Toothpaste out of the tube

Put it back! Put it back!

As a follow up to Chapter 4, which referenced Robert Putnam’s “Bowling Alone”, I present to you this piece, in its concise entirety, by Dennis Mangan:


One STDV proudly owns up to being a patriotard.

Wish I could agree with him that being a patriot is still worthwhile. I used to be a flag waver myself, as I suspect most people around these parts were, until first the neoconservatives and then the Left captured the flag. Neither of these have the interests of the American majority in mind; rather, they’ve hijacked the country for their own purposes. Maybe more to the point, since the government is definitely not the same as the people or the country, America as a country and a culture has become alien to those like me. It’s been deliberately filled up with millions of culturally alien foreigners who care not one whit for our heritage or the people who constructed it.

Furthermore, not only do many Americans – in the original sense of the term – celebrate what’s going on, but more and more of the foreigners are banding together to have their say in the way the country is to be run and which direction the money is to flow. We’ve got a revanchist movement in the American Southwest that no one will do anything about – although there’s some room for hope in Arizona – and that is spreading to the rest of the country. (The Solicitor General recently argued before the Supreme Court that we must not enforce the Arizona immigration law because it would piss off Mexico.)

America is starting to look like the new Yugoslavia.

One commenter over at One’s stated that Solzhenitsyn loved Russia but hated the USSR. That type of distinction is one that many of us are starting to make. A nation is the political expression of a people, and while some of us are still a people, the nation is no longer our expression, but that of the alien ideology and death cult of multicult, globalist, crony-capitalist socialism.

Add to this the depressing news that coincidentally came out the day after my original post…

Whites Account for Under Half of Births in U.S.

The trend toward greater minority births has been building for years, the result of the large wave of immigration here over the past three decades. Hispanics make up the majority of immigrants, and they tend to be younger — and to have more children — than non-Hispanic whites. (Of the total births in the year that ended last July, about 26 percent were Hispanic, about 15 percent black, and about 4 percent Asian.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the toothpaste is out of the tube.

Crime Map

90% of NYC homicides committed by our new majority.

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  1. Well Red, I wonder what to do?

  2. Rock of the Marne says:

    Damn… is it too late for us to try to colonize Mars? If we do will they follow us there too? Oh, wait… Obunghole has stopped the funding for NASA so the meal tickets cant escape.

  3. ga steve says:

    S.P.L.C. claims hate groups have increased from 150 to 1275 since obama was elected, this is white hate groups, How come I haven’t seen any of them? where are they? If this were true the MSM would have a continuous story every day 24 hr’s a day.

  4. ga steve says:

    Demon crats will change the rules even against their own.

  5. ga steve says:

    Forgot the link to the splc story, sorry.

  6. Hey Red last fall when I was in Manhattan I noticed the subway trains did not run to the Bronx after 6pm, now after looking at your map I understand why.

  7. I have been reading this series and I love it. The toothpaste is and has been out of the tube for a long time. There is no putting it back. This nation is headed for race riots and violence unprecedented in this nation’s history. What is coming is going to make the old Civil War look like a play-date.
    I have suggested this read before on this site, but I feel it my duty to mention it again on occassion- “Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America”, by Thomas Chittum. The book is a real eye-opener and not at all fanciful or embellished- just facts and stats, and lots of ’em. The only other thing that I should say in regard to this post is that despite the fact that whites officially now account for less than half of the total U. S. births, we own about 80% of the firearms and are on average far better trained and prepared for anything coming so don’t despair too much. All those illegitimate children that they are producing are going to be a huge liability for them when the shit hits the fan.

    • SKULL, we that have read Civil War II also note that the book was apparently written not later than 1995 and all of it is coming to fruition. I now recomment following that read with “the Turner Diaries” so that one can understand some of my comments. I continue to recomment that Whites arm up and militia up because just having weapons will not save us, only organizing, planning and carrying out those plans will save us and our families. Our own damned government is going to be our own worst enemy at first.

      • SKIP-
        I have been meaning to add the Turner Diaries to my collection and will do so soon on your suggestion-thank you. I agree 100% that we need to organize and prepare. I still wonder just how much of a real problem that the governemnt is going to be able to become. I think that they are going to have their hands full with the inner-city rioters, especially when the welfare is shut off. Also, I still believe that a very large percentage of the military will mutiny if an attempt is made to set them on ordinary citizens. Even so, we would outnumber the military by the millions and many of us are veterans that are familiar with tactical operations, organization, and logistics. In short, they wouldn’t be dealing with rabble in the desert or yammering villagers in some third world craphole but real trained and educated people with the heritage of fighting for freedom on their own ground, a powerful enemy for ANY military, much less the fragmented and demoralized force that ours would become under these circumstances.

  8. Turner diaries begins with those problems. If you haven’t noticed for lack of recent association, the regular Army is no longer dominated by U.S. English speaking White people! It is at least 60% black and that is mostly GHETTO blacks, another large percentage is Caribbean blacks from Haiti, DR, Jamaica and such shit holes and those are also without loyalty to the U.S. or our citizens. I have said to watch for local NG units being deployed to places far away from where they live as that is a way that was also used in the USSR to overcome the NG reluctance to fire on their local people whom they may know. Police forces will be a mixed bag because so many police are black now and we know they have no problem opening fire on anyone. I contend that we Whites will need to have something that will bring down helicopters, not just cripple them to fly away to attack another day, but to BANG them hard and bring them down to destruction. Those things will initially be a serious menace to us. Another problem is that far to few Whites are arming up, usually I hear “I don’t believe in guns” WTF will they say as they are being murdered??? I’m guessing they will be saying “oh GOD please NOOOOOOO” as we watch through a scope! There will be no mercy or pity or compassion when the SHTF my friends, ARM UP before it is to late.

    • I agree on all points, but I also think that the state governments will mutiny against the federal government, especially in rural area states. Governors will hold their National Guard units at home- no matter what the feds say. I don’t know about your area, but in mine most of the police and guards are WHITES, and very conservative and libertarian. Let them come, we will be ready.

    • Swamp Music says:

      A good quality firearm costs in excess of 800 dollars. Thats just a handgun. Long guns are more expensive. Gun dealers know the demand is high and will charge accordingly.

      In a depressed economy people that have to make a choice between things like food and such, may not be in a place to purchase guns and ammo.

      I am firm on the Second Amendment, but light on disposable income. I was just recently able to purchase a four wheel drive vehicle after two plus years of not any vehicle at all.

      I think many people are aware of the decline of the White majority in America, I know I am. There are statistics all over the internet.

      Is it by design, or just the natural progression of things?

      • The fact that many White Americans cannot afford an assault weapon, which includes most of my friends, is the reason I am buying several AK-47 and thousands of rounds and extra clips for their use if needed (BTW I hope to god never to have to use the shit I am collecting) since AKs are pretty cheap and a good one can be had for around $500 and ammo can be had for $135 for 640 round tins from Russia.

  9. I concur, which is why I think this summer we may see NG units deployed outside their states for “training” and many governors will comply though I think Nikki Haley of S.C. will not nor will other Obama hostile states as they may have an idea of what is going to happen. Some places in S.C. have White police depts. but more than a few are majority black or totally black once you are away from the places habitated by Northern retirees (a strange lot those, liberal to their marrow despite the evidence before their eyes)who, despite their liberalism dislike black police officers, a conundrum for sure.


    We need to tell our dictator to GET A LIFE and WE DONT WANT BIG GOVERMENT