Every day brings a new low to America. Everything is upside down and nothing seems to be about truth, justice and the American way anymore. And we’re really sucking as a country. Almost as bad as Europe. But Europe has always had a long history of sucking and hasn’t had anything worth bragging about since Margaret Thatcher. AWD must say, I’m sick to death of politics because of the daily ration of sh*t I have to read coming from corruptocrats. Whoever said we’re led by the party of evil and the party of stupid wins the gold medal for accuracy. But even outside of politics, America is now just plain embarrassing. The truth cannot be spoken anymore. While the enemies of truth spew insulting idiocies that are widely covered in the propaganda news, conservatives who speak reasoned truth are riduled. The true enemies of America are now inside our borders. Hell, it appears after three and a half years they are in the White House!

We’ve watched Congress saddle Americans with a $15 trillion national debt with no end in sight. Only today, the Senate passed a five-year $969 billion bill to aid farmers. Who is going to pay for that? How are we going to pay for that? Why should we pay for that? Why do I want to fund farmers and the Department of Agriculture? I don’t. Not any more than I want to fund an automobile company underwater with unsustainable union contracts. Especially when America has a trillion dollar deficit this year (again!).

I’m sick of Congress. I know Democrats are openly socialist these days and hell bent on destroying the America we know and love. And wussypants Republicans are too timid to fight the evil emanating from “their good friends on the other side of the aisle.” Hell, there is no aisle these days!

I’m tired of racist, corrupt Attorneys General like Eric Holder who have the blood of innocent Americans on their hands and are in bed with the racist New Black Panther morons. I’m tired of lying, incompetent enemies of America like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who are too incompetent to do the work of America and too corrupt to do it right, even if they wanted. I’m tired of Barack Obama whose life is nothing but an entire lie. He is walking fiction. Obama is a product created by America’s enemies. He couldn’t even have a girlfriend in college except for a “composite” girlfriend…whatever the hell that is. I’m tired of waiting for a corrupt Congress to pass a corrupt bill before I can see it when I know it is corrupt from the get-go! Washington, DC must be completely overhauled or it will collapse under it’s own corruption. Or to the angry hands of honest, patriotic Americans who have had enough of this madness!

I’m tired of being blamed for the every problem in the world because I’m a white male. I’m tired of being told any of the successes I’ve enjoyed are because of some “white privilege.” AWD wasn’t born rich and I’m not rich now. I’ve worked most of my life competing with skill and talent but cannot do business with any government agency because I’m not a minority or a woman. Want to talk about privilege? Tell me about white privilege while you explain how Affirmative Action is not racist!

Schools teach children that Malcolm X is a hero. A man who called white people “white devils” is deified as a hero! Maya Angelou is now revered as a literary great while Ayn Rand is never mentioned. Universities have forgotten about teaching useful topics that lead to advancement but are filled with communist wasteoid professors who could never make a dime in the private sector who teach BS like Womyns Studies or African Studies or other airy wastes of money and time majors. Want evidence of this?

The above douche is the poster boy of why universities must compete on merit and not taxpayer handouts. Science, technology, medicine? Yes! African and Womyns studies? Not a chance!

Want more evidence of schools that should never receive a penny of taxpayer money?

I’m so damn tired of celebrities running their traps like anything they say is worth listening to. Alec Baldwin, Bill Maher, Janine Garofalo….couldn’t piss and hit the ground with three tries. Nothing but anti-American douche bags unworthy of the great men and women who have built the country that made them wealthy…for whatever reason it is they’re wealthy. I can’t figure it out. They apologize and defend the enemies of America like Islam while demonizing the good, honest people who keep things running. Screw these a-holes and the Prius they rode in on!

I’m more than sick to death of the lying, manipulative propaganda media. Idiots who cry racism every time Americans criticize the president for trampling the Constitution. Idiot hacks like the entire lineup on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and the entire dwindling newspaper industry who spread lies and talking points for those who are hell-bent on the destruction of America. The mainstream propaganda media do as much damage to America as the Democrat Party. They are connected at the hip. The mainstream media are the gatekeepers of political correctness. AWD refuses to let Al Sharpton define the rules of what I can say, think or do! If Chris Matthews wants to call me a racist, well, I have a few names for him! I know that I don’t hate people of other races….but I do dislike trashy people of all races. But the poison of political correctness has infected so many Americans that the truth…or even one’s opinions…must toe the PC line lest one be immediately labeled….horrors….a racist! What a pitiful bunch of sniveling cowards we have become!

Listen to the PC reporter’s shock when this man expresses his opinion:

VIDEO: Extreme race views spur controversy:

We need more people who are willing to step up and say what they believe! Too many times, it is the right that gives weight to political correctness. How many times do we see so-called conservatives tuck tail and run every time Al Sharpton cries racism? Let AWD tell you one damn thing. AWD has never held anyone down. I’ve given jobs to people of all colors to give them a step up in life. I refuse to accept the ridiculous blame of slavery or Jim Crow. Black (brown, white, yellow) people who do not succeed in America do not succeed because of the bad life decisions they have made. Bad grades, dropping out of school, teenage motherhood, Ebonics, wearing pants hanging off your ass, committing crimes, joining gangs…..none of these add to one’s chances of success no matter what the skin color! Somewhere in the near future, personal responsibility has to re-enter the equation to turn this country around.

I’m just sick of the despicable present-day America! I’m ready for the responsible people who pay for and contribute to this country to step up and take charge. Liberal social programs have destroyed America and we will continue to pay for them for generations. This national suicide must stop at once! Unfortunately, we have idjits like Boo Hoo Boehner telling Republicans there will be no “victory dance” when ObamaCare is overturned. The hell there won’t! ObamaCare will destroy healthcare in America! When the Supreme Court overturns it, Americans will take a collective breath! Those who have opposed ObamaCare since it was bought/purchased from corruptocrats are going to par-tay! Screw Boehner, that orange-skinned half a sissy! All that tanning has melted what little brain he started with! With a Speaker of the House like Boehner, who needs Pelosi?

I’m more than sick of the direction of this country. I’m willing to call out our enemies…whether Democrat or Republican. Political correctness is a weapon the right gives the left to kill us. I refuse to give them that weapon! Watch Drudge, Gateway Pundit, Lucianne or any other large blog and you’ll see the idiocy taking place in America today that would have been ridiculed 30 years ago. Folks, it’s time for a change! I am sick of this sh*t!

Angry White Dude

UPDATE – THIS SAYS IT ALL! Photo posted at Drudge of homosexual activists showing respect for President Reagan. These pieces of human excrement hold nothing sacred or pure. Enemies domestic.

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  1. whos the mostly white mixed race guy?

    and is this what yr talking about:
    University of Minnesota – Duluth (UMD) is now sponsoring an ad-campaign designed to achieve “racial justice” by raising awareness of “white privilege.”

    The project disseminates its message, that “society was setup for us [whites]” and as such is “unfair,” through an aggressive campaign of online videos, billboards, and lectures. The ads feature a number of Caucasians confessing their guilt for the supposed “privilege” that comes along with their fair features.

    • REV Wright says:

      Perhaps the white BODs and administration at University of MINN should lead the way and resign so that black Obama voters can take their university six figure jobs and get their “fair share”.

      Yes………This is only fair.

      Liberal white college administration and staff at UM [Duluth]: Lead the way and resign! Show us you care!

  2. who funded the hate commercial you post here?

    white priv their ass

  3. Amen! You’ve pretty much covered what I have been feeling for the last 25 years AWD. Well done.

  4. Dude in the vid has a valid point. My inlaws live in a part of town that was once the place to live around Memphis. Then Memphis annexed it, and the influx of blacks began and it all went to hell. their house has been there for over 50 years, once a nice neighborhood, now just the hood. I watched the same thing happen to my home town and the neighborhoods I grew up in. We had to sell my grandmother’s house for $70k under what it should have been worth. But now, it’s nothing but ghetto. Same goes for the house I lived in when I was young, now ghetto. The neighborhood my parents live in gets transient thugs from the hood a street over. My dad has even found punks shooting pistols around their house. Their neighborhood started going downhill as soon as they built a few hud homes on the street. Within the first month of blacks moving into those houses, my brother’s bike was stolen by one of the punks. We got it back, right after my grandfather snatched the kid’s ass off the bike one day. I’m not to sure what my grandfather told that punk, but he never came back down to our end of the street.

  5. SandManInAz says:

    J in Miss, and do you know WHY a lot of blacks are that way today? Because of dip shit liberal whites who propagate the garbage like white privilege and teach not just blacks but all kids in general that whites are pretty much the most evil being on the planet. Ive known white kids growing up so embarrassed of being white, when they find out they have a smidgen of native American blood they start claiming thats what they are! It’s truly PATHETIC! It has nothing to do with blacks IQ or anything like that. The scumbag WHITE leftists need a dependant class. And they’ll do whatever it takes to keep them ignorant, envious, and hateful towards your average white Christian male that is proud to be American, most of whom don’t have a racist bone in their body. These white libtard self hating pukes will stop at nothing to divide the American people! That same Non racist white guy down the road will encounter the hatred hammered into the black kids mind and have a legitimate reason to be prejudiced, and these white socialist punks will have accomplished his goal! He can claim that the average white guy is inherently racist, that he always felt that way about blacks, it’s in his white NATURE. Nevermind the white liberal bastard was the one fanning the flames!

    AWD, this piece riled me up! We have got to end the grip of cultural Marxism has on our schools, media, and anywhere else they’ve been in control!

  6. TiminKuwait says:

    So is this the reason there are so many white kids out there who try their best to be black? I’ve never understood that. Are they so embarassed or guilty or whatever that they reject their own race in favor of a gangster lifestyle? I mean, I grew up in Mississippi. I was, at that time, as racist as they come. But that was what I knew. I didn’t know that I was supposed to be tolerant and accommodating. Blacks also knew what was what and hated whitey too. It was all good and we stayed away from each other.

    Now,I’ve been trained, over and over and over, in diversity and inclusion. I’ve realized that my racist ways were wrong. But the brothers are worse than they were 30 years ago!! Why do we whites need to change and develop into better humans but the blacks are allowed to become even more racist than we ever thought about being?

  7. David in SC says:

    Viva la revolution anyone?

    • The marxists in this country could be classified as domestic enemies/terrorsit to our country and constitution.. think about it.

      Has everyone forgot a couple of years ago this Marxist administration( DHS ) catorigized combat Vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan as “potential terrorist”? They certainly had no problems identifying their enemies did they? Heck I remember they even put out a memo to other federal and law enforcement agencies to be watchful of ANYONE with a RON PAUL sticker or Gadsden Flag on their vehicles… and yet we were silent. Whatever happed to the 1st Amendment? Revolution may be the only answer to rid us of this marxist plague and thier desire to suppress us… or should I say in the words of dear leader “fundementally transform America”

    • Jack Daniels says:

      David in SC,

      That’s exactly what it will take, and I am serious.

      With 40% of the population being liberals or socialists, we have a divided America, and we all know that a nation divided against, cannot stand.

      I have been saying for years now, that the priamry enemy is not foreign, but domestic, within.

  8. SandManInAz says:

    @TimInKuwait- I cannot say that’s the only reason, but it’s one of the top ten. Why do whites have to change while blacks are given the okay to hate whitey even more? Because that is what the cultural Marxists who’ve taken control over our society believe will eventually stir up the conflict that will be the first step forward in furthering human evolution. That is what Darwin, Marx, and Engels believed. The theory of Darwinian atheistic evolution holds that every step of progress in evolution was brought on through conflict. Marx and Engels believed the same thing goes for society, government,culture,etc.

    Why do you think a piece of shit like George Soros makes his living collapsing economies and governmental systems? Because he is a believer in evolution through conflict. He has admitted he has seen himself as being a god since he was a young boy. He’s a filthy disgusting sick and twisted cultural Marxist who wants to use his money to drive the entire globe into chaos for no other reason than he thinks he is a god, from where I’m sitting.

    What is scarey is I don’t think we can reverse the damage done. If you question the theory of evolution and speak the truth like I’m doing… You are considered a loon. A lot of people really are not aware of the connection between the founders of Marxism and Darwinian evolutionary theory.. How these three vile men conspired to and have successfully created an unquestionable secular religion.

    • WOW.. way to put the truth out there SandMan. The white libeal/Marxist is our greatest enemy.. the destruction they cause with thier propaganda and social egineering is so sinister in nature its hard to fathom. Im glad that I am not the only “loon” out here that sees this… Keep preaching bro!

    • SandManinAZ:
      Bravo– excellent post! Have never forgotten a quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn that he credited to his mother: “Men have forgotten God.” Marxism and Darwinism do indeed go hand in hand. The misery that has resulted from these belief systems is well-documented and observable. When man becomes “just another animal” with no conscience, behaving by instinct, then domination, destruction, death, anarchy, chaos–virtually every kind of evil soon follows. I read a small book by Richard Wurmbrand (founder of Voice of the Martyrs and who suffered horribly in a Rumanian prison because of his Christianity) a few years ago called “Marx and Satan.” There was ample evidence that Marx was a great admirer of Satan if not actually a Satanist. Soros is another megalomaniac like Nimrod in Genesis. Along with Engels and Darwin, they all got their ideas from the same evil source, IMHO. Recall, too, that Saul Alinsky even dedicated his “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer.

      • Target cease fire, Sister.”The fool says in his heart. There is no G-D.” They are corrupt and thier deeds are vile,there is no one who does good. Ps 14;1
        I’m waiting for my copy of “Tortured For Christ” and will check out “Marx and Satan”.

  9. angrywhitejarhead says:

    The wussy interviewer was more concerned about whether what dude was saying was controversial than whether what dude said was correct. It’s called MLT…moronic liberal thought. Shit’s all backwards. I’m from the DC area…I know what he said is true. Even here.

  10. angrywhitejarhead says:

    Oh…and I’d like to see Colonel West beat the ebonicsnot out of Cornel West.

  11. MuayTyson says:

    Great rant AWD and good comments all. Now the question is what are we gonna do about?

  12. The adage “Those that ignore history are bound to repeat it” is even more apropos in our present culture. Whether they are called Liberals, Marxists, Socialists, or Communists it matters not. The Soros type will always find followers in the sheep/lemming members of the population. The mindset of these followers is all the same. They each believe that when the revolution comes they will be part of the ruling class and hold sway over all those uninitiated fools such as you and me. When the time comes and a few hold the power, each of the sheep/lemming will be part of the down trodden. There will be the great “OMG, how did this happen?” shouted in unison from those that fell in line with their visions of grandeur. That is why history is the greatest educator. We ignore at our own peril. Ignorance is not bliss.

  13. Death to Libtards says:

    Whenever I hear the BS about white privilege, I think of Appalachian coal miners,Louisiana gator hunters, red dirt farmers, Gulf Coast fisherman, etc. In other words, people who were not particularly lucky to be born with white skin. Then I think of trillions (yes, with a T) spent on welfare, food stamps, public housing, head start, free school breakfast and lunch programs, and affirmative action programs which have put absolute fools in high places. And then I see left wing sh!t disturbers like the ones in Minnesota, and it takes me mentally to places I don’t really want to go to. I don’t want to be obsessed with racist thoughts, but this kind of crap brings it to the surface.

  14. REV Wright says:

    REV Wright’s First Law of Real Estate:

    The greater the number of Obama blacks in a neighborhood, the lower the property value.

  15. Death to Libtards says:

    As an aside, Cornel West needs to familiarize himself with the fact that there are people out there called dentists and barbers.

  16. For nearly 50 years the anti-American socialists’ and guilt-ridden white liberals have terrorized our country with their desperate attempts at debilitating our entire nation. They’ve infected nearly every vestige of our culture with their third world, juvenile mentality of celebrating “diversity” and “multiculturalism.”

    Throughout this decade long hardship, how has the conservative movement combat all of these devious forces? Not very well. Once again, this coming election year millions of conservatives will be forced to support yet another moderate RINO who most likely become the next president of the United States. Romney’s presidency will bring some minor changes here and there but nothing monumental!

    I have grown weary of watching these liberal demons elevate the most untalented and semi-literate individuals to the forefront. I cannot bear to listen to the daily ramblings of Hussein HopeChange anymore. Al & Jesse James have instilled such an indelible fear in the mindset of white liberals and spineless white moderate that it has now become almost a mandate for white people to refrain from taking any type of personal interest in preserving the white race!

    This ideal is relegated primarily for minorities, homosexuals and every other miscreant on earth whose only aim is to destroy Christrianity and of course, the Anglosphere! The present day GOP is no friend to the conservative cause. The entire news network is a complete farce! And more important, we need to stop kidding ourselves about relying on the Fox News Channel for current “conservative” issues.

    This network in its initial stages possessed all the potential in maistreaming conservativtism towards another level. Not anymore. In the all too important arena of obtaining “cheap ratings”, the station has sadly succumbed to the daily pressures of liberal Democrat forces such as George Soros!

    That’s right fans of AWD. Pay very close attention to the man behind the Fox News curtain. Soros is a very good liberal but a very dangerous man!

  17. AWD~~
    I submitted a comment earlier and it must’ve gone to the spam bin?? 🙁

    • Paul Bonnichsen says:

      AWD’s philosophy… you women just stay in the kitchen cooking us men some dinner. Only kidding Vixen… I always read whatever you post… always good insight.

      • LOL! Thanks much, Paul. I always read your posts as well. It appears AWD retrieved me from the dreaded spam bin as my earlier post is now there. 🙂

  18. Enoch Powell says:

    Yeah buddy.

    The following from the great Steve Sailer:

    “Romney not clear on concept of 8.1% unemployment

    From the WSJ:
    Mitt Romney promised Latino leaders a long-term fix for immigration policy and short-term relief for immigrants in a speech Thursday that was notably softer in tone than when he was battling to win the Republican presidential nomination.
    In a calibrated attempt to attract Latino voters without alienating some in his own party, Mr. Romney spoke of bipartisan solutions he would pursue as president. He pledged … to let those with advanced degrees remain in the U.S. …

    Now, that’s some brilliant politicking, Mitt: With your speech to Latino leaders today, you’ve definitely picked up some of that crucial voting bloc of Hispanic American citizens who are closely related to illegal immigrants with advanced degrees. You just keep listening to what the WSJ and NYT tell you and you can’t go wrong.”

    That vacuous, cowardly empty suit, Romney, drops his pants for the lively, vibrant, diverse enemies of the U.S. and promises them as much as he can (in a typically vague and mealy-mouthed fashion). While he ignores and betrays the one group he needs to actually beat Obonzo; White people. Romney reminds me of some diversity training facilitators I’ve known over the years. A fawning sycophant when it comes to those marvelous blacks and hispanics, and a condescending prick to White people. Romney is a hopeless nancy boy who won’t even be able to beat Obonzo; the worst president in anybody’s history and an open enemy of his own country.

  19. The reason the interviewer is stuttering and stumbling is because the guy is telling the truth and the interviewer knows it. There is nothing the TV guy can say to dispute him without sounding like and idiot.

  20. AWD….you spoke volumes for me!

  21. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    We have all seen it time and time again and the young man in the video tells it exactly like it is… nothing else to say.

  22. AWD
    Composite girlfriend? Atlanta Rhythm Section wrote a song called Imaginary Lover that comes to mind.

  23. There are so many scummer groups in the country today I can’t count that high…….

    Between the homos, and all of the various democrat constituency groups, like Lesbians for a Socialist Nation, Bed Wetters for a Communist Utopia, Sexual Perverts for the New Revolution, AIDs patients for Free Sex Nation, Blacks for Complete Control of the Government Through 100% Affirmative Action, Masturbaters for Nancy Pelosi, and a thousand other democrat scummer groups it is going to be difficult to get the country back on the right track……

    Especially if we have to rely on upon young people like these guys……

  24. Cinnamon Girl says:

    This is what I’m sick of:

    The “teens” called in an order with intent to rob and kill. They did so, then took the bag of food and sat and ate.

    My s.o. used to deliver pizzas just two years ago. He did what he had to for a living. He could have been killed. My heart aches for the murdered man’s family and for America.

    • Your beyond incendiary outrage is in good company with mine and millions of others who are not negro. Three of the five will be tried as juveniles which translates to nothing more at worst than perhaps eight years if that in a country club jail and as always, at taxpayer expense. The other two as adults and while 1st degree charges will be filed, it will only be against one. So, all in all, four will essentially walk especially since they are, surprise, surprise, darling negroes.

      In other news…..

      So we have obvious academic genius “Thug-O-Licious” Lil’ Stevie Claxton who commits at least three counts of sexual assault at the USAFA FIFTEEN MONTHS AGO, but in spite of same is nevertheless allowed to fully continue his “studies” at the AFA, fully graduate (no doubt reveling on graduation day when he got to shake hands with “The One”) and with same, was commissioned as an officer within the USAF – at full taxpayer expense – and only now is he being brought to (no doubt watered down) “tribunal – trial”.

      Give it up for 2ndLt. “Thug-O-Licious” Claxton. Smart money says his sentence, if at all, is so watered down as to make a monsoon look like the Atacama Desert by comparison.

  25. The Democrats just can’t understand why the white working class “keeps voting against its economic interests”. The Buffalo guy just explained it for them. The guy is trying to raise his family in a safe neighborhood with decent schools. It is in his economic interest to be against “open housing” and diversity. He probably doesn’t want a HUD-financed Low-Income Housing Project built across the street from his house. I realize that this is a very esoteric and hard-to-understand issue, requiring a PhD in sociology, but maybe the House Democratic Study Group could devote half an hour to studying this.

    I love the reporter’s incredulity: “But don’t you think that your opinion might be offensive to some people?” In other words, the reporter cannot allow the guy’s statements to air without being challenged.

  26. Jay Carney, White House Spokesman, called a FOX executive and bitched about an anti Obongo ad that was run on FOX and Friends

    here is the video

    • Bluto:
      Viewed the vid yesterday and have sent it to several of my email buddies with instructions to make it go viral…. as it should. Thanks for posting the link here. The more people who see it and pass it on, the better.

    • Bluto…I read that early this morning. – So typical of them…eh?

  27. A core constituency group of democrat homosexuals invited to the White House stand in front of the presidential paintings and flip off the painting of Ronald Reagan……….

    these are the true democrats………..

  28. This is via The Blaze

    Homosexuals give Ronald Reagan the finger

    • Death to Libtards says:

      Bluto, to think I used to get the finger just for driving around with a Jesse Helms sticker on my car!

    • I’ve always been a “live and let live” type of guy. However in this case – **ck you, you miserable faggots!
      I will now oppose all gay issues because of this stunt. If that’s who they really are, then they now have a new enemy.

  29. A visual look at guilt-ridden white liberalism!

  30. Al Not-So-Sharp says… wait for it…. Bush set up Obama RE: Fast and Furious.

  31. I noted your concern for farmers. I used to think that farmers barely got by. But then I moved to a predominately ag area and a number of my patients were farmers. Let me assure you, they make a ton of money. In fact, they make about as much as some of the oil people I see. This is sections of land from 500 acres to about 2000. These guys know more about trading commodities than anyone. It seems to be a good place to work. Then you have the stupid politicians giving them even more money.

    As to frustration, it is time to split the sheets. We tried in 1860 and were made to stay. But now is the time to get it going again. The US is divided down the middle with ideology and the other group wants our wealth, freedom and homes, just like Russia in 1919. Go to dixienet and begin the process of freedom.

  32. AWD…………I’ve been feeling that for years but even more lately. It’s like I woke up one day and found myself in BIZARRO WORLD. WTF happened?

  33. Well if they really think western society was set up by white people for white people then maybe they should get the f@#$ out of the west and go back to whatever h@ll hole third world country they or their ancestors came from and set up their own society.

    Oh that’s right they just want to take over ours because they cant build their own without killing each other off over the stupidest things.

    Just look at their contributions & societies

    Blacks – never got passed huts made of mud & their own dung.

    Middle eastern people – were only able to build any real civilization by killing of other people by the thousands if not million & taking their civilization for themselves, want proof just ask any Jewish person.

    Latin people – What little civilization they ever built on their own died out hundreds of years ago & still practiced sacrificing virgins to the sun god. What they have now is various dictatorships that are run by drug lords.

    The only real group that did well on it’s own is far north eastern Asians from china & japan. The down side is their societies taught them to serve & never question their leaders so much so that they don’t have much room in their society for free thinkers & inventors.

  34. KennakaKeeper says:

    I’ve stated many times before that I use to live in BuffaGhetto NY for most of my life and yes what he states is true.In 1950 the population of this once Great city was 580,000 of which 545,000 were white. In the year 2000 it was 292,000 with 159,000 considered white. What would cause a mass exodus of this proportion. I’ll tell you again,TRASH, nothing but TRASH has taken over, just like any other major city in this country.He is one of the few left that is willing to speak his mind in public and mark my words he will end up paying the price for it like the rest of us did….

  35. Spurwing Plover says:

    Any parrot can talk lets see these liberal geniuses fly

  36. NewImprovedTied says:

    The guy in the video is dead on right, and I respect his courage for saying it publicly. We should have more like him, and all of us should have his back. Note the incredulity of the reporter that this man would be so brazen as to bluntly speak the truth. The reporter’s disbelief seems tinged with despair. “This guy has no white guilt…the racist/shame meme isn’t working on him”. I wish this video could get the distribution that it deserves.

  37. Swamp Music says:

    Great post Dude. I like the way the guy in the video was so matter of fact about it. The reporter just couldn’t grasp the fact that some folks just don’t cotton to one another, and they should stay in their own respective neighborhoods. If you try to force diversity in the natural world, well, it just doesn’t work. At the turn of the 20th century, people who came through Ellis Island, mostly Irish, Italian, and Polish immigrants tended to stick together in their own neighborhoods. They did this for protection, but also for a sense of familiarity in strange new land. Visiting some of these enclaves was often a safe and eye opening experience.

    Nobody forced them into it, it just happened naturally. It’s always been that way in America. It is only when the do gooder lefties try to engineer society that problems arise.

    And I believe that much of it stems from this misguided belief of white privilege.

  38. You said it so well, Dude. Better than I could. I am in 100% agreement intellectually and emotionally. Now what? They spent trillions of our tax dollars turning America into this garbage over the last 50 years. It started with Kennedy’s assasination. They have the guns, the printing presses at the mint, the schools and the propaganda machines of news media, movies, music, etc. So again I say, “Now what?” It’s not meant to be a rhetorical question. They waste more money on a study of the sex lives of monkeys on cocaine than we all could put together in 10 years. They have money to burn on a “Fast and Furious” caper. Money to burn covering it up, and never any simple justice to be found. After two years, we cannot even get one notorious terrorist murdering moslem to trial even though hundreds watched him murder our unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood. We cannot even cut off his paycheck!!! I could go on for hours. So, Now What?

  39. Why is it some whites are upset about race ? Whites have done some good in the world ,but at the same time the bad sort of over shadows the good. They’ve managed to solve their problems at expense of other people. Let me ask you a question angry white dude ? When has the majority of the white race ever been screwed over by other non white people ? When has the white race been striped of their land or take away from their land by non white people ? When has the white race been held in bondage by non white people? History is taught one sided in america. The horrors is not spoken on or abouty hardly . America loves the glamour of story telling but not the full . So until non whites have put whites through they’ve inflicted upon non whites then you can post articles like you’re posting ,but until then your deposit is rejected .

    • Wow. Your grasp on reality and history is about as good as your command of the English language. Keep up the good work, troof!

    • Tripe.

      Europe has had to put up with over 1000 years of non-white invasion from the Islamist pestilence. What the hell do you think Charles Martel was doing at Tours and Poitiers in 732? Taking in the sights? No. He was in a death struggle with the Arabic invaders.

      Same as Sobieski was at the gates of Vienna in 1683. The Barbary slave trade took over a million whites from Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, rainding from Iceland through Ireland and the Bristol channel to the northern Mediterranean.

      Oh and by the way, these were slaves taken by force, not purchased from existinf slave markets, as every single black slave taken to the Americas was. The death rates for whites taken by the Corsairs was worse than the black slave ships.

      “Truth” you call yourself? Pah. Wanker.