Cry me a river and boo hoo! Van Jones blames everyone he can whenever he opens that commie mouth of his…this time it’s the big bad Tea Party!

Yesiree…the Tea Party set Dear Leader up don’t ya know…and here we’ve been told repeatedly that Dear Leader is the smartest man in the world. Well it seems that must not be so if we’re to believe everything Van Jones has to say.

Here’s the story via TC:

Reflecting on President Barack Obama’s first term, former Obama administration advisor Van Jones said the president “let his opponents,” specifically the tea party, “set him up” by being “so bipartisan.”

“There’s a lot of economic pain out there, and progressives don’t have organizations and campaigns that speak to that economic pain,” said Jones, adding that the tea party “figured” this out before any other group.

“They [tea party] understood that people were sitting on a white hot stove out there, and if Democrats weren’t going to point at the financial elites, they were going to point at the government elites,” said Jones during a discussion at the Center For American Progress about his book, Rebuild The Dream, on April 20. “Somebody got to get blamed, and part of the problem with the president was by being so bipartisan and trying to not, you know, try to be one country about everything, he let his opponents set him up.”

“So, there he is, standing there with a whole bunch of problems next to him, now he’s either a UN rescue worker or the unabomber, right? I mean, what is he? Is he the person that caused it, or is he the person who’s fixing it? Well, if you can’t, in that same frame, point to the person who’s causing it, it’s easy for you to get set up and that’s what happened to him.”

Jones said progressives could “learn” a lesson from Obama allowing the tea party to blame “government elites” for the struggling economy.

“He [Obama] wasn’t willing to point out again and again to the American people, because he was trying to bring us all together, who really caused it and he let the tea party say, ‘well, he caused it. It’s the government that caused it, it’s these government elites that caused it.’ And that is, I think, a lesson that we have to learn,” Jones said.

“We’ve got to be able to tell a complete story,” he added. “We don’t want to name a villain as progressives. We don’t want to point a finger as progressives, even if it’s telling the truth, and that means the finger gets pointed at the wrong place.”

So let’s see….Van says the progressives don’t have organizations or campaigns that speak to economic issues. Who does he think he’s fooling…it can only be to the crowd that he preaches to when he opens that progressive/commie yapper of his, that’s for sure!

Newsflash to Jones: We all know different.

I can think of a few right off the top of my head… for instance George Soros funded groups (one of which he’s speaking at), Color of Change, Unions, CPUSA, Occupy Wall Steet, democrat party, CBC, etc etc…I’m sure some of you can add others to the list.

This is a most excellent blog site with information too. Check out this link and this one. The first link is Part One, second link Part Two.

Add your thoughts friends…I say LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY! If they’re still getting under he and his ilks skin…I say ‘JOB WELL DONE!’

Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Well looky here…one of the O-Team’s favorite guys is playing the race card again…good ol’ Holder hard at work.

    This is another one of Van Jones buddies too.

    • This is yet another example of a black man blaming all their woes on everyone else except themselves. The O-man can’t do his job because the “white man” won’t let him. Then there is your link to the firefighter’s exams and promotions. The African Americans cannot score very high much less pass the test so there MUST be discrimination. What a crock!!
      Excuses, excuses, excuses. That is all we will ever hear from a black man. It’s not my fault. “The President can’t get anything done because of the Tea Party. I can’t get an education because of the white man. It’s not my fault I can’t get a job because YT is keeping me down.” What a big load of crap. Hell, it’s not their fault there is black on black violence, white people are to blame.
      This excuse is getting old very fast. I am to the point that I just don’t want to hear it anymore. I think I posted before, and bigtimer you know what I mean, “Don’t act like one, you won’t be treated like one”. Get off your ass, get a job and act like a human being. Act like an American!

      • Nail on head Dave….

        I didn’t see your post before the site went down until now. You summed it up in a nutshell.

  2. Wow…don’t know where everyone is this afternoon…but I have to get some things done so I just wanted to throw this in here too, especially since it pertains to the dems and their tactics.


    Why dont VAN JONES go shove his head up a donkeys backside the only diffrence is the one with four legs is more intellegent

  4. Communists like Van Jones have a plan….and its working…

    • Bluto…

      I’ll have to check it out later…just catching up since site went down. Got to get hubby’s dinner on.

      I will be back…(bet I’ve seen that too…could be wrong) 😉

    • WOW!!!

      This makes me sick as well.

  5. Yay…the sites back up! Sure hope this doesn’t happen again anytime soon. 😉

    See where Gateway Pundit has been down all day today as well.

  6. VAN JONES was just here in soviet monika/90404 at out ‘diverse’ JC on Earth Day or for it.
    BS day if ya ask me.
    AWD…do you think VJ was behind the LA riots that killed so many?
    If not websearch the red org he was very much a part of 20 years back.

    luv from lala land..K

  7. Did you hear Romney’s speech tonight….pretty damn good

    Listen to the A$$hole in the white house today speak at a college campus, saw nothing but stupid ass college kiddies in the audience…where he would be safe…..when Romney spoke there were nothing but adults…working people in the audience….Romney is going to kick the A$$holes ass bigtime and I mean bigtime.

    Rachael “butch” Maddow is trying to slam Romney right now…its not working…Read it and weep “butch”

    • Hey Bluto…

      Heard most of it…it was as you say, so was Dear Leaders.

      The difference is like night and day between the two.

      I heard MadCow do her BS too.

      It’s gonna be a landslide!

  8. Van Commie Jones should be out of a job in Jan. Polls showing O to be popular could be phony. No one can verify the polling and polls have been faked before. Repubs get shortchanged by the press, which tries to psych us all the time.Just check the name Tracy Costen the lazy pollster who faked the results and wound up doing time and paying fines. She dealt with big-name customers too, such as GWB and Joe Lieberman. Remmeber Reagan supposedly behind Carter in polls shortly before the landslide?

    • MM…

      I remember…and they continually do it every single campaign as long as it’s done to a republican. – That tells ya all you need to know.

      There is no way in hell Dear Leader has anything close to a 50% approval rating…they only fool those who want to be.

      I can’t wait until Nov., in my opinion it’s going to be a landslide. The dem cheating anyway possible isn’t going to help them all that much…people across this land are made as hell…it will show come Nov. 6th.

  9. Death to Libtards says:

    This guy MUST be on the GOP payroll. All he has to do is open his mouth and the dog eater looks forty kinds of foolish for even knowing the SOB.

  10. Vicio Malo says:

    Who is Van Jones? Did he play the “green Hornet” back in the 60s?

    • Death to Libtards says:

      Sorry, that was Van Williams. Good car, good gung-fu courtesy of Bruce Lee, crappy plots. My 2 cents worth anyhow.

  11. This is a must read from Michelle Malkin…please to a peek.

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    Hey wasnt it a black rapper who came out with that nasty rap song COP KILLER? and I wonder if JESSIE JACKSON and AL SHAPRPTON are not asking Bacl actor WILL I AM to change the name of his group BLACK EYED PEAS

  13. Van Jones is as big a liar as Obummer is!

  14. Vicio Malo says:

    my bad I thought it was van johnson van jones??? they all look the same to me…esp. through a scope!

  15. Black-on-Black Crime is a Misnomer

    What the Hell are White People Angry about? pt. I http://www.thepragmaticpundit......about.html

    • bigtimer says:

      Oh puhleeze…what a bunch of bull!

      When I got to this part…I quit reading this crap.

      “Like everyone else, I watched the case of Trayvon Martin evolve from the murder of a young boy and national outcry for judicial redress become yet another catalyst for racial divide. What started out as a regrettable death morphed into a debate about clothing, “Black on Black crime” and gun rights. Why? Because white people think absolutely everything on earth is about them.”

      Another reason is all the other nutcases you quote there with their racial perpetuation of a war on the white race…methinks you have it backwards…I have read enough.

    • ga steve says:

      You must be racist.

      • bigtimer says:

        ga steve…

        That’s how I see it too from her work/links here…how could one take it any other way?


  16. David in SC says:

    Another of our internal enemies, can anyone say Treason?