Quoth Drudge:

Dems Vow to Kill AZ Immigration Law


Are the Demonrats aware they’re playing right into the “Sailer Strategy“? Probably not, because they’re blinded by 1) their hatred of white middle class folks, and 2) their infatuation with creating a NAM majority in America.

Of course, with 1, they drive what remains of their working-class white base into the welcoming arms of the Republitards, and, with 2, they grossly overestimate how much electoral weight Latino’s [currently] possess.

So go ahead, libtards, vote away on that Arizona bill! I beg you!

Oh, and let’s be sure tell our CINO “representatives” to stand with AZ—for despite what their “best and brightest” in DC tell them, it will be to their advantage.

They're all yours, DNC!

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  1. what in the name of God are those Chicago head hunters doing?

  2. WTF, NAM? Non American minority or is majority? Could have gone all day without seeing that picture. Thanks Red now I’m gonna have MORE NIGHTMARES. Its bad enough that I wake up to a nightmare everyday now,and I’m NOT refering to Mrs DirtyAl either.

  3. thanks for changing picture of the fornicating nee-groes

  4. Good thinking, AWD.

    I see your Sailer Strategy link is dud. Here’s one of his VDARE.com versions:


    • Thanks Mr. Cleburne for the link. I’m always conscious of Sailer’s Strategy and find it funny that the Democrats just can’t seem to keep their little balkanized voting groups inside the pens!

  5. Up-Chuck’s BS isn’t going anywhere….all bluster.

    It’s going to be interesting what is said in SCOTUS tomorrow. – Sure were interesting calls on the Washington Journal this morning…the majority of the callers support the Az. laws etc.

    I sure hope the court upholds this case…Kagan has to recuse herself on this one. If it’s a 4-4 decision the case goes back to the 9th Circuit Ct in Ca…so that will be bad for the good guys.

  6. patthemick says:

    If Mittens is nominated expect him to run a weak a race against Obama as McCain did in 2008. Like McCain he’ll be so fearful of the R word that he will essentially say nothing. He a Mass. liberal Rino and wont get invited to the best parties if he dares to race bait in even the most innocuous fashion. I am astounded at how the MSM has blacked out Ron Paul and gotten away with it. I’m in Texas and I’m voting Ron Paul.


    I was talking to a co-worker from Michigan when he told me an interesting story…..

    It seems like the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) every year buys salt for the Winter season to keep the roads passable after snow and ice storms…..

    Since the past year was rather mild and they didn’t use all their salt supplies……MDOT will spread their remaining salt supplies by May 1 to ensure that they receive their full allotment of funds to buy salt for Winter 2012……

    Seems a better idea to save that salt for Winter weather and buy only an amount needed to replenish the supply…..and not waste the money.

    Anyone from Michigan……….and can confirm?

  8. Has Chuck Schumer ever said anything sane. He is not only
    on the wrong side of every issue, he is frequently in the
    vanguard. Schumer only see votes for dems and fails to
    address the huge gaping hole in security that is our border
    security, if that is what it can be called. Schumer is
    a self hater who has never accomplished anything of value
    in his life.

  9. Enoch Powell says:

    Yes the Democrats are short-sighted, self-destructive cowards and traitors just like the stinking hippies they are descended from, but the Republicans are NOT taking advantage of the Sailer Strategy. Quite the opposite.

    Just look at that vacuous, politically-correct coward Romney. Earlier in the campaign he said some mildly decent, right of center things about immigration because he knew it would work to get decent, naive citizens to vote for him.

    Now that that smirking turncoat has all but won the nomination, he’s beginning to sound like a Democrat on immigration. That imbecile wants to give automatic green cards to high-level foreign students. He’s already talking amnesty for certain categories of illegal, third-world savages. He’s partnering up with that third-world savage Rubio, and we will now see the Hispandering begin in earnest by the Republicans. They are already blandly, gently, and with a straight face, beginning to betray us.

    Romney is not our friend. He is the enemy of his own country and that means all White people. He won’t even be able to beat Obonzo because he will be too afraid to tell the horrible truth about him. Romney is just another McCain who has better social skills.

    • Right! like I say, Romney is the guy that lost to the guy that lost to Obama already, NOW Romney will be the same guy PART DEUX! We deserve what we have coming our way and I just hope that those of us that have accumulated weapons, ammo and food stuffs can find each other to organize in preparation for Civil War II, the massive race problems that are coming and of course, the never ending muslim problems. The coming civil war is going to be an opportunity to redress all the wrongs in this country and it is going to be messy!


    Time for the demacratic party to go the way of the dinasour and become totaly extinct

  11. When will Schumer put pressure on Israel for its racist immigration policies?

  12. You’ve gotta love this ~


    Read it…you’ll see what I mean.

  13. Vicio Malo says:

    I thought the “Sailer Strategy” was when a big black guy named Bruno dropped the soap and dummycrats lined up bent over to accomodate him???

  14. Vicio Malo says:

    Michigan has lots a money and when they take over detroit they can use that salt on the 89% snail population. I use to live in Ortonville.