Still on the fence about voting for Mitt Romney? Ask yourself how Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder sounds? Do you REALLY want Obama selecting any more Supreme Court justices? If the answer to that is yes, you clearly want to see the current shredding of the Constitution to continue. Which will happen if Obama is reelected.

Today, the Supreme Court upheld the most important provision of Arizona’s SB 1070 that allows police to check immigration status if they have been stopped and give reasonable suspicion of being in Arizona illegally. That roaring sound you hear out West is tens of thousands of 1970 EconoVans loaded with tens of millions of illegals heading for Mexifornia. I know the people of Arizona are crying tears, too. Of joy!

Liberals are calling this the “show me your papers” law. It’s not. Police must follow very tightly defined procedures to ensure they don’t encroach on the civil rights of citizens and illegals. If only our politicians cared as much for American citizens in Arizona and across the country who have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on services and welfare for illegal aliens, not to mention being preyed upon by the many violent criminals in the illegal alien population.

Supreme Court Justice and conservative super stud Antonin Scalia said Arizona “moved to protect its sovereignty — not in contradiction of federal law, but in complete compliance with it.”

But, “if securing its territory in this fashion is not within the power of Arizona, we should cease referring to it as a sovereign state.”

SB1070 is about the rule of law! It was written to mirror federal law so it couldn’t be overturned by preemption. If the federal government is charged with enforcing our borders, it needs to do so! For too long, both Republicans and Democrats have been complicit in adding to the illegal immigration problem. Neither has wanted to enforce the immigration laws they created! More recently, President Obama signed an executive order basically granting the Dream Act that was stopped in Congress. He considers himself a king who can rule by decree. We’re going to stop that in November.

Either we keep the laws in America or we don’t. If the federal government won’t enforce immigration laws, it is incumbent upon American states to protect their citizens. Today’s Supreme Court decision gives states that right. If the federal government selectively enforces laws depending on what political party is in power, perhaps Americans should ignore federal tax laws?

Oh, and by the way, “wise Latina woman” Sonia Sotomayor voted with the other justices in upholding Arizona’s right to ask for immigration papers.

Now on to ObamaCare this Thursday!

Update: The Obama administration has suspended a key program that allowed state and local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law, weaking the Supreme Court decision for Arizona today. Looks like Arizona’s journey has only started…once again. Barack Hussein Obama and his administration are enemies domestic of the United States.

If you don’t vote for Mitt Romney in November, you are an idiot. Romney’s not my ideal..or even close..but he’s light years ahead of the tyrannical group of thugs now in charge!

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  1. David in SC says:

    We have enough laws already, too many to be clear, all we need to do is enforce them.

  2. Enoch Powell says:

    It is true that Obonzo is an evil traitor and would-be tyrant. But Romney is a cowardly traitor and liar of exactly the same ilk.

    It is put very well below by Matthew Richer:

    “Patriotic immigration reformers remain dumbfounded over Mitt Romney’s refusal to condemn President Obama’s Executive Amnesty, especially after all of his tough enforcement talk during the primaries. But this betrayal of the GOP base should have surprised no one; the Romneys have been doing it for decades.”

    Read the whole thing here:

    The sad fact of the matter is that if Romney is elected (In view of his pathetic campaign and the Democrats’ massive election fraud it is doubtful. Romney is another McCain), he will essentially be just as destructive as Obama. Nothing will change.

    If we keep buying the destructive goods that the Republicans are selling, they will keep selling us their poisonous lies and betrayals. It is time to loudly reject the leftist garbage the Republicans are selling. If we don’t do this, there is no chance at all of saving the U.S. from leftist tyranny. It is probably already too late, but we MUST at some point, and as soon as possible, stop participating in our own lively, vibrant, diverse dispossession. Racial/cultural Marxism is the official policy of the government, Democratic and Republican. We can no longer afford to rubber stamp this evil tyranny being shoved down our throats by both factions of our one-party system.

    If massive numbers of decent White people were to loudly inform the Republican Party that we reject their cowardice, their treason, their lies, then the game would be changed in a fundamental way. Until then our government will continue to be the enemy of its own country. We must make the government fear us. At the moment we are the same herd of sheep we have been for decades. It’s obvious that Romney feels he can simply ignore us and take us for granted.

  3. misterbill says:

    We conservatives always wind up having to vote for the “least worst” candidate. We never have a champion. Then. amongst ourselves, we get into the never ending third party argument.

    The GOP has outlived its usefulness, but you don’t jump out of the boat because it is leaking. You keep bailing and hope you will get to shore where you can fix the leaks OR replace the boat.

    If AWD could reach 100 million voters, I would hope for a write in campaign for a special kind of person— someone with big balls like Margaret Thatcher had.

    Know anyone?? What elected official do you think has the biggest balls in America?? (Obama excluded.)

  4. Obama already issuing directves designed to subvert.
    This guy appears to be moving towards social chaos and dictatorship.

    Homeland Security suspends immigration agreements with Arizona police

    The Washington Times

    Monday, June 25, 2012

    The Obama administration said Monday it is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police.

    Administration officials, speaking on condition they not be named, told reporters they expect to see an increase in the number of calls they get from Arizona police — but that won’t change President Obama’s decision to limit whom the government actually tries to detain and deport.

    “We will not be issuing detainers on individuals unless they clearly meet our defined priorities,” one official said in a telephone briefing.

    The official said that despite the increased number of calls, which presumably means more illegal immigrants being reported, the Homeland Security Department is unlikely to detain a significantly higher number of people and won’t be boosting personnel to handle the new calls.

    “We do not plan on putting additional staff on the ground in Arizona,” the official said.

  5. misterbill says:

    I wish I were not so old. It is time to do more than talk.

    I can still pray!

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Our dictator will most likly use one of his dicorial directives and overturn the courts in which case the court should call for Obmas impeachment

  7. Govenor Janet Brewer should call out The National Guard immediately and force a Constitutional showdown. Four layered zones, you get through the first zone and you are dealing with the second zone etc.
    Build more tent cities to house the captured illegals. The State of Arizona should lead the revolt now!

  8. Swamp Music says:

    Well, it’s all been said. Thats what I get for having a job where I can’t surf the web all day. Sheriff Joe is not going to adhere to DC’s directives. He is going to conduct business as usual.

    Arizona now has an undefended border, it’s completely open. I also heard on Rush today that it is only an illegal act to actually cross the border, once you’re in it supposedly not illegal to remain in the US. Sounds like legal ‘mumbo jumbo’ to me. Maybe Zerobama can explain it, it sounds African anyway, the mumbo jumbo that is.

    Watch out folks, this November is going to be ugly.

  9. Paul Bonnichsen says:


    Wish you were running for pres… I would sure as hell vote for you. As always, good post and logic.

  10. Mark Levin analyzes the Supreme Court ruling on SB1070 Arizona Law – Part 1

  11. The only reason the immigration system is “broken” is because the federal government will not enforce the existing laws on this issue – and then convieniently claim that we need “comprehensive immigration reform”. In other words, THEY break the law and then complain it is broken!! Apparently this strategy is so effective that it seems the Obama admin was seeking to replicate this approach with the “Fast & Furious” gun running operation – intentionally hand over guns to drug cartels, watch violent chaos and carnage ensue, spilling over onto U.S. soil, and then claim that the 2nd Amendment is flawed and broken and in need of a “comprehensive gun control policy”. Break the laws, by whatever means necessary – and regardless of of the consequences – then complain that said laws are broken and in need of repair. What a plan!!! This criminal administration will stop at nothing to SUBVERT our laws!! Time to throw them out already…

  12. This was a win for Obama…whose kidding whom??? Arizona can now report illegals to ICE, who per Janet Napolitano won’t do crap! Romney’s response…another mush mouth cowardly response..Mitt is doing all he can to lower the white turnout which is critical to his winning the election.

  13. Mitt Romney is a total RINO fraud..and a liar to boot..he attacked Rick Perry for his immigration positions and then turned around.. that’s the Romney family’s history


  15. Can somebody please explain to me where in our constitution does it say that illegal aliens have the same civil rights as an American citizen?

    Why EVEN have a “friggin” constitution if every dirtbag in the world can claim the same rights?

  16. Illegal aliens murder 2100 people each year

  17. Holder sets up a hotline for illegals to snitch on AZ law enforcement.

  18. So let me get this right. ICE and Homeland Security, at the direction of Dictator Obama, is refusing to enforce immigration law, while at the same time directing Eric Holder to target law enforcement officials of the State of Arizona for enforcing the law (while this smae attorney General is in Contempt of Congress)?

  19. Swamp Music says:

    I’m really tired of worrying about all this stuff. Whats the toll on a person during all this turmoil? The physical toll, the mental toll. I seem to have more undefined problems with my physical health these days. It all seemed to start with the economic crisis. I lost everything, not just my job. Now I have a full time job in my trade, and a car again, but I work with people who immigrated here and only speak Spanish.

    Folks are constantly talking about martial law, and FEMA camps, and the cancellation of the November election. I keep telling myself to stay away from all the blogs and get my mind right, but I can’t.

    I watch almost no TV these days. Only HDNet Sunday night concerts. It’s like the old Midnight Special, only better. The only end of the world in 2012 will be the populace of the world going insane from all of this.

    Our President calls the winner of the election in Egypt who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and congratulates him. WTF?

    Our DHS who is supposed to protect our border has said they will not respond to calls from Arizona law enforcement. WTF?

    More and more, going up into the foothills and finding myself a cave, and spending the rest of my life there is becoming more and more appealing.

    Blacks are running amok in our cities and killing people and nobody is doing anything about it. Food costs are through the roof, gas is expensive, I don’t make that much money. If chaos comes, I will be one of those who will not survive for long unless I am willing to prey on others or become a criminal.

    ‘Survivorman’ makes it look so easy. I have a feeling it won’t be if humans are forced to live like hunter gatherers. Our evolution will be thrown back 100,000 years.

    This POTUS has the most powerful military at his disposal, and I don’t doubt for minute he would use it against the citizens of this country. Don’t think the troops would use their weapons against us? Look at what happened during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Police, National Guard… they would use their weapons against you, count on it.

    Get a grip on reality, the government will do whatever it wants, and you can’t do anything substantive about it. If they want your guns, they will just take them. If you don’t give them up voluntarily they will just kill you, and your family, and then they will take them.

    This is not America anymore, and if you think it is, you’re in need of medical attention.

  20. Romney campaigned hard on illegal immigration……stated his position to the “right” of every other candidate during the primaries…..and won the primary on those “further to the right positions” to face off with Obongo.

    He better keep his word………

  21. Have to say I agree with the Dude on this one. Here’s some more…

  22. Not too much off topic:
    Since this is an election year, we can expect to hear a lot of words and Thomas Sowell’s A Political Glossary does a good job of defining some of the “political” words.

  23. eekalouse says:

    My brave friends, there is hope. Change comes
    slowly and the rise of the Tea Party illustrates
    this. The 2010 elections demonstrated that rinos
    and blue dogs will not carry the day for conservatives.
    The flaming left has ignited a quiet ground swell of
    “angry white people” who are, contrary to the media
    rantings, still the majority in this country by
    a large margin. The baby boomers are mostly done
    raising their children and are increasingly becoming
    active in conservative politics. Just because they
    don’t carry on like middle school bullies, doesn’t
    mean they are not passionate.

    Our country has prevailed through many tough times
    and I am confident that the pioneering spirit that
    guided our forefathers will sustain us and we will
    close out this “experience” with an affirmative action
    empty suit. Let’s all get behind the best candidate
    in the race and start taking America back. Remember,
    “yes we can” “hope and change” and “fundamentally
    transforming America” can work for us too!

  24. Hi, AWD folks. It’s been awhile and it’s good to be back here at my favorite conservative site on the net.

    Is Mitt Romney the best candidate out of the original GOP field? Hell no. In my opinion the best of the GOP lot were eaten up by the Obama media machine. But good Lord! Candidate Romney has actual accomplishments and he has a paper trail, plus he’s pro American. And that alone makes him a thousand times better the posing and preening Kenyan pocket-poodle we’ve got now.

  25. Bloodless Coup says:

    Recent Headlines From

    Obama Congratulates Egypt’s New Radical Islamic President

    Hillary Clinton’s Aide Connected to Muslim Brotherhood

    Commie Kerry: “Don’t Pre-Judge the Muslim Brotherhood

    How much longer before America gets a clue?

  26. Is Fast and Furious Obama’s Watergate? Douglas J. Hagmann Reports

    Paul Joseph Watson talks with Douglas J. Hagmann, founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network. He is also the CEO of a private investigative agency serving a roster of Fortune 500 clients. Due to his expertise in covert surveillance and counter-terrorism, Mr. Hagmann has been used as an operational asset by the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, as well as the Pennsylvania and New York State Police agencies.

  27. Are we loosing this country to the barbarians ?……………

  28. Senator Kyl floats the idea of impeaching Oblammo.