Have you heard about this leftist-loon who loves the sound of his own voice…seems some on a college campus like to hear his spewing rhetoric…which is full of hate. It’s insanity from my point of view but that’s just me.

To cut to the chase here’s the story via FN:

Zionists are responsible for the global financial meltdown, and President Barack Obama is a puppet for powerful white people who are gearing up for full-scale military conflict to colonize Africa.

Those kernels of wisdom were imparted by Imam Abdel Malik Ali at the University of California, Irvine last week. He spoke as part of the Muslim Student Union (MSU)’s “Palestine Liberation Week” on campus, an annual event that routinely features radical ideology and hate speech.

Malik Ali, described as a “hilarious hater” by a local newspaper, earned a reputation for “repeatedly cross[ing] the line from lambasting Israeli policy to promoting bizarre anti-Jewish conspiracy theories of the sort typically favored by neo-Nazis, as well as by giving voice to loathing for all Jews as a people.”

The MSU, therefore, was well aware of what it was getting when it invited Malik Ali to speak, and he did not disappoint. He repeatedly dismissed Israel as an apartheid state, adding that any supporter of the Jewish state was inherently immoral. He derided what he saw as an American imperialism that is driven by racist power brokers and “Zionist Jews.”

So friends….do you consider this ‘Hate Speech’ material? I know, I know freedom of speech is a must…but if anyone on the right would say anything like this we all know what the msm would do 24/7!

One things a fact…college campuses are full of leftist hate for all to see. It’s pathetic parents are spending tons of money for heads full of mush to be indoctrinated with crazy critters like this…no wonder this country is going downhill!

Add your thoughts here….Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. What the hell is going on in this society….It seems the crazies are everywhere….on college campuses….in the government….living next
    door to us…..

    And we do nothing….What the hell has happened to us….back when I was growing up we would have beat the sh!t out of these sons-a-bitches….

    It seems as though we have criminal ideologues every which way we turn…..they were even back there when I was growing up…..


    • bigtimer says:

      Plus, you’d think after the attack on the WTC this filth would NEVER be allowed to speak at any type of forum whatsoever!

      …college campuses are past disgraceful when it comes to what this country is supposed to be about and stand for!

      Despicable ~

    • Democrats happened and we are loosing the battle.

      • bigtimer says:

        Yet these same democrats all joined hands on the steps of the Capitol and sang kumbaya songs etc etc after WHT attack…same difference if ya know what I mean.

  2. bigtimer says:

    Btw…I know one thing, this guy hasn’t done much research into the real Obama…not doubt about that. – It’s been obvious he has nothing but disdain for Israel…and we all know it!

  3. more hate speech from americas favorite pastor… Pat Robertson Says the Christian Thing to do is, “Destroy Your Friend’s Buddha Statue”


    • bigtimer says:

      Hey meesh…

      What do you think of what this filthy jerk said at the college in California the other day…huh?

    • Swamp Music says:


      What else would you expect Pat Robertson to say? He is a devout evangelical ‘Christian.’ Pat Robertson probably does not speak for a majority of people who self identify as Christians.

      You are unwilling to make the same moral distinction that many on the left make for Islam, for so called Christians.

      For Petes sake meesh, that’s even weak for your standards.

      • bigtimer says:

        He runs and hides the majority of the time anymore after he posts his leftist-loon BS…so typical.

  4. bigtimer says:

    Here’s an interesting poll along with some interesting information.


    There was a big story about the jewish votes a few days back, when I get more time later, I may try to find it. – It was everywhere. If any of you have it…you might post the link here too. 😉

  5. ga steve says:

    So the U.S. is going to colonize Africa, Is obama going to finish Lincoln’s work and send the negro’s back? HELL’S BELL’S I’m all for that.


  7. Colonize Africa ? So much for transperency lol! All we have to do ,is tell blacks they can’t go with us,and watch the fun start ! The imam is insane,as soon as I hear a muslim say ,”immoral”when talking about Israel,or the US,that proves it.

  8. It just makes my blood boil to see just how low this once great country has sunk due to the untiring efforts of liberal loons who have deliberately diminished the greatness of our culture. Meanwhile, they joyfully welcome foreign fiends such as this Amir Abdel character to enter our shores and tarnish numerous college campuses with his hate-filled rhetoric!

    For decades, foreign dissidents have made numerous attempts to test our cultural strength and military ability against their archaic philosophy; and the end result was always the same, THEY LOST!

    Why? because we looked to the inexperience and false wisdom of a socialist infiltrator? a low level military compound comprised mainly of women and homosexuals? useless liberal policies which promote tolerance and regulations that center on the sensitivities of ethnic minorities?

    No, America celebrated it’s distictive greatness based on the knowledge and hard work of the most talented, ambitious and fearless individuals who have paved the way for today’s “me” generation of ingrates! White (Christian and Heterosexual) men were setting such high standards in just about every industry imaginable, which usually attracted the most academically prepared individuals suitable for a particular vocation.

    Even those who were unfortunately and legally discriminated against, were fully aware of the successful end results of ascribing to the philosophy of hard work which almost always merited financial independence and personal happiness!

    Today, America is a lost cause! Unfortunately lead on by a bunch of anti-American liberal anarchists’, whose only aim is to model our once great nation after a scene from the dreadful cinematic flop, “Ishtar”!
    Their sweet and soppy forgiving nature directed at a bunch of sinister “Mooslums” who have destroyed one of our most cherished monuments in NYC. nearly 11 years ago, have reaped the rewards of reshaping our views towards their violent religion, while playing a major role in directing our questionable future!

  9. bigtimer says:

    Check this out ~


    O’s in bed with this nitwit, and he’s too simple to know it.

    • You know what bigtimer, most conservatives saw this coming. Hussein made it quite clear that he and his liberal Democrat administration were going to make every possible effort to allow “Mooslums” to worship freely in our country without fear of reprisal!

      At the same time, most foolish Christians, especially Catholics were more than delighted to vote this enemy of Christ into office, not knowing that once in office he and his liberal administration were eagerly prepared to prevent us from adhering to our orthodox beliefs with the distinct effort of retaliation!

      • bigtimer says:


        Just wanted to tell you every single thing you have posted in both of your posts are so succinct it’s priceless…and then some gal.

        You have no idea how much I love what you have to add to the mix…you are one in a million.

        Sorry I’m so short with this…so much going in my life at this time and will be for a few days I am just in and out, but I read what you painstakingly posted above…it was nail on head and much appreciated from this ol’ gal. 😉

  10. Renee…. My heart breaks for my country. Everything you said is true.

  11. The only thing I want to hear a muslims say is PLEASE! DON’T SHOO……BANG!