

      Heil Obama!

  17. Obongo has put his size 13 feet in his mouth and now is trying to walk back from what he said when he insulted the Supreme Court. This piece of sh!t is suppose to be a constitutional lawyer…Bwahahhahahahah!!!

    Looking forward to this letter from the DOJ to the Appeals Court. This is going to be great…Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    WOW…What a piece of sh!t Obongo is….This bastard really thinks we’re stupid.

    No less than 3 pages single spaced…We Much!!!

  18. blue eyed devil says:

    He knows the outcome… he is setting the tone for GOP political activism must be stopped! Re-elect me so we can stop this! I can hear it now…. gawd I wanna puke

  19. I think the SCOtUS is going to give Obama the ass kicking his crappy legislation deserves. HE done threatened the wrong folks to piss off in our government
    His ego is too big to accept the fact that he’s a screw up and is in contention to surpass Jimmy Carter as worst Prez ever.

    • Totally agree with your summation here AR…with one exception, I think he has already surpassed Jimmah Carter. 😉

  20. Why would he demand this of the msm…they already comply.

  21. I cant believe that you guys actually think the DOJ is going to respond to this request. They are not held accountable, and they will NOT respond

  22. Spurwing Plover says:


  23. Snake Oiler says:

    Post Office Wants Out Of Gov’t Health Ins.

    In the event of reelection, some of us might do well to heed this advice…

    See the chameleon
    Lying there in the sun
    All things to everyone
    Run run away

    • Snake…

      Heard about the USPO wanting out…too funny. In fact quite priceless!

      Have to check out your vid after-while, much to do at home before I settle in for the evening and catch up.

  24. To DJ, as for Yomamma, or as Snake Oiler says- “Obunghole”-Ha ha Ha!, starting some kind of dictatorial takeover or crackdown via Dept. of HS, you need to go to the coming race war thread on this site and read my latest post. It could never work and we would then have an outright opportunity to take this country back literally- just as the Constitution of this great nation gives us the power to do.
    Now on to what I think Yomamma wants to do with this SCOTUS head butting. He wants to create a big show out of the Supreme Court shooting down this legislation before it even happens because he knows that’s what is going to happen. He can then demonize SCOTUS and rant to his base about how the “evil, republican/conservative” Justices have taken away their latest entitlement and he was on “the people’s side”. It’s going to be something that he can run on because right now he really has nothing. He will run on what he tried to do and how racist, and bigoted, and evil small gov. conservatives are and how if he loses, the nation is going to backslide into the dark ages!

  25. 14 United States Governors : Prepare State Militia Defenses, To Be Ready Against Obama’s Rogue Federal Forces!


    • I wish would happen in my state, All we got is the Obunghole (LOL) ass kisser Jay Nixon.

    • wWow!! What an eye-opening piece! I think as time goes on,
      that many other governors will jump on this bandwagon. These
      same folks have told Obonebead that the mandates alone will
      crash their state budgets, drive up taxes, and kill any chance
      that businesses will survive to create any new jobs. And, we
      could even see the country split into two zones: the free zone,
      America as we knew it and those states that sided with Obama.

      These states would be like the East German Republic. These
      states would be miserable places to live. There would be
      no jobs, no freedom, and no hope. scary isn’t it? And that
      would be the ultimate division.

  26. That other post about the coming race war is from a thread that started in August of 2010, and still has current posts- “IS A RACE WAR IN AMERICA’S FUTURE”. You can go into archives or just put the title into the site search engine. I am only mentioning it because this thread, as well as the “Blacks Hate Whites ” thread both tie into it, and there are those among us that think this SCOTUS thing is part and parcel of Yomamma’s attempts to elevate the office of the Presidency above all other branches of our government eventually culminating into fomenting a race war which would allow him to suspend Constitutional freedoms, declare martial law, and use the DHS to suppress any civilians attempting to retake our government.
    This all might sound extreme to many, but read these other threads and match up the facts with what is happening these days-free people never believe such things are possible until they happen.

    • Skull: I couln’t agree more. We Americans have become VERY
      COMPLACENT!! We’ve believed for years that the light of freedom
      would EVER be in jeopardy. But folks, I’m here to tell you that if
      we can’t get this asshole out of office, we’ll be required flash a
      Nazi salute to this fool. Time to get off our asses and take our
      country back!!9