Dudes and Dudettes…I’ve seen this information out on Al Gore’s Amazing Internet today here and there..so just for the heck of it I thought I’d throw this question out here for you all to think about. One never knows…it very well could happen.

This report is via The Hill:

Donald Trump has a suggestion for who would be the best choice for Republican vice presidential candidate in 2012: Donald Trump.

The reality show host and prominent Mitt Romney surrogate told Newsmax on Wednesday that while the GOP has “a lot of very good people” to choose from, “probably the best choice of all would be Donald Trump.”

The real estate mogul had presidential aspirations of his own last summer — and briefly led the Republican polls — but eventually opted instead to film another season of his reality show, “The Apprentice.”

But the itch might be back for The Donald. On Tuesday, Trump took to Twitter to angle for a prime speaking slot at the Republican National Convention this summer in Tampa, Fla.

“Hmmm … can you imagine me speaking at the RNC Convention in Tampa?” Trump tweeted. “That’s a speech everyone would watch.”

One way to guarantee a prime speaking slot is being selected as the party’s vice presidential nominee, but Trump’s smile after advocating his own selection betrayed the fact he likely recognizes that he won’t be at the top of Mitt Romney’s list. Still, Trump — who has campaigned and fundraised passionately for the likely Republican nominee — did handicap the likely shortlist for the vice presidential job.

“You have a lot of really good candidates,” Trump said. “Chris Christie’s a great guy. He’s a friend of mine. You really have someone really good there. Rob Portman, who I don’t know, but I hear fantastic things about. Certainly he’s been very well vetted over the years. He’s a professional who’s been there a long time. He’s been through it. He knows the game and he’s a very, very solid citizen.

“On a younger side, you could look at [Florida GOP] Sen. [Marco] Rubio, who I think could help with Hispanics. But he is young, and I think he sort of doesn’t want to go through it and doesn’t want to do it.”

The interview was a long one, too much to post here…there is a lot more to what he had to say, including forming a Super Pac for Romney, as well as much criticism when it comes to Dear Leader. There is also another video included for the full interview. You can check all this out here.

So friends…do you think if he were to be Romney’s pick for VP he’d be a good choice? If so, why? If not why?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Death to Libtards says:

    No way. He’s a wig wearing phony.

  2. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    Trump would not make a good VP. He would try to upstage Romney and would eventually find disapproval with the American people. Give me a solid VP who can take over as president once Mitt serves eight years in office.

    • bigtimer says:

      Or be at the ready to take over immediately if anything happened to Romney were he unable to serve. –

      • Roger that, and do it ably! He also doesn’t have to account to lobbyist or muslims, cannot be bought and I think is an AMERICAN patriot with loyalties only to America.

        • Major Allen says:

          ??? Are we talking about the man who got his name in the spotlight as Obama’s ‘opponent’ just so he could say that “why yes the birth certificate is valid” and then drop out?
          Sorry , I believe is a party to all the foulness going on .

  3. I think Trump would be a good choice, for one thing, he would be giving Romney good advice on what to do about China and OPEC and he has the guts to speak up about what he believes in.

    Today Trump said “free trade” is NOT “fair trade”, something I’ve been saying for years,….and he points out the difference and how our spineless pols have been allowing foreigners to get bye with UN-fair trade policies.

    Trump is an arrogant jackass but I admire and respect him.

  4. This election is to important…way to important to put someone like Trump on the ticket….Romney needs to put someone on the ticket who will become president eight years from now….

    He needs to pick a VP that contributes a state…a swing state to the win column….

    Trump would be a drag on the ticket….something comical….the left would have a field day with a choice like Trump….A laughing stock


  5. bigtimer says:

    One thing about it…he’d be a better choice than Crazy Uncle Joe who doesn’t know jack about jack!…and talk about comical, we’ve never had a more comical VP than him…yet the msm consistently give him a pass every time he opens his yapper and sticks both feet in it. We all know what the press would have done if Biden had been a repub…24/7!

    No matter who is picked…you can count on the dem msm to attack…endlessly.

  6. Art Vandelay says:

    Trump is a clown. We can do a lot better. And Bluto is right – Romney’s pick needs to be someone who can take over the presidency in 2020. That’s not Trump.

    • HEY! keep in mind that to most of us Romney is the consolation prize to run and remember again, he lost to the guy that lost to Obama!

  7. Been watching FOX News…..Between yesterday and today I have paid attention to the polling that has been on the various news programs…..

    What a bunch of crap….I am getting so damn tired of of these polls….

    Yesterday Romney was ahead of Obongo in Florida by 6 points…today he is behind Obongo by 4 points….these dumb-ass pollsters don’t know whether they are coming or going….

    It makes you wonder what the hell is going on…..

    • bigtimer says:


      Fox is absolutely one of the worst when it comes to their polling crap there is out there…period!

      Hell…even Dicky Morris stated that on BOR show to him the other night…and he’s right.

      I pay Fox no mind at all when it comes to any poll.

      • Yeah, I saw that and I know Morris is right but you would think these idiots would be a little consistent….just a little consistent

        • bigtimer says:

          You’d think…but they refuse to be. Personally, I think they have ulterior motives..not quite sure why…but they have to have constant complaints about it and still stay stuck on stupid!

    • Bluto I hear you. I have to tell you though that I think we should be worried, the enemy is really powerful. Last year Obama’s war chest was at ONE BILLION DOLLARS, and he has been piling the cash on since… GOP can’t match that by any stretch of the imagination. There was a report last month of a RUSH to naturalize all these immigrants so they can vote in November, as you know the immigration into the US is almost all 3rd World and they vote LEFT. Then you have illegal aliens voting in New Mexico, California, Illinois, Florida…and when the GOP tried to investigate the Florida illegals who’ve voted and are on the rolls, the Democrats screamed: RACISTS!!
      So the DOJ and all are STONEWALLING Florida’s government in trying to clean up their voting lists of illegals. Then I read Pat Buchanan’s piece:

      And I have to tell you, we are UP AGAINST IT.

      Our 2nd Amendment rights will be gone out the window:
      Most Mexicans Want U.S. to Take a Bigger Role in Fighting Violence, Poll Finds, by Alfredo Corchardo, Dallas Morning News, May 13, 2012
      80% are against permitting citizens to own guns. That was the highest percentage for any answer. There is only one legal gun store in Mexico:

      A citizen who wants a permit for a weapon must apply to the Mexican military — a process that can cost upward of $10,000. Then they pay to have the permit renewed annually. The military further regulates the caliber of weapon, how many guns a person can own, how much ammunition they can buy each month, and where in the country they can take the weapon.

      The government abolished the last private gun store in 1995. Today, the only legal gun store in the country is in Mexico City, guarded and operated by the armed forces.

      “In Mexico, the laws effectively don’t allow you to purchase weapons,” says Dr. Oscar Urrutia Beall, a longtime member of the Paquime Shooting Club. “There are some weapons they sell in Mexico City, but the paperwork is difficult.

      • I wanted to add that during the Superbowl Bloomberg aired an anti-gun commercial, the next day there were news reports about it and there was a mention deep in the story about this Democratic strategist Celinda Lake, who has polled about gun control for decades, she took one in October 2011 and her findings worry me:
        76 percent of Latinos support Mexican style gun laws for America.

        And let me tell you that is not unique to Mexicans, I’ve found similar numbers in past polls of immigrants from Asia. So the future is rather grim, unless something changes.

    • We will know sometime in the evening of the 6th Nov whether we have Obama again or Obama light! Neither is a good choice for America and Americans. Either way, blacks are gonna riot, loot, rob, burn, assault, murder and rape.

  8. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    While I posted above that I would not want Trump as VP… he is without a doubt an intelligent man. Good video from Drudge with his thoughts for getting the country back on track.


    • bigtimer says:


      That’s the same vid I have…plus I have the link to NewsMax in blog post too…I mentioned his Super Pac stuff too. Like I said in the post…he had much more too say, it was much too long to put here…you can get the full interview (words as well) at the link there as well.

      Glad you have this here friend…don’t get me wrong. 😉

      Btw…I heard some of this last night…he had a lot to say…hope he does do the Super Pac! – If he did, Leftist-Loons heads would explode. ~

  9. A dead end question.

    Given the monumental cash flow he directs, his vast responsibilities – even with his phalanx of managerial subordinates that include two of his progeny, there is no way he would relinquish any portion of same to what, play second fiddle (which he does not know how to play, he’s first violin or no violin at all) in an environment that violates his freedom, his candor, his autonomy? No way.
    Further, his massive financial involvements would have to be fully separated which is nearly impossible for him to recuse himself from. Even if he were to (purely hypothetical), there’d be several years of senate investigations, etc., etc., none of which he would allow in the face of his investors, shareholders.

    He’s best where he is, by choice or chance. More than anything, he really needs to ramp up his rhetoric, to expose the degradation, the ruination and pernicious intent of Obama & Company. America LISTENS to this guy, warts and all………….

    • bigtimer says:


      Excellent points all…personally, that’s how I see it too. As to your last summation…I could not agree more. He minces no words when he speaks, he’s direct and to the point and handles the media talking heads like nobody’s business.

      Btw…this interview (which I have a link to the full interview via a link in the post) was pretty interesting, I enjoyed it, he had a lot to say. Plus…I think The Donald was more or less just being tongue in cheek when he stated what he did about ‘him’ being the best VP pick…and of course the msm had to go bonkers about it, as they always do.

    • You mean Donald doesn’t play second Trumpet, he doesn’t strike me as a violin player

  10. BigTimer,
    Oddly enough I just read yesterday in the June issue of the NRA’s AMERICAN RIFLEMAN a story about the Donald’s two sons and how TMZ smeared them, totally falsely, about their hunting trip to Africa. I’d always liked Donald Trump when he did what the City of New York COULDN’T DO, he fixed the ice rink at Wollman’s. Did it fast, did it RIGHT. His sons seem like good fellows and they say apples don’t fall too far from the tree so I think Trump would be OK, hell he is better than Romney that is for sure.

    • bigtimer says:


      Wow…that’s very interesting about Trump’s sons and the smear job good ol’ TMZ did on them.

      I agree with you about much of what you stated about Trump, he knows the business acumen regarding the rules and regulations involved with buying and building anything, what all the EPA has done to us…etc etc…anyway he despises them all and would do what he could to get much of that done away with, as it should be.

  11. Donald Trump has a lot of conviction and strong business acumen. Sadly, he is way too immersed with his astronomically inflated ego!

    • bigtimer says:


      I forgot to mention to you this morning I posted back to you on the Palin post I had regarding Tamara Holder…I wondered if you had heard about all I posted. If you get the chance you might check it out.

      • Thanks bigtimer. No I haven’t but nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to liberals. They stick together like glue. Speaking of Jackson, have you noticed that Fox has once again, elevated its roster of unintellectual liberal commentary by hiring Jackson’s eldest daughter, Sanita Jackson!

  12. Swamp Music says:

    Just say no, to Trump. The Donald on the ticket might could make me stay home on election day.

  13. Rock of the Marne says:

    Trump is a self serving clown with liberal associations…. so hell no!

  14. Here’s an interesting piece from the AT.


    • J. Robert Smith is quite astute…right on the money….I whole heartily recommend this article for everyone here to read….I like what he has to say about the vp pic….I think he’s on the money here…

      This guy has his hand on the pulse of what is going on….I like what he has to say that Obongo’s charisma is gone….the stupid electorate that voted for a good looking suit the last time around isn’t going for the bullsh!t this time around

  15. * His show’s ratings must have dropped!

  16. 79Firebirdman says:

    Off topic, but no new trial for the animals that tortured, raped and murdered Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.




    • Good news here indeed, they should be summarily executed though.

      • Rock of the Marne says:

        White mobs should assend on that place in mass and demand justice or maybe some white nationalists or the KKK can place bounties on thier heads… you know, Al Sharpton and NBPP style.

        Time for white folks to start living up to our reputations… instead of being tolerant wimps. Somebody find a tall tree.. I’ll bring a short rope. Give them REAL reasons to accuse US of racism…

        • Roger that ROM, I’m 63 till July, seen lots of stuff, been shot 3 times, badly knifed 5 times and ain’t afraid to die and life in prison don’t mean all that much anymore, considering the direction our country is going I am willing to kill or be killed to bring it back to what it was for my children (they think as I do) and certainly for my, and your, grand children. I want them to be able to play kick the can in the street at night again.

      • 79Firebirdman says:

        Just 5 minutes alone with each one of them. That’s all I’d need to give them a heaping taste of their own violence and bloodlust. They are soulless animals that deserve no sympathy or common courtesy. I can’t imagine how Channon Christian and Chris Newsom must have suffered in the hours before they died. And the only thing those kids were guilty of was being born white and being in the wrong place at the wrong time and encountering a group of ghetto black animals. Too bad we are forbidden from using the N word in this forum because that’s what the perps are, through and through.

        • I read that the ordeal those two were put through lasted for perhaps 3 days, also read that when the girl was folded up backwards and stuffed into a barrel she was still alive, the guy was still alive when they wrapped him in a blanket, threw him on the rail tracks and set him afire…This is in fact their mind set and again is a fact that Africa is in our Midst as Jared Taylor so aptly pointed out in his book.

        • Swamp Music says:

          Can’t use the N word, but we can say ‘colored’ and have it mean the exact same thing. I just pray that there is a fate worse than death for these creatures. Effing coloreds!

  17. This ought to be interesting…


  18. Louisiana Steve says:

    “WOULD TRUMP BE A GOOD VP PICK?” You’ve got to be kidding me…right? Trump as Veep. What a joke. All this man cares about is himself, his image, and his hair (in that order). He may say some of the right things, but you can bet your ‘fly-over-country-ass’ he doesn’t give a crap about you and me.

  19. No time to read all the commentary, and it’s no doubt much better than anything I have to say, but I’ll say it anyway just to give me two cents.

    Would Trump be a good VP pick? One word:


  20. bigtimer says:

    May as well throw this in here for the heck of it. ~


  21. May as well throw this in here for the heck of it. ~