Dudes and Dudettes…are you ready for the rumble tomorrow with the Wisconsin Recall vote taking place? The mainstream media has been going bonkers today about all of this. The dems have been trying to play this down for more than a week if they lose the election with their same old talking points from many of the usual suspects…but things change with them as always, since yesterday the dems have really been revving it up for a win. The DOJ announced they will be monitoring the recall vote today as well as other states. Both sides have recall lawyers at the ready too, which I’m hoping the right side won’t need…but time will tell.

I have so much saved about this subject that I wanted to share with you it’s not funny, but at this stage of the game that would be an impossibility to do…so I’ll cut to the chase with a few stories that sum it up.

First up we have this via FNI:

The Wisconsin recall election between Governor Scott Walker (R) and Mayor Tom Barrett (D) is set to take place on Tuesday, but now there are warnings of possible voter fraud. Fox News’ Eric Shawn dug deeper into this alarming issue to find out if it will affect next week’s election. Gov. Walker told The Weekly Standard, “I’ve always thought in this state, close elections, presidential elections, it means you probably have to win with at least 53 percent of the vote to account for fraud. One or two points, potentially.”

Shawn talked to one Wisconsin voter who told him that she believes fraud can swing an election. Nancy Harrison-Noonan said, “I think voter fraud is a reality of our time, as I think Wisconsin voters are aware.” Another voter, Eleanora Givens, told Shawn that she has faith in the electoral system and in the people.

The head of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, Kevin Kennedy said, “It’s a human driven process. There are always people who are going to try to gain the system. We, like all states, have crimes for election violations.”

In the city of Delafield, near Milwaukee, there are already allegations that several absentee ballots were submitted. Brian Sikma, who is the Communications Director of the conservative watchdog group Media Trackers, joined America’s News HQ today. He told Shawn, “Wisconsin has a history of tight elections and narrow outcomes and voter fraud could sway the election one way or the other.”

Sikma went on to explain that a county judge asked for the state’s voter ID laws to be suspended, so now going into Tuesday’s election there are no voter ID provisions in place. He continued, “There’s also the fact that absentee ballots, as you mentioned moments ago, there are reports that some ballots have been distributed perhaps improperly. So as we move forward, the integrity of the process could be in question.”

Here we have Gov. Walker with Neil Cavuto as well in a ‘Sneak Peek’…full interview later this afternoon. This is also via FNI:

In this sneak peek clip of the interview, Walker questioned why President Obama hasn’t campaigned for his opponent Mayor Tom Barrett in the state. Walker said, “I think it’s a sign that there’s real concern. What I’ve seen over the weekend are voters who tell me that they voted for my opponent or they tell me they’re Democrats but in each case, they tell me they’re voting for me now either because they like the courage to take on the tough problems, or a number of Democrats tell me they don’t like the recall process. My guess is the president and his folks just want to shy away from that.”

Cavuto weighed in saying that it is a tough position for the president because his approval rating is high in Wisconsin, and he may have felt that it would do him more harm than good to get in the middle of the recall election.

Now, when it comes to what Cavuto said at the end, I totally disagree with. As far as I’m concerned Dear Leader is scared of his own shadow if he went to Wisconsin now…he’s trying to avoid being blamed. Either way, you can be sure the democrats, especially the Union big-wigs have to be furious behind the scenes. We all know it too.

Lastly for the fun it…I want to show some ‘Stuck on Stupid’ for the topper today. This is via FreeBeacon:

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Rep. Gwen Moore (D., Wis.) got down with her bad self at a Friday rally in Milwaukee, singing and dancing to the tune of “Hit The Road Jack” in front of a crowd of thousands.

Moore was speaking at rally for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who is challenging incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Tuesday’s recall election, when she burst into song.

“Hit the road Scott!” Moore bellowed—a play on the rhythm and blues song made famous by Ray Charles. “Great Scott, Scott Walker, you gotta go baby. We don’t want you no more.”

Moore led the crowd through several verses and choruses of the song, railing against Walker’s policies while swaying back and forth to an imaginary beat.

I’m telling you friends, that woman above is really stretching it when it comes to anyone with brain that works patience, but it’s amusing through my viewfinder in life. She exemplifies the definition of desperate.

So Dudes and Dudettes…do you think Walker will win tomorrow? Do you think it will be a referendum on the coming election in November? Will the unions finally get the message that this country is tired of their commie controlling ways, plus using tax-payers dollars for democrats and bundling money for those in power via money laundering/slush-fund chits etc? One last thought…if Gov. Walker wins, do you think other republican Governors will follow his tactics when it comes to the unions as well?

Throw out your thoughts…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. I’m looking forward to having a few beers tomorrow night while I’m watching all the numb nuts at MSNBC go into melt down.

    • bigtimer says:

      So am I…we both are in the household. My other half is picking up some cold ones for tomorrow night too. ~ (I’m hoping it’s fun…especially when it comes to Special Ed!)

  2. bigtimer says:

    I’ve gotta run for a bit…just wanted to throw this in here real quick.


  3. A couple of things to curb democrat voter fraud…..We need some draconian voting laws…..make it a felony to illegally vote period…with penalties that would make Charles Manson quake in his boots…like 25 to life for anyone who votes for someone else or voting more than once….mandatory prison sentences for anyone who is an illegal voter…life imprisonment for anyone who votes under a dead voter I.D. immediate incarceration (15 years) and then deportation for an illegal who votes in any national, state, or local election….

    Wisconsin needs to get it’s head on straight and vote against the state unions which are killing prosperity and robbing the coffers of the public treasury….it appears as though Wisconsin voters are going to send a message tomorrow…We’ve had it with the commies….its about time!!!!


  4. If Walker is not recalled — and I doubt that he WILL be, I’m going to have a few celebratory drinks! A lack of recall of Walker is a vote of no-confidence in Obama.

  5. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    I think Walker will come out victorious. Unions only make up a small percentage of the work force and a large percentage of voters no longer have much use for unions. Yeah, I worked union when at GM and saw first hand how unions are only concerned with saving the jobs of the drunks and misfits… not to mention union dues.

    Also, I agree with Bluto… we need stiff penalties for those who comment voter fraud.

    • bigtimer says:


      I wished I would have saved an article I read, it showed where the unions have lost approx. 80% of their members in Wisc. because of their opt-out privilege. – Ya gotta love it!

      • Paul Bonnichsen says:

        If Walker does win tomorrow night, and I truly expect he will, this will be a big blow to unions and also a partial kick in the ass for Obama.

        Do you know BT when the supreme court will rule on the lawsuit against Arizona and also Obamacare??? I thought the ruling was suppose to be during the first week of June… the rulings should give all of us another reason to drink a beer.

        • bigtimer says:

          I think it will be a ‘Big’ kick in the ass to Dear Leader if Walker wins.

          As to SCOTUS and OCARE…it’s suppose to be sometime in June last I heard. I never heard the first week…but the sooner the better. I want to get that done with too. And you can believe I’m going to celebrate about that as well if we win. It would be awful if get that news tomorrow as well as the Walker Win (I hope) on the same day. I want to savor both wins separately. Then again, it would be fun watching all the leftist-loons heads explode it that did happen…would it not? 😉

  6. bigtimer says:

    Here’s Barrett spewing his blather ~


    I’d say that’s a good thing…Barrett really is ‘Stuck on Stupid’ too.

  7. Waaaay off topic…

    To those that have Celiac Disease (Gluten sensitive). Anheuser-Busch now makes a Gluten-Free beer. It’s made with Sorghum instead of Barley. It’s named “REDBRIDGE.” The taste leaves something to be desired, but it does have an alcohol content. Enjoy.

    ntln out

  8. bigtimer says:

    RNC Chief really took it to Face the Nation yesterday, here’s what he had to say about this topic.


    Priebus was the RNC Chief we needed last time around…he really minced no words with other topics as well. I’m glad I caught it all. ~

  9. If you’re a Neal Boortz fan here is his pre-farewell to 42 years of talk radio. It’s long but a good read.


  10. bigtimer says:

    Check out this leftist-loon.


    Aren’t people like this just so special?

  11. bigtimer says:

    I don’t know if anyone is paying attention or not…I’ve got to get things done around here, but here are three links that pertain to this that are interesting no matter how how you look at it.

    This matters for the repubs to stay in the majority in Wisconsin state House~


    Then we have this…which I agree with too, as you well know by now.


    And here’s Cavuto’s full interview with Walker ~


  12. Don’t you just love these liberals? They cannot bear the idea of having a truly dedicated politician who governs honestly. The only thing that they’re familiar with is chaos and disorder. They couldn’t deal with the efficiency of a Scott Walker, so throw a juvenile hissy fit and start a recall!

    • bigtimer says:


      Do you happen to be watching Hannity at the time? Been pretty interesting and frustrating at the same time with the audience with Luntz etc.

      Btw…here’s some more fun from the libs. ~


      • bigtimer, I was so happy that Hannity and his producers finally came to their senses and discarded that disposable liability, Alan Colmes.

        Yet, he’s not going to generate a large conservative base by routinely inviting characters like Frank “Dunce” and that useless focus group or “no-neck” Beckle and bubble head, Tamara Holder!

        • Paul Bonnichsen says:


          Did not know Colmes was gone as I’ve been out of touch with the world for awhile. Beckle is a complete loser as far as I’m concerned and he also needs to be dumped.

  13. I predict a landslide victory for Walker and will be spending the evening glued to msnbc where the talking heads will be fumbling over themselves like the Keystone Cops on meth.

    I really should make up a buzzword bingo card for the occasion.

    • You should and put it here…what fun that would be. I cannot wait until tomorrow night…it’s gonna be a good one in more ways than one!

      The msDNC Funny Farm critters that graze there are going to have to call in an extra team of men in little white coats to come and carry them away…Ha, Ha, Ho, Ho, Hee Hee!

  14. Walker will win. Those with time to protest also have time to be vocal and get on the news. The silent majority are at work, but we will turn out tomorrow and without fan fare or song will give Walker a sound victory.
    As an aside, Barrett has not run one-not one- ad stating any plans or anything he has accomplished. Every one of his ads bashes Walker for “dividing the state” or causing “turmoil”. And “we need to change things”…. tomorrow will be a good day-watch the Dims scramble and distance themselves from WI after tomorrow. I can’t wait.

    • Hey Don…keep us posted as things go on, I am so with you. I wished I could vote there. But we are in MT for primary stuff along with other states, but Wisconsin is the big one!

      I’m saying “Cheers” early to you because I can. Thank you for the update and info with what’s going on in WI.

    • Don, be on the lookout for any dead voters. They will be the ones wearing Obama t shirts.


    • Btw Don…I sure hope Clayfish wins too…big time! The msm, especially msDNC has done everything they can to disparage her, along with other repubs as well. I hope against hope the repubs stay in control of Senate too.

  15. Gwen Moore. Sooooooo negro. Sooooooo dignified.

    Priceless appearance.

    • Lol…priceless is right. Talk about make a fool of oneself, this gal does it every-time she opens her yapper.

      Of course she’s welcome guest on msDNC, after-all, she fits right in.

  16. This clipped from Michelle Malkin’s site………

    State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, a Republican, announced over the weekend that the Wisconsin Department of Justice will be sending assistant attorneys and special agents to polling locations.
    “The June recall election is a significant event in our state’s history. The people of Wisconsin need to have confidence that their rights are being protected and the laws are being followed,” said Van Hollen.
    Seven teams will be assigned to Milwaukee and two will be assigned to Madison. Teams will also go populated areas of the state such as Appleton, Green Bay, Eau Claire and La Crosse.
    The U.S. Justice Department also is sending observers to monitor the election.
    The US DoJ put out a press release confirming they’d be in Wisconsin on Tuesday, among other states.
    Also, David Axelrod said the Dems would “have an army of lawyers there [Wisconsin] ready to protect the vote on Tuesday.”

    Do any of you remember the following…………..?? This simultaneously terrified and enraged me. Pure Gestapo police state tactics. Pure Orwell – Nineteen Eighty-Four. And few picked up on it at the time or even now……….


    Then, of course, this all-time gem……….


    • Howdy DJ…

      Read that yesterday…our side of the aisle has teams out too. Plus, recall lawyers at the ready if needed. I’m hoping Walker wins so big that the lawyers won’t be needed.

  17. Even if Scott Walker wins,the union criminals will intimidate,threaten,and, by their reputation could make him “disappear”. Walker is a brave man to take on the unions,they won’t go away quietly. I want him to win,but,I fear for him too.It’s good vs evil tonight,

  18. Talk about ‘RIDICULOUS’…this has to be it.


    Dems will do anything…even this foolish.

  19. Spurwing Plover says:

    I hope walker stays in office I enjoy seeing liberals getting humiliated

  20. bigtimer says:

    Anyone been watching the Talking-Heads this evening?

  21. Special Ed is blaming Republicans and the money spent…they bought the election….what bullshirt!!!!!

    Go to hell special ed

  22. right as of now….Rep 60%

    Dims 40%


  23. Yes yes yes !!!!!

    A landslide

  24. http://www.620wtmj.com/pages/152344525.html

    Come gloat with me my friends. Updated constantly. It is a good day in Wisconsin, and a harbinger of things to come in November. Maybe they can Recall Santa if they don’t get what they want in December. I’ll get 7 more years of Walker!!!

  25. time to gloat and rub it in the libtards faces

    how you like us now libtards…..Bwahahahahahahahahaha

  26. Good day for the guys in white hats.
    AKA; Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

    Scott Walker Wins? CHECK
    Union thugs lose? CHECK
    Bill Clinton no help? CHECK
    Dem Party in disarray? PRICELESS

    It’ll be fun watching how Nancy Pelousy and Harry Rude spin this.

  27. Yes it does speak volumes…and it does not bode well for Obongo in November


  28. MSLSD is blaming the amount of money spent….It coudln’t be ideas..NOOOOOOOOOO it has to be the money…..what bullshirt

    What is amazing is the dipshits at MSLSD just keep lying to themselves.

    • bigtimer says:

      I know…I was listening, had to turn it…can’t take their pathetic BS tonight.

      This is tooooo much fun!

      • Time for Obongo to start quaking in his boots….the damn pundits tried to say this election was to close to call …what bull…not even close

        Same thing going to happen to Obongo…not even close

    • bigtimer says:

      Bluto….that speech from Walker should be a good one!

  29. It’s not even close. I was concerned as I saw sooooo many young people at the poles. I thought perhaps the teachers had convinced their legal aged students to go vote Barrett. But I was wrong, there is hope. Barrett is not even winning in Milwaukee, where he is mayor. The only counties he is winning are college towns and the far north.72 counties,2 with no report, Barrett winning 7, Walker winning 63…. WE WIN…And come November…..

    • bigtimer says:

      Come Nov. Dear Leader packs his bag…thank goodness! 😉

    • SkySphere says:

      Don, you gotta love the shellacking Barrett took, especially after the LSM tried their damnedest to get the young ‘uns to get out and vote. He may have won 49% of the votes, but 63 counties out of the 70 that reported is an even 90%.

      Just think if that math carries into November…my leg is already a-tingle!

  30. the damn dims got nothing….nothing

    Reince Priebus is right on….there is going to be a circular firing squad with the dims regarding the blame game…I’m lovin it

    • bigtimer says:

      I love Priebus…he never backs down and sticks it right back to the leftist loons, he is something else!

      • apparently there was an enormous turn out….that’s great …some counties more than 70%

        Bubba Clintoon was no help….Bwahahahahaahahahahahahaha

        MSLSD has gone back to bashing Romney….keep it up asswipes…your going to lose no matter what you do….

  31. Wait til they ask for a recount…..even thousands of dead folks and thousands of illegals could not turn the tide. I can’t wait to hear the Excuses. I just saw the Rebrund Jackson on the tube from Milwaukee saying the votes have not all been counted, and it ain’t over. I got news for ya Rebrund, go the hell away, the election is over. Perhaps you can recall the Easter Bunny cause he gave you Reeses instead of Jelly Bellys. Back to Trayvon perhaps-nothing to see here. Pardon my indulgance, but it’s a great day to be a Cheesehead!Damn I’m happy….enjoy it with me and ride the tide through November!

  32. Rebecca winning 57-43. And she is very cute besides being a great Lt. Gov.
    I can’t figure out how to link to her pic, so do yourself a favor and look her up. Rebecca Kleefisch. Let me repeat…..hahahahhahahahahaahahahahahaha

    • bigtimer says:

      Right you are…she’s a very attractive repub, something the majority of lib gals aren’t. I heard her speak a lot today on various segments…that gal is going places in my opinion.

  33. Special Ed is crying in his beer…..he has just about lost it….the money ….the money ….the money….

    Nothing could be further from the truth……its not the money libtard jagoffs….its the ideas that beat your asses……

    here is your new city that you libtard jagoffs can govern….


    • Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!…that picture says it all.

      Like you said….it’s not the money, it’s the message!… Period.

  34. Death to Libtards says:

    Barrett, Clinton, Obama. PIMP SLAPPED!