Dudes and Dudettes…here’s an idea from radio talk-show host Mark Levin. I thought what he said was rather intriguing, so I decided to post this here to see what you thought of this. I can’t help but wonder if you think something like this could or would ever possibly be done in this day and age when it comes to politics with our congress-critters…meaning those at the top like the Speaker of the House.

Here’s the story via The DC:

On his Wednesday radio program, conservative talker Mark Levin made what he called “a radical, but very rational suggestion”: Republicans should make Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Speaker of the House, despite the fact that Walker is not a sitting congressman. Walker just survived a recall election in his state. According to Levin, to begin what he called an “80-to-100 year process” of restoring a constitutional government, it would be necessary to do something bold. “Now folks, revolutions don’t just happen,” he said. “A movement doesn’t just happen. So we need people in place in positions of power to carry out the liberty agenda to reestablish constitutionalism, whether at the state level or at the federal level. This is an enormous opportunity for huge victories across the country and hopefully nationally so we can begin the 80-to-100 year process of unraveling the Leviathan and reestablishing constitutional government, the republic. Now is our chance. Now is our opportunity.” And that bold move would be to place Walker at the head of the lower chamber of the U.S. Congress. “I’m going to make a radical, but very rational suggestion — that Scott Walker at some point, if not sooner, then the next year or the year after, if the Republicans still control the House, be made the Speaker of the House of Representatives. You do not have to be a member of the House of Representatives to be selected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.” Levin said the idea had come up once before, back in 1964 after the assassination of then-President John F. Kennedy. After President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in, there was concern about the condition of Johnson’s heart — he once had an almost-fatal heart attack — and the ages of both 74-year-old Speaker of the House John McCormick and 86-year-old Senate President Pro Tempore Carl Hayden. That gave rise to the idea of making Hubert Humphrey the Speaker of the House, after his nomination for vice president, so that someone younger would be in position for the presidency if the need arose. “My reason for suggesting this is because we now have among us a great leader — a man who has demonstrated he’s a great leader, a man who took on the odds and won, a man who embraces the conservative movement, the tea party movement, the man who is leading the revolution for liberty and constitutional republicanism in this country,” Levin said. “It should seriously be considered. I can imagine Gov. Scott Walker as Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

I know one fact for sure, if something like this ever happened…that would be what I call a real revolution…but I’m not holding my breath anytime soon…how about you?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Wants to Know!

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  1. misterbill says:

    A journalist/movie critic and biodiversity expert–Steve Sailer has a strategy that says the candidates should stop tying to chase the black and Hispanic=vote, but rather,capturing the white vote. Whites are still the majority voters.While I agree with him in concept, I feel there are too many f bomb white idiots to capture the Presidency relying on them.

    PS Levin’s idea. A nice but it will never happen proposal.
    remember all the liberal white a**holes who gushed how nice it was to have a black president??

    Liberals suck- sorry to be so earthy with my language, but it truly applies to some I know, including family members.

    • bigtimer says:

      I totally agree with Sailer…and you have nothing to apologize about misterb, I feel the same way as you expressed.

    • Mr B your assumptions coincide with my experience today.

      I saw a white woman driving a new Prius with a bumper sticker that read

      LOVE /// PEACE/// OBAMA

      And I thought

      LOVE (Americas enemies) /// PEACE (of the action for gangsters) ///

      OBAMA (the Prius of Presidents)

  2. bigtimer says:

    I heard this live today while I was in the kitchen, this was great. I love Malkin at times like this. Btw…it wasn’t a ‘Screamfest’, but Malkin mopped the floor with Kohn.


    • Michelle Malkin is fantastic….I absolutely love this woman….probably the most right on of all the pundits in the country today…..

      I have nothing but admiration and respect for Michelle…..I listen to her every time she speaks and I look forward to hearing her as often as I can……….

      I love the way she doesn’t back down from anyone….goes after Obongo and refuses to pull a punch…..and every time she throws a punch its one that is meant to do some harm……

      Michelle is the best….the best


      • bigtimer says:

        You got that right…and she refused to accept that phony apology from leftist Sally Kohn too. She made my day!

        • bigtimer, that was one great dialogue especially on Michelle’s part!
          Sean, in typical Fox news mode decided to interject by insisting that Michelle accept Sally’s insincere, guilt motivated apology. Thank God she didn’t accept the bait!

      • MTPatriot says:

        BT and Bluto…….

        Did you two read some of the comments below the story?

        Wow, just wow…..

        • MTP…

          No…I haven’t had time to do so today. I’ve been swamped at home today…but what you’re saying is making me curious. May check it out later if I ever get done with what I have to finish up.

          Thanks for the tip…I think. 😉

      • Bluto, I couldn’t agree with you more. She’s my “Shero”! There are so few conservatives today who can publicy espouse her view so eloquently along with the kind of strength and conviction most (conservative) minded men once possessed!

        I really wish there was network out there that vigilently respected the conservative movement and allowed true conservatives with a backbone, such as Malkin to implement their sensible viewpoints and ideas within the format of their own show.

        Sadly, we have to stomache the last vestige of the once respected Fox News Channel whose only aim is to block the presence and traditional conservative viewpoints of sincerely brave conservatives while welcoming liberal lunatics like Alan “homely” Colmes, “No-Neck” Beckle, Sally “Con” and Santita “Jesse’s Girl” Jackson!

  3. Comanche says:

    Do we have 80 years to turn this mess around? It would take a complete makeover for each party. Academic institutions today are turning out young socialists who can’ think or know what this country is about. Take me back to the 40’s and 50’s, what a magical time. We have allowed unrestrained immigration to people who will never amount to anything and stuck on entitlements. We will surely have Sharia law as an option in the future. Don’t believe me, look at France.

    • bigtimer says:


      About Sharia law…that’s another reason why I’m glad some states are nipping this in the bud now. You can be sure CAIR and Holder & Crew don’t like that either…anymore than they like Vote ID laws.

      Fight on We Much!

  4. Desert Rat says:

    For clarification, were any GOP senators/congressmen recalled in Wisconsin? Did they all survive so that the GOP still has the majority in the Wisconsin Congress?

  5. bigtimer says:

    Here’s some good news…for a change. ~


  6. Boehner The Crying Drunk…….

    needs to go.

  7. eekalouse says:

    Well, almost any solid conservative would be a
    better speaker that JB. Walker is a current star
    for the conservative cause but his role is to
    stimulate other governors to stiffen as he did
    and take the States back from the unions. He
    could run for Congress but to short circuit the
    process just seems unseemly. Mark Levin is always
    on the right side and his idea is “radical and
    rational” , just not necessary.

    • Oops…eekalouse, your reply wasn’t here when I replied to ed357 above.

      All I can say is thank you…you stuck to point and did answer the question. – Much appreciated.

  8. I’ve got to get to bed, early day tomorrow. Just read about this, thought some of you may want to check this out since it has to do with Walker, Wisconsin and Unions. ~


  9. Death to Libtards says:

    Off topic, but this is real:


    and is available here:


    Watch the “disclaimer” at the end. Hilarious!

  10. bigtimer says:

    I have to get some morning things done, but I just heard the Preezy is going to have some kind of a major statement and may take a few questions.

    Big WOW…who cares? It’ll be the same old, same old.

    Btw…just heard some of the talking heads on msDNC now calling this race tight between Mitt and Dear Leader…heck, it’s going to be a landslide!

    Be back in a bit. ~

    • Waiting for this piece-of-sh!t to get up on the podium and lie to the American people….

      Tingles was just on with a republican and started screaming over him trying to drown out everything the repub had to say….This sac-o-crap does this when ever anyone says anything he doesn’t like ….what an asshole

      • bigtimer says:

        Bluto…I saw that with Tingles, he was in total melt-down mode, it’s maddening watching his madness. He doesn’t realize what a fool he makes of himself.

        And oh yeah…Preezy played the good ol’ Blame Game….again! Waah…waah…waah. Plus, everything that comes out of his mouth is an outright lie!

        …and I’m damned tired of hearing about Europe!

        I heard Sen. Corker talking about this before the presser (which it isn’t, the lapdogs are asking him nothing hard…so far) anyway it is as Corker said, just more mealy-mouthed BS!

      • bigtimer says:

        Bluto….here’s what we were talking about earlier.


  11. Finally he gets a tough question about the Classified Leaks…and he’s lying about this too!

    Now he’s leaving. One guy wanted to ask him about Wisconsin. He exits when it he gets tough questions people want to know, that matter the the USA…not friggin’ Europe!

  12. eekalouse says:

    When the going gets tough, the preezy plays golf,
    fundraises with lgbts and insults his wife, the first
    lady. What a classless act.

    • eekalous…

      You got that right…I heard about that supposed joke, the only one that’s going to go down is the Preezy come Nov!