Divided States of America

The Divided States of America

We now move onto a slightly less conventional strategy for dealing with our demographic disaster, one which plays off a comment written recently by David in South Carolina:

The southern states should stop all EBT cards and welfare now, it will not take long for all them to move to the north, to get the free stuff, and then we can deport illegals in mass. The southern states could ship them to Texas and Arizona and pay those states to detain and deport. Instant job creation! Within 24 months we could restore the reupblic in the southern states, stop paying taxes to the fed to prop up all the failed northern states and protect the borders with force.

This probably deserves a post of its own, dovetailing nicely as it does with Buchanan’s point about “removing the magnets” for the beggar race(s). But, frankly, I can’t see the Federal Leviathan letting anything like this fly, for its hostility toward states’ rights is as unambiguous as it is unforgiving (see, e.g., U.S. v. Arizona). (Not to mention I don’t know the intricacies of the federal/state welfare arrangements and don’t have time to do any research on it.)

But to take it one step further—and to bring up a topic getting much air time on conservative blogs these days, including this one—if the “red states” were to secede, then this gives the plan much more do-ability.

(Note that I remain fervently anti-secession, given that it seems a deplorable capitulation to the anti-American left who rather ought to be defeated where they stand rather than ceding ever-more choice real estate to a bunch of irascible douchetard paper tigers. But, unlike libtards, I’m willing to entertain as valid ideas to which I’m nonetheless opposed.)

Secession would allow for states like Arizona or Alabama to do what they feel must be done with their respective demographic situations without the Liberal Establishment hauling them off to court, forcibly bussing their kids into ghetto “schools” filled with dangerous and unteachable howler monkeys, or mandating “too white” neighborhoods pay to import, feed, and house criminals and ne’er-do-wells who will destroy their benefactors’ real estate investments.

Post-secession, the previous post’s common-sense approaches to dealing with our demographic disaster would be much more likely to be achieved, and the inevitably resultant civilizational and economic renaissance would likely come to serve as an example for other states. (This, of course, is one of the key rationales for strong states’ rights and limited Federal government powers—so that each state may serve as a petri dish and test out various political initiatives without infecting the entire nation with the deadly fallout of an experiment gone awry.)

And whereas the prior post highlighted common-sense means of dealing with our immigration nightmare / 3rd-world invasion but remained, as a few commenters pointed out, possibly unlikely ever to be realized, secession—though sounding a bit “out there” and “extreme”—is probably a more reasonable choice in some respects.

For example, consider that a few years back a Russian foreign policy expert predicted as much. Or Jared Taylor’s fairly convincing piece that if the states should decide the break from the union, our weak-willed, morally-squishy, intellectually-warped, and courage-deprived “elites” in DC wouldn’t likely do a damn thing about it (outside of writing the standard “very angry letter“, of course).

Our demographic decline is a direct result of an out-of-control Federal Leviathan imposing its anti-white agenda upon the entire nation. To detach from said Leviathan would grant the seceded state the freedom to do what is necessary to ensure the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of its citizens.

And this, of course, will require reversing the 50-some years of  ethnic cleansing of those of European stock.

The South Shall Rise Again

Arise, chicken, arise!

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  1. I am for Civil War II and make it TOTAL war. I vote to surrender nothing, not caliFOREIGNER, FLORIDA, NOOO YAWK…NOTHING! No retreat to the North West, no retreat to the Middle West up North. I say when the SHTF it will be a target rich environment and we should start taking advantage of our heavier and greater firepower to start sorting out those that brought this upon us. We KNOW who they are, we KNOW where they are (in their gated/guarded compounds thinking they will be safe) Deal with them first, get stuff that will bring down helicopters and rounds that will punch clean through body armor (never mind, we have that)I am ready and willing when the gubmint comes for us.

  2. misterbill says:

    I am in favor of secession. I have been for some time. One reason is , quite like the disaster that is South Africa today, it is my strong belief that we will over a short time arrive at the same condition.

    It is innate in many people to, deep in their inner selves, resent people who are different than them. Be it color, language, ethnicity, religion or whatever. South Africa has shown the world what happens when a country that had an “oppressed ” people does when the “oppressed” comes into power. Rape, murder and government oppression of property owners who are white, is the order of the day. My prediction is that, eventually, South Africa will become an almost totally black country.

    What the “bleeding hearts” fail to take into consideration when they turn a blind eye to the illegal immigration folks is that these “oppressed” people bring their oppressors with them. They plant their roots in a section of a state or a city. Human nature results in many of the native population to leave the area. They have become “foreigners’ in their own home towns.

    Under the current federal/state system, when a state grants a driver’s license to an illegal person, that gives them access to other states as well as federal programs and monies. A New Mexico drivers license establishes a specious citizen ID for the holder and he/she can go anywhere in our country and seek work and bring chains of others.

    A seceded group of states can make drivers licenses a federal based grant of rights and can prevent what states like New Mexico do to America now.

    I go on too long.

  3. Arm…..


    Molon labe.


    Time for all 50 states to suceed from the DISTRICT of CRINIMALS and tell his royal pian in te pocketbook to GO POUND SAND

  5. Zut alors Roux! Bienvenue a la European Union pour vous!

    Brushing up on my “Francais” so I’ll be ready to return to my family roots in Francais Neuve!

    Quel dire?

    • If you’re planning to return to family roots in Francistan, may I suggest you brush up on Arabic! I read, and have experienced, that Arabic is the second language in use there. Been there, seen it, speak it!

  6. Stacy Berrnard Slay says:

    Locked and loaded. And Colorado will be part of the Texas state, at least the southern part.

  7. Inasmuch as matters are seemingly slow, most certainly progressive, what is being bandied here today would hardly have been subject matter a mere four, all the more ten years ago. Almost. Amazing how this last presidential election has set a tone. Actually, not in the least. Who didn’t see that coming? Obviously a great many. Too late, too late…….

    Think the likes of an Alinsky, v. smart man. And a Jew, too. Take down is never overnight. Cook it slowly as it were, overtake from within, create edicts and other protective measures that make certain there is no taking back unless by force which will be met with greater and most brutal force – reference DHS most recently placing an order for over 700 million manstopper rounds, not to mention the DEpartment of Agriculture placing an order for around 200 millions similar target practice projectiles. Who knew? The fix is in. I won’t say the opposition has won but when the likes of a “Paul Kersey” of SBPDL come up with brilliant insights which he v. much does accompanied with various acronyms such as “BRA” – which is so spot on as to beggar description, only a deaf and blind fool – of which there are far too many – would not see the writing on the wall typically via spray paint. But I digress…….
    I do not agree with the Russian academic’s interpretation of America going the route of his map. Instead, an increasingly disassociated and mongrel nation – if you can call it that and most certainly divided by race and the inherent differences manifested by race where the black-haired, brown-eyed diaspora and their fawning caucasian brothas and sistahs, or as “Kersey” refers, “DWL”(disingenuous white liberal) continue to progressively run this land into oblivion to a point whereupon there will be inevitable riots and the rest and like many of you I’m sadly but candidly waiting for a real WWE/Vince McMahon smackdown with many black-haired, brown-eyed diaspora and their Occidental apologists laying lifeless. And my sentiments are hardly isolated.

    As Kersey most recently stated……, “History is unfolding before our eyes. The paradigm is shifting, one WorldStarHipHop (WSHH) video at a time — all willingly uploaded by the Black person engaged in the Flash Mob, random assault, or participant in “average Black behavior.”

    So true.

    • Swamp Music says:

      G-ddamit, why don’t people fight back? Don’t just sit there on the g-ddam floor and get your ass beat, get up and fight back! I cannot for the life of me figure out why white people just let negroes just beat the crap out them and not even offer the slightest bit of resistance.

      And people lament in the story that nobody helped her. Fu@king help YOURSELF!!!! I guarantee you that would not be me. I’m gonna damn sure get my licks in even if they effing kill me.

      White people are getting their asses kicked by these animals because they are letting it happen.

      Am I SCREAMING it loud enough for everyone to hear?

      FIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You are just the type of individual this nation needs, worts and all. Conceited remark on my part….., me, too. Like yourself, I never cower, I might die but I’ll take several permanently out before they extinguish my flame.

        The thing of it though, they hardly ever go after you or me, just the phucking lambs, the brainwashed and defeated types. They always go for a soft target. Soft target is neither you nor myself nor many others. More such individuals are needed.

        • Swamp Music says:

          I learned a long time ago that if you look like an easy mark, you will be a victim. Most of the time all it takes is a look, that says ‘I know what you’re up to’ and they move on. Alas, some are stupid and cannot take a hint.

          You are correct, more are needed.

        • the friendly grizzly says:

          DJ, I agree. The problem is that there are some of us who are getting a bit old, and are maybe walking a bit arthritically, that sort of thing.

          I never did learn any proper fighting techniques (darn it), but I guarantee that though I may flail away and sock around, I WILL do some damage if I connect. (see screen name)

  8. Swamp Music says:

    Secession, how would you make it work? Would there be checkpoints at state lines where the interstate highway crosses? What about power lines that cross state lines? Interstate trade, like railroads and trucking interests? I could go on if I were so inclined, but I’m not.

    It’s not the 19th century anymore. Do Native Americans have any say about how the country would be split up? This sounds like the stuff you read on the National Socialist Movements website.

  9. David in SC says:

    Viva la Liberte’ anyone? The toothpaste will never go back in the tube.

  10. Standing Wolf says:

    im a native american and as for the seccssion of the usa thats fine with us since we will be kicking the white man out and off our land and anyone else that has come here via boats you Cn keep ypur congressmen , and whatever else you have voted into office and once everyone is gone we can once again go back to peacfully raising our crops and hunting food to survive not for sport we will again be able to teach out young the ways of the past,and i for one wont miss anyone , but then again according to at leasr 80% of the people living in the usa today they are part indian( native american ) so here is what i say get rid of all the politicians in federal and state governments allow the native american tribes /nations to take back over their land and the people living on those lands learn the ways of that tribe/nation of native americans and anyone that doesnt want to can take their ss’s back to europe, africa , or where ever your family back round came from

    • “im a native american”

      LMAO.. yeah, sure you are. Never heard an American Indian call him/herself a native American.. to be native all you have to do is be born here.. well, at least my grandfather ( on my mother’s side, Eastern Band of Cherokee ) never refered to himself that way.. never heard Russell Means or any other activist or spokesman use the term either.. however, I have heard white liberals use the term often. Just saying….

      • I’m not saying the term is never used.. just unusual to hear an American Indian use it. People like Elizabeth Warren D-MA who fake American Indian heritage for political gain or social status piss me off.. so if..if.. I am wrong about you then I apolgize