Did Hussein throw in the towel today on purpose? Or is he stupid enough to believe that he can win the election by endorsing homosexual marriage? Obama and his administration of merry communists have pissed off nearly everyone in America that isn’t black, homosexual or a hater of America. Uhhhh, that would be Dims.

Obama has made it clear he believes in the wild, wacky left fringe of American politics. I thank him for finally being honest about who he is and what he believes…because today, by endorsing homosexual marriage, he gave up any chance of winning the election. Not that he had much of a chance anyway. There are a whole hell of a lot of black people that are against gay marriage and Obama needs every one of them to vote….at least three times each.

AWD really believes at this point that Obama doesn’t have the first inkling how bad he is despised in America by regular people. He’s a regular Joe Biden (the first openly retarded Vice President) for taking credit personally for the killing of bin Laden. Bad move when he has Seals calling him out on the issue. And then this:

Fighting on YOUR behalf? I’m sure you didn’t learn this in Harvard Law School but American soldiers swear an oath to the Constitution…not a Communist community organizer from Chicago. Oh, and by the way, America’s military HATES Obama’s arrogant, little commie guts!

Has it ever been more clear that Obama is a clueless amateur? Which is a nice way of saying a total moron. He should have stayed in Chicago extorting banks. He will kill the DemonRats in Congress for at least ten years for supporting him and going along with his destruction of America. In 2012, the Republicans will widen their lead in the House, retake the Senate with fewer RINOs to sell us out, and Romney will destroy Obama. Obama loses 45 states. Take it to the non-bailed out bank!

Blacks, homosexuals and hardcore leftists. Great strategy there, Obama! Why not include child molesters and terrorists? Did you come up with that election strategy all by yourself? Nahhhh, you’ve never come up with anything by yourself.

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  1. I am hoping that Ron Paul gets the nomination and beats Obama. If Romney gets elected then he will jst be more of the same since he is a carbon copy of Obama, a fli-flopper on many issues, and is the kind of guy I would not trust to walk my dog, let alone be my president. However, there is no way that Obama will get elected again unless he uses every dirty trick in the book, which would include getting zombies to vote three or four times and then have the Black Panthers intimidate the non-zombie voters.

    Brought to you by a Paulbot.

  2. inagadadavida says:

    KYT is right… Romney enacted ‘gay marriage’ in Massachusetts. Funny how Obummer wish-washed around this until the day after NC’s A1 vote. Maybe somebody else out there heard this too- the radio news said ‘O’ cancelled a trip to NC on Tuesday, I can’t find the story. I guess he heard how well A1 was doing in the polls.

  3. John Henry Eden says:

    I thought this article was about Osambo not Romney.The overriding goal is to boot the mulatto out of the former White House.Romney has the best chance.Like it or not Paul can’t do it.But,that won’t stop his supporters.They’ll split the vote with a 3rd party,write in or stay home,giving the Kenyan muzzie dog eater a 2nd term to complete his “fundamental transformation” of our country.If that happens,people are going to rightly blame Paul and his partisans.

    • Art Vandelay says:

      You are right: priority # 1 is getting the Muslim Marxist out of the White House. I would vote for Donald Duck if he were the Republican nominee, because anyone is better than Hussein Obama. I am sick to death of the spooled, petulant whiners on Free Republic and other places who sign the “Romney is no better than Obama” refrain. If they can’t see the difference, there is no hope for them. Romney isn’t perfect, but he is far better than the Kenyan traitor.

    • I agree that the current occupiers of the White House are the most destructive thing this country has been attacked by since the Federal Reserve. I agree that whoever is the Republican nominee is has GOT to have support from everyone- there cannot be an independent runner or the Constitution (remember that ‘failed document’?) is done for.
      I don’t agree that as a GOP nominee Ron Paul could not beat the current regiem. I believe he would draw a substantial amount from the Dim voting pool that otherwise would vote for -(insert your sentence enhancer of choice ).
      The fact that the media embraces Mitt with warm fuzzies at times and manipulates information relating to Paul at unbelivable levels gives me a lot of pause to reflect as to what is going on.
      We would not be in this mess if people would look at what the politicians have done in the past instead of just listening to the
      current sound bite.

    • Ricky Bobby says:

      If the republicans would give Ron Paul the nomination instead of Romney then Obama would not stand a chance.

  4. eekalouse says:

    Isn’t it funny how he alienates every group except those
    he is a member of, Minority, Homosexual, Communist!!!!

    And don’t tell me he isn’t gay.

  5. Death to Libtards says:

    All I know is here in NC Ovomit is about as popular as a dish of plague germs. He lost 21% of the Democrat vote to “No Preference” and the marraige amendment passed 61-39. Over at MSLSD they were beyond despair when the amendment passed and the next day proclaimed Obama the greatest, bravest, wisest leader since Moses was discovered in the bullrushes. I wonder if they get a group discount on Lithium over there.

  6. ga steve says:

    Lincoln freed the slaves,
    Obama freed the gays.

  7. Bloodless Coup says:

    High Level Insider: DHS Preparing to Start A Civil War


  8. I don’t think the Obongo democrat constituency of miscreants, homosexuals, hunchbacks, sexual perverts, libtards, left wing communists, welfare mothers, the chronic unemployed, those whom Obongo raised from the dead, illegal aliens, muggers, undocumented democrats, bums, peeping toms, convicted felons, tax cheats, the teachers union, college dip-shits, street thugs and scummers, petty criminals, flash mobs, community organizers, liars, unregistered voters, gang-bangers, car thieves, pimps, prostitutes, crack-heads, I V drug users, aids patients, bed-wetters, cowards, and blacks, will ever desert him.

    Obongo’s democrat base just keeps on growing.

    • Lol! you forgot the disenfranchised members of the plant & animal kingdom, occupy wall street poopers, the Mohammedans, rapists’, devil worshippers, practitioners of Wiccan, incest practioners, practioners of bestiality, prostitutes, latinos, athiests, femiNAZIS, celebutards, drug dealers amd last but not least, cannibals!

    • Bluto, I don’t know you but I owe you a beer for that one . Perfect.

  9. The above list by Bluto is a fairly honest assessment of Yomammas supporters, but don’t underestimate them. As another poster above stated, “There is no way Obama will get elected again unless he uses every dirty trick in the book.”
    That is exactly what they will do. If you think the 2000 election debacles of Florida were unusual then wait until this year. They will pull out all the stops. Election fraud will be rampant- in many places it will be attempted to fudge it just enough to cast doubt upon the results. And don’t forget that we now have turned over our electronic election talleys to a foreign company with zero accountability to the American voter. Our ballots can now be controlled or tampered with in any number of ways that the American voters would have no knowledge of nor any way to properly investigate. We are in heap big trouble!

  10. AWD you nailed it right on the head. Hussein “hope&change,change&hope” has alienated a good segment of the population by promoting the fallacious notion of “gay marriage.

    If you can name one civilization since time immemorial, which fully embraced the sinful behavior of homosexuality and prospered, then there’s nothing here for us discuss.

    The sad fact is that there are way too many wealthy talking heads (both liberal & conservative) who regularly appear on television and radio assuming the collective voice of “the people” and suggest that America is somehow ready to embrace this left-wing, Democratic supporting fallacy!

    Joe Biden, (whose under the false impression that he’s a practicing Catholic) publicly did what we knew “Hussein” was incapable of admitting earlier in his failing presidency; that is, he was always fully supportive of the homosexual lifestyle and their worthless demands for the fallacious acceptance of “gay marriage”.

  11. NAACP says convicted felons should be able to vote

    This is an extension of the Jim Crow Laws


    Why am I not surprised that blacks want convicted felons to vote


  13. Spurwing Plover says:


    • That is the truth. Fifty years ago the average American knew the truth because they had lived through it. Now days most people regard the Nazi party as being an example of an extreme right-wing regime because it’s been spun that way for the last several decades by the mainstream liberal media, writers, publishers, and professors of history- but nothing could be further from the truth. The German Nazi party was established IN OPPOSITION to the right-wing politicians of that time. It was a SOCIALIST movement that established and propelled the Nazis into power and Hitler as a dictator.

  14. Zionfulfilled says:

    I was waiting for Gay Marriage to become a topic. Now, I am waiting to see how the Republicans respond. Are they going to keep telling the lie that us social conservatives do not matter, or will they try to be “electable?”

    • Rock of the Marne says:

      ZION, I dont trust ANY of these evil power hungry politicians. They will do and say ANYTHING to be elected.. BOTH sides of the isle.

      We are a Godless nation that celebrates sodomy and the murder of babies and demonize people with moral and Christain values. The bible does say that in the last days that people will call what is evil good and what is good evil… thier conscience seared as if with a hot iron… I think we are there. Its going to get ugly around here and we have brought it on ourselves. Im not the best Christian in the world and Im not better than anyone but at least I have some bounderies.

      I know I sound angry and its because I am… but not with you LOL Actually I am glad to discuss anything but racial issues… Im so sick of that fake debate

  15. Questionman says:

    Ughh.Just when I thought you couldnt be anymore disgusting, you prove me both wrong and right!

    “America’s military HATES Obama’s arrogant, little commie guts!”
    Screw you, and screw those disgusting disresptful racists POS! attacking Obama for doing something your Bushboy couldn’t do!

    And that kills you racists inside! Yeah! I called you racists beause that’s what you slimeballs are!

    No president, including Obama, has ever hated America. If he did, he would not have run for office. Different presidents have different opinions, but he is always doing what he feels is best for the country at the time.

    Do you even know what Marxism is or are you just copy and pasting from some Fox News fanboy site? If anything, Obama has been steadily right of center on economic issues, a conservative in many respects.

    The nearest this country ever came to anything resembling socialism was under FDR with the creation of Social Security. But you knew that, right?

    Dispensing disinformation, promoting bigotry and racism, and playing upon the fears and ignorance of many Americans – supplemented by a much more than healthy dose of self-promotion GOP can’t win on the issues, so they resort to hate, bigotry and fear.

    No formula for leadership: It not only shows how bereft of ideas the GOP’s members truly are, their racist rhetoric shows the despicable nature of their character.

    It’s a shame that in 2012, nearly 150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, racial hatred toward African-Americans is on the rise, in large part, because Barack Obama was elected as America’s first black president.

    If Obama is re-elected to the White House in November, I wonder what more we can expect from right-wing racists in the next four years.

    • Well Q man, I know that there’s one question that none of us need waste any time asking you, and that is- Do ya float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, or just drop to yer knees? HA Ha!

  16. TiminKuwait says:

    Sure hope you are right AWD!! I have a bad feeling that there are just enough stupid and/or crazy people in America to re-elect this poser.

  17. High Level Insider: DHS Preparing to Start A Civil War!!


  18. While I agree that Obama needs to be removed from the White House ASAP, I can”t get behind the homophobia. Really what’s the issue with gays & what harm have they really caused besides supposed morality issues.
    The issue on gay marriage really has no place in the Federal government & should be a state issue. Have gay friendly states & non-gay friendly. You don’t like gay marriage move to someplace that doesn’t allow it & vice versa.
    Just my opinion folks but I think we got bigger fish to fry & don’t need to be worrying what color to paint the shutters when the house is on fire.

    Now I know the accusation is going to come so I’ll tell you right now. I am about as hetero as the come.

    254 more days folks…

    • I have to disagree with you on some of what you wrote…….Homosexual Marriage…No way ….his is the erosion and degregation of our culture.


      Obongo is toast….

    • Rock of the Marne says:

      I dont think it should be a poltical issue but the Democrats need it to distract everyone from Obungholes failures on the stuff that REALLY matters! YES, I am saying that the sexual deviance of less than 2% of our population does NOT matter!

      What I cant figure out is what the hell is sooooo special about a man who sticks his penis in the anus of another man and why do we have to give them special minority status for it…. our society now celebrates people who sodomize each other and kill helpless babies… we are so screwed. Everything that happens to this country we have brought on ourselves… a bunch of pigs with no morals or impulse control what so ever.