Seems Dear Leader has been a busy little bee marxist behind the scenes…here are two issues that go against the grain of what the american people have absolutely no tolerance for, poll after poll have stated as such. Yet he goes against our will once again and doesn’t give a rats rear about it either.

Here’s the first report that had me fuming this morning when I heard about on the Washington Journal…and trust me, the first half hour I heard of the show, not one caller was happy about this either…that included Dems, Independents and Republicans.

This is via FT:

US forces will stay in Afghanistan until 2024 under a deal aimed at reassuring the Afghan public, regional powers and insurgents that Washington will not abandon Kabul after most foreign troops withdraw.

The agreement was finalised on Sunday after months of fraught negotiations dogged by disputes between Hamid Karzai, the president, and US officials over night raids on insurgents and control of military prisons.

“I have been involved in many international negotiations. I can say without doubt, I have never encountered a tougher negotiator,” said Ryan Crocker, the US ambassador, referring to the Afghan team.

Mr Karzai and Barack Obama, the US president, are due to sign the document at a Nato summit in Chicago next month.

The breakthrough is a boost for Washington, which has faced a series of blows in Afghanistan this year, including co-ordinated attacks on Kabul last weekend, the murder of 17 Afghan civilians, apparently by a US soldier, and riots triggered by the discovery of burned Korans at a US base.

The deal sets the framework for US military and civilian aid to Afghanistan in the decade after 2014, by which time the vast majority of foreign soldiers are due to have returned home.

It forms a pillar of the Obama administration’s exit strategy by ensuring the US can continue to deploy smaller contingents of special forces to hunt militants and advisers to train Afghanistan’s army and police.

The promise of a long-term US military presence is also designed to reassure Afghans who fear the drawdown may trigger a rerun of the international isolation and descent into civil war that followed the Soviet retreat in 1989.

The US hopes the agreement will also encourage wavering allies to stand firm in their commitments to Afghanistan ahead of the Nato summit as well as send a signal of resolve to Taliban commanders.

US officials had feared that any failure to sign the deal before the Chicago gathering would further undermine flagging enthusiasm for the 11-year Afghan campaign among troop-contributing nations.

But the talks gained fresh momentum in recent weeks as negotiators reached a compromise over the transfer of military jails to Afghan control and agreed to give Kabul greater oversight of night raids.

Mr Karzai has long opposed the operations, which US commanders consider their most effective weapon against the Taliban in spite of the anger they cause among the president’s ethnic Pashtun community.

The document, which was not made public, does not govern the precise numbers of troops or quantity of aid Afghanistan will receive, but sets the broad outlines of the two country’s relationship.

The US has already begun withdrawing about a third of its Afghan deployment, which peaked at almost 100,000 troops. The White House has yet to announce the pace and scope of further reductions in the run-up to the completion of the security handover in 2014.

If that report didn’t ‘frost your flakes‘ enough…this ought to do the trick. Not that any of you will be shocked, but him doubling down on EO’s is beneath comtempt.

This is via FNI:

According to new reports, President Obama plans to use his executive power to bypass Congress when necessary in order to accomplish his goals.

Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) expressed disappointment in the president’s move saying that for the first two years of his presidency, Obama had little opposition in passing initiatives like the health care law and the stimulus because Congress was controlled by Democrats. “And then the country said, ‘Hold on a minute, this isn’t what we signed up for.’ They very much, and very clearly, said we want to move in a different direction,” said Roskam.

He argues that rather than listening to the public, the president is saying, “Look, I really don’t care about what the results are of the 2010 election. I’m going to continue to move forward with an agenda that seems to be more and more and more out of step.”

Roskam says he’s disappointed…hell, he and other congress-critters should be steamin’ mad!

What say you all regarding staying in Afghanistan thru 2024, plus financing the crooked politicians there as well?

Where are all the lefties protesting this deal…hmm? The clueless ones voted for this ‘poser‘ for the very reason of his false promises of bringing the troops home pronto etc etc…we all know they despise the military, yet they seem to have tape over their mouths now..nowhere to be seen.

Plus…add in your thoughts about our gutless wonders in congress not speaking out loud and clear about O’s power grab via bypassing congress with more Executive Orders?

The Master-of-Disaster has to go back to Chicagoland along with the other thugs that reside there ASAP! November can’t get here soon enough…it’s obvious our congress-critters are going to do zilch about any of this…yet he strangles each of us in one way or another while he continues to destroy this great nation day by day via his agendas.


Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Seems as though everyone is recognizing the country is headed for disater if this son-of-a-bitch in the white house gets four more years.

    Without a doubt he will not only double down on his plans for socialism he will quadruple those plans. If this bastard is reelected the country will not survive….At least in any form that any of us will recognize.

    Here’sa little diddy from Mr. Bortz

    Get rid of Obongo We Much

  2. This is exactly what the O-Team is doing to keep this BS going come Nov.

    • According to Rachael “butch” Maddow over at MSLSD there is no voter fraud going on in the country.

      Democrats everywhere are saying that this voter fraud issue doesn’t exist but only in the minds of of people who distrust the government.

      Geeez…who should I believe?????? …..Duh, Maybe I should believe the damn arrest records all over the country of democrats getting arrested for fraudulent voting practices!!!!!…Ya think…

      Oh I forgot…Walks On Water raised the dead in South Carolina…some 953 of them and guess who they all voted for…guess I would vote for Obongo if he raised me from the dead too.

      How many more will Obongo raise from the dead this coming November?

      • Bluto…

        Well said…can’t add much more. – but your post did put a smile on my face just by the way you wrote it. 😉


    My question is…will all this crap be repealed once this scum in the WH is out of there? It is my belief that it can but I have my doubts with willard at the helm.

    • Hey there OTP…

      Long time no see!

      As to your question….heck, I don’t know. One thing about it, we’re gonna be finding out in just a matter of time.

    • SKIP predicts that NOTHING the democrats or POTUS have done will be repealed, negated, unfunded or changed in any way because the republican surrender monkeys don’t have the balls to do it. Congress could stop all of the sh&& now by witholding funding and they haven’t done so and they promised they would. No friends, we are on our way to Civill War II and I personally welcome it as we know who the traitors are, where they are and when they will be there.

  4. I can hardly muster the energy to comment on this Communist incompetant Narcissist. The evidence against him is overwhelming, yet there are hoards of idiots who dont know anything about his lies and mis-steps.

    The elected officials both Dem and Repub, are complicite in our demise, yet none of them are held accountable, Congress is concerned with prosecuting Roger Clemmons for lieing about HGH,while Eric “my people” Holder is criminally leading our nations highest law enforcement office. Hussein is turning back the clock on our nations progress to the days of Pres Wilson

    All I can say is, accumulate ammo, and prepare, I am forming closer relationships with neighbors and we have a plan

  5. Friends…please check out these two links….the links themselves speak volumes!

    Btw…if you click the link, you’re gonna love the cartoon ~

    and this ~

    • That right…This Keystone Pipeline just maybe a plot by the Canadians to invade and take over the United States….Jay Carney just may be on to something here…We all know how the dastardly Canadians will double cross us and trick us out of our sovereignty.

      Damn you Canadians!!!!

  6. Uh-Oh ~

    Must be Bush’s fault…we sure as heck know it isn’t Dear Leader’s…after-all, he loves him some Iran.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:


    • Spur…

      Right you are…but look at the characters that hand out and vote for those awards. That tells ya everything ya need to know…if ya know I mean.

  8. Say What!..I can’t believe this is from the NYSlimes!

    I guess better late than never…of course I wonder how long this will last, most likely just a fleeting moment.

  9. The latest RNC ad addressing Obongo’s lies

    • Hey Bluto…if that’s the one that just came on today via the internet, I haven’t had a chance to see it yet…will try to catch it at the top of the hour. Glad you have the link here. ~

    • Bluto…

      Just watched it…’From Hope to Hypocrisy’ – ‘Senator Sell-Out’

      Priceless…totally priceless.

      You know what else what telling…no soundbites from msDNC. – Oh wait, there wouldn’t be one there…now would there?

      They are really putting together some priceless political ads…I’m lovin’ this.

      Thanks ~

  10. Okay friends…both of these links pertain to the subject of the blog post.

    and this ~

    Wonder what our Chicago Thug in the WH thinks about that link above…eh?

    …and the other one coming from the NYT’s. – that’s two for two coming from the NYSlimes today…I have put another example of that in post somewhere above if you want to read it too.

    Obama may be losing the love from many on the left…too funny.

  11. Folks, hate to say this but I can see Ohitler from here.
    Der Fuhrer as we know used many Executive Orders to
    strip the German people of their freedom. And if that
    ain’t enough, weren’t the Mooslims alligned with the
    Nazis in WW2? May be nearly blind, but I call ’em
    like I see ’em and folks let me tell ya we ain’t seen
    nothin’ yet!

    • Ken…

      Speaking of Hitler…check this out, this is infuriating…the first part of the blog has to do with Nato…

      In fact this is despicable. ~

      I pray I see the day we are out of the IMF, UN and NATO etc.

      • Hey Big: Have you seen the stuff about concentration camps?
        Heard that Onumbnuts intends on using them to house the
        unemployed, much the way Hitler used Buchenwald and Auchwitz
        in the 1930’s. But as we all know, these camps were used to detain
        nearly all the enemies of the state.

        My advice to the public at large is: Prepare now! Lay in as much food,
        water, guns and ammo as you possibly can. Time is running out! Should
        things go south and Onumbnuts be re-elected RESIST WE MUST!

        • Yeah…I’ve heard about that for years now, I do call BS on that story. ~ That’s just me…along with what I’ve read, and seen via some on the msm (mainly Beck way back when, but when he made the points he did, I already had agreed with what he said by the previous research I had done.)

        • Good ideas we have to collect ammo and weapons BUT! we must also organize, gather, plan, execute (I like that word EXECUTE) and prepare battle plans against muslims, blacks and our own damned government (hence my comment that we need to be able to bring down choppers) When the EBT and freebies end muslims and blacks will be serious problems and Civil War II will be even more ruthless, pitiless and brutal than the first civil war.

  12. It’s such a shame that our history books are not produced by truly talented and honest conservatives, because Obama’s trifling political legacy would be loooked upon simply as an afterthought! His entire presidency was a complete sham from beginning to end and our children must be infrormed of his numerous errors.

  13. In 2008,if anybody told me we would have a president that was worst than Jimma Carter,I would of said no way.If this guy gets reelected then i will know that the American people has really gotten even more stupid and we need to really do away with the dept. of education.

    • Agreed.

      We need to get rid of the Dept. of Education no matter what as far as I’m concerned. It’s nothing but Commie ruled Indoctrination 101.

  14. Swamp Music says:

    Obama is largely just a continuation of Bush era policies. Be the world cop. Pander to those that want us dead, and spend America into oblivion.

    DHS, Patriot Act, etc. etc.

    NO MORE @#$KING WARS!!!!!!

    We might as well have the cast of ‘Jackass’ running the country.

  15. Wonder of Obama would say; ‘If he had a son it would look like Matthew Owens?’…hmmm?

    Another one of the many stories like this the msm will and does ignore. ~

  16. Anybody heard of this latest dirty trick from Obama?

    If he’s not stopped, Obama will spend $8 billion in taxpayer funds for a scheme to mask the debilitating effects on seniors of his signature piece of legislation just long enough to get himself re-elected.

    • Howdy toby…

      I’ve read about this elsewhere here and there…but this is the best write-up I’ve seen yet.

      If you took that article the way I did, it may back fire BIG TIME on Dear Leader…this takes effect Oct. 15th…do you know how many seniors are going to be furious before Nov. 6th….I’d bet you plenty of them.

      By the way…Dear Leader’s slush plan is going to be flushed down the toilet come election day, as well as he is. A new repub held congress and president will see to that.

  17. As a side-note here just for the heckuva of it..I cannot believe not one person has been outraged about this deal Dear Leader has made with Karzai/Afghanistan when it come to paying and staying until 2024…to be signed in Chicago not long from now etc…


    Btw…don’t get me wrong, I know congress has to provide money and all that jazz and he will most likely be in the city where this deal was signed come Jan.’13…still can’t help but mention it.

    I know every single caller I heard this morning of all parties were absolutely outraged…every one of them.

    • Yeah Big I’m outraged, I’m sick to death of this wannabe tyrant, Heck I’m sick to death of all the Career Politicians and thier BS while We the People get ground under by the treads TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT TANK.

      • Thanks for the reply DA…I’m so disgusted with so much, I pray what happens in Nov. changes to this country continue on the conservative side of life…or we’re fracked…again!

  18. patthemick says:

    Well if you really care about the actions of the POTUS realise it does not matter if the new POTUS is the same as the old POTUS then these types of actions will continue. That’s why you must vote for Ron Paul as he is the only one with no designs for a Global hegemony.

    • ptm…

      I have nothing but admiration for your steadfast view of who and what yoy believe in…sincerely mean that. And whose to say you’re wrong.

      At this stage of the game…I’m not one of them.

  19. “I have seen the future and it is a BOOT stomping on a HUMAN FACE FOREVER!”

  20. Ref:”The Master-of-Disaster has to go back to Chicagoland along with the other thugs that reside there ASAP! November can’t get here soon enough…it’s obvious our congress-critters are going to do zilch about any of this…yet he strangles each of us in one way or another while he continues to destroy this great nation day by day via his agendas.

    The guy should never gotten to where he’s at now…and he should never be allowed to go back to Chicago…even a federal prison is not good enough for this imposter…Guantanamo Bay, maybe but that would be too expensive for the taxpayers so a better solution would be to deport the SOB to Kenya. As for the congress-critters doing zilch it just shows you how far our country has fallen apart…Can we recover? Not if we we stand around waiting for November…wait that long and we’re doomed!

    • Good-Morning and hello Norm…

      Just curious…just what exactly is it you propose that happens before Nov. 6th?

      Thanks ~

  21. I’m lovin’ this…from a democrat too.

    He minced no words here. ~