Great googly moogly! Whodathunkit! Anderson Cooper has finally admitted he’s a sensitive guy! What’s the mainstream propaganda media coming to these days? I guess next they’re going to tell me Rachel Maddow is a womern! Or Rosie O’Donnell’s a butt-ugly, bufforilla lebanese womern with an ass as wide as Delaware! I’m in a state of shock! I didn’t know Anderson Cooper was a homosexual. I thought he was a vampire.

AWD is the first to admit he does not stay up with all-things-poofter in America. But is Anderson Cooper’s acknowledgement that he’s seen one up close a surprise to anyone? I mean, come on! He’s on CNN, for heaven’s sake! So it’s no real surprise he’s a moisturizer. Hell, AWD would be shocked to find that someone on CNN is not a libtarded homosexual!

Here’s the bombshell Cooper dropped on the world today:

The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.
Why is it such a BFD when a known homosexual announces to the world he’s a poofter…or she’s a lebanese? Is anyone really surprised? Or does anyone really give a rat? Except other libtarded poofters and lebanese? Why not just do your job spreading lies and propaganda for the Obama White House and keep your poofterish activities private?

Well, AWD is here to counter the trend of announcing one’s homosexuality!

AWD states for the record:

The fact is, I’m straight, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud. Oh, and I’ve laid more cable than AT&T (with the opposite curvy sex, that is). Oh, and I don’t moisturize. Oh, and I don’t have a cat. Oh, and I don’t take lavender scented bubble baths. Oh, and I don’t call what I’m wearing an outfit.

What is amazing to me is how liberals fall all over themselves congratulating Cooper for admitting he bites the pillow. Why is it liberals are so caught up with their sexual proclivities? I’m not real sure of what “proclivities” means, but I think it means what one does in their bedroom/boudoir. Liberal womerns are always wanting to keep someone out of their vaginas..as if anyone would want to be up in there anyway! Sensitive guys are so proud to announce they’re butt pirates. Really, I don’t care. As the Big Sexy (sorry, for fillies only, Anderson) has said many times, I don’t care if somebody sleeps with snakes…I just don’t want to hear about it. None of my bidness. Don’t make it my bidness.

Ugly, libtard actress Mia Farrow tweeted:

Being gay is the new cool thing and Ok calm down. Being gay was always cool

Sounds like someone is having a hard time finding any hombres interested in her vagina! I’m sure being gay is cool in her neck of the New York City woods….not so much where the AWD builds his campfire. But libtards praise Cooper like he’s cured cancer or something. Look people, he’s admitted what everyone already knew! He’s a libtarded, gay albino. Possibly a vampire.

AWD believes Cooper should be given more accolades for not sucking on people’s necks instead of their tingly parts. I just made myself sick over here.

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  1. CNN’s ratings are in the toilet.

    They started their record decline right around the time they pushed out Lou Dobbs (the only show I watched of theirs)

    Michael Savage – Anderson Blooper Attacked, Egypt Riots, Fort Hood Shootings, and More –


  2. I knew there was something or maybe I should say ten things I didn’t like about this libtard….Now that he has come out of the closet I have another reason not to like this girly-man.

    He can stick his sexual identity up his ass…..I can’t stand these god damn pieces of sh!t, especially the homos that think I have to know about their god damn identity….up your ass fudge packer, your probably a flamer in disguise…..


  3. eekalouse says:

    What is it with gays that they have to toot their
    own gayness out to the world? It’s look at me, look at me,
    look at me. Maybe because they are not spending time or resources
    raising the next generation and substitute the normal affection
    of a family with a public proclamation of their gayness
    hoping other gays will love them. My totally unscientific analysis
    but just trying to figure this out.

  4. AWD, this one’s a classic! If I was Michael Moore, my gut would have hit my chin from laughing.

    I’ve never been able to figure why people find it so hard to figure out the mechanics of the horizontal tango. You know, I got this pokey thing (it’s concave), she’s got that little hole thing (it’s convex) – geez, let’s give it a whirl! Am I missing something? I think Anderson (ah, that’s part of the problem – he was given a last name as a first name, and has had it bass-ackwards since…) and his little bum-buddies are making it too difficult.

    I’m with AWD – I am so tired of hearing about gay this and gay that. Not a day goes by that the local news doesn’t have some lame story about some gay politician, or some gay group marching or demonstrating or some other gay crap.

  5. Straight pride! We’re not evolutionary dead-ends. Woohoo!

  6. Paul Bonnichsen says:

    Well AWD…

    Since I don’t want anyone to speculate that I may be associated with the “Rump Ranger” crowd, I just took my stray cat Tiger out back and shot her… damn I’ll miss that cat.

    • Real men, have real Tomcats, my cats a badass, F#*ks dogs up


      I’m not sure why AWD is having such a hard time with felines, prolly letting his wife or daughter coddle them. That will ruin a perfectly good cat, or a dog for that matter.

      Slow news day at CNN, Anderson Cooper pulls one outta his A$$, He’s Gay.

      Wilson Surratt executive producer at CNN extols the professionalism of CNN employees “Everyone here has a Hard On for Liberal news, today Anderson Cooper took one for the team.” “Then he took two in the break room and a third under the table in the lunch room”

      “Today was a good day at CNN.” “Tomorrow Wolf Blitzer will have a situation in the Situation Room and we are going over his positions right now.” said Wilson Surratt.

      Wilson Surratt asserted that CNN has the news you want “and if we can’t find any, we will make it up as we go along”


      • Paul Bonnichsen says:

        Thanks Waspish,

        Just went out back and retrieved Ol’ Tiger… guess I’ll take her to the taxidermist for mounting and then put her on the fireplace. If only AWD wouldn’t have associated Rump Rangers with cats, Ol’ Tiger would still be alive.

    • Pound for Pound cats are one of best killing machines on the planet.

  7. Samsonsays says:

    Hey AC, I heard that Sean Penn’s back on the market.

  8. Death to Libtards says:

    I must have missed something. I thought he came out some time ago, along with two other CNN anchors.

  9. 79firebirdman says:

    Anderson Cooper gay? Geez, I sure didn’t see that one (avoiding pun!) being possible. Meanwhile, from the Captain Obvious news of the day, I never foresaw Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting a divorce, nor did I realize TC was an idiot.

  10. Anderson Cooper a poofter?…..Wow, who’da thunk it,…like anybody was surprised by that.

    The sick SOB fits right in with the rest of the libturd crowd,….btw, Brian Williams looks like another deviant pos too!

  11. TiminKuwait says:

    I have no doubt, nor have I ever, that AC is a fag. I wonder if this is some lame attempt by CCN to raise their ratings though. Did he get a payoff to “come out”? Not that I really care. I haven’t watched CNN in over a decade. Hope they crash and burn!!

    Sidenote for whoever it was the other day claiming “Jihad” was really an inner struggle for peace or some kinda crap like that:


    Last sentence. Muslims aren’t confused as to what it means. The literal translation of the word means one thing but the real world meaning is quite different. Kinda like how “gay” used to mean something very different than the way Anderson Cooper uses it.

  12. So, did Cooper “Come out” as part of their new business plan to increase their viewer base by another half dozen? Probably, since their business plan so far has been about as useful as a pre-fabricated post hole. Gives meaning to the saying “Take one for the team.”

    This carbuncle on the butt of the TV audience was started by a drunk that thought Hanoi Jane might be a good lay (Lie?). “How did that work out for you Ted?
    Ole Ted’s new plan to succeed in business is to market buffalo meat. That seems appropriate after cohabiting with a bufforilla.

    CNN is a waste of satellite bandwidth and should be removed to make room for the Trailer Hitch Channel. “Heppin’ you choose the right hitch for your big ole F series truck.’

    • Update:
      Waiting for the Revrums J.J. and Sharpless to come forward with a complaint about the Whiteness of this Talkin’ Head (No pun intended.) CNN needs to color his hair and use darker makeup. All this whiteness is an affront to the Brotha’s and Sista’s who labor daily in the welfare world.

  13. Liberalism is a mental disorder

    Abysmal ratings at CNN have insiders pointing fingers over who’s to blame, and sources say a big problem is friction between managing editor of CNN Worldwide Mark Whitaker and CNN President-US Ken Jautz.

    Ratings at the cable channel fell to a 21-year low last week, with viewership particularly disappointing at Soledad O’Brien’s morning show and Piers Morgan’s nighttime talker.

    Sources were quick to cite “misaligned management” within the top ranks as a major reason for the dysfunction. Jautz, who previously ran HLN, replaced former CNN US head Jon Klein two years ago — but some of Klein’s duties were given to Whitaker.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesi.....z1zYvBW2iB

  14. Georgia Girl says:

    Finally CNN is giving us some hard-hitting,in your face,knock-you-to-your-knees journalism we so desperately need.

  15. Georgia Girl says:

    I don’t understand why he had to drop that “bombshell” on a day where the whole worlds attention should be focused on the “TomKat” situation… no wonder they’re down in the ratings…. NBC was all over it….

    • Death to Libtards says:

      That make three attractive, talented actresses have gotten fed up with his gayness and wacky religion and kicked him to the curb. Our first clue came when he went mental on Oprah Windbag’s couch. Face it, his first, last, and only good movie was Top Gun and he drove poor Kelly to lesbianism.

  16. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    CNN has to report something because they sure has hell do not report news!

  17. angrywhitejarhead says:

    The fact is, I’m caucasian. Always have been, always will be. I couldn’t be any happier or prouder. As for Poofter Cooper….I can’t exactly say I’m stunned. I mean, he’s effiminate as hell, well manicured has the mannerisms of Mary Poppins. Jarhead material he isn’t….well maybe now, because of Barack Queersain Obama and the lowered standards for women and poofters. If you didn’t know, you really didn’t want to.

  18. Louisiana Steve says:

    Wow, so he’s a metrosexual, homosexual, AND a pigmentation challenged person?? This is real news folks. Stay tuned for the action packed and in-depth report at 8:00.

    ….and now back to our regularly scheduled program, “Obama Eliminates the Middle Class”.

  19. Swamp Muisic says:

    Who is Anderson Cooper?

  20. Spurwing Plover says:

    Liberals possibly the stupidists lifeform in the universe

  21. Swamp Muisic says:
  22. in the pooper cooper. I never knew his mom was heiress gloria vanderbilt. I used to like him until i saw his biased interview about obamas forged BC on whitehouse.gov. The leftist corporate media does to obama what larry sinclair and reggie love did, the public only knows 10% of what obama regime has done

  23. Fu@k you…you god damn homos….

    Hey, Anderson Cooper…got AIDs yet….

    I can’t tell you to stick it up your ass because I know you will………..


  24. For the record I want to state that being gay doesn’t make you a Democrat any more than being a Christian makes you a Republican. Sure, there is a correlation, but there are exceptions. It is entirely possible that he supports gay marriage, but opposes socialism. Maybe he’s a fiscal conservative. Maybe he’s for a fetus’s right to life. Maybe he’s even a libertarian. It is not responsible to call him a liberal when there is not really any evidence so support that. Furthermore, if we look at Cooper’s history on issues the only conclusive statement we can make is that no one really knows WHAT his political views are. We can, however, say, that he cares about the truth and about journalistic integrity.

  25. I know why your angry. I am a white man 45 years old. I too am angry. I am a firm supporter of the freedom of speech and you are sure entitled to your opinions. But Damn people. Do you realize with your close minded, and hate filled rage, that you all are what is truly wrong with this country? In fact it is people like you that have made this world so bad. This is my freedom of speech. I am sure you will not let it post because you know I am right even though you will all argue and threaten and hate what I say. If you seriously want to call yourselves Christian and morally right then read the bible. Remember we are ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS. we all came from Adam and Eve. from them and there children so populated the world. Wise up and quit hating others just for hates sake. I will say this though, and I know I shouldn’t feel this way but you people make me sick. The only good thing about this is that I know unless you al change your ways at least I know you will all rot in HELL for eternity. That does make me feel better.

    • Stop being haters says:

      I totally agree with you. God loves all of his children. Who cares if you love boys or girls. We’re all human. These people need to stop being haters and get a life

  26. Stop being haters says:

    I totally support him. You guys should stop hating on heterosexuals. They’re the same as everyone else, geez. It’s not like they’re aliens