Dudes and Dudettes…I don’t know if many of you heard the Dictator Deluxe declaring his amnesty Executive Order yesterday from the Rose Garden, but I did catch it all and the anger the Dictator-in-Chief expressed was obvious. A reporter from the Daily Caller dared to ask him a pertinent question while he was speaking, although the reporter thought he was finished. Seems Mr. Wonderful O’Reilly didn’t like it one little bit. I’m going to post two stories that are relevant to the ‘Question of the Day’…see what you think.

This is a short version of what happened yesterday that started the ball rolling between Dear Leader and Munro:

Next up, we’ll start with Neil Munro from the Daily Caller:

In a video interview, The Daily Caller’s White House correspondent Neil Munro answered questions about his exchange with President Barack Obama in the Rose Garden.

“I shouldn’t be the story. The important thing is the president’s policy today, which could have a significant impact on American workers. I asked a question about that. Admittedly, it was in the middle of his speech. I thought he was ending his speech — his statement — but then I asked a question at the end and he turned his back on the reporters and walked away,” Munro said.

“Timing these things is a little awkward. He speaks very well, very smoothly — very nice delivery. It’s hard to know when he’s about to end. I thought he was going to end today. I asked my question too early. He rebuked me. Fair enough.”

Before coming to The Daily Caller, Munro worked at National Journal for over a decade. He has also reported for Defense News and Washington Technology. Judging from his experience, Munro says open press events at the White House are “well designed by the president and his staff.”

“He comes out of the Rose Garden, gives a short statement and then turns his back and walks away very quickly without taking questions,” he said. “Sometimes he takes questions. He took a question on Trayvon Martin in March. Sometimes these shouted questions at the end work — not today: He refused to answer an obvious and conventional question about the impact of his policy on American workers at a time of record unemployment.”

In the future, Munro hopes the White House will “arrange events so the reporters can ask the president or his senior staff about the important policy changes.”

Munro added that the administration normally selects which reporters are able to ask the president questions at press conferences beforehand.

“You can see the president at press conferences naming people who are to ask a question,” Munro said. “Other reporters sit around quietly not asking questions, not shouting questions because it risks their access to White House off the record comments and future chances of asking questions, but this is a very important issue. There’s no reason we should sit around and wait for another day for an answer on this important question.”

So it seems Bill O’Reilly didn’t like what happened about all of this yesterday afternoon and he said so last night on his show. See what you think…this is via Mediaite:

Bill O’Reilly rather strongly reprimanded Neil Munro, a now-infamous reporter at Tucker Carlson‘s The Daily Caller, for interrupting President Obama in the middle of a speech announcing his administration’s new policy shift on the deportation of young immigrants. He said that Munro was “absolutely wrong” to interrupt Obama, and even if a person does not like a particular president, they should have enough sense to respect the office they hold.

In a Talking Points segment focused on President Obama’s newly announced immigration policy, O’Reilly admitted the plan is fair and it would be unfair to punish kids who were brought to the United States by their parents. He said whether or not the policy is humane is up for debate, but what he could not dispute was that Munro was disrespecting the president.

“Mr. Munro was absolutely wrong in interfering with the president’s statement. As Talking Points always says, you must respect the office of the presidency, even if you don’t like the person in it. Mr. Obama was correct in calling Munro out.”

So friends….do you agree with O’Reilly or Neil Monru?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Enoch Powell says:

    Bill O’Reilly is an idiot. This idea of having respect for the “office” when that office is infested with a deadly enemy of the U.S. is nothing but a tactic to deflect criticism from the most horrible president we have ever had. And O’Reilly is a notorious imbecile when it comes to immigration. He claims to hate illegal immigration, but he gives that the lie by supporting increased legal immigration. Immigration is destroying the U.S. and it doesn’t matter if it’s legal or illegal. All that matters is that millions of third-world savages are flooding the U.S. It doesn’t matter how they get here. In fact, legal immigration is worse because if/when we ever come to our senses and begin to deport ALL third-world savages, it will be more difficult to deport the ones who are here legally.

    O’Reilly is just another neoCon coward and traitor. So is Romney. We have no friends in government or the mainstream media. Even Fox News has purged everybody who was in touch with the horrible reality that the U.S. is essentially finished because its government is the enemy. I’m amazed that Napolitano lasted as long as he did. Napolitano is a full-grown MAN, unlike these mincing nancy boys who infest the GOP and the Democratic Party.

  2. Minuteman26 says:

    If Munro didn’t ask the question it would never get answered. Obama put 800,000 US citizens out of work to court the Hispanic vote. WTF. O’Reilly has become a shill for Obama over the last 18 months. When you have a POTUS in the White House who is trying to bring down the Republic, you cut him no slack. Screw the office of the president. Obama is a traitor. Am with Munro on this.

  3. Does anyone watch that fraud O’Reilly anymore?

    • I do now and then, saw this last night and was once again infuriated with him!

      Our so-called prez has done nothing but disrespect the office he holds, he’s a marxist by-passing congress again and a reporter dared ask him a question…we need more reporters like him…not less.

      Btw…I remember how other ‘republican’ presidents have been treated by the press…so the hypocrisy of all stinks to high heaven.

  4. I would not expect any entity or individual to respect the office more than the one holding it.

  5. I have to stick this in here…it says it all for me.


  6. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    As much as I hate to say it, O’Reilly does have a point regarding Munro interrupting the president. With that said… Kudos Mr. Neil Munro for pissing this POS president off.

  7. Death to Libtards says:

    I’ll repost this here because it’s as relevant as at the other thread. Bill O’Reily is fast becoming irrelevant anywhere:

    How quickly the gutless cowards forget Bush Derangement Syndrom and Palin Derangement Syndrom:


    It’s time Obama and his lefty supporters pull on their big boy panties and take it with as much dignity as the Republicans. Oh, that’s right. Not worshipping Dear Leader is raaaaacccccism.

    And let’s not forget left loons wanted to put W. Bush and Dick Cheney on trial for war crimes. I say on Jan. 21 we put Ovomit on trial for his life for treason. If that leads to the gallows, so be it.

  8. Since BOR loves immigration, legal or otherwise…I wonder what he would think about this, there is a lot more details in this report since it first happened…and this filthy S.O.B had a green card to-boot!


    • Paul Bonnichsen says:

      I for one and any other father who loves his children would have also killed this son of a bitch… too bad his death could not have been a little more painful.

      • Hi Paul…

        Did you read the new details…what father worth his salt wouldn’t have done the same thing?

    • bigtimer, you know how he’d spin this travesty. He’ll suggest, “You can’t justify bad behavior with other bad behavior” and then shamelessly balance the horrorific act of the perverted dad against the heroic but “self-rightous” bravery of the other dad!

  9. I’m a bit torn on this. There is a certain amount of respect that should be accorded regardless of how big a douche the president is. Then again, if the president is blatantly and unapologetically taking a massive crap on the Constitution, he deserves to be called out. I liked it and disliked it at the same time.

    • Adam,

      I agree. As Americans (some of us anyway before illegal immigration) we were taught in school about civics and how government operates. At least they did when I was going to school in the 1940’s/1950’s (I doubt they teach that subject now in schools without a lot of liberal, union bias by teachers). Anyway, I was taught in those civics classes to respect Presidents, Mayors, Congressmen etc. since they had the interests of American at heart (At least I thought so as an innocent child in school). At the time the schools taught that we had the greatest system of government on the planet and I really don’t remember any bias by any teacher. It was normal to respect the Presidency no matter who held it. Obongo has changed all that. He is so Marxist, Socialist, Anti-Capitalism (Capitalisim of course is what our country was built on, not socialism) it is very, very difficult to respect the office of the Presidency any longer.

      Our society has degenerated greatly because of political correctness, liberalism and infection by muslims.

      I think Munro “might” have overstepped the bounds of decorum slightly but I do not think that our marxist, so-called leader deserves real respect.

  10. Big, to his credit, I saw him talking to Gerry Rivera about that story last night and they both actually agreed that in no way should the father be charged.

    • Thanks Adam…when I heard Rivera was going to be coming up I turned it…so obviously I didn’t see it. – Much appreciated.

  11. Swamp Music says:

    I agree with Neil Monru, whoever he is. BOR can cut Zerobama all the slack he wants, O’Reilly is a Liberal anyway.

    • Neil Munro is a pretty good conservative, I’ve been reading a lot of his stuff at the Daily Caller for quite awhile…no wonder Dear Leader was so angry.

  12. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Obama is, without a doubt, the most outrageously, negatively radical President I’ve seen in my lifetime. I am disappointed that we Americans allowed this man to gain the office (not me–I always vote and I voted for McCain–the barely lesser of two evils). This amnesty and his insane reaction to a reporter, an American citizen, asking a pertinent question, should open the eyes of every voter whether they agree with him or not. He is stomping all over the Constitution he swore to defend! We MUST get this man out in November if we are to save what’s left of this country.

    • Cinnamon Girl…

      We were also disgusted that this country was fooled and didn’t bother to check out who the real Obama was before voting…the msm being the water-carrier for Dear Leader. At least things aren’t the same today….in my opinion Dear Leader will be defeated…people across this land have finally awaken to the truth, and they’re mad as hell…as we all should be.

  13. Bill O’reilly is a coward. Plain and simple. The man is the personification of the lukewarm Christian whom Christ reprimanded in the timeless passage in Revelations 3:15-16; “I know your works. You are nether cold nor hot”. Would that you were either cold or hot, So because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out my mouth!

    Night after night he espouses the same tiring rhetoric to justify the wicked agenda of liberals just so that he can obtain their worthless respect.

    It shouldn’t come to a surprise as to why President O’Loser’s handlers encouraged him to be interviewed not once but twice on O’Reilly’s show because liberals are fully aware that they wont be heavily scrutinized by spineless “moderates” such as Mr.No Spin Zone”!

    For his untiring efforts O’Loser and his minions including his monetary fairy god-father, George Soros have rewarded the Fox News enterprise by placing on their payroll a handful of their perfidious liberal plants including “Shamu” Green, Sally “Con” and Jesse’s girl, Santita Jackson!

  14. FuriousFatMan says:

    i’ll respect Obama’s office as soon as he starts respecting the constitution…

    to him it’s just an old document that’s out of date..

    to me he’s just an old commie that’s running out of rope…

    eff Obama in his dirty, commie bwutthwole w/ pork sausage.


  15. Thought I’d throw these links in too for the heck of it.


    and this…


    Nothing like words of wisdom from the left ~

  16. ARbuilder says:

    Obama does not deserve any respect..As a man?? or a President.

  17. Renee, Furious and AR…

    Just wanted you all to know your posts speak volumes for me. – Well, said…and much thanks for your in-put. 😉

  18. Here’s some fun…and I mean it.


    They don’t like it when the shoe’s on the other foot and they’re called out about the hypocrisy of it all!

  19. Screw BOR and the rest of FAUX NEWS, I’m sick of the phoney bastards,…they got rid of the only good guys IMO, Judge Nappy and Glen Beck!

    • tazz…

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Plus, they got rid of Eric Bolling’s show on FBN as well…it infuriated me, he’s one of my favs I used to watch on that business network too.

      Btw…have you seen what Rivera had to say…being the tough guy he thinks he is?


      I’d like to see the phony bastid try it!

  20. msDNC always, always has to insert ‘race’ in every single thing they say.


    This is past old…and backfire is the name of he game at this point!

  21. General Quarters says:

    I’m with the Daily Caller! Billy Boy is sucking hind tit!

  22. Read and see what you think ~


  23. Paul Bonnichsen says:


    Think Monru will get clearance to attend another rose garden speech by our dear beloved leader???

    I had almost forgot about Donaldson… hell, he was a thorn in Reagan’s side and not only interrupted him on several occasions, but also argued with Reagan on his policies. Of course both Donaldson and Reagan were white, so racism didn’t play a factor… ask a question or fluff the feathers of Obama, and the water boys from the media along with the majority of blacks label you a racist.

    I’m at the point where I wish we could divide the country… dims get 50% of the country along with the lazy malcontents and to include 95% of worthless blacks (their voting block) and repub get the other half of the country which would mainly be comprised of hard working Americans.

  24. Vicio Malo says:

    everytime I see this piece of sh^t it reminds me of feeding the monkeys at the L.A. county Zoo…I just left a bar that now features, “nappy hour” they serve wild irish rose and mad dog 20/20…

  25. In a sense I think that interrupting the president might be rude. but then, this guy is not just any president. As a uber-conservative, I felt that Bush’s only qualification for office was that he was not Kerry or Gore. But, as stupid as his policies were, he at least was for the system and thus respected us. The big O on the other hand is clearly trying to destroy the country. Either he is extremely stupid or this is part of his plan as a Marxist. Either way, he does not respect us. The office of the president does not deserve respect in itself. We are not like the British. I consider all politicians just like me, except they are to a man corrupt. Thus, if we don’t get respect, we don’t return the favor.

  26. Check this out ~


    Kurtz replying this was ‘ludicrous’ at the end of the segment…is just ‘ludicrous’ in itself.

  27. Paul Bonnichsen says:


    I know you keep abreast on the Sunday political TV round table discussions, so is it your assessment that the news media is starting to ask some tough questions concerning Obama’s policies??? Also, NBC finally gave some time to “Fast & Furious” and might add this was the first time they did so.

    Here is a good video discussing the news media… even though they are water boys for Obama, it shows some tougher questions by the media.


    • Thanks Paul…I’ll check that link out in just a bit. (I think I’ve heard it before…and it’s a good one!)

  28. Here’s Dobbs’ thoughts ~


  29. Charles Ray says:

    I quit watching that POS a long time ago. Used, to think he was one of us and then he decided to turn into a suck-up for this illegal ass POTUS.

  30. Do they come any dumber than Don Lemon?


    Well, Joyless Behar comes to mind.

  31. I’m glad El Rushbo is talking about this…and the hypocrisy of the Obama media.