The likes of another feminazi makes a fool of herself…AGAIN! If you haven’t followed much of Hilary Rosen over the years…you’re going to love this story, it’s simply too much fun at this stage of the game.

As a side-note before we start, Hilary Rosen has been to Dear Leader’s WH approximately 36 times in the last three years, so dems, do not try to tell us she has no connections with the O-Team. We aren’t ‘Stuck on Stupid‘ like you are.

The fun actually started with Mitt Romney’s interview on Fox yesterday morning. You can catch the video and such here, it’s well worth your time. In this interview he stated that more women have lost their jobs since Dear Leader has been in power and he gave the statics etc…well, dontcha know the dems went ballistic and the fight ensued thereon.

Which brings us to this…and I happened to catch it live last night, which really doubled the fun for me, being the political junkie that I am.

This is via WFB:

Hilary Rosen, a partner at the public relations firm SKDKnickerbocker, said Ann Romney “has never actually worked a day in her life” in response to a question about the “war on women” during a Wednesday Anderson Cooper panel:

ANDERSON COOPER: To the Romney campaign’s point, they say they’re focusing on the economy, and that’s what women say they overwhelmingly care about right now in poll after poll. And whether it’s a typical pattern or not, women are seeing jobs come back much more slowly than men are. Is there anything really wrong then, on reaching out to women on an issue that they care about, on the economy?

HILARY ROSEN: Well, first, can we just get rid of this word, “war on women”? The Obama campaign does not use it, President Obama does not use it—this is something that the Republicans are accusing people of using, but they’re actually the ones spreading it. With respect to economic issues, I think actually that Mitt Romney’s right, that ultimately, women care more about the economic well-being of their families and the like. But he doesn’t connect on that issue either. What you have is Mitt Romney running around the country saying, “Well, my wife tells me what women really care about are economic issues.” And, “When I listen to my wife, that’s what I’m hearing.” Guess what? His wife has never actually worked a day in her life. She’s never really dealt with the economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing—in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school, and how do—why we worry about their future. So I think it’s, yes, it’s about these positions, and yes there will be a war of words about the positions, but there’s something much more fundamental about Mitt Romney—he just seems so old-fashioned when it comes to women, and I think that comes across, and I think that’s going to hurt him over the long term. He just doesn’t really see us as equal.

Well, after she said this, all hell broke loose and then some via the twitter-world, I was more than tickled because usually zilch happens to a dem operative such as Rosen, but it did! Ann Romney tweeted immediately after this segment, which by the way was the first time she had ever used twitter…so next up we have Ann Romney on Fox this morning.

This is via Fox:

The RNC is calling for an apology from DNC consultant Hilary Rosen after she made controversial remarks about Ann Romney being a stay-at-home mother. Rosen told CNN that the wife of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney shouldn’t be talking about the economy’s toll on women, saying, “His wife has actually never worked a day in her life.”

Ann Romney responded to these comments on today’s America’s Newsroom, saying, “She should’ve come to my house when those five boys were causing so much trouble … It wasn’t so easy.”

While she understands that Rosen had made a different choice, she told Martha MacCallum that her career choice was to be a mother and said, “We need to respect women and all those choices they make.” She also gave a shout out to all of the fathers staying at home with their children saying that this job is the most important thing you can do, in her opinion.

Ann said that her husband told her more times than she could imagine that her job was more important than his. She told Martha that he would say, “Your job is a forever job that’s going to bring forever happiness.”

Since she’s been on the campaign trail with her husband, she said that women are talking about jobs and the legacy of debt that we are leaving our children.

Although she hasn’t had many financial struggles in her life, she wants people to understand that “Mitt and I have compassion for people who are struggling, and that’s why we’re running.”

In response to Rosen’s comments that Mitt Romney doesn’t see women as equals, Ann said, “That is not correct at all.” She feels this is a complete misconception about her husband, saying, “Mitt Romney is a person that admires women, and listens to them … he cares.”

So instead of Rosen using her smarts and backing off…she ‘Doubles Down on Stupid‘ again this morning!

This is via Mediaite:

Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen appeared on CNN’s Newsroom Thursday to address the firestorm over her comments to Anderson Cooper that Ann Romney “actually never worked a day in her life.” Carol Costello held Rosen’s feet to the fire over the controversy her comments caused. “You know what you’ve done, Hilary, right?” Costello asked. “You stirred up the war between working moms and stay at home moms. Now that’s what we’re talking about.”

“Well, but this really isn’t about stay at home moms versus working moms. It’s about women in general. I love stay at home moms. I have nothing against them. I support them all the time. Go to to see everything I have said about working moms. What the good conversation here is — is does Mitt Romney have a record about women and a plan for women that helps working women and women struggling economically to find a better future? That’s the challenge that I have for Mitt Romney.”

“But that’s not how people took your comments,” Costello asked. “They said it was offensive and that you were attacking stay-at-home moms. I mean, you said Ann Romney never worked a day in her life. This is a woman that suffered breast cancer, and has MS, she raised five boys. That’s hard work.”

“Look, I have kids. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. That’s the truth of it,” countered Rosen. “I have said consistently that the –look, Mitt Romney has brought his wife into this conversation. This is not about Ann Romney. This is about the waitress at a diner in some place in Nevada who has two kids whose day care funding is being cut off because of the Romney/Ryan budget and she doesn’t know what to do. This isn’t about whether Ann Romney or I or other women of some means can afford to make a choice to stay home and raise kids. Most women in America, let’s face it, don’t have that choice. They have to be working moms and home moms and that’s the piece that I am not hearing from the Romney camp. Instead everybody is attacking me. That’s fine, attack me. But it does not erase his woeful record on this issue.”

Costello told Rosen that conservative women say that her comments exemplify how liberal women have no clue about conservative women and how they want to live their lives.

“I don’t think that women across this country who have to work to support their families and raise their children look the divide [as] between liberal women and conservative women,” Rosen said. “Women see themselves as having a tough time and wanting leaders to speak to their issues. Barack Obama has done that. Mitt Romney has not. And the Republicans are making a very effective strategic decision today to attack me instead of talking about the issues that have been raised over the last few days.”

Now, just a few more repercussions to the backlash that Rosen has received, some from leftist-loons themselves who are jumping ship like the rest of the rats who work for Dear Leader.

This is a must read…it has so much in it from some of Dear Leader’s right-arms. Check it out here. Too much fun, you don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t click the link. Tweets from these twits included.

Then we have this from another dem operative, none other than Bubble-Head Mika Zbig who has her daily talking-points down pat via instructions from the WH.

The team at Morning Joe took a look at the controversy this morning, playing a clip of Rosen’s original comment.

“That was an unfortunate statement,” said host Mika Brzezinski.

As Joe Scarborough sees it, this back-and-forth is indicative of a divide not often acknowledged by the media. “It’s amazing,” he said, “the divide between professional women, on one side, unmarried women or married women without children — predominantly Democratic. The other side of the divide? Married women with children who stay at home — predominantly Republican.” Rosen and Romney, he continued, represent this very divide.

John Heilemann noted that there’s no upside, politically, to Rosen’s comment where Democrats are concerned, but still held the Romney campaign to account for not immediately recognizing and having a firm take on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act during a recent conference call.

Scarborough added that this sort of discussion is indicative that we’re venturing away from the primary and further toward the general election.

“Look,” said Brzezinski. “Mitt Romney needs to connect with women. Mitt Romney needs to do it. I think there’s some unfortunate… potentially even risk to sort of putting Ann out there, maybe even outside her comfort zone. Maybe not. But having said that, the comments that are making news this morning by Hilary Rosen… when someone has five boys and is working with her husband on three major jobs before he runs for president… Marriage is a team. And a lot of couples work together, and that couple works together. That woman works. It was an incorrect statement.” You can read full story here.

There’s so much more…but good ol’ Michelle Malkin summed it up best this morning on Fox and Friends.

Michelle Malkin appeared on Fox & Friends on Thursday where she was was asked for her opinion on Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen‘s comments about former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney‘s wife, Ann Romney. On CNN last night, Rosen said that Romney should not be taking policy advice from his wife on issues like the economy because she “has never worked a day in her life.” In response to that assertion, Malkin said that Democratic women have for nearly 20 years displayed “contempt for all conservative moms.”

When asked to weigh in on Rosen’s comments, Malkin asked, smiling broadly, “a mother of five sons?”

“This is not a coincidence, by the way,” Malkin continued. “We pointed this out when this thing exploded on Twitter last night when Ann Romney joined Twitter to push back at this frontal assault. That Hilary Rosen, a career D.C. lobbyist and a woman of great elite privilege in the D.C. community, is someone who works alongside Anita Dunn — who just happens to be the former Obama communications hit woman.”

Malkin continued, saying that the “vitriol” leveled at stay-at-home moms by Rosen, and by extension the Obama campaign, “is part of the strategy of the Democrats.”

“I think it actually is bad strategy,” said co-host Brian Kilmeade. “They started winning the female vote and now they’re insulting housewives across the country.”

“Of course, it is. But these leftist women cannot help themselves,” said Malkin. “This is a page from an old playbook. Hillary Clinton did it when she went after stay-at-home moms when they bake cookies and have tea. This happened in 2004 when Teresa Heinz Kerry disparaged Laura Bush and said that she had never had a, quote unquote, real job in her life. Although Laura Bush had worked both as a teacher and a librarian. And now you have Hillary Rosen echoing Hillary Clinton – these people don’t just have contempt for conservative, stay-at-home moms, they have contempt for all conservative moms. And, yes, it is going to backfire.”

“There are some stay-at-home moms who might vote Democrat too,” said co-host Gretchen Carlson. “That’s what is being missed in this entire discussion.” Carlson asked Malkin if she believed that Rosen got “marching orders” from the Obama administration on this because Obama campaign manager Jim Messina and campaign advisor David Axelrod both came out against Rosen’s statement nearly immediately on Twitter.

“I think that what these people have not expected, the White House and the Obama administration, is that the right and conservative activists on the line would push back the way we did,” said Malkin. “Thank goodness we have.”

The O-Team brought on the so-called ‘War On Women’ thinking this was a winning issue…now they’re eating it, big time!

War is hell…pay backs are a bitch! You wanted it, you got it! ‘Never Underestimate the Power of Conservative Women Scorned!

Priceless. ~

Add your two-cents ….I’m too busy laughing at the fools.

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Leave it to Joyless Behar to spew her idiotic BS.

    • Joy just needs her back shaved, then she’ll be okay.

      • chip…

        Lol, now now, that isn’t very gentlemanly when it comes to such a classy gal as Behar.

        Just kidding ya know. – There is NO HOPE whatsoever for Joyless.

        • thanks… practice, practice, practice…
          Thanks for all you do buddy, no sugar coating zone at AWD!

          • Hey there chip…thanks, that means a lot to me. And you’re more than welcome.

            Your in-put is much appreciated. ~

            Sure is like a ghost town around here the last hour or so. Hope this blog post didn’t scare all the Dudes off. Sure would like to see some more Dudettes around these parts…today is another one of them. 😉

          • Death to Libtards says:

            Did anyone on the View, other than Elizabeth Hasselbeck, NOT fall out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Whoopi is both ugly and stupid. She should beautify America and wear the burka.

          • Now that had me laughing instantly DtL…so fitting, so fitting!

  2. Looks like the pressure was too much…Rosen’s been forced to apologize with her non-apology or be exonerated from the dem club, and we all know it.

    “I apologize to Ann Romney and anyone else who was offended,” Rosen said in statement.

    Rosen sparked a firestorm of criticism by suggesting Wednesday evening on CNN that Romney was not qualified to help her husband on the campaign trail address women’s issues.

    “Guess what, (Romney’s) wife has actually never worked a day in her life,” said Rosen, who has twins with ex-partner Elizabeth Birch.

    In her apology, Rosen also said: “Let’s put the faux ‘war against stay at home moms’ to rest once and for all. As a mom I know that raising children is the hardest job there is. As a pundit, I know my words on CNN last night were poorly chosen.”

    Btw…this is some of what the Fox Report omitted in the report I have above regarding the interview with Ann this morning, I know, because I watched it live. This is what really set Ann off and she stated as such.

    Ann Romney, who has raised five children, said this morning on Fox News Channel that her career choice was to be a mother and that Rosen should have been in her house when “those boys caused so much trouble.”

    However, she struck a far more serious tone when asked about Rosen’s comment about her husband not understanding women and their needs.

    “Now that bothers me,” Romney said, pointing out her husband has surrounded himself with top female advisers at least since his days as Massachusetts governor.

    “Hilary needs to know this,” she also said. Women on the campaign trail are “talking about jobs and the legacy of debt they’re leaving their children.”

    If you read all the link above, this apology from Rosen came directly after Wonder-Boy Jay Carney was asked about this in the WH Daily Briefing this morning from one of the gal-pal msm lap-dogs.

    • Tell you what, it offends me that Rosen and her wife used to parade around their trophy black children like they were entries at the Westminister Kennel Club just to show everyone how very, very politically correct they were. I just hope those kids actually have a real man and a real woman in their young lives now to give them the direction they desperately need. There’s no telling how those to “strap on queens” have warped their little minds.

  3. This is hilarious.

    Check the links out and you’ll see why.

    Yet DNC Chief Debbie Blabbermouth had this to say about Rosen this morning.


    • Paul Bonnichsen says:

      They just can’t figure out who is instructing who… one thing about libs, lying is in their DNA.

  4. Methinks Hilary Rosen got her boxers in a wad mostly because she’s an angry lebanese and because Ann Romney is a darned good-looking mom of 5 and classy to boot.
    It would be interesting to know if Mizz Rosen employs a nanny for *her* 2 kids and if so, does she think the nanny does anything of value while Mizz Rosen is “slaving” at “work” insulting people and promoting Sandra Fluke for “a living?”
    I don’t suffer fools well…..

    • Vixen and all…

      Check this out…

      This is priceless.

      Hypocrisy much?

      Btw Vixen, it’s sure nice to have another gal around here at the moment. 😉

      • Big,
        Just read the Examiner piece. LOL!!! Hypocrisy, thy name is Hilary Rosen!
        Check out WZ. Some more interesting info with photos of Mizz Rosen and her “former” partner.

        • Will do. I know they separated in ’06 or such, which lesbian got the custody?

          Just curious. (Not really all that much if ya know what I mean, snicker, snicker)

          Anyhow, I’ll check that out as soon as I get done with a few tidbits outside. I am curious. 😉

    • I couldn’t agree more, except I think she got her cup sideways…

  5. Everyone…we must remember that Hilary Rosen works with Valerie Jarrett and Anita Dunn in the WH too. None of this was by accident whatsoever.

    Problem is…it BACKFIRED! They didn’t count on the ire from conservative women everywhere. We’re out there in numbers to big for them to explore or ignore!

    • Well, well. Why am I not surprised that Valerie Jarrett, who I swear was a character in “Planet of the Apes”, and Anita “I loves me some Mao” Dunn are likely part of this kerfuffle?? Figures. At any rate, I hope they keep up the overreach that arrogant snots always fall prey to. The more they do, the more America wakes up from her slumber.

  6. Paul Bonnichsen says:


    May actually be your finest article (post) or at least ranking at the top since I started viewing AWD’s blog about six or so months ago. Ladies across the country in all walks of life should be outraged at Rosen’s remarks… and yes, I think her remarks which you know were approved by Dear Stinking Leader have already backfired in a very big way.

    Ann Romney seems to have class and I feel she will be a positive in this campaign. Also agree with Mitt in video… people are so disgusted with the current administration that Rep party will come together like never before thanks to Obummer.

    PS – Tell hubby you typed your ass off today (stay at home mom) preparing this article and need a hand massage before he gets dinner.

    • Hey Paul…

      Thanks so much, means a lot to me! It took a lot of time, but I knew when I saw her say this last I was most likely going to post about it today…little did I know that it would catch on fire like it did until late last night via twitter and a few late night shows….then this morning spoke volumes…that fire had turned into a wildfire!

      Ya gotta love the dems…they truly did themselves in with this one.

      Funny how they’ve all scrambled like the cockroaches they are when the lights were turned on…for all to see.

      Plus…you can be sure Hilary Rosen is one mad as hell lesbian at the moment…made to apologize after she doubled-down on stupid this morning…all the while the bus was and is running smack-dab over her…with Dear Leader at the wheel.

      • Paul Bonnichsen says:


        Wasn’t it Rahm Emanuel who said “Never let a crisis go to waste” or something to that affect. Well, just called the WH (202 456-1111) regarding Hilary Rosen’s statement – told them how sad it was to think Obama had such little respect for stay at home moms.

        I’ll do anything to see POS Obama worry about his reelection strategy and possibly Rosen will be a stay at home lesbo mom before long.

        • Paul…

          Just heard via radio that Dear Leader has already inserted himself into this via abc cameras I think it was saying ‘how important stay at home moms are’ using Mooch as his example of course.

          When I see a link I’ll put it here…but doubt if anyone wants to hear it…know I don’t. The clip I heard was bad enough.

          I’m telling you…this is backfiring big time. Obama is toast anyway, but inserting himself everywhere all the time is even a bigger mistake from the supposedly most brilliant man in the world.

  7. Wow. Hilary Rosen is manna from heaven: “How are we gonna get Ann into the public eye, make her into a public persona?” “Well, maybe we can pay some feminist lebanese to attack her for being a mom,?” “Marvelous idea!”
    Only we didn’t have to pay Hilary, she did it for free.
    Stage Two: How do we get Ann angry enough to shed her June Cleaver act and get in there with some Palin mojo? I don’t know, but I hope she has it in her to go on a lot of talk shows and try to explain that she knows as much about the female sex as a lebanese man-hating feminista. We are not going to get the lebanese vote, but we do need the soccer moms and they like a feisty lady.

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:


      I personally just like a classy lady who can speak intelligently… as long as the PC is dropped, Ann Romney’s message will have impact.

      You all know me by now… I could use a little PC.

  8. Have no fear ladies, AWD & Friends make these slick folks look silly…

  9. I’d like to say you ‘You can’t believe it!’but I know you will.

    Warning: To any who are offended by filthy language…don’t click this.

    I had to clean up one word in the link…hope it still works.

    I check out everyday since Malkin stated this site…one of my posts made it there a few weeks back too. 😉

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:

      Wow, I thought my language here at AWD was a little rough at times… apparently not!!!

      • Paul…

        Something else eh? Oh yeah…the left, always keepin’ it classy.

        Proves their intelligence level, does it not?

    • Un-believable….Wow!!! I knew liberals were assholes but holy sh!t

      This is truly the “hate” filled left showing their true colors.

      Hey all you liberals out there take a look at you assholes – and you wonder why we can’t stand you sons-a-bitches

      • Something else isn’t it Bluto.

        Where’s Pig when we need him…lol?

        Maybe he got the ban hammer after-all.

  10. Check this out ~

    I’m lovin’ this!

    Then we have dumber than a fence post, and I do mean dumber than a fence…Hilda Solis praising Mooch.

    And to think Solis is Head of Dept. Of Labor. – Scary. She’s proved that numerous times. I’ve posted many links about her over the years here…plus I watched her work on the House Floor. She takes her commie marching orders like a good little foot soldier now.

  11. Haven’t dated in quite awhile, are all liberal women that
    ugly? Couldn’t stand to look at, let alone listen to this
    frustrated old windbag without barfing. Stay at home
    moms are pretty classy ladies in my book. They take
    on the liftime job of raising kids. Sure wish my mom
    was able to do that!

    As for Joy Bahar and those misguided bitties on the
    View, they may be attractive on the outside, but the
    ugly things they do and say only help Onumbnuts
    try to destroy our country.

    Maybe I’ll find a nice conservative lady that loves
    this nation as much as I do.

  12. I hope some of you check this out, this could become HUGE!

    Make sure and check it all the way out to the bottom and see the connections to the WH/Dear Leader.

    Btw…this info that was leaked can only help Mitt for votes from conservatives like me. ~

  13. Just heard Bob Beckel say this was no big deal…it’s getting way overblown blah blah blah.

    He wishes!

    Just read this…so may as well, throw this in here.

  14. Just Wow, the left encourages more division among Americans. So now it is Career Woman against the Homemaker.

    And then this Douche quantifies what political identity each subset can be grouped in by their job description?

    “the divide between professional women, on one side, unmarried women or married women without children — predominantly Democratic. The other side of the divide? Married women with children who stay at home — predominantly Republican.” Rosen and Romney, he continued, represent this very divide”

    This is for you Joe

    (explicit and repetitive F-bombs)

  15. Here’s some good news for us folks…and it’s only April!

    Anyone surprised?

  16. Dr. Keith Ablow’s psychoanalysis of Hilary Rosen

  17. And the Rosen Meltdown continues through this very afternoon!

    I have a smile on my face that couldn’t possibly get any bigger. 😉

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:


      Is it not amazing that Hilary Rosen thinks Ann Romney should not have an opinion. I swear, if not for a PC world, Rosen would be working eight to five.

  18. Why doesn’t this latest assault on dedicated conservative minded wives and mothers by the ravenous feminazi’s surprise me? Nothing frightens these so called “champions of women’s issues” more than a faithful wife and mother, like myself and Mrs. Romney who has dedicated part of her life in raising her children while standing dutifully besides her hard working and loving husband!

    Rosen like most liberal-minded “womyn” wears all of her ugliness both on the outside as well as on the inside! They’re under the misguided impression that their 1960’s oriented version of radical feminism, is by far the most enlightening option ever proposed to modern day women.

    But it is backfiring and has been for nearly 45 years. Most women do not want to adopt masculine tendencies by competing fearlessly in the work place in order to succeed as a power hungry CEO! Nor are we eager to behave in a predatory manner in order to “obtain” a man!

    These liberal ideals may suit some women fully (preferably the lebenese who deeply wish they were born with Arnold Schwartzenegger’s genes) but for the most part, women like myself and millions more do not rely on the opinions of self-hating, male-bashing, wealthy ivy-league educated and Christophobic fiends whose only aim is to tarnish our God-centered feminine wiles of establishing faithfullly strong families that will morally advance our future civilization!

    • Excellent post ma’am.

    • Renee…

      I’ve been hoping against hope you would show up today and put your two cents in…and lordy, lordy, …you didn’t disappoint.

      Total class gal. Well said, plus you speak volumes for millions of us gals out that think just like you think…but can’t put it in the prose you just did.

      I, for one…thank you. 😉

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:


      Very outstanding comment!!! You know, the majority of us men love you ladies precisely because of your tenderness and nurturing qualities… not to mention your IQ’s.

    • Renee! Great stuff, you are right on the money.

  19. Neither of these women was ever forced by the 1996 welfare reform act to quit college and get a job at minimum wage while raising a toddler by herself.

    • So, what the heck does that have to do with anything? Or is this supposed to be ‘Cry Me a River’ time?

      If so…don’t make me laugh.

  20. Here’s Dear Leader…whose been caught in a trap of his own making, make no mistake about that. He just didn’t count on this backfiring as it did.

    Video is included if you want to listen to his lying mouth.

    By the way…what would this man ever know anything about a real job…eh? Hell, he’s never held one in his life…including the office he holds now. We all know he uses it for a playing field for destruction of this country and uses it at his pleasure in various forms.

    One other thing…when did he ever call off his attack dogs like Rosen when they attack other conservative women relentlessly…eh?

    They don’t come any phonier than this entity in an empty suit… than Dear Leader does.

  21. Vicio Malo says:

    hey BT…why don’t you post the angela adams vieo again…she’s the equivalent of a “black stay at home mom”…and nice job on the article

    • Thanks Vicio…appreciate that.

      As to other things…too many irons in the fire, if ya know what I mean.

  22. Here’s El Rushbo today regarding this issue. ~

    And what the heck…may throw in the other phony half of Dear Leader here too…inserting her two-cents while they both run the bus over Rosen to and fro.

  23. Spurwing Plover says:

    I hope this backfires in the faces of the demacraps

  24. Just read the article by Keith Ablow. All I can say is wow!
    But I think that the good doctor should have called it what it is:
    She’s a freakin’ man hater! I recall a broadcast of The Savage
    Nation, where a top psychiatrist analyzed Onumbnuts given
    the facts as we knew them. I gotta say that most everything
    that was said about him is true. I’m beginning to think that
    being a Democrap is a mental disorder.

  25. A great article and comments….I’m really enjoying this one! 🙂

    • Hey there Mythy…

      Glad you are…just curious, are you new here?

      I can’t keep up all the time with everyone if ya know what I mean.

      Nevertheless…glad you like. 😉

  26. There is certainly nothing wrong with being a “stay at home” mom. And it definitely can be a full-time job raising kids.
    But it is disingenuous to suggest that the viewpoints of an extremely wealthy homemaker represent the needs and concerns of women — whether married or single, with or without children — who need to earn a living in the workplace to make ends meet.

    Romney to female voters: “The GOP has your back.”

    Meanwhile, the governor of Wisconsin repeals “equal pay for women” legislation, conservative pundits and politicians claim that men deserve higher pay for equal work because “men need the added income more than do women” or because “men know more stuff than do women”, Congressional and state Republican legislators strive to make affordable access to contraception and breast cancer screenings more difficult with their assault on PP and health insurance coverage, and GOP-controlled state legislatures mandate that women seeking an abortion provide social conservative politicians with “a womb with a view”. So much for the tea party/conservative movement’s mantra: “small, non-intrusive government”.

    The 2012 GOP campaign slogan: A chicken in every pot and a spy-cam in every uterus.

    American women to Republican Party: “WE will decide whether or not our rights are being assaulted by conservative policies, thank you very much.”

    • Do some real research into how ‘wealthy’ the Romney’s were in their early life before you open your liberal yapper and stick both feet in it.

      You tell the union goons in Wisconsin to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine as well. The only way you’re gonna win there is via ‘cheating’ as you always do.

      Adios…too much to do than to mess with another looney-leftist like you.

      Oh yeah…you better get used to saying “President Romney” as well. ~

  27. I say its high time for the Fox News Channel to offer Michelle Malkin her own show. She’s alway on point and expresses herself flawlessly! Plus, she walked away from a regular spot on the O’reilly Factor after he cowardly avoided defending her from Geraldo’s insensitive threats!

  28. A mainstay Democratic constituency is welfare queens (and kings), many / most of whom have “never worked a day in their lives”.

    When was the last time a Democrat faulted them for not working?

  29. Vicio Malo says:

    female white house workers currently make 18% less than their male counterparts and a whopping 92% of the jobs lost since obummer has been at the helm are women…

  30. Vicio Malo says:

    and if ya wanna see the typical black stay at home mom see angela adams video…”I have these 12 chillun here, and some body need to take responsility for me and my chillun…somebody gotta be accountable” … so the state took her children. And no Ann Romney is not some broke ass welfare mama that’s why she can afford to bring 5 children into the world. Thank God for good breeding stock. I’d hate to know I was breeding libtards and dummycrats…

  31. I want to steer clear of the politics surrounding the statement. However, it has certainly unleashed the age old mommy war of whose job is the hardest. It’s the working moms versus the stay at home moms. I think we need to change our thinking a bit in regard to this debate. It’s a classist problem. What do I mean by this? I go into detail here: http://www.themommypsychologis.....difficult/

    Feel free to check it out if interested.

  32. I love it when stories from this site make it to viral ‘Newspapers’ like this. ~

    Just wanted to share with you all. 😉

  33. Check this out…talk about a stretch!

    Thought I’d give everyone a morning laugh or two. 😉

  34. Well, many of the links and posts from others have been lost here since server change…but I’m going to add a few during the day.

    Here’s one of them.

    I cracked up laughing when I heard that yesterday, so was he when he said it. Since then, it’s gone viral. – Great slam to Dear Leader dontcha know! 😉

  35. Here are a few more links from today…

    Newsflash to Bill: You are the walking, talking definition of ‘meaningless.’

  36. Talk about ‘Priceless!’…ya gotta get a kick out of this.

  37. I realize I’m basically alone here, but still going to post a few more links here that were lost yesterday.

    Whatta gal…eh?

  38. Here’s a great piece from one of my favorite authors at AT.

  39. This ought to dispel a lot of the dems talking pointing too…but we know many will just ignore it.

    And then there’s this from Georgy Porgy…